Whither law & order in Sri Lanka since 2015
Posted on March 11th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

Prior to January 2015 the propaganda was directed at ‘white van kidnappings’ but names of the kidnapped kept conveniently omitted. Fear psychosis propaganda sufficed. Lack of a police commission became the reason for all ills. Now even after the establishment of a police commission the citizens of Sri Lanka are awestruck by the complete failure of law & order in Sri Lanka. Rapes, murder, return of thugs, goons and the underworld, and errant ministers knocking people on the roads have become every day experience for people and neither the UN, foreign envoys nor even human rights groups are bothered to highlight the status quo.

  • Rape – police say 80% of rape victims in 2015 were below 18 years. 1854 rape cases reported in 2015 of which 1501 were females. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3hcw8q-ygA
  • Rape of children – rape of teenage girl in Kayts,
  • Revenge killing – 10year old boy in Athurugiriya
  • Rise in robberies – mostly drug-related crimes, bank heists – Kekirawa, Dambulla, Pasyala, Gelioya town Peradeniya, Piliyandala
  • Teenagers in possession of firearms – Kalutara
  • Rise in road accidents & fatalities – Five presidential Security Division (PSD) officers were killed and several others injured when a defender vehicle and two private buses crashed – See more at: http://www.dailymirror.lk/86791/four-psd-officers-killed-several-injured-in-accident#sthash.DTN2D5MY.dpuf
  • Illegal immigration on the rise – Sri Lanka’s cannot give even an estimate of the number of illegal immigrants in the country most of whom are arriving from India and remaining without going or arriving on tourist visa and even engaged in employment.
  • Bribes/corruption – numerous police, principals and even state officials have been caught for corrupt practices including bribe taking. How has this been tackled?
  • Arrest of Buddhist monks – the targeted arresting of Buddhist monks and the emphasis on elephants while ritual/animal sacrifice takes place questions the real objective and seriously makes any to wonder whether the real motive is to gag the Buddhist priests from defending the nation has had historically happened and the removal of elephants from the Buddhist religious pageants carrying forward the objective from the time of colonial invaders to destroy Buddhism and its reach amongst the majority populace.
  • Sri Lanka a hub for drug trade Sri Lanka is a now a transit point for drugs coming mostly from Pakistan, Afghanistan and India headed to Europe and beyond. Heroin is smuggled into the island in sea containers and fishing boats. The use of ATS, including methamphetamine and MDMA (ecstasy), and of other synthetic drugs, such as LSD and ketamine, is reportedly on the rise
  • 175 underworld gangs now operating in Sri Lanka – what must be clearly stated is that most of these gangs had fled the country and were living overseas and returned after January 2015 and questions who are patronizing them. Is it not because the scale of crimes associated with the underworld has risen to drastic climes that the Special Task Force has been called in to deal with the menace. But how many of these gangs have political patronage. It is strange that the local and foreign upholders of human rights are mum now on collapse of law & order when under the previous government even if a dog was knocked down a statement would be issued by the UNHRC head. The behaviour of the international community became such a laughing matter at that time and now their silence highlights the hypocrisies that prevail when inspite of the lawlessness the UNSG is issuing statements on how wonderful Sri Lanka is.
  • Government crimes not investigated :Rs 2billon loss from Central Bank Bond scam (insider trading), how all of a sudden the case against Finance Minister was dismissed on technicality, no action against Govt MPs bashing up people, knocking them down on the roads, inaction on rape of forests (Wilpattu) by Government MPs, sale of lands to foreigners without any restrictions or checks & balances, pretext of returning lands to IDP when these IDPs never owned land and whether they are Sri Lankan natives is being questioned. Note LTTE said 33% of its cadres were from Tamil Nadu.these people are not entitled to land or homes in Sri Lanka.
  • Democracy a farce : organizations/individuals whose objective is to create a federal structure is given the task of drawing consensus for a new constitution! The citizens of the country must seriously question how governments that are elected for a term of office can change a country’s constitution as soon as they come to power influenced by those that backed them to come into power. We cannot have a situation where every time a government is formed a new constitution gets drafted. The PM is misusing parliamentary privileges to call people pimps, donkeys, gypsies, monkeys and beggars and laughing at his own jokes while his party joins in. It now appears the journalist that the entire world has been mourning for and doling out money is not even a journalist! What a laugh this has become! Not a single person is highlighting the dictatorial situation in how the country is being governed. A UNSC Resolution banning LTTE fronts was simply removed without any solid reasons given and questions the legalities of these decisions.
  • West’s discrimination: The illegality of the UN panel of expert report, subsequent resolutions and actions are yet to be investigated & yet the govt is agreeing to hybrid courts when even the FCID’s legality is being questioned in court. The recent EU job advert displays the level of racism and discrimination prevalent where Sinhalese are marginalized openly through paid advertisements. We are unnecessarily antagonizing powerful nations. A former President recently referred to the gift by China as resembling a toilet commode little forgetting that it is only this country that has gifted Sri Lanka with monumental buildings to honor their strong ties and relationship with Sri Lanka. Can she name a single free building that we have got from UK, US, or India?
  • Justice : a good look at the arrests that have taken place since January 2015 it is clear that these are all politically motivated and directed at silencing political opponents and their supporters. The government that accused previous MPs of crimes are now in government holding portfolios when the people did not even vote for them. No foreign or local body have even complained about this. Investigations, arrests are taking place only for opposition MPs but none of the crimes committed in the past by MPs in government are being even investigated. This becomes a mockery of justice as anyone is innocent until proven guilty and arrests must take place with evidence not arresting people and then searching for evidence. These actions make us a laughing stock globally and eventually good investors will walk away while con-investors will come enjoy all the tax breaks/holidays and then make off with the profits.

