New US strategy to probe war crimes in spite of the comprehensive report of the LLRC
Posted on August 29th, 2015


The stance taken by the US and the West will change in relation to the type of resolution to be tabled at the forthcoming UN Human Rights parley. Now, it is very clear that the US and the West were not attempting to search for accountability but for them it was an issue revolving around the domestic politics in Sri Lanka.

The US has now advised that it will move a resolution with other key stake holders for a domestic war crimes probe. One wonders whether the proposer of the domestic probe intends to ignore or over-ride the LLRC investigations already conducted by the Government of Sri Lanka. The LLRC after its investigations issued a comprehensive report including the evidence it gathered and testimony of the witnesses who came before the commission. The LLRC report confirmed other than 7 specific incidents which have to be investigated further , the Government did not engage in indiscriminate or deliberate killings of civilians, the most critical issue discussed widely by the movers of the current resolution calling for a external probe! The LLRC concluded that the civilian casualties were the result of ‘collateral damage’ and the ultimate responsibility for their loss would rest on the LTTE due their grave breaches of the IHL .

The attempts to move for a domestic inquiry proves yet again that the US and the West are very keen to re-vamp their strategy by working with new Sri Lankan government to vilify and conspire against our war heroes as the Sri Lankans did not obey their dictate to stop the war and allow terrorism to continue.

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  1. Christie Says:

    Look mate Indian Empire and Indian vermin in the West and Indian colonial parasites are behind the US and the West.

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