Prime Ministerial Headaches
Posted on August 30th, 2015

Courtesy The Nation

This should have been easy.  It has been easy all these years.  Hold election, release results, count numbers, pick the leader of the party which returned the most candidates to Parliament and appoint him/her as Prime Minister.  Then Parliament convenes, the Speaker is elected, the Leader of the Opposition is selected and Cabinet is appointed.  Seems pretty straightforward.

It seems easy because not only does the United National Front for Good Governance (UNFGG) have 106 seats, the coalition’s main ally, Maithripala Sirisena has effectively looted the runner-up, the United People’s Freedom Party (UPFA), dragging its main constituent the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) out AND placing in the UPFA’s driving seat, i.e. the post of General Secretary, a loyalist.  Adding insult to injury, violating all norms of decency and giving the proverbial finger to the spirit of democracy, Sirisena smuggled into Parliament 7 loyalists who had been rejected at the polls.  Those 7 owe him.  Add 7 to 106 and you get 113.  That’s an absolute majority.

There’s a price to pay though, apparently.   The President wants his party to be part of the Government; hence all this talk of a ‘National Government’.  Negotiations between the UNP and the SLFP to divide the ministerial cake, and machinations to secure preferred portfolios  to divide the goodies are natural outcomes.

It cannot be easy for Ranil Wickremesinghe, Leader of the UNP.  If we didn’t have the 19th Amendment there’d be a long line of MPs outside the PM’s door virtually begging for party membership and a portfolio.  But Article 46 (1) of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution limits the Cabinet to 30 members and so   Wickremesinghe cannot (unlike Mahinda Rajapaksa) wave portfolio carrots at the Opposition.

A minority government is clearly an option but he would have to count on the JVP or the TNA to remain neutral in the event of a No-Confidence Motion.  It’s a risk.

Then there’s the inherent problem of ‘living together’ with people who have sorry track records as ministers and those who have been rejected by the electorate, not to mention the trust-deficit of those who don’t give a hoot to things like ‘mandates’.  Presidential machinations have not helped, this must also be noted.

Ranil Wickremesinghe obviously believes that this coalition/national government is best under the circumstances.  If his conclusions are drawn from promises made in the run up to the Presidential Election, there’s something to applaud there.  It might imply that he is serious about securing the numbers necessary for reforms as envisaged in the now dusty 20th Amendment, a Code of Conduct for Parliamentarians and the Right to Information Act in the main.  If these can be done in the honeymoon period of this strange marriage, then even if it ends on the rocks, the people would have benefitted.

There are many, however, who can pull the rug from under his feet.  He knows what Chandrika Kumaratunga did to him in late 2003.  He knows there’s no love lost between the UNP and the SLFP.  He knows all about political machinations to retain power.  He knows that his own party’s human resources are pretty thin. He knows that there are sections of the Opposition that will not suffer in silence the errors of his Ministers, especially in dealing with the Eelam lobby or those that feed Eelamist projects knowingly or unknowingly.  He needs no more proof that Maithripala Sirisena is a shrewd politician who will use the still considerable powers of his office to achieve his objectives.

It is not easy for Wickremesinghe.  But for better or worse, the majority of the people have placed trust in him.  He has to be clear.  Forthright.  Courageous. And look over his shoulder from time to time.

9 Responses to “Prime Ministerial Headaches”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  2. Lorenzo Says:

    UNFAG cannot rule the country for even 1 year.

    A useless govt. lead by a maniac.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo …. Wimal Weerawansa … you are almost the ONLY HONEST MAN with GUTS left among the Greedy Ship Jumpers!

    I hope that MORE and MORE UPFA/SLFP MPs will join to form a SEPARATE Opposition Party and BRING THIS Yamapalanaya Govt to its KNEES!

    It is IMPORTANT to PREVENT the Anti-National LEGISLATIVE AGENDA of the UNPatriotic Party and its TNA Allies from EVER TAKING ROOT!

    Newly Elected SLFP MPs! FORM a NEW Opposition Party NOW to PREVENT your Motherland from being made a Colony of the Western NeoColonialists and CHOPPED INTO PIECES to serve their NeoColonialist NGO and Tamil Diaspora-Driven Agenda!

    IF YOU FAIL TO DO SO …. you will EARN the WRATH of those Patriotic Citizens who ELECTED YOU! They didn’t vote for you to SELL THEM OUT for a Political/Government Job and a BAG of money!