A Buddhist priest is arrested. Is looking after an elephant the only crime taking place in Sri Lanka?


Isnt helping terrorists/terrorism and separatism a bigger crime?


https://www.tamilnet.com/art.html?catid=13&artid=15499 Rev. Dr. Kingsley Swampillai, Bishop of Batticaloa and Trincomalee, Rev. Dr. Rayappu Joseph, Bishop of Mannar and the Rev. Dr. Thomas Savundranayagam, Bishop of Jaffna met with LTTE’s Pollitical Head Mr. S. P. Thamilchelvan in Kilinochchi (July 2005)


http://www.chrsrilanka.com/_Mannar_Bishop,_TNA_resurrect_LTTE%E2%80%99s_ISGA_demand______-5-3267.html (Mannar Bishop Rt. Rev. Rayappu Joseph and a group of Tamil MPs and civil society representatives have reportedly urged a group of visiting Indian Parliamentarians to press the Sri Lankan government towards establishing a self-governing mechanism for Tamils in the North and East.)

http://www.defence.lk/new.asp?fname=The_Devils_Advocate_A_response_to_Rt_Rev_Rayappu_Josephs_letter_to_Australian_Government_20121506_11 Rt. Rev. Rayappu Joseph is one such controversial character who is being working hard to promote LTTE separatist agenda. His actions and utterances have come under criticism by one and all.

We suffered 30 years of terrorism. No UN or foreign body provided solutions throughout these 30 years to end terror. All of us – Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and even foreigners were victims of LTTE terrorism/separatism. 4 Presidents did not provide a solution to end terrorism. The 5th President did with the support of the armed forces, police and civil defense force and we have been enjoying peace that other nations of the world do not have as their countries are plagued with terrorism. We can walk out of our homes without fearing bombs, suicide missions and LTTE attacks. Those that openly and indirectly supported LTTE are still out there and these people are today coming out with more venom promoting their ideology in a different song. The separatist ideology has not been eliminated and this is why lawlessness continues to prevail because these elements are the one’s now indirectly influencing the country. It is time locals and foreign players not party to this open their eyes once and for all

Shenali D Waduge

19 Responses to “Whither law & order in Sri Lanka since 2015”

  1. Christie Says:

    We are an Indian colony like Guyana.

