Sri Lanka Tamils do not want Reconciliation.
Posted on June 8th, 2016

By Charles.S.Perera

There were so many players that barred Sri Lanka’s rapid growth into a rich peaceful Nation. The Tamil Community of Sri Lanka except for occasional patriots who came out of that community, was the major obstruction  on the way  to  unity and development of Sri Lanka.   They remained a Community apart waiting to destabilise the majority hoping to establish itself as  a community equal to the Sinhala Majority Community or failing that to  have a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka exclusively for the Tamil Community.  These were the ideas drummed into the minds of the ordinary Tamils by the ambitious Tamil racist political pariahs, who use politics to separate people and divide the country.

The Sinhala politicians failed to understand this, and played into their hands by trying to satisfy them each time they come with a proposal with the  ulterior motive of creating  dissension  and conflict.  The Tamils of Sri Lanka came from neighbouring India as plunderers, marauders, thieves , conquerors, vandals, and  destructors and they remain with that same mentality.  The Sri Lanka Tamils have contributed nothing for the country or the well being of its people as a whole.

Even if they help themselves-the Tamils,  they have their caste categories and they never treat all the Tamil people equally. They cannot be otherwise  because they are born with that caste attitude”. It is part of their religion therefore a part of their culture.

The Sri Lanka Tamils still have that primitive mind set of the early invadors, marauders, plunderers, and vandals. In Sri Lanka they have every thing that everyone else in Sri Lanka have and enjoy, all are happy with what they have, but not the Sri Lanka Tamils.  They want more, therefore they go on their knees  to all  foreign leaders they think can help them begging for their help, to set up a separate homeland for Tamils in Sri Lanka.

They go to Americans, the English the South Africans, Norwegians.  They do not go asking for their help to develop Sri Lanka and make the live of the Tamil people happy, living with their  compatriots-the Sinhala and the Muslims. But they go asking them to  help them separate themselves from their  compatriots the Sinhala and Tamil and help them have their own Eelam.

Now, they do not beg  as they  have collected enough money  to finance the  failed terrorism through which they hoped to have a separate Eelam State. Now they are  left with enough blood money to distribute to  buy the foreigners to help them divide Sri Lanka at their bidding.

The Tamil Society in Sri Lanka is built on Hindu caste system. Therefore within the Tamil society itself there is a continuing  ignoble conflict between man against man. The Tamil politicians are not interested in the upliftment of the living conditions of the Tamil people. Even the money voted for the NPC for community development projects  had not been utilised.

But all that the Tamil politicians want is an Eelam State, so that they can exploit the caste system to the maximum, to give the high Caste Vellalas a higher status to rule over the lower castes.  They will sabotage the attempt of any Sri Lanka government for a reconciliation as it is not reconciliation they want but a territorial separation .  Their demand for Federalism , or police and land power within a Provincial Council are demands for a spring board for separation.

USA and the West with the active support of Norwegian Eric Solheim are moving towards making a reality of the demand of  the Sri Lanka Tamils for a Separate  Eelam State within Sri Lanka,  in the guise of  moving a resolution in the Geneva UN Human Rights Council calling for accountability of violation of human rights and war crimes by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces in the elimination of terrorism.

U.S.A and the West knew that the stumbling block for  the establishment of such a separate Eelam State  was the President Mahinda Rajapakse and his government.  Therefore, USA and the West with the aid of Chandrika and Ranil Wickramasinghe fished out the weakling amoung the leaders of the SLFP- Maithripala Sirisena for a Regime Change to replace Mahinda Rajapakse

The USA and the West if they are really honest democrats should have hailed Sri Lanka for the elimination of terrorism and bringing peace to Sri Lanka, it is the first Sovereign State in the world to have been able to eliminate terrorism without  any ones help.  But blood money of the Tamil Diaspora being a greater temptation than respect for democracy, USA and the West has gone  all out to help the separatist demands of the Sri Lanka Tamils.

Amoung the Tamils we have exceptions like Laksman Kadirgamar, Jeyaraj Fernandu Pulle and Karuna Amman.