    Don’t be BRIBED and CONNED into BETRAYING your Motherland! WE Patriots are WATCHING YOU CLOSELY!


    President calls for a meeting with UPFA party leaders tomorrow

    Aug 30, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena has invited the leaders of the parties in the defeated United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) for a meeting Monday.

    According to the leader of the UPFA constituent party National Freedom Front (NFF) MP Wimal Weerawansa the meeting will take place at the President’s official residence tomorrow morning.

    He said he will be attending the meeting to express his views on several issues including his opposition to a national government between the United National Party and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    Ananda-USA ask your face book mate , is his name included in 40 people names( from Karuna’s interview )in UNHR Sep 2015 report ?.

    also according to Karuna , will be unrest once report published in South !

  5. Techno Says:

    Lorenzo (also known as Moshe Dyan, Kumar Moses) stop lying.

    I used to be at the DefenseWire blog, the Sri Lanka Defense Forum blog (run by Ananda) and the Defense Analytic’s blog run BY YOU. I used the handle Pol Sambol.

    Ananda blocked me from his blog for disagreeing with him and challenging him (regarding MR), he then shut the blog down (or something) which prompted you, Sam Perera and others to leave/create a new blog.

    Rather than running away from the obvious question with stupid claims of who is who, ANSWER the question: Were you thinking about the 13A and scrapping it in January 2015 when you openly supported this ugly regime and played an active role in bringing it to power?

    And also stop trying to hide your role in spreading the lies against MR which caused his defeat. YOU WERE BOASTING ABOUT your success HERE at LankaWeb which is what got you banned through January till March.

    Its rich for you to cry for SLs well being and scrapping the 13A when you actively played a role in ensuring both things would never happen by joining your hands with the TNA, UNP and the one eye bandit queen and BOASTING about it here and your online/facebook “success story”.

    You were even saying how Gobasena was going to bring in “new young MPs” in the upcoming general election to replace “stale old corrupt people”, then in February started saying how the blues (SLFP/UPFA) would only get 30 seats at the upcoming GE when people here at LankaWeb were campaigning for an MR come back (was that an acknowledgement of election rigging planned by you/My3 team?). You even BOASTED how you ran call centers and drove vans around to carry people to election booths during the Presidential election. You recommending MRs team do this same tactic for this GE -a suggestion you made here on August 16th. Which begs the questions, is that how you helped rig the January PE? Getting people to vote multiple times by driving them around everywhere?

    STOP LYING and answer the questions i have posed to you, in particular the one regarding your desire for the 13A to be scrapped yet you openly support My3/Ranil/CBK/TNA.

  6. Indrajith Says:

    Divaina Editorial -1.9.2015 – සොයන්න… පාවා නොදෙන්න….

    වසර හයකට පෙරාතුව එනම් 2009 මැයි මාසයේ වීරෝදාර රණවිරුවන් පරාජය කළේ බලවත් යෑයි කියන විදෙස්‌ රටවල් පවා තහනමට ලක්‌ කළ භයානක, කු=රිරු ත්‍රස්‌තවාදීන් කණ්‌ඩායමක්‌ බව කිසිවෙකුටත් නැවත නැවතත් සිහිපත් කළ යුතු නැත.

    ආරක්‍ෂක හමුදා සාමාජිකයන් පාරක තොටක දකින විට රට “මිලිටෙරීකරණය” වනවායෑයි බෙරිහන් දෙන අය පවා බයක්‌ සැකක්‌ නැතිව පාරක තොටක ඇවිද යන්නේ ඒ අනුහසිනි. දේශපාලනිකව පිල් බෙදී මරාගන්නට හෝ රටක්‌ ඉතිsරිව තිබෙන්නේ ද ඒ නිසාය. හමුදාවේ ක්‍රියාන්විත මෙහෙයුම මෙන්ම, බුද්ධි අංශ මෙහෙයුම් ද ඊට හේතු වූ බව මිලිටෙරීකරණය “ඇලජික්‌” පිරිස අවබෝධ කරගත යුතුය.

    එහෙත් මේ වනවිට නොවිය යුත්තක්‌ සිදුවෙමින් පවතින බව සටහන් කරන්නට සිදුව ඇත්තේ කම්පාවෙනි. ජාතික ආරක්‍ෂාව වෙනුවෙන් අපමණ මෙහෙයක්‌ ඉටු කළ බුද්ධි බළකා නිලධාරීන් පිරිසක්‌ මේ වනවිට රහස්‌ පොලිසිය අත්අඩංගුවට ගැනීම එම සිදුවීමයි. මේ අත්අඩංගුවට ගැනීමේ මූලික හේතුව වන්නේ ප්‍රගීත් එක්‌නැලිගොඩගේ අතුරුදන්වීමයි.