  2. SA Kumar Says:

    The Mahavamse clearly states that we were confined to Anuradhapura, Polonaruwa, Nuwara, Kote.Nothing about Vanni, Thrukunamale or Yapanaya.We have more fertile land to cultivate in the south.Why encroach into Barron land?

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:





  4. Cerberus Says:

    Well said Shenali. You are a great journalist. May the triple gem bless and protect you.

  5. Sooriarachi Says:

    The arresting of a Buiddhist monk for looking after an Elephant is an insult to the Buddhist order and may NOT a good omen for the future of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.
    Last December, anyone visiting the City of Colombo would have been blinded by the sea of lights illuminating the buildings of Government and Private establishments, to celebrate Christmas. This display for Christmas taken on its own could be considered an innocent expression of joy by the, and for the, Christian minority. However, when taken together with the arrest of a Buddhist monk on a petty charge and the proposed changes to the constitution campaigned by some, to remove Buddhism as a religion protected by the state, could be ominous signs for what is to come for Buddhists in Sri Lanka, who make up around 75% of the population today.
    South Korea is a good example of a former Buddhist country where the remaining Buddhists are now struggling for equal rights.

  6. Sooriarachi Says:

    S.A Kumar’s interpretation of Mahawansa is flawed.
    Further he also says … “Why encroach into barron land?” .. probably meaning Sinhalese buying property in the North are “encroachers”. (please correct me if I misunderstood you). This type of narrow attitude by some is why reconciliation between the extremists within different Sri Lankan communities is stalling. The Sinhalese who are indigenous to Sri Lanka, are today quite happy to share their land with subsequent settlers like the Tamils, Muslims, Malays, Chinese and Europeans. If any of these minorities purchase property in the so called “South”, it should not be considered encroachment, but it is freedom to settle down anywhere in their own country. It is the same for the majority community the Sinhalese, they too could settle down in any part of the country, whether South, East, West or North and the word “encroachment” does not apply and has no meaning.

  7. Dilrook Says:

    Add to that list, Sri Lanka is a global money laundering hub today. UNP government relaxed financial transactions scrutiny to invite Swiss bank accounts and other dubious inflows. This opening up, as expected, gave hackers and other criminals a transit point to deposit their black money, launder it to white money and take it. All $450 million deposited in Sri Lankan banks (as per Finance Minister) six months ago have been withdrawn now after laundering into good money!

    The latest is the world’s largest international bank heist. Sri Lanka was the criminals’ transit point for laundering money.


    This should not surprise anyone if they know the calibre of people running the nation’s finances, Rajarathnam’s insider dealing and terrorism financing, how a top minister related to finance was party to a transfer and the central bank bond fraud.

    Foreign expats must be careful not to deposit their earnings in Sri Lankan foreign currency accounts. Given the desperate situation and irregularities some may lose their deposit.

  8. Dham Says:

    Sirisena openly declared Mahendran should resign. But he may have joined the feast, now silent.

  9. Hiranthe Says:

    Thank you Shenali for your research and putting all these in one article.

    I am happy to see Sooriarachchi’s reply to S.A. Kumar. Well said. We do not have a strong hearted National leader who could abandon the Thesawalamei which was imposed by colonial masters in favour of imported labour from India for tobacco cultivation.

    These things are hindering national reconciliation and give the room for Northern Tamils to think that the land belongs to them historically.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Comments on Yahap govt :

    *. If Lanka is a money laundering hub today, why are so many VIPs accused of ‘money laundering’ … they are within the law, are they not ?

