‘Media ruining law and Police investigations’ & TV channel moderators,It seems are attempting to run the government in power and the politicians.
Posted on December 25th, 2015

By Noor Nizam – Peace Political Activist and Political Communication Researcher.

The statement made to the media by Police Media Spokesman SP Gunasekera that ‘The Media is ruining Law and investigations’ should be considered very serious and taken notice of. Local newspaper reporters should know their limits of questioning into details when “matters are especially sub-judice”. More education on these matters are needed for journalists and newspaper/TV reporters. Not only this, the TV media is flooded with lots of political talks and programs and the TV channel moderators, it seems are attempting to run the government in power and the politicians. They are even driving a wedge between politicians, parliamentarians, ministers, political parties and the PM and the President. The Minister of Information, the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and the Hon. Speaker should stop such a Media/TV culture or at least curtail and set limits to it. The air-time licence allocation for such broadcasting should also should scrutinized to see if any violations are been done and the TV stations should be punished, if the Media Freedom has been violated such norms.

Noor Nizam. Peace & Political Activists and Political Communication Researcher.

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