D Evil Empire Pivoting to Asia Threatens Sri Lanka With a Humpty Dumpty Constitution – Part 3
Posted on January 16th, 2016

By Gandara John

 All the king’s horses and all the King’s men Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

 RW and CBK take a page or two from Soros, a billionaire who admittedly betrayed fellow Jews to the Nazis during WW2 and profited by it. Soros who likes playing a controlled opposition was accused by Hungarian PM Viktor Orban of instigating refugees to the Continent from the Middle East and beyond. Soros reportedly unleashed ISIS thugs to Europe.

He is perhaps the strongest example of those who support anything that weakens nation states” said Orban in a radio interview

The ‘Tony Blair Faith Foundation’ a dubious money conduit, that also profited from Soros, has been used by Blair to promote the concept of a One World Government, disparage the concept of Westphalian State and boundaries, root for re-colonization of Africa and Asia through globalisation and  promote a single global religion. Spelling out a new post-Westphalian doctrine in Chicago in 1999 Blair argued that ‘globalization had made the Westphalian approach anachronistic’.

Besides RW, hovering around the two well heeled Neo Feudalists from the Club of Rome was CBK a member of Club Madrid, a subordinate club, which too is committed to breaking down Westphalian Sovereign States and creating a One World Government with one faith.

CBK’s contention of devaluing Buddhism in the Constitution expressed at a seminar organized by ICES and Equitas and funded by Soros’ OSI and that Eugenic organisation ‘John Merck Foundation’ was in line with her Club doctrine and with Blair’s ‘Faith’ organisation. And RW of course is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society a first line think tank of the Club of Rome.

The timing has been uncanny. Two fat cats arrive in the island; two minions, like carrion crow sniff around them and fete them. The country is cash strapped; a well oiled campaign has been kick started to sell a new Constitution that the people consider unnecessary; Dharshan Weerasekera reports on proposed amendments to the Buddhist Temporalities Act designed to create a division within the majority; a ‘Hate Bill’ to suppress media freedom is in the air; a mysterious depositor announces that 1 Billion USD will be deposited in the bank. Is it Soros or is it Karunanayake’s friend Raj Rajaratnam?

And the plot thickens. A senior member of the Mont Pelerin Society, an organisation committed to destroying sovereign States, is expected in the island shortly to advise his underling RW, on the proposed new Constitution; a board member of the Society upto 2014, the Emeritus Professor of Sri Lankan origin specialises in Constitutional law.

What forebodes our beloved country? Can we anticipate Soros’ ISIS thugs in Sri Lanka shortly? Can RW and CBK swearing allegiance to foreign organisations committed to destroying the sovereign State of Sri Lanka honestly and legitimately hold any office in Sri Lanka? Does it not fly in the face of our oath of allegiance to the State that we Sri Lankans have pledged?  Can working with foreign organisations committed to breaking up the State of Sri Lanka be interpreted as treacherous? Can these matters be taken up with the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka and would their determinations determine the future of this country?

What is happening in Sri Lanka affects all the Asian States, all the African States, all the Non Aligned States, indeed all the poor States of the world. The Western rich of the world are trying to enslave us all after having captured our land, sowed dissent amongst us and murder two billion of us; they are working their plan. Do we accept this and stand idly by? Now is the time to act. It is our very survival.

The poor of the world let us get together. Let us organize a world forum of the poor to work out our strategy. There are many not so poor countries in the East and the Eastern Bloc that may help us. Let us take the first step. We could at this world forum also collectively decide what action we countries each should take against those who collaborate with the exterminators and against all those organisations working inside our countries with the exterminators.

4 Responses to “D Evil Empire Pivoting to Asia Threatens Sri Lanka With a Humpty Dumpty Constitution – Part 3”

  1. Nihal Perera Says:

    The writings are on the wall.. Sri Lanka is heading for a disaster.

    Look at all the vultures hovering over this island.. Tony Blair, Soros, Erick Solehim, Richard Armitage, etc., etc.. These are all the undesirable characters who did not want to see LTTE defeated by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces. All these vultures are supported or funded by the pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora to lobby against Sri Lanka, at one time or another.

    Both Tony Blair and Erick Solehim are well-known for their loyalty to the Tamil cause and a separate state of Eelam. Now, that they got their puppet regime led by three biggest traitors we know – Ranil, Sirisena and Chandrika, they will do everything possible to push their agenda – which is to alter the ethno-racial-religious mix, and geo-political situation in Sri Lanka.

    In another words, they want to eliminate the Sinhala-Buddhist dominance of the country, while empowering the ethnic minorities and their rights to self-rule, which was one of the main demands by the Tamil minority, since the country’s independence.

    Step by step, they are setting the stage to alter the very core of the Sinhala-Buddhist culture and its dominance of the nation with the blessing from the West, (and the Tamil Diaspora..), by bringing a new constitution with the false pretense of national reconciliation and fairness to all citizens regardless of their ethnic, religious, and social backgrounds.

    The truth is, they know very well that the only way they can achieve their agenda is by fooling the people in the name of bringing democracy, good governance, rule of law, anti-corruptions, etc., etc., which was another ploy they used successfully last year to oust Mahinda Rajapaksa – under whom they would never had a chance.

    Now it’s very clear, if we allow these traitors to change the constitution to facilitate the minority demands, the country and its majority will be doomed before we know it..

    None of the previous governments gave into these dangerous and unrealistic demands by the minorities and their foreign supporters in the West. Now that these vultures got a puppet regime that is more than willing to satisfy anything they demand, the future of the country is in great danger.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    If Eelam is ever formed in Lanka, then Tamil Nadu will rule over Lanka’s culture through the Tamil language. This means that Tamil Nadu will impose their ghastly Caste System all over Lanka. Sri Lankans can join the 15 Million Tamil Dalits of Tamil Nadu and be enslaved forever, continuing the 3,000 yr old Caste System !

    Why are right thinking Tamils watching all this happen ? !!

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    GOSL has to RESURRECT the LTTE under tight control and disrupt evil Endian plans. Attack the CHUNNEL and DISRUPT it. Start a campaign to broadcast VOICE OF TIGERS to Tamil Nadu calling for separation from Endia. That will also stop TAMIL MADU illegals creeping into SL.

    HINDUSTAN is SL’s enemy #1.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Maru Sira won the election thanks to Jaffna and Vanni votes. IF a group like LTTE was around they will not be voting so much. That will handover the victory to the PATRIOT. That is another advantage of the LTTE.

    LTTE killed Tamil racist leaders (and others too unfortunately) BEFORE it killed ANY Singhala politician. Who knows LTTE might find Maru Sira trying to betray Tamil Elam to HINDUSTAN and decide to remove him (saving SL)!! We will be dancing in the streets!!

    We have to think outside the box to save SL from HINDUSTAN. Set a thief to catch a thief.

    And who CREATED the LTTE initially? HINDUSTAN! Karma (another HINDUSTAN concept to justify it).

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