As the President is from UPFA, the PM Too Must Be from UPFA to Ensure Political Stability – a Vote for UNP is a Waste
Posted on August 16th, 2015

Dilrook Kannangara

Previously no less than four (4) honeymoons between these actors ended in misery. UPFA Sirisena round hole does not fit UNP square peg. History shows the only stable governments are where the president and the PM are from the same party. A vote for the UNP is a waste. If UNP wins, its administration will again collapse within 200 days forcing fresh elections.

Sirisena is Chandrika’s man. Started his political career in the office of Anura Bandaranaike in the 1970s, Sirisena is a very loyal worker of the Bandaranaikes. Upon his suspension by Anura in early 1980s, he managed to get a job at the family library of Sirima Bandaranaike. He will not go against Chandrika in anyway.

If UNP voters and leaders think they can make use of Chandrika’s antagonism with Mahinda to their advantage, they are sadly mistaken. Chandrika has her own agenda which she executes through Sirisena. She is with the UNP only to the extent of getting rid of Mahinda. Thereafter, it will be ‘business as usual’. UNP is just a toilet tissue for Chandrika in her charge towards power again through proxy. Once used, it is of no worth.

Since August 17, 1994 until November 8, 1994 Chandrika worked closely with Ranil to dislodge DB Wijetunga and defeat Gamini Dissanayaka. Having achieved it, she shed the UNP like a toilet tissue. Faced with a nationwide crisis in 2000 due to Tamil terrorist attacks, she extended her hand to Ranil only to ridicule him and dump him eight months later. Chandrika agreed to help UNP and Ranil over the ‘peace process’ in 2002 but the moment she saw the tide was turning she sacked the UNP from power.

UNP is walking into the Chandrika-Sirisena den if it wishes to form a government under them. At the end of their adventure, UNP will be in pieces. If voters wish to avoid yet another election in months and resultant political instability, refrain from voting for the UNP.

18 Responses to “As the President is from UPFA, the PM Too Must Be from UPFA to Ensure Political Stability – a Vote for UNP is a Waste”


    Explain what political stability you are talking about? People are voting for instability. They want chores to over throw this Illegal entity. Did you read what Former CJ Sarath Silva wrote on Lankaweb? People want MR to take control of the country. Any way next 48 hours you and I can see this happening. Now the KAPPAN KARAYS who paid you for this five paragraph essay, may be SOBITHAY, can be rest assured MR is going to take the country out of this mess because the people are behind him. May be by next Friday there will be five Prime Ministers!


    Sobithaya had a meeting with the ELECTION COMMISSIONER PUNK Mahinda, the retired JVP Killer. They discussed how to handle the ballot box rigging. Sobithays fear is if MR gets power then Sobithaya’s ABIN (Opium) Quota might be stopped and he will be forced to get on the black market or enter a hospital.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    5 am in the morning in SL now. ALL political workers are UP.

    I appeal to all patriots to COORDINATE voting wherever you are. We need more VEHICLES to transport UNWILLING and DISABLED voters to polling booths. UNP is ready with HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of vehicles. Coordinate with your local contacts NOW!

    Today is a WORKING DAY. Farmers, fishermen, laborers, other small timers CAN’T AFFORD to stop work and stay in queues to vote. They must be compensated to vote. UNP knows this very well. Coordinate with your local contacts NOW!

    ONLY less than 25,000 SLs visit these websites daily. We need much more than that to WIN the election.

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    LORENZO !! **Co-ordinate with your local contacts NOW.** Are you asking the people to get into UNP VEHICLES. I cannot believe it.
    Can I say, ANANDA was always right about you. ? Yes he was and Yes he is.



  5. Lorenzo Says:


    NO WAY!! What are you thinking????

    UNP is already planning to do this. (they did last time). We have to COUNTER it!!

    Over 25% voters will NOT vote this time. They can make a TRUE difference. Just give them TRANSPORT and that is a HUGE incentive for them.

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    Reading again, I did NOT make it that clear. Apologies.

    I appeal to all patriots to COORDINATE voting wherever you are. We need more VEHICLES to transport UNWILLING and DISABLED voters to polling booths (especially in the afternoon). UNP is ready with HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of vehicles – WE MUST COUNTER THIS. Otherwise it is UNFAIR for UPFA. Coordinate with your local SLFP contacts NOW!


  7. Ananda-USA Says:


    Look at how Facebook Lorenzo immediately jumped on Microscale financing that Chanaka Bandarage MISTAKENLY advocated!

    He wants Sri Lanka to remain primarily a nation of local small businesses, without the advantages of Govt investment in Megascale National Investment Infrastructure. Small business financing through existing banks and low-interest loans underwritten by Govt are important, but the Govt’s MAIN ROLE should be to develop National Infrastructure that neither small businesses or the private sector cannot, and will not, undertake.

    This is how the enemies of our Motherland hope to PREVENT Sri Lanka from joining the leading nations of Asia as the Wonder of Asia!

    Facebook Lorenzo the DEVIOUS BACKSTABBING LTTE Operative who helped to mislead the citizens of Sri Lanka and oust our beloved President Mahinda Rajapaksa in the Presidential Election, is at it AGAIN …. trying to cause PANIC and supporting DESTRUCTIVE PROPOSALS!

