Sambandan’s Dubious Overseas Visit
Posted on January 29th, 2016

By A.A.M.Nizam – MATARA.

Sri Lanka is a peculiar country, unique in the world, with a puppet President who often contradicts his own uttering, a western slavish Prime Minister who stands with the western countries affirming that the west is always right, a Cabinet of Ministers who cannot take independent decisions other than bowing down to what is dictated by the President or the Prime Minister, a leader of the Opposition representing only 16 members of the 225 member Parliament despite there is a real opposition jointly representing more than 50 members, a Chief Opposition Whip alleged to have blood soaked hands with 5 other parliamentarians from his vagabond political group JVP who were responsible for the death of over 60,000 misled and misguided patriot youth, destruction millions worth state properties and brutally killing highly erudite intellectuals, a speaker who professing the right to information to the people severely curtails time for the joint opposition to speak in Parliament, a western stooge infantile Foreign Minister unhesitant to accept what is proposed and dictated by western countries and hegemonic Indians, a Minister being alleged by his own Ministerial colleagues of mega real estate deals, and several other Ministers blatantly acting to oblige the maneuvers being made by foreign countries, and the majority of the people suffering enormous hardships unable to find ways and means to maintain their family members.

The main reason for the defeat of the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the January 8th election was his firm stance against the homeland concept and the minority question.  Mr. Rajapaksa at numerous occasions boldly and firmly stated that there are no homelands for separate communities in Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka belongs to everyone living in the country and they could live in any part of the country as equal citizens.  Similarly, immediately after vanquishing the armed gang of terrorists on 18th May 2009 at Nandikadal, he declared that hereafter there will be no majority and minority communities in Sri Lanka and all belong to one community the Sri Lankan community.  This statement with a bold single stroke negated the agitations carried out by the Tamils that they are a superior community and they must have self rule for them.

Before the August 17th General Election, the leader of the Tamil National Alliance R.Sambandan said that the United National Party has assured to provide self-rule for Tamils in the combined Northern and Eastern provinces if it wins from the forthcoming general election. Mr. Sambandan made this revelation at that time addressing the TNA candidates contesting from the Trincomalee district, and urged the TNA candidates to make the UNP win the election and defeat the UPFA candidates to find permanent solutions to all problems of the Tamils.

He also stated that it is only through self rule solutions to the problems being faced by the Tamils could be achieved and India and the United States are in the fore front in this connection and with their support a stable self rule will be obtained.

After the elections and speaking at numerous occasions Sambandan and their media spokesman Sumanthiran have reiterated that they do not want a unitary status for Sri Lanka and what they want to have in this country is a federal form of government with autonomous rule for the North and East.  This point has also been emphasized by the overseas tiger terrorist outfits the Global Tamil Forum and other groups which were disbanned by the present government saying that there is no threat of terrorist revival in Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, there were newspaper reports today that Sambandan has undertaken a European visit and during this visit he will be studying about the possibility of establishing a federal autonomous region for the Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka. It is obvious that this is only a ruse to misguide the Sri Lankan population.

Already these separatist elements have formulated the form and pattern of their so-called Federal State which they failed to achieve throughout the post-independent period under the guidance of the father of separatism S.J.V.Chelvanayagam, the uncles and cousins of separatism, Ramanathans, Arunachalams, Naganathans, Thiruchelvams, and Amirthalingams and under the threat of war by the megalomaniac Prabhakaran, and there is nothing to study further of its possibility.

In an appropriate time and very soon it will be offered to them in a golden plate by the treacherous trio Sirisena-Ranil-Chandrika, with the blessing of the western imperialists, the Norway and the hegemonic Indians.

The patriotic people of this country should however be very much vigilant about Sambandan’s European trip.  Undoubtedly this trip may have been undertaken to pay TNA’s gratitude to tiger terrorist diaspora Tamils for paving the way for the establishment of Ealam in the guise of North East Federal Estate and raise sufficient funds to run this so-called State.  The illegal conferring of the post of the Leader of Opposition to Sambandan by this treacherous government has elevated him to an undue respectable position.

5 Responses to “Sambandan’s Dubious Overseas Visit”

  1. Charles Says:

    We are turning a complete U turn. Sri Lanka is not even a shade of what it was before 8th Janjuary. It will not even take another year before Sri Lanka sinks to the bottom of hell under Yahapalanaya. It is strange to see the UNP debators in TV debates with their sarcastic smiles, and shouting down the opponents. Even UNP lawyers and University lecturers cannot present acceptable arguments at TV debates. It is the SLFP traitors who have joined the UNP Government to give it credence as a National;government who have to be blamed for the present hopeless disorder.

  2. stanley perera Says:

    Lanka lovers must rise up against the parasitic and traitor yaksa palanaya. There is clear signs of blind astrologer’s predictions that yak palanaya will collapse in six months and Mahinda or his dog will not return to temple trees. Piyadasa and Akarunanayake duo plundering the central bank earning the name of central bank robbers and punishing the maha sanga is acurse brought on them is the sign of going down the slippery slope to their extinction is blessing of tooth relic of Lord buddha. As long as our precious tooth relicis in Sri Lanka, no harm can be done to the buddhist country Sri Lanka. Nivata politicians are blind with the greed of power.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Just imagine the HORROR SL would be in had Raviraj NOT died!!

    Sampanthan is an old man struggling to go here and there. His years are numbered. The TNA leader before him was young and active Raviraj.

  4. nilwala Says:

    Time is running out for this country….. with the trio at the helm using the “Confuse and Confound” strategy to keep the people not knowing what is in store as it keeps changing from day to day…one can only think that the purpose is to exhaust the people into an extreme state of apathy in order to carry out whatever agenda they have in mind. It seems to be that regarding devolution the PM was enamored of the Austrian Model, which is a Federal System, declared as such in their Constitution. In the meantime Mr Sumanthiran had the gall to say the he does not care whether they call it “Federal” or not as long as it incorporates all the features of of one, or something to that effect. In response to that bit of legal twisting, one can only say the “If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck..IT IS A DUCK” !! Now that the PM is turning rabid in Parliament and treating both Opposition parliamentarians and the media to his new found display of dictatorial contempt ripe with bad language, there seems to be some mayhem afoot. The Prez who has lied through his teeth is kept going as SLFP/UPFM chief despite everyone on all sides acknowledging that nothing he says can be believed. Coupled with regular attacks on the Rajapakse family FCID visits to keep up the heat, the status quo is in place and the disastrous Yahapalana isstill carrying on the mirage of “Democracy”. Naming and shaming the Sinhala Buddhists is the latest diversion. When will this nightmare end???

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    In 1995 Israeli PM was about to sign a peace deal with SEPARATIST ARABS (calling themselves Palestinians in ISRAEL). According to that JEWS will NOT be able to do “STATE SPONSORED COLONIZATION” in PALESTINIAN TRADITIONAL HOMELANDS but ARABS (called Palestinians) will be able to live ANYWHERE in Israel!!

    Thankfully that evil PEACE DEAL didn’t go through.

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