    මේ අතුරුදන්වීම සම්බන්ධයෙන් මුලින්ම අත්අඩංගුවට පත්වන්නේ කොටි බුද්ධි අංශ ක්‍රියාකාරීන් දෙදෙනකු වූ තවේන්ද්‍රන් හා ශිවාය. ඊළඟට බුද්ධි බළකාය වෙනුවෙන් විශිෂ්ට සේවාවක්‌ ඉටු කරමින් සිට විශ්‍රාම ගිය සැරයන්වරයකු අත්අඩංගුවට ගන්නේය. හෙතෙම හමුදා සේවයේ වසර තිහක කාලයක්‌ සම්පූර්ණ කර තිබිණි.

    එමෙන්ම වන්නි මානුෂීය මෙහෙයුමේදීත් ඉන් පසුවත් බුද්ධි අංශය වෙනුවෙන් විශිෂ්ට මෙහෙවරක්‌ කළ ලුතිනන් කර්නල්වරුන් දෙදෙනකු සහ තවත් නිලයන් දෙදෙනෙකුද අත්අඩංගුවට ගන්නේය. යුද්ධය අවසාන කාලයේ මෙන්ම පසු කාලීනවත් මෙරට කොටි ක්‍රියාකාරකම් හා ජාත්‍යන්තර කොටි ජාලයට එරෙහිව හමුදා බුද්ධි බළකාය ආරම්භ කළ “ඔපරේෂන් ඩබල් එඡ්” මෙහෙයුමේ සුවිශේෂ කාර්යභාරයක්‌ ඉටු කළේ ඉහත සඳහන් කළ ලුතිනන් කර්නල්වරු දෙදෙනාය. මේ සියල්ලම මඟහැරෙන්නේ කොටි බුද්ධි ජාලයේ තවේන්ද්‍රන් අත්අඩංගුවට ගැනීමත් සමඟය.

    එහිදි හෙළිවන කරුණු අනුව තවේන්ද්‍රන්ගේ සබඳතා ජාලය විශාල එකකි. එම තොරතුරු නිසි ලෙස බුද්ධි අංශ විසින් කළමනාකරණය කර ගතහොත් මෙරට ජාතික ආරක්‍ෂාව වෙනුවෙන් ගත හැකි පියවර රැසකි. සිදුවෙමින් පවතින්නේද එයමය. එක්‌නැලිගෙඩ පමණක්‌ නොව අතුරුදන් වන ඕනෑම අයකු පිළිsබඳව සොයා බැලිය යුතුය යන්න අපිදු කියමු. එහෙත් සිදුවෙමින් පවතින දේ සොයා යැමකට වඩා විනාශ කරගෙන යැමක්‌ නම් ඵලක්‌ නැත. මේ මොහොතේ සිදුවෙමින් පවතින්නේ එවැනි ක්‍රියාවලියකි. සොයා යද්දී හමුවන දේ අනාවරණය කිරීම මීටත් වඩා විධිමත් ආකාරයට සිදුවිය යුත්තක්‌ බව අපි විශ්වාස කරමු. සරලව කිවහොත් තවමත් එක්‌නැලිගොඩ ගැන පරීක්‍ෂණ පැවැත්වෙන වටපිටාවකත් ජාතික ආරක්‍ෂාව සම්බන්ධයෙන් මහඟු මෙහෙවරක්‌ කළ බුද්ධි නිලධාරීන් පිරිසක්‌ ගැන හෙළිදරවු කරනවාට වඩා සියතින් ගෙලසිඳ ගැනීම වඩා යහපත් බව අපි විශ්වාස කරමු.