    I am GLAD that you have FINALLY SEEN the LIGHT about this TREACHEROUS REPROBATE Lorenzo!

  8. mario_perera Says:

    History shows the only stable governments are where the president and the PM are from the same party. – Dilrook

    Dear Dilrook, your articles always attract my special attention, as do the comments of Lorenzo.

    Your above mentioned line leaves me rather perplexed. For government stability must the president and PM be from the same party? Or rather must they be like-minded?

    As you perfectly well know, in his every public intervention the president denounced MR, and that in very unambiguous terms. Furthermore, are they from the same party? If so why did he sack Yapa and Premjayanth (acolytes of MR) and appoint two who are faithful to him? Does this not mean that the party is split down the middle and irrevocably as well?

    Although, being the head of the SLFP he speaks on behalf of the party, it is clear that he wants the MR faction to lose. He clearly said so in the television address. As regards the ‘party’ he wants in power, it is certainly not the party of which Yapa and Premjayanth were the general secretaries. He has sacked them not only from their functions but also from their party membership. Which party? It has to be the section of the party replete with MR loyalists.

    Do not also forget that he has his party loyalists in the United National Front. So the party and loyalists he supports have necessarily to be on both sides of the divide. What he projects has then very clearly to be a ‘national government’, which is the aim of the United National Front, a move MR decries and opposes vehemently.

    Anyway, i less that 24 hours we will know the shape of things to come.

    In this contest may I also mention that an article of mine I forwarded for publication in Lankaweb was rejected. this article was published in the Colombo Telegraph and in the Sunday edition of ‘The Nation’ on its page 18.

    With best wishes to you Dilrook


  9. Dilrook Says:

    Dear Mario,

    I read your article with interest.

    On this article, let me explain the reasoning. It was the common hatred against the Rajapaksas that galvanised the ‘common opposition’. However, that is not a sustainable thing in the long run. In the long haul, economic policy congruence unifies the president and the party (UPFA). Former senior Indian diplomat Badrakumar made these comments and I agree.

    Sirisena is a centre-left politician. UNP is a far-right (on the economic front) party. The two are not compatible at all. For instance, the UNP suspended the Colombo port project but Sirisena restarted it. Sri Lanka is in debt crisis as Greece to a lesser extent. Although not shown to the people, the government is under pressure to repay debt and reduce debt to manageable levels. Sirisena and UNP vastly differ in their approaches. This will be one big bun fight if the president and his ministers are from two differing economic camps – IMF verses China. That is why he should get a Cabinet that can work with him on crucial economic and national security issues.

    What most of us tend to forget is the January 8th election rejected both Ranil and Mahinda. If Ranil could have won the election, he would not have hidden behind Sirisena. Showing it as a defeat of Mahinda and a victory of Ranil is completely wrong.

    I’m not so upbeat about the election as most commentators are. My election forecast is known to some commentators, Dayan Jayatilake (who disagrees) and the like. A complete fresh start is what Sri Lanka awaits. As Asia’s oldest democracy, voters are capable and they will make the right decision.

    Best wishes.

  10. mario_perera Says:

    Thank you Dilrook


  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    This CONGENITAL IDIOT Facebook Lorenzo, after his BOASTING at LankaWeb how he “single-handedly” OUSTED the MR/UPFA GoSL, STILL thinks that his TREACHERY WILL BE FORGOTTEN or FORGIVEN by us at LankaWeb!! NEVER!!

    Even now he is BOASTING that he is “POLITIKING” in Sri Lanka CARTING VOTERS to POLLING stations?

    Well, if he is doing that and is in Sri Lanka which I very much doubt like ALL OF HIS CLAIMS, he is rasing votes for the TNA and the UNP, not the UFPA!


  12. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:


    Police, army, navy and air fore personnel should make sure batalande butcher and his pathalayin not going to rig votes!

    Remember police, army and navy deaths during the alugosu jr, alugosu lk premadasa and alugous batalande butcher era? Everwhere in the country, funerals of policemen, army/navy/airforce men women blown up by the terrorists.
    If you want that period back, turn a blind eye to batalande butcher and his pathalyin vote rigging activities.

    Also don’t forget lk premadasaya’s 600 policemen in the east sending to ltte bullet and batalande butcher’s giving millennium city intelligent officers’ details to ltte.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    Down with USA!

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    “What most of us tend to forget is the January 8th election rejected both Ranil and Mahinda.”

    Not really. MR was rejected ONLY in 4 provinces. 5 provinces approved him.

    Now Tamils and Muslims vote for their own parties not to UNP. They are DIVIDED but MR’s party is NOT divided.

    Lets wait and see.

  15. SA Kumar Says:

    Lets wait and see.- 4 PM now work completed mate -kaput !

  16. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    LORENZO !! Yes, you were not clear at all about the transport. Sorr I took a wrong view.


    Please don’t say things like that. Appreciate.

  17. douglas Says:

    Susantha: “Down with USA”. This is diagnosed as “Weerawansa Syndrome”. No cure yet.

  18. douglas Says:

    Susantha: “Down with USA”. This is diagnosed as “Weerawansa Syndrome”. No cure yet. The “Lab Tests” are being conducted. Hopefully the results would be out soon.

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