Multiculturalism is making a joke out of Sri Lanka : Planting a Christmas Tree in the middle of Galle Face Green
Posted on August 31st, 2016

Citizen IMR Chandrika Iriyagolle Dr

Mr  Maithripala Sirisena

His excellency the President of the democratic

Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka


Your Excellency,

Minister Arjuna Ranatunge Minister of Ports and Shipping and some of his cabinet colleagues would benefit from a Psychological-Psychiatric assessment and treatment.   Is this Christmas tree a gift to the Christians from the Minister?   Or are the resources to be used belong to the the traumatised Nation in Peril.   Galle Face Green belongs to the Nation, it is not the private property of ego driven Minister Ranatunge or the ego driven parliamentarians with insatiable appetites.  The minister is in breach of the trust bequeathed to him by a beleaguered Nation.  This is another example hostile intent, of gross misuse, abuse and use of power.

The Sinhalese politicians appear to be without self respect, ethics or a professional code of conduct.   Playing with our history, past present and the future with total disregard to the wishes of the people.

You will never see a proud Tamil politician with self respect and dignity bowing and scraping to any Christian and committing sacrilege or desecration of their sacred land to please Christian powers or hostile forces.

There are no words to describe the betrayal and treasonous acts of the Sinhalese parliamentarians a dark force that sacrificed the Sovereignty of the Nation, compromised the security of the Nation whilst subjecting our great and noble armed forces to humiliation.  We the Sinhalese however salute and applaud our valiant armed forces for their heroism in defeating the world’s most ruthless, sadistic and treacherous Tamil terrorists.

We condemn the untrustworthy Sinhalese Parliamentarians guilty of the above stated acts of betrayal.   The millionaire and billionaire Sinhalese politicians should help the poor and the wounded and crippled members of the armed forces.

Minister Ranatunge’s impending senseless act should be stopped so the world will not have another reason to ridicule and mock the hapless Sinhalese.  The Nation would be better served if this effort and the expense was used to address the needs of the poverty stricken Sri Lankan Nation.   This action will not only be a blow to the Buddhists but an environmental disaster as well.   Who will stop the mad bad politicians of Sri Lanka from further ruining and damaging the country, the Nation,  economically, physically, emotionally, morally, mentally and socially?  Mr President preside and stop the rogue politicians in their stride before they destroy this country further.   The Nation is still in the  grip of traitors.   Do we invite and engage foreign experts to investigate the Sinhalese Parliamentarians?   There does not seem to be any limit to their un patriotic activities, as they lack discipline and self regulation.

Thank you.

Theruwan Saranai

Citizen IMR Chandrika Iriyagolle Dr


2 Responses to “Multiculturalism is making a joke out of Sri Lanka : Planting a Christmas Tree in the middle of Galle Face Green”

  1. Nimal Says:

    We should not make a fuss about a Christmas tree and multiculturalism is the true sign of a tolerant country which is very much in line with the great teachings.These days these festive trees symbolize happiness which is celebrated every where in the world.
    Are we learning lessons from the bigoted members of the first world which may be the beginning of their demise as a stable country,where there is a bit of paranoia about multiculturalism?
    There are much more positive things to learn from them to make our lives better.

  2. Nimal Says:

    Galle face is created by Governor Havelock for the enjoyment all people,just as Governor Manning created the historic Kandy Perahara after liberating Kandy from the Dravidan rulers. I just came back from the devales near the Maligawa and asked an educated German relative of mine who spent some time India during is student days.I just asked him to describe the structure (devale) front of him and without any hesitation he said it was a Hindu temple.I told him the British liberated that for us in 1815 from the tyrants and gave us our freedom and the first Perahara for the population in 1828.First Perahara was opposed by our own home-bread tyrants who wanted to take over from the other psast tyrants.Thanks to the colonials we had 132 years of peace and prosperity.Can any one with true sincerity deny that,the reason why most want to settle in their countries,that include our ambuda clad politicians,blue whiskey and all.

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