Paradise Lost – From Bad to Worse!
Posted on August 25th, 2015

Prof. Hudson McLean

Although I have kept silent during the past few months, I maintain my regular watch over Sri Lanka politics, reading LankaWeb, Daily News and other media publications.

The content published in LankaWeb is excellent reading and gives an objective analysis of the sad situation in Sri Lanka.

Appreciate the lead by Mahindapala & Waduge et al.

Whilst the Presidential Elections in January was a disaster for the development of Sri Lanka, the Parliamentary Elections, with all the allegations against the Governance, if are true, spell  a slow drive to the “Valley of Death”!

It is pretty obvious that, President Sirisena with his limited IQ is not the Mastermind behind the manipulations.  The reason why CBK & RW promoted Sirisena, as coerced by India – USA and by the Tamil Brigade in Singapore, was to “Put a Donkey but Not a Horse” to be the “Front”.

This Planning Exercise is also beyond the Simple Intelligence and Logic of CBK & RW.

From the “Post-Mortem” exercise some of my contacts have reached that the Primary Objective is to “side-line” China from Sri Lankan territorial land & sea.

China is creating itself to be a “pimple-in-the-a*se” for USA, as well as a “kick-between-the-legs” for India.  The strategic intelligence of CIA and the cunningness of RAW, made a spiced burger to suit all tastes.  These two powers are already settled comfortably within the Sri Lanka political-military infrastructure.

With the low IQ of President Sirisena, it is pretty obvious that Sirisena is now being driven as a Tamil Rickshaw Wallah by CBK-RW, couched “comfortably”.

Lets face facts. The President, “In Shalla” has almost another five years on the Hot Seat. Prime Minister will last pretty long in the current stable, since there will not be any Parliamentary Elections in the horizon.  In any case, the Music Song Sheet is written not in Sri Lanka but by CIA-RAW and possibly Singapore, and the power-hungry CBK-RW will “sing” accordingly.

There is only one distant option!  The Military!

Like in the distant past, Uganda, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia, Egypt, Ivory Coast, have demonstrated, a Coup d’Etat does not need a Field Marshal or a Five Star General.  Even a soldier with no medals or a smart Colonel can lead the field to over-throw a Government.

In the past, late Commodore Royce de Mel and his brother Maurice failed even with the tacit support of  brilliant late Senator Edmund Cooray LlM, failed, only due to the “slip-of-the-tongue” of a cocktail-happy woman.

There is hardly any point wasting time and space on planning Democracy or Democratic Relief of Power in Sri Lanka at this moment. That takes time and the current power-base in CIA-RAW will end that even before it starts.

Unfortunately, ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa, will not lead any unlawful, but absolutely necessary “Regime Change” from his private abode. Neither will Colonel Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.  These are Gentlemen!

The future of Sri Lanka will depend on one brave soldier, who is prepared to “Take the Reins to drive the Donkeys and Rickshaw Wallah to Sunset and Regain Paradise!”


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13 Responses to “Paradise Lost – From Bad to Worse!”

  1. Asanga Says:


    With due respect to your experience and your dedication to help Sri Lanka Prof McLean, but I cannot see how this idea will not bring more death and destruction, AND give an open invitation for ‘concerned’ western powers to waltz right in with their ‘Right to Protect’ initiatives.

    While we can armchair-quarterback different scenarios its the young sons of Mother Lanka who will lay down their lives for something like this, at a rate potentially quite comparable to what passed during the effort to get rid of the LTTE some years back.

    I understand and agree with the views you have expressed in regards to the manipulations of Ranil and Chandrika et al, and also the incompetency in the thinking process of the incumbent President. And would like to thank you again for your continued support and care for our country. If more Sri Lankans had half of your dedication towards the betterment of our country, Singapore could not have held a candle to us in terms of development.

  2. Independent Says:

    Agree with Asanga and disagree with Lorenzo

  3. Christie Says:

    Another Andaman, Mauritius, Guyana in the making.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:


    Another good analysis from you, but we disagree with a military solution.


    The People of Lanka will have to go the full round into Fascism plus Neo-Colonisation disguised as fast Development. Perhaps intervention from higher Powers may chastise the entire world ? Who knows.

    The MR govt style of Development was more in keeping with the culture of the country and the Asian temperament. The MR govt was trustworthy re Lanka and regional Security issues etc. Now Lanka seems to be with Rent-a-Country Ranil & Yours-Obediently Sirisena.

