Open Appeal to all Sri Lankans especially to Sinhalese Buddhists
Posted on August 16th, 2015

By Mahanuwara Sinhala Bauddha Jesta Purawesiyange Sanvidhanaya

Dear all,

We thought it very timely and our duty too by our Motherland to make a special appeal to all voters to cast their vote with extreme diligence and caution tomorrow as there are innumerous vicious organizations and individuals, both at Home and abroad, who are conspiring to ruin this country, our nation and its 2500 year heritage.  Please remember your vote will decide the destiny of this country tomorrow. Remember this is going to be a watershed in the history of our elections just like 1956. There are four cardinal things you have to bear in mind when you cast your vote tomorrow.

They are the protection of

Desa –     Country

Resa –    Nation

Basa-     Language

Samaya – Religion

So in casting your vote tomorrow first, please see that you are fully convinced that the political party you select will definitely protect these four things. Because, it is our avowed duty to leave behind this precious wealth, we ourselves have inherited from our ancestors, to posterity as well, in the same form. If you make the wrong choice, posterity will have no country to live and none of the other things to preserve the continuity of our cherished culture and civilization.

Secondly when you mark your preference please ensure you select the correct people who are suitable to be the legislators of the nation. If you don’t have any one suitable according to your criterion you may mark only your vote against the symbol of the political party of your choice and leave it at that so that, that will teach a good lesson to political imposters who are not fit to be in Parliament.  Even if a candidate happens to be your father, do not mark your preference to him if he doesn’t satisfy your criterion. I think that will also discourage such people seeking nomination in future and also political parties nominating such candidates.  You know best and you are the best judge as well. Do not leave room to repent later for selecting the wrong people. So make the correct choice.

What the country needs today is a patriotic set of statesmen to fill Parliament who will ensure good governance and take the country to economic, social and cultural prosperity. We need legislators who will protect the people, the State, sovereignty and territorial integrity of this Island without dividing it on ethnic, religious or any other basis at the instigation or intervention of local or foreign forces.

Best of luck! Jayatu Jayatu Sri Lanka Mata!

Let sanity, peace and prosperity prevail on our Motherland!

Dr Sudath Gunasekara President (MSBJPS)


7 Responses to “Open Appeal to all Sri Lankans especially to Sinhalese Buddhists”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Hope this message goes to grass root level.

    Good try Dr.Gunasekara. Please keep it up!! Mother Lanka is proud of her true sons like you.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    5 am in the morning in SL now. ALL political workers are UP.

    I appeal to all patriots to COORDINATE voting wherever you are. We need more VEHICLES to transport UNWILLING and DISABLED voters to polling booths. UNP is ready with HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of vehicles. Coordinate with your local contacts NOW!

    Today is a WORKING DAY. Farmers, fishermen, laborers, other small timers CAN’T AFFORD to stop work and stay in queues to vote. They must be compensated to vote. UNP knows this very well. Coordinate with your local contacts NOW!

    ONLY less than 25,000 SLs visit these websites daily. We need much more than that to WIN the election.


    Dr. Sudath. I curse RANIL PUNK AND THE ELECTION COMMOSSIONER ENERY NIGHT BEFORE I GO TO BED. RATA BARA DAVATHVO is listening to your appeal. THEY are acting right now. Next 24 hours you will see the results. MR should be more aggressive from now on.

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    Reading again, I did NOT make it that clear. Apologies.

    I appeal to all patriots to COORDINATE voting wherever you are. We need more VEHICLES to transport UNWILLING and DISABLED voters to polling booths (especially in the afternoon). UNP is ready with HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of vehicles – WE MUST COUNTER THIS. Otherwise it is UNFAIR for UPFA. Coordinate with your local SLFP contacts NOW!


  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    This CONGENITAL IDIOT Facebook Lorenzo, after his BOASTING at LankaWeb how he “single-handedly” OUSTED the MR/UPFA GoSL, STILL thinks that his TREACHERY WILL BE FORGOTTEN or FORGIVEN by us at LankaWeb!! NEVER!!

    Even now he is BOASTING that he is “POLITIKING” in Sri Lanka CARTING VOTERS to POLLING stations?

    Well, if he is doing that and is in Sri Lanka which I very much doubt like ALL OF HIS CLAIMS, he is raising votes for the TNA and the UNP, not the UFPA!


  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Down with USA!

  7. ranjit Says:

    Anyone who vote for treacherous UNP is a traitor to the Motherland because they do not fight for the rights of the Sinhala Buddhists but for minority Tamils and Muslims to please the Americans and the west. Like earlier Presidential election they might do some crooked tactics therefore we have to be on watch for 24 hours until the completion of the elections. Sira cannot be trusted.He is an agent of the west and Indians. He acts like a mentally upset individual. When Mahinda becomes the Prime Minister first thing he must do is to bring a no confidence motion in the parliament to oust the President as he is not fit to be a President of a country specially my country Sri Lanka. It’s shame to have such a person as a President with limited qualifications. Mahinda must investigate him and his family for illegal transactions. We cannot live with tension and pressure,we need peace and prosperity to go forward.


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