What is the use of having a Constitution at all if that could be breached at will by one man with impunity? Doesn’t it look like the Constitution is already suspended?
Posted on September 12th, 2015

 Dr. Sudath Gunasekara Mahanuwara 11.9.2015.

Continued Part 11

12.9.2015 Lannkaweb

In my previous article I have already discussed the blunders done by Mahinda Rajapaksa and his cohort before and even after the Presidential election. The purpose of this essay is to ask these people as to why they are sleeping while the present regime is violating the Constitution of the Republic with impunity. Now that after the 19th A Presidents immunity is no more, I am surprised as to why they don’t take action against all those who have breached the Constitution with stark nude for political expediency and made democracy a big mockery in this country.

All that is now done and dusted.  As the famous Sinhala adage goes ‘giya nuwana alin lavawath addanta be’. Therefore it is their duty by the 4.7 million patriotic people who voted them, and now disfranchised by President Sirisena by appointing Sambandan as Opposition Leader, to tender an open apology to them and take remedial measures at least now to relieve their frustration and pain of mind, lest they revolt against you stupid people. As any prudent man or even an idiot with a wee bit of mind would see it the best way now open for you or someone who wishes to do so is, to invoke the courts against all those culprits who are responsible for the following blunders. That is the only way available to bring justice and fair play by the 4.7 m people of this country who voted you with such high hopes to get this Pinbima liberated from the anti-Sri Lankan and anti-Sinhala clutches of western imperial remnants and their domestic agents

The following 15 instances, in chronological order, could be cited as cases of violating the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka since 8th Jan 2015. They need to be rectified firstly to seek justice by the aggrieved parties. Secondly, to prevent violators going scotch free with impunity. Thirdly, to arrest these type of illegal decisions being taken in future. Fourthly, to prevent them being ugly and irreversible precedents and finally, to prevent this country being reduced to a banana republic of ignoble and uncivilized idiots who doesn’t know the ABCD of the rule of Law.

1 Re appointing of Shirani Bandaranayaka as CJ

2 Removal of the CJ Mohan Pieris just with a letter from the President’s Office

3 Appointing a New Prime Minister without a vacancy in the post of PM on Janu 8th 2015

4 Appointing Ranil Wickramasinha as the PM on 8th Jan through the back door

5 Appointing Nimal Siripala de Silva as Leader of the Opposition violating the procedure

6 Allowing National Anthem to be sung in Tamil

7 Appointing 9 men rejected by the people at elections to Parliament via national list

8 Accepting TNA as the Opposition in Parliament when there is a bigger group other than the TNA

9 Accepting TNA as the Opposition when they have openly violated the 6th A and asking for Federalism, agitating for a separate State, remerging North and East and calling for Self determination.

10 Accepting Sambandan an avowed Separatist, EELAMIST and a Federalist and an ardent Tamil communalist who does not command the majority in Parliament as the Leader of the Opposition

11 Appointing Sambandan a Tamil, as the Leader of the Opposition by passing the legitimate and democratic procedure and violating the Constitution without realizing the damage done by Amirtalingama as the Leader of Opposition last time (1977-)

12 Violating the Election Law by My3

  1. Removing the Secretary Generals of SLFP and UPFA just before the election
  2. Writing a letter to MR  at the 11th hour that had a tremendous negative impact on the electorate by confusing public opinion

13 Appointing two new Sec General to UPFA and SLFP.

14 For betraying the SLFP and UPFA by publicly declaring that he will never appoint MR as PM (His own Party’s nominee) even if he wins the elections.

15 Appointing Sambandan and thereby disenfranchising 4.7 m voters who voted against the Common candidate.

MR should Leave the Chandrika-Maitri trap at least now

As a patriot who love my country and the Sinahala Nation I appeal to MR to leave this Chandrika/My3/ vicious political circle immediately at least now with all his followers elected (whatever left before more frogs could jump), with people like DEW, Vitarana, GLP, Dinesh, Weerawansa and Gammanpila before he is finally sent to the guillotine or to a sausages factory close by.

Had he listened to the advice to do so by my good friend Prof Nalin de Silva before elections the story of the present Parliament would have been entirely different. He dint listen to good counseling for which he is paying back now with compound interest. At least now he should try to be sensible to listen to good counseling because the nation needs a man or woman of his caliber either a man or an iron woman to rescue and protect this 2500 year old heritage and the victory of 2009, ere it is lost in the Indian Ocean forever.  Because reconciliation with this party will never work. I would like to remind him the story of the fox that followed a goat for days hoping that something will fall at any time but never happened. Finally you know what happened. Again I would like to remind you the advice given by Nalin not to trust My3. He will never change. He has proved by now beyond all reasonable doubt that he is more a Vaireepaala than a Maitreepala. MR and all his followers should have understood this long time ago, if they had closely followed what My3 had been saying ever since he won the elections. Just think of what happened to Ven Sobita Thera the ‘Nandimitra’ of Jan 8th battle who strived so hard to bring the common man to power.