    ලොව කිනම් රටක වුව බුද්ධි අංශ ක්‍රියාකාරකම් (ඔත්තු සේවා) ලෙහෙසියෙන් අනාවරණය කරන්නේ නැත. මෙහෙයුමේදී කවර පාර්ශවයක්‌ අගතියට පත්වුවද සමස්‌ත ක්‍රියාවලිය ඒ රටේ ජාතික ආරක්‍ෂාව සම්බන්ධයෙන් කොතරම් වැදගත්කමක්‌ උසුලයිද යන්න සළකා බැලේ. බුද්ධි අංශයක රහස්‍ය කාර්යයත්, අරමුණු හා ක්‍රමෝපාය, බුද්ධි නිලධාරින්ගේ ක්‍රියාකාරකම්, මූලාශ්‍ර, ක්‍රමවේදයන් සියල්ල සාමාන්‍යයෙන් තිබෙන්නේ සැඟවුණු පසුබිමකය. මේවනවිට ඔත්තු සේවාවක භාවිත කරන මෙවැනි ක්‍රියාදාමයන් පිළිබඳව ඇති සදාචාරාත්මක භාවය පිssළිබඳව විවිධ මතිමතාන්තර ගොඩනැගුනද අවසාන ජයග්‍රහණයේදි කිසිදු රටක්‌, සිය මෙහෙයුම් මේ ක්‍රියාවලියෙන් බැහැරව සිදු නොකරන බවක්‌ පෙනී යයි. සී.අයි.ඒ. සංවිධානය මේ ක්‍රමවේදය පිළිබඳව දැඩි ප්‍රතිපත්තියක්‌ අනුගමනය කරයි. ලොව සියලුම බුද්ධි අංශ එය පිළිගෙන තිබේ.

    ඒ අර්ථයෙන් ගත් කල බුද්ධි අංශ නිලධාරීන් කිසිවකුත් “කුලී මිනීමරුවන්’ නොවේ. ඔවුන් සිය “මෙහෙවර” (එය රැකියාවක්‌ ලෙස අපි නොසලකමු) ඉටු කරන්නේ දිවි පරදුවට තබමිනි. පොඩ්ඩ ගැස්‌සුනොත් වන්දි ගෙවන්නට වන්නේ ජීවිතයෙන්ම බව බුද්ධි අංශ නිලධාරිහු දනිති. වෙනත් රටවල බුද්ධි අංශ නිලධාරීන් පිළිබඳව අනාවරණය කරන්නේ නැත. ඔවුන්ගේ දිවිය පුරාම විශේෂ ආරක්‍ෂාවක්‌ ලබාදේ.

    කරුමෙට මෙන් අපේ රටේ මිලේනියම් සිටි බුද්ධි අංශ සිද්ධියේ සිට වර්තමානය දක්‌වාම ඇසෙන්නේ පාවාදීම් පමණය.

    අප විශ්වාස කරන්නේ මේ මොහොතේ සිදුවෙමින් පවතින්නේ ඩයස්‌පෝරාවේ ඉතිරිව සිටින කොටි සාමාජිකයින්ට අවශ්‍යම වූ දේ බවය.

    මේ විනාශයේ තරම තේරුම් ගැනීමට, අවබෝධ කරගැනීමට උත්සාහ දැරීම, කිසිවෙකුගේa නොව ජාතියේ වාසනාවක්‌ බව සඳහන් කරමු.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:


    Pol Sambol … Welcome! Thank you for INDEPENDENTLY recounting the DEVIOUS HISTORY of the EELAMIST AGITATOR Lorenzo, aka Moshe Dayan, aka Kumar Moshe, aka xxxxxx David, ad nauseam, ad infinitum ……

    I predict that you will not be able to get a STRAIGHT ANSWER from the master of OBFUSCATION & MISDIRECTION …. the TREACHEROUS REPROBATE Lorenzo. He will drag in 10 other issues as red herrings to avoid answering the pertinent questions you ask that will NAIL HIM TO A WALL!

    Indeed, during the Pre-War and War Years we fought the Eelamists at hundreds of patriotic websites including VoiceOfLanka, DefenceWire, SriLankaDefenceForum, LankaWeb, Indian Express, Economist, Sinhaya, etc, etc

    I threw my support to MR very early as he moved to confront the LTTE and wage the war of liberation of our motherland with the will and determination required to win it, HEEDING the anguished cries of his people IGNORING the siren songs of jaundiced NGOs and the Neocolonial West plying its own agenda.

    The major disagreement I had with Kumar Moshe then was with his ESPOUSAL of Christian Missionary Conversions and Anti-National NGOs in Sri Lanka. I asked him to stop it, but he would not, so I banned him from the SLDF site. He has been BANNED from many other patriotic websites, even sites such as Colombo Telegraph. He access and gains prominence by PRETENDING to be the most AGGRESSIVE of Patriots, but soon begins to DIVERT the discussions towards his agenda inimical to the survival of Sri Lanka.