    *. Whatever Yahap govt has done so far, does not make sense. They are becoming a laughing stock of the world, aren’t they ? The only commonsense good that has come out of Yahap, so far, is banning Glyphosate. Even the GREEN approach to fertiliser etc is flawed. In highly populated places, going totally GREEN overnight is not practical. It takes a long time to make fertiliser out of green raw material (depends on bacterial breakdown of raw material), and therfore, artificial fertiliser should be allowed so that the main crops of Lanka can go on producing, as done in the past. By stopping use of fertiliser, main crop production will fall. So, does Ranil hope to IMPORT the usual local crops from INDIA ? These people are even more stupid than we first thought. We are surprised that MS has allowed this – he is supposed to be the knowledgeable person on such matters.

    *. Also, there is a lot of mischief afoot in the name of handling the False ‘War Crimes’ charges.

    *. Elephants and Temples (notably Buddhist Temples), have traditionally kept Elephants for thousands of years. Who the heck is the Yahap to say ‘no’ to this practice ? If GoSL wants to further regulate the process re BABY Elephants especially, then so be it. The practice of Elephants in Temples will not stop.

    *. At present, it is political REVENGE, all the way – (smacks of CBK).

    Yahap sucks !

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    The Sinhalese their land with subsequent settlers like the Tamils-Machang, Mother lanka is not sinhalese land also We-Ilankai Thamilar not settlers in Mother Lanka !!!

    Live & let’s live until Eelam war V .

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thesawalami (Colonial Dutch times), Vaddukoddai Resolution (1976) have almost become Common law in Lanka !
    Why our Govts from time of Independence have not addressed these laws, we are not sure.
    Add: 6-A not implemented, to the Tamil Separatist Issue.

    Obviously, we are doing all this to please Tamil Nadu, and India, and mainly, the West.


    Sign an MoU with UN, India & West that Sri Lanka govts now and future will undertake not to ever jeopardize the Security Issues of these countries.
    Security Issues of India & west : That is the main issue Lanka faces, isn’t it ?

    Face the facts. Then solutions may be possible.

  13. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Suggestion:-Sign an MoU with UN, India & West- why MoU not with YOUR Demil Sakodaya ?

    My Suggestion
    Sign MoU with CM Viggie
    1) agreed to fully impilmend 13A & 6A together .
    2) 25,000 Bhuddist , 100,000 Muslim family to settle in Vanni & Mahavely to Irana madu Kullam.

    Then solutions is possible !!!

  14. Fran Diaz Says:


    13-A is an illegal piece of legislation. It must be removed, hopefully sooner than later.

    MoU must be with UN & other foreign countries.

    Tamil leaders have proven to be untrustworthy re Lanka – this is a proven fact. We are in this mess today mainly due to wayward Tamil leaders who are almost all upper caste. They are the ones who brought in the Vadukoddai Resolution (1976) yet not retracted officially.
    Tamil low caste folk are not interested in Others of Lanka – they only want upward mobility for themselves, even at high costs to Others in Lanka. This too is a proven fact.

    We wish both Tamil sectors (upper and lower caste) would change, and treat Other Lankans with respect for their life and livelihood.

    Face the facts. Then solutions are possible.

  15. SA Kumar Says:

    Tamil leaders have proven to be untrustworthy re Lanka – this is a proven fact.- NO,Sinhala leaders have proven to be untrustworthy re Lanka – this is a proven fact.

    Our living memery : SWRDB ( SLFP) – Chelava Pack & DS (UNP) – Chelva pack !!!!

    We both can not live together even though We lived last 2,500 years or more & will live together another 2,500 year or more …

    is not that Karma ???

  16. Fran Diaz Says:


    You have answered your own question.

    More ….

    If more and more is asked by Tamil leaders for Separatism to the be complete, any GoSL in power will have to draw a line. Pacts are made for peacekeeping purposes, not for forming Separate states for Tamils. Colonisation & Cold War were used by Tamil leaders to ask for more and more – so there we are, they started the troubles.