    I agree with Asanga.

  5. Premadasa Says:

    Dear Professor, I disagree with your conclusion that a military coup is the solution to Sri Lanka. First of all, we all need to remember the voters elected the current government. Some people may not like it, but the majority voted for it. By suggesting that the majority made mistake, or worse, they don’t understand the issues, you are insulting the intelligence of the Sri Lankan voter. Regardless of who is behind (RAW/CIA or whoever) MS and RW won the election. Let’s respect people’s choice. If the voters don’t like the current crop of leaders, they will be voted out in the next election. We have witnessed military involvement in many countries (Pakistan, Burma, and Egypt, to name a few) with disastrous consequences. So, please DON’T advocate military coups anywhere, especially in Sri Lanka.

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    That is the ONLY way SL can be saved now. After saving from current LUNATIC DICTATORSHIP power should be handed back to people through a PROPOER election.

    MAJORITY did NOT vote for this govt.!!

    UNP + SLMC = 46%.

    54% (majority) voted AGAINST it.

    Pakistan and Egypt were a BIGGER DISASTERS democratically!! When ZIA and MUSHARAF were ruling Pakistan was way better than when Bhotto or Shariff were ruling. General Zia developed Pakistan very well. After him it collapsed. Musharaf tried to save it but was in vain.

    Same with Egypt. Dictator Mubarak was running things very smoothly until democracy brought MORSI of Islamic Brothelhood to power! Egypt became another hell hole until GENERAL SISI took over!

    How about Libya? Under Kadafi Libya developed more than any other country. DEMOCRACY took over and now NO MORE Libya – it is collapsing into 3 countries, poverty, killing each other, etc.

    Then Iraq? Democracy did WONDERS to Iraq!!

    Maldives survived Endian and US invasion thanks to its recent military takeover.

    Thailand was robbed left, right and centre but SURVIVING as a one country thanks to military takeovers.

    Burma was a military rule for TOO long. They should have held elections decades ago but it will be an ethnic hellhole after elections this year.

    A military takeover is NOT the long term solution. DEMOCRACY is the long term solution. But when a nation is facing GRAVE danger from DICTATORS who RIG elections, bring people’s rejects through the back door, punish anyone who sits in the opposition, acts to defeat OWN party, the top of the country works in HATRED and VENGEANCE, it is NOT a democracy but a DICTATORSHIP.

    Never forget (S)Hitler came to rule Germany through democracy!! He was a military reject in 1918.

    Even Singapore is a military takeover with SHAM elections which are always won by the FIRST FAMILY.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    SL military is the MOST DISCIPLINED in the world. They sacrificed their life and limb to save 20 million people. It is appalling if anyone doubts their capabilities to save SL from this DICTATORSHIP. Please accept SL is NOT a democracy today. It MUST be turned into a democracy. Will this DICTATORSHIP with BATALANDA mass murderer EVER turn SL into a democracy? NO.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    IF people are still not ready for TRUE DEMOCRACY after a brief correction period intervened by the GUARDIAN GODS of the country, we should give them time.

    I’m sure after another few months people will be BEGGING it.

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    USA-Ananda Your Tamil yaluva have big plan definitely not TE

  10. Sirih Says:

    Coup’s comes with its own corruption and so far our military is clean and patriotic. Only solution is voters, will decide next move depend on how this cabal behave next few yrs.

    Pushing China out is our loss and it seems powerful forces are at play with local henchmen at its helm..
    1815 repeating again..

  11. Independent Says:

    Let us see what is best for LTTE, in chronological ordered.

    1. Military takeover
    2. India invades to prevent lives ( Tamil are the humans to India)
    3. Best solution is let Tamils rule North and East.
    4. Ealam is created.
    5. India goes back
    6. Professor Lorenzo happy

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    Professor Lorenzo happy- NO, have big plan you know what I mean Independent .

    India goes back- never again ( IPKF WeDemil Sakkiliyar kicked out even though offered NEP in gold plate) Indian flag is flying Sky of Japanaya not Our Koddiya’s or Your Lion flag manchang .

  13. SA Kumar Says:

    Also Our Sinhala Sakodaraya’s We-Tamil can send back IPKF again with you help than We short out our Mulli Vaikal account ( need to pay back you 2009 outstanding balance)

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