    In his “Patriotic Phase” he advocates TERRIBLE things that are anathema to fundamentally fair and just Sri Lankans, such as white vanning and assassinating people, military coup-de-etats, driving ALL Tamils into the sea, extremely devious clandestine operations, using weapons of mass destruction such as fuel-air and thermite bombs.

    All of these things he advocates are DESIGNED to create situations in which Sri Lanka would be UNIVERSALLY DEMONIZED by the GLOBAL COMMUNITY and would lead to INTERNATIONAL or Indian Intervention on behalf of the Tamil terrorists who have killed over 150,000 people in Sri Lanka and violated the laws, and exploited the economies of countries all across the globe.

    Despite their incontrovertible RECORD of murder and mayhem in Sri Lanka, they have managed to hide under a mantle of wailing victims ….making Sri Lanka that only defended itself against terror to appear and be hounded as the aggressor.

    This is the RECORD of this REPROBATE Facebook LORENZO; still UNASHAMEDLY plying his trade exploiting LankaWeb’s generosity and freedom of expression. He caused mayhem here UNDERMINING the UPFA/MR GoSL, the ONLY BARRIER to the Disintegration of our Motherland and the Achievement of his Eelam!

    That Eelamist Project to WIN by SUBTERFUGE IN PEACE the EELAM they FAILED TO WIN BY MURDEROUS WAR is now WELL ADVANCED with the FALL of the UPFA/MR GoSL and the installation of the 2nd Don Juan Dharmapala in the person of Somarama Sirisena, and Domenico de Saa in the person of Ruinous Ranil and his UNPatriotic Party with the help …. SAD TO SAY …. of some Sinhala Buddhists CONNED & BRIBED into supoorting the destruction of their Motherland!

    Nevertheless, this Electoral Coup-de-Etat by the minorities, of the minorities, and for the minorities for their SOLE BENEFIT EXCLUDING and SUBJUGATING the majority community of Sri Lanka, WILL NOT STAND LONG!

    Just as the Don Juan Dharmapala of old fled into exile with his Portuguese Masters, and de Saa had his head severed at the Battle of Randenivela deposited at King Senarath’s feet in a wicker basket, so will these TRAITORS to our Motherland be OUSTED and ERADICATED by root, trunk, branch, twig and leaf in the not too distant future when the Lions of Sri Lanka GIRD their Loins and RISE AGAIN with a ROAR of DEFIANCE!

    Those who have Sown the Wind shall then Reap the Whirlwind!

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Read the latest USA report about UNHRC!

    Nothing good ever came from USA. Now they want to SPARE some soldiers but PUNISH LEADERS!! What accountability joke.


  9. Techno Says:


    I like many Sinhalese believed the stories against MR peddled during the Presidential Election about Lamborghini’s, Aston Martins, Golden Horses and Presidential palaces fronted through Chinese money ascertained via bogus/inflated infrastructure projects. I fell completely for the vicious propaganda and defamation campaign against MR. Then to my horror did i not only find out all these to be complete LIES, i discovered here on LankaWeb that Lorzenso was one of the architects and authors of all these lies which he himself was BOASTING about accomplishing on Lankaweb.

    I argued with so many people (friends/family) and turned some against MR. Now they blast me with hate (rightfully so) for my betrayal all because i believed the lies peddled by Lorenzo’s propaganda team which worked over time against MR.
    Now the nation has been thrown into a dangerous precipice and I (and many others who got conned) are to blame. I cannot shed the sense of horror as to how easily i was fooled.

    So when i see Lorenzo come here and bark while pretending to wave the flag it fills me with vomit.

    It should also be noted how over the last two years here at LankaWeb he cemented anti-MR sentiment slowly and carefully, dropping various stories and complaints. Powerful psy-ops. In fact when the “bring back Mahinda” campaign started in February-March 2015 he was busily trying to demoralise people saying how MR will never win, how MR is not interested in Politics anymore, and how Gobasena will never appoint MR as PM so don’t bother voting for MR. He even said even if MR did win Gobasena will dissolve Parliament in a year again making MRs potential victory now pointless -ignoring the OBVIOUS fact of the effects of the 19A (the contents of which Lorenzo was well versed in).

    He now cries about the 13 A. Yet he avoids the OBVIOUS: Did he care for the scrapping of the 13A when he openly campaigned for My3/Ranil/CBK/UNP/TNA/Tamil racism and spread lies against MR to get MR ousted from power. Was he thinking about the 13A then?

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