Release of Political Prisoners, and immediate release of those under fast
Posted on February 27th, 2016

V.Anandasangaree  Secretary General -TULF

His Excellency Maithiripala  Srisena
President of  Sri Lanka

Your Excellency,

Release of  Political Prisoners, and immediate release of those under fast

I happened to visit the Anudhapura prison last evening and collected some very genuine information sufficient enough to release the two under fast, without any delay. The two of them Mr.Mathiarasan  Sulaxan and Mr.Ganeshan  Dharshan  appeared to be very feeble and needed to be admitted for medical treatment. Unfortunately they have turned down the request for medical attention. Their case seems to be very pathetic and those responsible for this situation had actually blundered terribly. They were arrested in 2009 not for the commission of any offence but merely on suspicion under the PTA and remanded.

Initially they were charged at the Vavuniya High Court on 15-07-2013, that is after three years of their arrest. Surprisingly after three months the charges against them were withdrawn but from that day they had been brought to courts and produced before the judge more than 32 times during the last seven years but up to now no action was taken to hear their case.

If the truths of these cruel incidents had been brought to your notice or to any person of authority they would have release them long ago. Now I plead with Your Excellency to have these facts verified and release them immediately.  The feelings displayed by a father recently about his son’s arrest cannot be less than neither yours nor mine under similar circumstances.

To mention about a youth whom I met in the prison named Mr. A.Nagularaja when questioned told me that he was in the university and while in the final year was arrested in Colombo and detained up to now. May I plead with you Your Excellency to assign to some legal officer to go through these cases in detention and recommend the release immediately of those who are found innocent or else to recommend them release on bail or send them for short term rehabilitation.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

Secretary General -TULF

3 Responses to “Release of Political Prisoners, and immediate release of those under fast”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    There are NO political prisoners in SL. These are TAMIL TERRORISTS that KILLED Singhalese and plotted to kill them. Anyone calling for their release is a TRAITOR and puts the live of SINGHALA people in danger.

    All these terrorists deserve to be in Tamil Elam (hell). SL will REGRET releasing these MOST RUTHLESS TERRORISTS in the world (FBI).

    TAMIL united liberation front GS and signatory to the infamous, racist and barbaric VADAKUNDI resolution has once again showed who he REALLY is.

    Dear Sri Lankan please take note.

    I’m a Tamil an I KNOW what Tamil politicians and their supporters are up to (DIVIDE SL into a blooddy federal junkyard without using the word federal).

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Dear President, please DO NOT release these hardcore Tamil TERRORISTS. IF released they will once again kill SINGHALA and MUSLIM people and bomb DALADA MALIGAWA, SRI MAHA BIDHI, ARANTHALAWA, etc. They will also kill peace loving pro-SL Tamils. Please president, be sensible and do NOT release these terrorists.

  3. Dham Says:

    Premadasa gave them arms, they killed him. You give them life they will kill you.

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