Is the refugee crisis a business venture?
Posted on September 7th, 2015

Shenali D Waduge

to the greedy, nothing is of any consequence”

Did Syria threaten US/UK or NATO? No. So what business do these nations have in Syria? War on Terror, removal of a ‘dictator’ and delivering democracy are the oft used excuses given. ‘Dictator’ Assad did not destroy Syria nor did he create a country bombed, foreign mercenaries with arms and a refugee crisis. The situation was created by US/UK and NATO. So who should be responsible for the crisis is just as important as the offshoots of the crisis in the form of scores of people supposedly fleeing their native lands not because of ‘dictator’ Assad but simply for their own safety. The convenience of this situation enables the very nations attacking Syria to project themselves as guardian angels to these fleeing people. In such a scenario we have to wonder how the mass exodus of migrating people was engineered and why!

How beneficial are refugees

Germany’s population is dwindling. The birth rates are equally shocking. So too is the working-age population which is Europe’s biggest economy. Overall population of Germany is predicted to fall from 82miliion to 65million by 2060. Between 2000 and 2013, Germany’s birth rate dropped by 11 per cent

Europe’s Population Policy Acceptance Study found that 23 per cent of German men thought ‘zero’ was the ideal family size.

  • Population in 2013 – 81.8 million
  • Population in 2003 – 82.53 million
  • Population in 2060 – 66 million (est.)
  • Population growth rate in 2011 – 0%

Without immigrant families, the number of newly born children in Germany would reach only 400,000 in a country of 82 million

The fall of population means shortage of skills and that shortage of skills runs into billions a year. Adding to this is that workers lack the necessary qualifications giving rise to unemployed or part-time workers.

The immediate response has been to attract multinationals and lure them but perks have to be part of the deal. The alternate option of refugees has been on the minds of policy makers.

This situation is no different to other countries of Europe.

Low birth rate, few marriages, marriages without children, divorce, no marriage in view of gay trend and this extrapolated leave a very scary picture for the traditionalists. It also has raised alarm for policy makers who have lost confidence in outsourcing and are now looking at insourcing where they feel productivity can be better when things are within their turf and under their noses.

Enter the refugee – how useful are they?

  • People smugglers are making profits with the plight of refugees
  • According to European border security agency Frontex 107,500 migrants crossed the EU’s outer borders in the past few months alone.
  • The UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) estimates that the business of smuggling people into Europe is worth some 150 million euros annually
  • Hundreds of thousands of euros pass hands via the informal Hawala system, leaving no paper trail (LTTE were experts at this)
  • It is not only money taken to smuggle people – the detention centres, the meal providers, the cleaners, even the construction industry building centres, the lawyers representing both state and the refugee – all end up means of gaining profits.
  • Case of money over morality – Hungary was first to claim objection to Muslim refugees flooding Europe and thus threatening Europe’s Christian identity So much so for ‘multiculturalism’ & ‘multifaith’ notions that the EU pressurizes upon other countries trying to preserve their heritage and identity from Christianity/Islam. “We shouldn’t forget that the people who are coming here grew up in a different religion and represent a completely different culture. Most are not Christian, but Muslim…. That is an important question, because Europe and European culture have Christian roots,” (Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orban)
  • Germany has solved that problem where hundreds of Muslims are converting to Christianity in order to win asylum. An excellent case of increasing flocks and rebalancing the scales as all new converts naturally become better footsoldiers than those born into the Christian faith most of whom are now debating on how true Christianity, God and the myths and fairy tales are.
  • According to the UN high commissioner for refugees (UNHCR), about half the million Syrian refugees currently living in Turkey are children – most of them have become excellent child labor! Almost 900,000 children are estimated to be working in Turkey, around 300,000 of them between the ages of six and 14 – this evil becomes excellent for the UN & NGOs to appeal for bigger funds to help these needy children and how far that help succeeds is another question though UN/NGOs will not complain about the additional funds that pour in.! A vicious world of creating or engineering demands to sustain the livelihoods of a handful though propaganda is paid to show otherwise!
  • UN defends role of migrant workers in Europe. There are 50m migrant workers resident in Europe who sent $109.4bn abroad in 2014

Let’s put things in perspective. It was the EU/UK and US that began terrorizing the Middle East with staged coups in Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and now Syria because they want to take hold of the natural resources of these countries. Attacks on these nations created millions of refugees who have come to EU nations (Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania) but are being routed to different parts of Europe. The EU nations refusing to impose sanctions on Russia – Macedonia, Hungary and Serbia are projected as the bad-guys.

In 2013 Lord Mandelson made a stunning revelation. He confirmed that both the Tony Blair and Brown governments deliberately engineered mass immigration totally more than 2.2million. We sent out search parties to get them to come… and made it hard for Britons to get work”, says Mandelson. How different can that story be in 2015.

Oceans away in US, there is news that the White House and George-Soros backed Open Borders Group are working out a scheme to bribe immigrants to naturalize before the 2016 elections in order to make the numbers for a Clinton victory. The New National Integration Plan: Making the Most of a Historic Opportunity.” has been set up to facilitate this. President Barack Obama is demanding American citizens welcome millions of undocumented immigrants and refugees into their neighborhoods in keeping to his “centralized” plan to “take care of their needs.” George Soros is planning to bribe up to 13.8 million legal immigrants to become citizens before the 2016 election.  It costs 680 million dollars to naturalize 1 million new voters.

On the one hand we have people desperately trying to flee for safety and then we have the people smugglers ever ready to help for a fee, then you get governments who project the notion that they are helping because of the mass public demand for empathy towards them when in reality the scenario is probably engineered making refugees feel they owe these governments for the good will – that return is cheap labor, child labor, abuse of labor, and no demands / no rights except feel grateful for the kindness in allowing them to live in better climes! Great deal isn’t it! Isn’t this the true scenario of the mass refugee exodus to Europe/UK/US?

Shenali D Waduge

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    The CALIPHATE will extend from PAKISTAN to NORWAY and PAKISTAN to NIGERIA in another 40 years.

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