But Sampanthan and all his TNA cohorts, besides  Swaminandan, Vijayakala Maheswaran or Mano Ganeshan  are there to get as much as they can out of Sri Lanka and give nothing in return to it.  They are the remnants of the Dravidians chased by the Aryans when they ventured into the Indian continent. Education has done nothing to change the  Dravidian mentality of the Sri Lanka Tamils.  If education could change their mentality,  we would not have had a man like  Wigneswaran the most ungrateful racist amoung the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lanka Tamils are demanding  a separate Eelam state and not reconciliation. These Sri Lanka Tamil politicians or those of the Tamil diaspora  are not  interested  in  the development of the Tamil Community as a whole  removing  from it the archaic caste system.

They are  instead busy making research and re-writing the history of Sri Lanka to prove that the Tamils inhabited Sri Lanka before the Sinhala and the ancient historical documents such as the Mahavansa only falsify history. The Sri Lanka Tamils are bent on separation, and cared less for the development of a unitary Sri Lanka or reconciliation amoung Communities.

This is the harsh reality not even the Sinhala Politicians are ready to accept.  If the Sri Lanka Tamils are for reconciliation and live together with other Communities  as true Sri Lankans there was enough incentives provided by different governments that came into power since Independence, but the  inherent  Tamil separatist genetic trait forbids acceptance,  but accepts rejection.

The Tamils lack moral sense of gratitude. They refused to  accept the Sinhala as the majority Community. The Sri Lanka Tamils  do not even want to be equals with the Sinhala Community, but want to be separated to be with outsiders  preferably the whites European or even South Africans, or even Tamil speaking Muslims.

The very word majority in reference to the Sinhala Community is anathema for the Tamils.  Under such circumstance to  talk about reconciliation with Tamils is a dead-end.  They will never agree- the Tamil politicians will force the ordinary Tamils to reject any form of reconciliation.  The Tamil politicians say they tolerate the Muslims.  That is  because they speak Tamil and would be another minority against the  common majority in a political confrontation.

Sri Lanka Tamils do not want any reconciliation they want a separate Tamil Eelam.  Only way to treat them is to treat them as invaders who are trying to take away the rights, priviledges, history, culture, and land away from the Sinhala to whom it belongs.

Therefore, the present Government  of  Maithripala Sirisena and Ranil Wickramasinghe   should take serious note that the Sri Lanka Tamil politicians  they a touching with velvet hands, flogging Rajapaksas, dragging them in the mud to please the Tamils hoping  for a change of Tamil minds  for an acceptable reconciliation, treating the Sri Lanka Armed forces like untouchables making them weak and feeble and remove the Army Camps from North and East  to please these Sri Lanka Tamils and  the Tamils of the diaspora , will all be a vain effort.

Give the Tamils all they ask for, but they will still want some more.

It is sad one has to come to that conclusion, but it is the stark reality.

9 Responses to “Sri Lanka Tamils do not want Reconciliation.”

  1. stanley perera Says:

    The true analysis of Sri Lankan Tamils is a must every patriotic Sri Lankan to frame and hang in their bedrooms. This is what exactly the writer is trying to stuff into the minds of the people if they love the country they are born. The sad part is they read this analytical account and forget the contents after reading it. What my experience is the people of Sri Lanka do not care about the mentality of racist Tamils. The minds of the leaders of the world have been poisoned with the Tamil propaganda and with the power of the ballot boxes. The lethargic attitude of the Sri Lankan politicians is the plus points for the Seperatist and racist Tamils. The Tamils are champions of spreading the non existing Tamil people’s aspiration and big bluff. Through that million of Sri Lankan bogus refugees managed to walk freely in to the western countries. None sort refuge in India where they came from as illegals (kallathonis) in to Ceylon.

  2. mario_perera Says:

    The designs of the TAMILS are crystal clear to all who have eyes to see, except to our wretched ‘democratically’ elected governments.

    Since the break up of the Ceylon National Congress in the early 1920s the life blood of the Tamils was animated exclusively by the Ealam dream. They have never for once wavered from this proposed goal. They are united as one man to achieve this goal. Whatever be their caste structure or power structure, they all want Ealam. They are ready to kill and to die for their dream.

    The Sinhala were never united, The introduction of democracy sealed this disunity.

    The Tamils have ONE leadership, one single-minded vote base, and one goal. They are everything the Sinhala are not. The apt slogan to be inscribed on our national flag is: divided we fall.

    Mario Perera

  3. Dilrook Says:

    Thank you Charles for telling the truth as it is. However, Tamils have become like this mainly due to the follies of Sinhala politicians and voters. Asking Sinhalese to unite to bring a politician to power is absurd. Sinhalese should never unite to bring a politician or a political party to power no matter who that politician is. None is worth Sinhala unity. Instead they should only unite behind a set of clear policies including the abrogation of 13A, dismantling nepotism, etc.