    I think all the trouble with the high caste folk of Jaffna exacerbated after SWRD’s Social Disabilities Act was enacted in 1957. This enabled the low caste Tamil folk to enter Temples and class rooms, much to the dismay of the high caste Vellala Tamils of Jaffna.
    The Tamil Language (Sp Prov) Act of 1958 was another of SWRD’s gifts to the Tamil people, likely done to please the Vellala Tamil leadership. SWRD probably paid for this gesture with his life when he was assassinated by a (supposedly) Buddhist monk ….

    FREE Education (Incl. University) & FREE Health Care have been added on for Tamils of Lanka.

    In those days when we were young, we were very innocent about the Caste issues of the North. We did not know the details of what went on behind the scenes in Jaffna, only that there was “trouble there”. It is only now that the FACTS of the case are coming out. That there are over 15 Million Dalit Tamils of Tamil Nadu with their Dalit status stamped on their birth certificates is news to us all. So are the ongoing Atrocities of 3,000 yrs against Tamil Nadu Dalits.

    So, the trouble is within the Tamil camps, due to Caste, both in Lanka & Tamil Nadu. When the troubles spill over to the rest of Lanka, the GoSL acts. Tamil leaders infighting with the lower caste Tamils are lumped on the ‘Sinhala govt’. There it is in a nutshell.

    The fault lines are in the Tamil Caste lines.

    Kumar, we have a Question for you :
    Why can’t Tamil leaders of Lanka integrate into main stream life here ad encourage all Tamils to do the same. It is up to them.
    If they can’t integrate, they can live in Tamil Nadu, Homeland of Tamil people. Why must all the Others in Lanka change to accommodate these minority Tamil leaders – which country in the entire world has done such an act for a minority group ? It appears now that it must be : integrate with the rest of Lanka or depart to TN.

    We have gone through all this before.

    Let us close the case.

  17. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    You have answered your own question !- Fully I agreed with You We Tamil have Caste issues .

    Also High caste ( Vellala & Bhiramin) Tamils control all of Tamil & they are very cunning people their no way no one can win One can control them for a while eg: VP killed Amirthaling etc to contol a while but they will back eg: now CM Viggie.

    Also These English educated so call high caste are very very clever eg : used low caste VP against you Sinhala Bhuddist ( how many high caste dead in last 33 years war ? NON).

    what is the solution Sir ???

    NB/ Like last 33 years I personaly trust VP for solution not from Sinhales from This high caste but at last high caste won.
    now I have hope with Mr Seeman ( We- Tamil party) !!!!!!!!!!

  18. Fran Diaz Says:


    Dr Neelan Tiruchelvam & Mr Lakshman Kadirgama were educated and moderate Tamil leaders – yet killed by LTTE operatives. Why ?

  19. SA Kumar Says:

    moderate Tamil leaders – yet killed by LTTE – Agreed

    Our so call Thamil liberation gone out of control hijacked ( banned all other group PLOTE, TELO, EPRLF etc ..) by VP (incl Annan? Balasinham ) & co.
    As India Today Ram said ‘as far as VP concern He already have TE ‘ that mean SL Govt never ever go for ALL out war ( India definitely TN will stop) but his judgment was wrong from 2006 to May 2009.

    As I said earlier these high? caste Vellar ( Dr Neelan Tiruchelvam & Mr Lakshman Kadirgama) are very very clever cunning people as They found out real situation they become so call moderate Tamil leaders than situation change (2009) they become ugly Tamil racist eg: Colombo 7 CM Viggie .

    If We have any moderate Tamil leaders first thing He will say All Tamil NEP & upcountry must learn to read , write & speck Sinhala as We are living in Sinhela Island ( Chinhala Theevu) where more than 75% speck Sinhala.

    We never had/have real Tamil leader We only have Vella leader .

    My hope We Tamil should get a Tamil leader from Sinhala community – I know it sound silly .
    I had hope with MR after war but again Vellar ( CM Viggie / Sampanthan ) taken over Tamil community again.

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