D Evil Empire Pivoting to Asia Threatens Sri Lanka With a Humpty Dumpty Constitution – Part 1
Posted on January 16th, 2016

By Gandara John

All the king’s horses and all the King’s men Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

 D evil monster finagles Sri Lanka on Human Rights, terrorism, reconcilliation, reintegration, ‘transitional’ justice, corruption and more in its attempt to force the country to believe that Federalism is the model for democratisation, the middle path between two extremes and the stabilising mechanism for a country which had already restored stability seven years ago and where people of diverse ethnicities and religions continue to live harmoniously as vouched recently by Harsha De Silva; this view would be endorsed by nearly twenty million Sri Lankans.

D Evil Empire, widely acknowledged as one of the most corrupt in the world and seriously accused of organising global terrorism from its backrooms, brazenly flouts International Law caring not a rap for its record on the very issues it has raised here in Sri Lanka; it is attractive rhetoric. All it cares about is using these issues as a handle to attack the concept of Westphalian State sovereignty of Sri Lanka and introduce a terminator Constitution that would eventually destroy that State.

The US, tainted with its record of racism and segregation from inception and now spewing hatred around the world against people of Islamic faith with its campaign of Islamaphobia, is laughing all the way from Wall Street to hell as its dybbuks in Sri Lanka menacingly threaten the opposition to silence and attempt to force the country to commit National Hara Kiri.

By pushing for a Humpty Dumpty Constitution the monster’s chamberlains have reportedly planned to fragment the country to several identity based (ethnic, religious etc) Federations and segregate its people into gerrymandered confines.

CBK of ‘Club Madrid’ and ‘Global Leaders Foundation’ contended at an event sponsored by two organisations committed to breaking down Sovereign States  that Buddhism, the glue that binds the Sri Lankan State firmly together should be relegated in the proposed new Constitution from its present pristine position.

Her opinions would have warmed the cockles of the hearts of the likes of George Soros, Tony Blair, the NATO and the NED/CIA with whom she collaborates closely in their committed pursuit of a New World Order, a One World Government in a world bereft of States, territories and boundaries as we know it.

Analysing the conduct of the Evil Empire during the past 70 years and the volume of recorded material that abound but are deliberately kept away from the public by the mainstream media the Empire controls, the global strategy of the Evil Empire is abundantly clear.

The US is colonizing the African and Asian Continents; the word of their choice is globalisation.

To this end D Evil Empire is striving to:

  • Demolish the Westphalian concept of Sovereign States, governments and boundaries.
  • Shift power and control vested in the Sovereign State to a Centralised authority like the UN.
  • Redefine boundaries in the two Continents to regions, as determined by the Neo Feudalists  which could be administered effectively by the Centralised Authority,
  • Establish a set of International laws (Treaties) to govern these ‘freshly’ created regions in the two Continents.
  • Establish one global strike force like the R2P acting under the command of the Centralised Authority.
  • Establish a single unified system of International Courts like the ICC.
  • Establish a unified global ‘religion’ like the idea floated by Blair’s ‘Tony Blair Faith Foundation’ or the Neo Feudalist ‘Club of Budapest’ where A T Ariyaratne has membership.
  • Exterminate the lives of an estimated 2 Billion poor people in the two Continents on the Neo Feudalist interpretation that they are non productive food consumers.
  • Allow easy access, ownership and control of the assets in the two Continents to the Neo Feudalists (Corporates).
  • Destroy the concept of ‘family’ by removing the nucleus – the mother – out of that unit. (Attract her with jobs, positions and power out of the home.)
  • Enforce Hayek’s (RW’s icon) unfettered ‘laissez faire’ capitalism in a ‘One World’ system reduced simply to Neo Feudalists (with their chamberlains) and their Workers with no Governments, Trade unions, Religious organisations and Family to protect the workers.
  • Legalise Narcotics to give the workers easy access to it; to the worker Narcotic (addiction) will be a form of relaxation and to the Neo Feudalist a weapon of control.
  • Establish a single global currency.

Sans family, religion, State and Trade Unions to protect the workers and their offspring they are easy pickings for the Neo Feudalists who are vociferously promoting this scenario through their Foundations and NGOs.

In Sri Lanka, the US attempts to make us believe, with Goebbels like repetition, that we are riddled with issues that should make us feel guilty and that we need to pay penance to obtain absolution for our sins; this has got us squabbling, fighting and arguing with each other, little realising that this is the stratagem being used by the US to get Sri Lankans themselves to breakdown the Westphalian State of Sri Lanka.

To the contrary I, as a member of a minority in Sri Lanka, am very happy with the majority; I find the majority to be a very tolerant community. All societies have issues and these issues can be resolved without a New Constitution; these are ‘non issues’ that have been planted and perpetuated by the Evil Empire to get us Sri Lankans to accomplish for the US their objective of  destroying the  Westphalian Sovereign State of Sri Lanka.

During the past half century, D evil monster marauded, ravaged and terrorised Africa and the Middle East; it is now peering menacingly into Sri Lanka as it pivots to Asia. ‘Sri lanka is the fulcrum’ says John Kerry.

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  1. Christie Says:

    “The US is colonizing the African and Asian Continents; the word of their choice is globalisation.”

    John India and Indian vermin in the US are the problem.

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