    It is politicians’ inability to come up with such bold unifying policies that further the suffering of the nation.

  4. anura seneviratna Says:

    Thanks Charles for your well expressed article with the perfectly selected title.

    ” to please the Tamils hoping for a change of Tamil minds for an acceptable reconciliation”

    NO – this is not the current leadership’s intention to change the Tamil mind but they ARE THE Tamil mind. THE GREATEST TRAGEDY IS THAT NONE SEEMS TO UNDERSTAND WHO OUR REAL ENEMY IS HIDDEN IN A SMALL CLIQUE but holding the REINS OF POWER over the Sinhela National country to destroy it at any cost!

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    The Caste Wars of Tamil Nadu have been turned into Wars in Lanka for Eelam !

    The Sinhala people are ‘divided & ruled’ in every whichway possible. Nearly 500 yrs of Colonisation, Cold Wars, and Tamil Caste Wars plus even the political party system, and some other reasons such as Fight for Resources from abroad, have ensured that.

    The 6-A was NEVER activated ! Why have Laws that are not acted on ? Appeasement was the easy choice here with Tamil Leaders who brought out the Vadukoddai Resolution as far back as 1976 ! These things are not even mentioned.

    INDIA has been the “dirty neighbor” in all this. By training the LTTE in Tamil Nadu, and forcing the 13-A under Duress on Lanka, INDIA has let down Sri Lanka completely, perhaps due to Cold War differences during the JRJ UNP govt times.

    Ask why the LTTE killed off the UNP top leaders.

    Agree that the ILLEGAL 13-A has to go. To Save Lanka, will the vast majority of people in Lanka ensure the necessary Unity ?

  6. mario_perera Says:

    ” this is not the current leadership’s intention to change the Tamil mind but they ARE THE Tamil mind.” – Anura

    The Tamil body is in the north. the Tamil mind is the Srilanka government.

    The Tamils really do not need a TNA or a Vigneswaran. The Sinhala leaders are doing a better job for them.

    Mario Perera

  7. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sinhalese, in their own country, not supposed to live in the north and the east Sinhalese children, in their own
    country, not supposed to go to universitites in the north and the east. Tamils can write in tamil, papers marked
    up by tamils (university through back door? depriving Sinhalese children of their share) can go to any university in the country and qualify and even contribute to catholic tigers of tamil drealam to kill Sinhalese. This is after receiving FREE education from poor Mother Lanka. They own most of Colombo. After all this they still not happy since their heart
    is in hell hole tn, where they came from.
    They are
    never happy
    never grateful
    never Sri Lankan
    never content
    Only thing they are after is a piece of Sri Lanka. Waiting like vultures to get their separate kingdom.

    Dutch brought one lot to work in tobacco plantations.
    British took another lot to work in tea plantations.
    The rest is kallathonis who swam/crossed the waters to save their lives from the severe famine in tn in the
    1960s. This is how the ungrateful, never happy lot pay back. Only contribution is killing 100,000+
    Sinhalese, including Buddhist monks, women, children and forces personnel. You never going to find an
    ungrateful lot anywhere in the world. Not a good word to say about the Sinhalese or Sri Lanka. One look
    at that traitor chief sambanthan enough. Old fart has no smile ever in his face. Always seething with hatred.
    What has the traitor xxxx done to Sri Lanka apart from destroying and encouraging to kill Sinhalese!

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    PRECISELY! The Ancient Sinhala ya says it all!

    Never happy!
    Never grateful!
    Never Sri Lankan!
    Never content!

    Never at PEACE; Demanding Sri Lanka in PIECES,
    Never at PEACE; Disintegrating themselves into PIECES,
    Never at PEACE; Destined to rest eternally in PIECES!

  9. stanley perera Says:

    Ranja you are good with two others who refused to accept the luxury bribe offered by Ravi K Sakodaraya. I thought Rana was a gentleman politician before Rana became the Prime Minister. Rana offered bracelets to tuk tuk drivers but he lost. Rana is now offering Rs.20,000/day of shitting on the seat over and above theperks enjoyed by the 225 Battaramullos alias free loaders. Eat, eat all the tax payer’s money until you become Mahinda wijesekera.

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