D Evil Empire Pivoting to Asia Threatens Sri Lanka With a Humpty Dumpty Constitution Part 2
Posted on January 16th, 2016

By Gandara John

 All the king’s horses and all the King’s men Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

 With Africa aflame, the Evil Empire homes in on Asia, leaving a tell tale trail of destruction in its wake, a grim warning to the Asian Continent to anticipate unmitigated disaster and misery.

With their infrastructures destroyed, borders erased and populations decimated, displaced and reduced to induced Statelessness by US inspired regime changes, military and political coups, assassinations, genocide, armed invasions, Arab Springs, aerial bombings, terror strikes (like ISIS, Boko Haram, al-Nusra, al-Qaeda, Kagame’s RDF) and induced economic bankruptcy, the African States, are in shambles. The concept of Westphalian State sovereignty, under attack during those five decades is in tatters and is fast vanishing in Africa before our eyes.

The neo feudalists in the US and Europe espousing the neo liberal economics of fascist Von Hayek, are rolling back history; they are re –colonizing Africa, physically repossessing Africa’s naturally endowed wealth, dismantling their structures of governance, undoing Westphalian State sovereignty and creating a set of International laws to bring back that Continent under the direct control of the Neo Feudalists.

The Neo Feudalists have planned the same for Asia too.

In 1961 Eisenhower warned the American public against the growing power of the Neo Feudalists (the Military Industrial Complex). Today they have captured State power in the heart of the evil empire and are the driving force in the US.

With the cap off on the limits to campaign funding and with lobbying fees, accommodation fees and other corrupt practices structured into the system the Neo Feudalists have taken control of the two political parties in the US and the Congress; it matters not whether the US President is Twiddle Dee or Twiddle Dum they are all actors, puppets to be precise. The US is a model of a Constitutional dictatorship.

The Democrats and the Republicans spent at the last US election a Billion dollars each in their effort to get their respective candidate elected to the Presidency. The funds came from the Neo Feudalists. Each of those parties, victor and loser, had a one Billion dollar debt to repay the Neo Feudalists after the election.

On 08 Jan 15, the D evil empire funded and stage managed an Appa Viplavaya narrowly defeating Rajapakse and easing on to the throne, with an inducement not exactly of hoppers, the Bra King of Sri Lanka.

Following this regime change in Sri Lanka, a rash of evil monsters from abroad have been crawling all over Sri Lanka. Many who backed, funded and safeguarded the Sri Lankan terrorists, from Soros to Blair to the other low lives from Norway and Canada are all over us.

The other day the representative Canadian hick in Sri Lanka overstepping her bounds and expressing pleasure at the regime change in the country hubristically warned Sri Lanka that it needs to sign the Anti Land Mine Treaty and implement ‘other’ measures to regain its ‘credibility’.

This is to forget that D Evil Empire has not signed the Anti Land Mine Treaty, that the UN has slammed the deplorable Human Rights record of Canada which refuses an Inquiry into the continuing disappearances and murder of over thousands of aboriginal females, that there is an outcry for an International Inquiry into Canada’s complicity in the war crimes in Afghanistan and that it is not in Sri Lanka’s security interest to sign this Treaty.

It was not by coincidence that Nazi collaborator Soros and Blair were in Sri Lanka at about the same time. Soros a convicted felon and Blair, a rags – to – riches pop singer turned politician now turned businessman mixing business with his not so charitable work to bag lucrative contracts in Africa Iraq and dictatorships were feted by RW bending over backwards to please them.

Again it is not a coincidence that Soros and Blair are both members of the Club of Rome, that fascist club exclusive to the Neo Feudalists; this club is avowed to destroying the concept of Westphalian States, their Governments and their boundaries in its quest to recolonise the Asian and African Continents, key milestones in setting up a One World Government, with One religion, One Law, One Army, One Court and One Currency.

While Sri Lanka was throwing down the red carpet to Soros who had had a huge hand in the break up of the Yugoslavian State and redrawing its boundaries, the Hungarian authorities were eager to question Soros, who nearly singlehandedly by his own admission funded and organized the recent massive exodus of refugees into Europe with a view to breaking down the national boundaries of Westphalian East Europe; they needed to question him on human trafficking.

Soros’ ‘Migrants Handbook’ W2eu (‘welcome to the EU’) packed with tips, maps, phone numbers and advice about getting across Europe printed and distributed by Soros’  ‘Open Society Institute’ was the bible in every migrant’s hand.

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