Dear MR you must at least now realize that no one in this world knows everything, except Lord Buddha and no Leader in world history had won a battle or a war without being advised by an eminent adviser. Those who know history will tell you that Kurushestra war would never have been won by Arjuna if not for Krishna; Vedeha would never have won over Miyumlunuwara if not for Mahushada. Chandragupta would never have defeated Dhana Nanda and installed Chandragupta Dynasty, the forerunner of the Mauriya Empire if not for Kautilya. This is why all Kings of yore always had a set of eminent Purohitas lead by an Agrapurohita, not to be confused with the present day Presidential advisors.

Episode  11

Main Actor Maitripala Sirisena the President.

Mr. President Your visiting Sampoor, releasing some lands to Tamils and even closing down Omanthe check point is not bad. But at the same time why don’t you resettle the Sinhalese and Muslims who were chase out from their villages in the North, NW and East with the same enthusiasm. Surely they too would have voted you had they been alive in those areas.  If you do it now definitely they will vote you in 2020.

Thanks to you and having crowned by default as the Leader of Opposition Sambandan and his communal gang will definitely work forward relentlessly day and night now, to get the government to commit to grant their demands in their election manifesto for making you the Presidident.

විරුද්ධ පක්‍ෂයේ නායකකමට පත්කර තිබෙන පක්‍ෂයේ චන්ද ප්‍රකාශනයේ තියෙන කරුණු 4  කුමක්ද?

(1) දෙමළ ජනතාවට ස්වයංපාලන අයිතිය ඇත  Right of self determination for Tamils

(2) උතුරු නැඟෙනහිර පලාත් දෙක එක් කල යුතුය North and Eastern Provinces should be merged

(3) ඒකීය වෙනුවට පෙඩරල් ක්‍රමයක් ඇතිකල යුතුය Federal system instead of unitary system

(4) යුද අපරාධ ගැන ජාත්‍යන්තර විමර්‍ශනයක් කල යුතුය.There should be an International inquiry on war crimes

That is the time where President is going to get bogged. If he doesn’t agree then Sambandan will go to India UK and USA and get them to give a direction to Ranil and President. They have only two options in this game. That is either agree or disagree’ If they disagree then they will have to face the consequences. I for one strongly believe both will agree and take the first option and continue to be the President and PM in the rest of the country until the Hill Country is also attached to the North-East EELAM as a consequence of the ongoing 10 year Tamil village development programme deployed by this government

5 Responses to “What is the use of having a Constitution at all if that could be breached at will by one man with impunity? Doesn’t it look like the Constitution is already suspended?”


    Yes it is! What took you so long to realize it? Did you read what former CJ Sarath De Silva said? This regime is illegal. One dare to question. Canadians have given an Para-military unit to strike at any one who questions the legality of the regime. OBMA has a special team at the White House to silence any one, any where in the world, who questions the regime, example Lakman De Silva Keriyalle Minister. He wants MR and family shipped to Brussels accompanied by CBK who will hand them to Judges.

  2. Indrajith Says:

    Please also view the following copied from Helabima news.com


  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Poll finds almost a third of Americans would support a military coup!!

    “Almost a third of Americans could imagine supporting a military coup against their own government, according to a new poll.

    The YouGov survey showed 29% of Americans could imagine supporting a coup. Yet, 41% said they could not imagine supporting such an event.

    The overall numbers increased when participants were “asked whether they would hypothetically support the military stepping in to take control from a civilian government which is beginning to violate the constitution”. 43% said yes to this, and 29% said no.”


    Now where is my USA friend who goes on imposing democracy in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, SL, etc.?

    Even USA is closing into REJECT “a civilian government which is beginning to violate the constitution”!!

    Isn’t that the case in SL. The SL YAAPA(LA)NAYA govt. is HABITUALLY VIOLATING the constitution.

    I’m sure more SLs support the RIGHT thing as they are MORE INTELLIGENT than Americans.

  4. Kumari Says:

    If Mahinda formed a new party or contested from another party in the UPFA, MS/RW.CBK will have a different strategy to humiliate Mahinda. As we know the elections under Deshapriya are rigged, so in any case the enemy party will go on.

    My worry is what our legal fraternity is doing. Whether the outcome is in our favour or not, we need to challenge this undemocratic and unconstitutional acts of Sirisena.

    No wonder the British Labour party elected Jeremy Corbyn. The ordinary people are sick of manipulation happening at the top of governments the world over. Our Sinhalese Buddhist idiots couldn’t realise the value of what we had in the form of Mahinda Rajapakse and his family. They called him Hora and see who pulled out the biggest robbery in the island, Ranil and Mahendran. Are any of the papers talking about it? The MP who lead the COPE investigation is kept out of parliament too. May god bless our democracy.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    The Law of the Land of Lanka will become meaningful if the people at the top honor it and follow it. Otherwise, Lanka’s own leaders will make mockery of the Constitution and the other laws that govern us. When mocked, the People lose respect for their leaders.

    Have all the perfidy been done to accommodate foreign interests, combined with vengeance, anger and some envy ?

    How strange, how sad, how pathetic !

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