‘Overnight Vigil’ May 30 leading nowhere
Posted on May 29th, 2015

By Janaka Perera

From the end of April through this month the world including Sri Lanka observed anniversaries marking the end of several armed conflicts – Vietnam War (April 30), fighting in the European Theatre of World War II (May 8) and the LTTE’s separatist insurgency (May 19).

Some ‘pundits’ in SL however were unhappy that May 19 is called Victory Day (or even Ranaviru Day) because in their cockeyed view it is an obstacle to ‘reconciliation’ or whatever they mean by it. Instead they wanted it be named Remembrance Day – forgetting that the two are separate events though the day is the same.  In fact as one observer noted Victory Day is not an event but a milestone which marked the decimation of one of the world’s most ruthless terrorist outfits responsible for the assassination of two heads of state in (India and Sri Lanka) among many others.

One of these buffoon in a TV interview said last week that he did not wish to remember May 19 at all – probably not even as a ‘Remembrance Day.’ Whose agendas these dubious characters are serving is worth investigating.

Now, a group calling itself ‘The Community of the Risen Lord’ (www.crlmain.org) is planning to organize an ‘Overnight Vigil’ on May 30. This absurd event apparently is to be held both in Australia and Sri Lanka.  According to their spokesman, Don Suraweera the supposed objective is meaningful reconciliation between both Sinhalas and Tamils.”

However reading his statement in an e-mail dated May 13 raises questions about the organizers’ real agenda.  In his message dated May 13, Suraweera says:

The war ended in 2009.  However, this is not the first war and may not be the last either if we don’t understand each other or if we don’t work for each other in the community.   War was against LTTE terrorists, but in our history there were many wars between Sinhala and Tamils. Let’s make it            the last war between Sinhalese and Tamils.   As a Sinhala speaking person I believe I need to ask pardon from all Tamil people. All of us, including our grandparents are responsible for the war. Always there is a reason for any act behind any person regardless whether it is right or wrong.”

First and foremost we wonder whether Suraweera is talking through his hat unless he is from another planet. When were there WARS between Sinhalas and Tamils in our history?

Almost all the wars that occurred in Sri Lanka before the European encounter were between Sinhala kings and South Indian invaders one of whom was Elara. They were not conflicts between ordinary Sinhalas and Tamils but between armies.

Moreover Elara was honoured as a just king by his rival Dutugemunu.  If there was hatred among the two communities would the Sri Lankan State name its Northern Naval installation in Karianagar after King Elara?

If there were Sinhala-Tamil racial conflicts would the South Indian Tamil Nayakkar Dynasty be able to rule the Kandyan Kingdom, known as Sinhale, for nearly 80 years?

It was only during the last years of the British colonial rule that signs of friction appeared between political elements among the Sinhala Tamil communities, primarily due to the colonial power’s divide-and-rule-policy which eventually led to bloody ethnic clashes in 1958, 1977 and 1983. It was obvious that the mob violence was instigated by sections of the then ruling party among others especially in 1983.

If the ‘Community of the Risen Lord’ thinks that it is going to achieve meaningful reconciliation by making the Sinhalas feel guilty the organizers better get their heads examined. Going by this absurd logic why not also get the Tamils to apologise not only to the Sinhalese but also to the Muslims for all the atrocities the LTTE committed since 1983 – because the Tigers insisted that they were the sole and authentic representatives of the Tamils?  It was the Tigers who called their secessionist uprising a war between two countries – the fictitious Tamil Eelam and Sri Lanka, which was allegedly occupying the so-called traditional Tamil Homeland.

Anyone with an iota of brain will blame neither the Sinhalas nor Tamils as communities for the crimes committed in the name of ethnic politics in the country but only those opportunistic political forces irrespective of ethnicity which led the country to misery and bloodshed and pave the way for foreign powers to meddle in our affairs.  Among the culprits are the bogus anti-war crusaders who were calling for a ‘negotiated settlement’ with the intransigent separatists.

Before pontificating on the need for the Sinhalas to ask for forgiveness from Tamils, the churches should critically examine their role as Trojan Horses since colonial times and ask for forgiveness from BOTH the Sinhala Buddhists and Tamil Hindus for the overt and covert support they gave to the European colonial rulers in undermining the country’s Buddhist-Hindu culture. (I am not referring to the individual Catholics/Christians who stood by the majority Sinhala Buddhists against the injustices done to them).

9 Responses to “‘Overnight Vigil’ May 30 leading nowhere”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  2. Independent Says:

    ජාතිකවාදය සාර්ථක වී ඇති රටවල නායකයන් එය ගෙනගියේ මුලින් ප්‍රසිද්ධියේ ප්‍රකාශකොට නොවේ. මුලින් ඔවුන් ඊට සම්පූර්ණ විරුද්ධ සර්ව සාධාරණ සමාජයක් ගැන කතා කලහ​.
    අපේ බූරුවෝ මේ ගැන තේරුම් ගත යුතුය​.
    ලෝකයටම විරුද්ධ්ව සිංහයෝ වීමට අපිට පරමානු බෝම් බ නැත​.

  3. helaya Says:

    Susantah, This seems to be a moron and idiot. His problem is his name is Don. This is a evangelical plot to destroy Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Don’t forget MOST HINDUS are anti-SL.

    HINDUSTAN armed them and the LTTE flag has a tiger having HINDU HOLY ASH on its forehead!!

  5. Independent Says:

    I have few friends here who use strange names. One man who appears to be a good Buddhist uses the name Don since his name was Don Siripala Jayaweera.
    Another friend has his original name Piyadasa. Devout Buddhist and MR supporter for life regardless of whatever happens, he has changed to Peter.
    This is common for Sinhalas who left the motherland.

    YES. After the elections, enemies of Buddhism suddenly enjoy freedom to express any nonsense. Sri Lankan cricket team will soon be without Buddhists. Mitrha Wettemuni is a devout Buddhist. Don’t know about Sidath.

  6. ranjit Says:

    These bastards have changed in to Sinhala names like our biggest thief Ravi Karunayaka who is actually a Tamil so maybe this Suraweera guy also may have done the same. Anyhow the Patriots must be vigilant and stay alert all the time on such events and observe their true motives because there are so many Sinhala traitors among those LTTE Diaspora who hasn’t any love for their own Motherland except for money and power.

    Tamil,Muslim and Christians will destroy our land if we the Sinhalese don’t act soon. Division is the main curse among Sinhalese. Our Politicians mus not think of power and money only.They should think of the country first and do things what is best for the country in whole. My country cannot be divided.It should be one country for ever with one law and one flag. Those who cannot respect our laws can go and live where ever they like without acting like idiots and stupids. Stand tall and be brave Sinhalaya to save our Motherland.

  7. Independent Says:

    I welcome Tamils changing names surnames to Sinhala. why do you hate them ?
    If all Tamils changed to Sinhala like Ravi Karunanayake all the problems solved and you and your Mahinda has no job.

    We are talking about bastards who change the pure Sinhala names like Piyadasa to Christian names like Peter.
    Your name , Ranjit is Indian. Not too bad. What is your Christian name ?

  8. AnuD Says:

    the importance behind this should be to the need of the church to dominate Tamil politics.

    Either the Keppetipola birthday or the May 19th should be the independance day.

  9. Lorenzo Says:


    Where does it say he was born on May 19th?

    There is only evidence of his birth year in 1794.

    He has HEROES in his family!!


    He died on VP’s birthday (November 25).

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