Posted on October 31st, 2016

By Noor Nizam – Convener The Muslim Voice”, Sunday, October 31st., 2016

The above speech made by the young cunning UNP politician Chathura Seneratne draws much attention of The Muslim Voice”. The young MP from Gampha calls for the withdrawl of duty free vechiles and other perks to the parliamentarians/Members of Parliament as an austherity need of the Yahapalana government” to overcome the financial crisis that has been burdened on the poor masses and the monies be used to provide relief to the poor masses who are suffering as a result of the VAT.

Let it be known to this cunning young politician that it was THE MUSLIM VOICE” that vehemently opposed these facilities to the parliamentarians/Members of Parliament at the run-up to the political scenarios and debates that took place in parliament when the disastrous VAT bill was presented in parliament in August 2016. Not only did THE MUSLIM VOICE” pioneer this political demand to President Maithripala Sirisena and PM Ranil Wickremasinghe, but also requested all government servants/officials and others benefited from such schemes to be prohibited from such perks/concessions provided at the cost of the suffering masses. These media demands of The Muslim Voice” can be seen in the following web pages on the www domain.

  3. –   6.8.2016.

Some of the main features of the article/content are given below:

Instead of enforcing the VAT, the government must bring in legislation to collect the funds needed by the government by implementing the following:

1) Ban/withdraw the privilege of granting DUTY FREE imports of motor vehicles to:

All parliamentarians, Provincial council members, Pradeshiya Chairman’s, Government Doctors, Professionals, Government Officials, Heads of Public Institutions, Secretaries of Ministries and politically appointed Government Consultants. In all, all issues of duty free import of vehicles should be banned. If such imports of vehicles are necessary by the above category, then the government should the government should ask them to pay the full customs duty and any other taxes applied. This will save the government millions of rupees/hundreds of thousands of dollars.

2) The subsidized meals provided to parliamentarians and the parliamentary staff should be stopped immediately.Market rates/prices should be charged for these services. This will save the government hundreds of thousands of rupees.

3) The free allocation of petrol how given to the MP’s and Ministers and government officials has to be slashed by 50%. This will put a stop to galavanting drives and discipline the use of such resources for the benefit of the nation. This will save the government hundreds of thousands of rupees/dollars.

4) The allocation of use of Free Cellphones has to be limited” and curtailed by at least 50%. This will discipline government officials and parliamentarians from misusing this privilege to official talk only. This will save the government hundreds of thousands of rupees.

5) Government residents or official bungalows granted/issued to politicians should be withdrawn immediately and as an alternate, all government officials and parliamentarians, ministers and government servants should me made to pay the market rent price if they are to continue in such residences/houses, including the water bills, electricity bills etc.

If these remedies are applied to the economical management of the expenditure of government funds/fiscal revenue, then the government will save MILLIONS of RUPEES every month/year which could be USED to SUPPLEMENT the proposed income expected by the application of VAT on the masses/people and free them from the economical burden.THUS, THERE WILL BE NO USE OF FORCING A VALUE ADDED TAXATION on the poor masses. The above mains issues are the grumbling and grievances of the ordinary citizen/voter and the main opposition to the VAT, raising the question – why all these facilities and privileges to such a section of the society and why should we be TAXED to pay them for such FANCIES in life.

President Maithripala Sirisena should show leadership in bringing these REFORMS, which the UNP and the Ministry of Finance of the Hon. Ranil Wickremasinghe camp of the Yahapalana government will NOT like.

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