Posted on August 20th, 2015

Shenali Waduge


  2015 January Presidential Elections 2015 August Parliamentary Elections
Registered voters 15,044,490 15,044,490 (same number as January)
Who voted 12,264,377 11,684,098 (580,279 did not vote)
Rejected votes 140,925 517,123 (376,198 more rejected than January)
Voter turnout 81%
Votes for Maithripala Sirisena 6,217,162 – 51.28% UNF – 5,098,916 – 45.66%TNA – 515,963 – 4.62%JVP – 543,944 – 4.87%

(the 3 totals 6,158,823 come close to the votes MY3 received in January with a shortfall of 58339 which can be made up by totally below SL Muslim Congress and other votes which would have gone o MY3 in January)

Voters for Mahinda Rajapakse 5,768,090 – 47.58% UPFA – 4,732,664 – 42.38%There a 1,029,426 difference from January?
Total of votes secured by 17 other candidates 138,200 Total votes secured by below = 275,491SLMC – 44,193EPDP – 33,481

Independents – 42,828

ACMC – 33,102

DP – 28,587

BBS – 20,377

ACTC – 18,644

CWC – 17,107

FSP – 7,349

UPP – 5,353

Others – 24,467

  • The number of registered voters is the same as January
  • In January 2015 the number of voters were 12,264,377
  • In August 2015 the number of voters were 11,684,098
  • This means 580,279 did not vote in August 2015
  • In January 2015 the number of rejected votes were 140,925
  • In August 2015 the number of rejected votes were 517,123
  • There are 376,198 more rejected votes than January
  • The total of people who didn’t go to vote in August and those whose votes were rejected in August = 1,097,402
  • The question on a lot of people’s mind is what happened to the 58 lakhs Mahinda Rajapakse secured in January 2015 which the SLFP/UPFA was expecting would have increased throughout the past 8 months. However the January total 5,768,090 has come down to 4,732,664 with a deficit of 1,029,426
  • What happened to the 1,029,426?
  • The total of rejected votes and those who did not vote come to 1,097,402.
  • Can we believe that only Mahinda Rajapakse’s 517,123 supporters rejected their votes?
  • Can we believe that only SLFP/UPFA 580,279 supporters did not go to vote?
  • If we reduce 1,097,402 from the deficit of 1,029,426 we get 67976
  • Presuming we take the votes secured by all the independents / the BBS & the FSP we get 70554 (Reduce 70554 from 67976 you get 2578
  • Anyone wondering what happened to 1,209,426 now have somewhere to end their search and realize what happened to the missing numbers!

Didn’t someone say the computer crashed on counting day!

Further understanding


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http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/general-election-2015/11592230/Election-2015-How-David-Camerons-Conservatives-won.html Election 2015: How David Cameron’s Conservatives won – Tory success attributed to one of most disciplined, focused and ruthless campaigns in history of British politics. Here’s how they did it…



  1. Lorenzo Says:

    A large number of voters LOST INTEREST after the presidential election.

    That is why the turnout is LOWER.

    IF UPFA had a CATCHY SLOGAN like SCRAP 13 amendment that appeals to voters it could have won.

  2. Techno Says:


    Were you thinking about the 13-A and removing it when you were championing My3’s election campaign and trying to bring about his victory in January (boasting about your successes here) in full collaboration with the UNP, TNA and SLMC?

  3. ranjit Says:

    The UNP dictatorship Govt with their Gestapo Police force and the western agent Macko rigged the election for sure whether anyone like it or not it is the truth. It was impossible Mahinda Rajapksa to lose the way people throng to see him and hear him. He had a better plan and a vision for Sri Lanka than the western puppet Ranil. This was all planned and very well executed by evil Ranil/Sira/Choura gang. Let the people in this country suffer then only they will realize the truth. Our stupids do not want good Governance,Development or a country to live in peace. Ranil is a liar and a stooge of the west but Mahinda is not. The whole thing was a coup. Ranil/Sira Choura somehow managed with the assistance from West and India to take control of the Govt back to their evil hands. We have to wait and see what they will do to our homeland in the future because Tamils and Muslims are waiting with their both hands ready to take their piece of land which was promised by these wicked trio. Now I think my vote is useless because all the losers are coming back from the back door to the Parliament thru Maru Sira. Is this DEMOCRACY? They make us fools these ugly,dirty,politicians.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    We think CHEATING had taken place in this election too, just like the last one for the presidency.

    Also, a virulent media campaign against MR, using all media.

    MR and the UPFA WON with law abiding decency and time honored values. We will NEVER forget !! Long live Mahinda !

    Down with dirty politics. Down with Separatism. Down with Neo-colonisation of Lanka.

  5. Nimal Says:

    There’s no doubt that MR was popular among the voters in Kurunagala to get a massive vote but I still think he should not have taken to politics at a lower level and it could be generous of him to give that seat to another party member.

    I think we should recreate the old upper house like the senate where the experienced politicians like MR could contribute immensely to the country.They could give their opinion and even decide on any bill passed in the lower house where that bill could be re examined in the lower house.UK have a good set up and we could learn something out of them.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    I am for a Senate for Lanka too, with less numbers in the existing Parliament.

    My friends tell me that this sort of system will provide more opportunities for bribery !!! So, the Big Question is HOW TO KEEP THE LEGISLATURE CLEAN AND HONEST ?



    MR must be present in politics till Lanka stabilises, in every sense of the word. The barbarians are at the gate, aren’t they, or else why a cheated election ?

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