Donald Trump should change aggressive US foreign policy for a peaceful coexistence with all nations.
Posted on November 22nd, 2016

By Charles.S.Perera

In the past the USA Presidential elections,  to  elect either a Republican or a Democratic President did not make a great difference . The State Department rolled out its self same foreign policy which was primarily  protectionist safe guarding America’s own interest. It made no  difference towards developing countries.

The developing countries were considered a security threat to America, if they were to adopt a socialist program of development  supported by China and Russia. Hence the American State Department  interfered into  the internal affaires of developing countries to  dictate how they should run their countries and what type of governments  they should have, threatening them with  conditions they would impose if they were to  qualify for World Bank or IMF loans

Those developing countries that dare challenge the dictates of USA, would be victims of USA State Department’s foreign policy of regime change. This was done either by using CIA Agents or more slyly winning over local politicians willing to sell their country for a fistful” of Dollars. It is  worst than the NATO  bombardments  which turned countries to rubble, because regime change put the people in complete confusion and disarray.

USA cannot propose to developing countries,  any other system of government other than their own. USA took over the great land mass of America from its indigenous people decimating, disabling or driving them away from fertile land to infertile distant borderlands, and built their American homeland asserting their white American rule over the land they occupied. They also saw to it that no neighbouring country could have a system of government different from theirs.  An extension of the Monroe Doctrine…..

The word socialism which is anathema to American politics, was not pronounced during  any of their Presidential elections. The Americans  know of no other political system of government other than their own American Capitalist system. And USA imposes it on all developing countries (after a US sponsored regime change) without allowing them to follow any other system under threat of trade embargoes, as they did to Cuba, Iran and Russia for allowing the Russian people of Crimea to be a part  of their motherland-Russia.

But today USA has a new President elect Donald Trump. He was painted an immoral demon going against all accepted American Norms and  its decadent political System. Donald Trump went on his election campaign openly stating what he stands for and not hiding any thing to steal votes. He even stated  his willingness to work with Vladimir Putin the President of Russia, I think I’d be able to work with him”said Donald Trump.  He  was elected with a large  majority of votes according to the American electoral system.

A certain number of  American people  appears to be up in arms against him, because he is an unknown entity, quite different from what they had been used to before. But to a country and a people that had known only one system of government  and one type of administration, there is the fear of what would the change  mean to their proud place as citizens of a great country that gives leadership to the world. Hence some of them have gone out manifesting against President elect Donald Trump.

Strangely though these  demonstrators against the 45th USA President Donald Trump did not manifest against atrocities committed by USA armed forces  against Iraq of Sadam Hussain , Libya of Colonel Gaddafi , bombardment of  border villages in Pakistan killing innumerable numbers of civilians in search of Al Qaeda terrorists, and  arming anti government forces, in Syria  to  murder or chase away Bachar el Assad from Syria.

USA built its leadership , becoming a Policeman of the world” by indiscriminate use of  its Armed Forces against other countries with political leaders who do not blindly  follow American dictates.   USA asserted its world leadership, through its aggressive foreign policy planned and executed by its State Department, and its determination to make the world pliable to its command through fear of its known sinister murders of progressive world leaders by the agents of its CIA, its mighty military power complemented with the NATO forces of its Allies, and imposing sanctions.

The European Governments supported the aggressive policies of USA. We know EU stopped GSP plus to Sri Lanka following USA Resolutions against Sri Lanka for violation of human rights in the course of elimination of terrorism,  and refused to by fish from Sri Lanka imposing conditions  before the sanctions are removed. This is how even the EU following US State Department acted against developing countries

There is no country in the World that has abused Human rights as USA. USA not only violates human rights in the world but uses human rights as a tool to change governments in developing countries, divide countries and communities,  and to stop any progressive development programmes undertaken by those countries,  by proposing  their own solutions without any financial or technical support to carry out the solution they propose.

The USA State Department  under John Kerry  had spent 585 Million Dollars to change  regimes in developing countries and to promote US State Departments version of  democracy. An example is Sri Lanka after  January,2015.

John Kerry says  that the US State Department  promotes democratic values  because stable democracies are less likely to pose a threat to their neighbours or to the US.”

But all these seems likely to change under the 45th President Donald Trump  of USA.  He seems agreeable to end the cold war  that continues to exist with Russia and even China.

President elect Donald Trump has to  reconsider  the American Foreign Policy, which   had never been one of generosity, transparency, and country friendly. Even the UNO which was expected to be an independent International Organisation under its Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and its Human Rights Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein became an extension of the US State Department. They punish Sri Lanka for the simple reason that its Armed Forces eliminated the most ruthless terrorism, begun by  a group of young men from the minority Tamil Community.

IMF and the World Bank were controlled by the USA  to assure its  political control over developing nations. Hillary Clinton as the State Secretary is known to have  asked the IMF to suspend  loans to Sri Lanka, as Sri Lanka governments did not given into Hillary Clinton’s State Department,  and the UK and French Foreign Ministers  demand  for a suspension of military operations against terrorism.

The US President elect Donald Trump appears to be a practical man, not bound by old American political traditions and usage to maintain the leadership of America by trying to  be a global bully ” controlling  developing countries by intimidating ,  threatening them with sanctions, and  raising false accusations of violation of human rights.

President elect  Donald Trump has already contacted President Vladimir Putin of Russia, and the Chinese President Xi Jinping. That it self is a first step in bringing nations together without treating each other as competitors for world leadership. The European leaders who were aligned with the American Presidents of the past were all war mongers . They were trying to settle political problems using force, NATO bombardments, threat and imposing sanctions.

With the election of Donald Trump as the 45th US President The European leaders  those in France, Spain, Portugal  and Germany act as they have been orphaned, left on their own to settle terrorist problems affecting them.

These political tactics may have to be changed now, if the US Presdent elect decides once sworn in as thethe US President  to settle differences in dialogue and discussion like civilised human beings.  One cannot go by Donald Trump’s election campaign rhetoric, which will surely change approaching the problems as the President  of America.  He is not disposed towards war but for enemies of America he will take strong action. He had said that war in Syria needs  to be seen differently and he said   If Russia and the United States got along well  and went after ISIS, that would be good.”

Donald Trump’s alignment with Russia may expand the trend to European Countries. Mr. Francois Fillion the likely right wing Presidential candidate at the 2017 French Presidential elections says that he may agree to work with the Russia’s  President Vladimir Putin.

US State Department under Hillary Clinton and John Kerry listened to the  demands of the Tamil Diaspora to form its policy towards Sri Lanka. The Tamil Diaspora which financed and encouraged  and militarised  the LTTE terrorists wanted a separate Tamil State in Sri Lanka.

The  US State Department in the  demand made by the Tamil Diaspora saw the benefit that  the USA could derive from helping the division of Sri Lanka, to check the advance of China and Russia to control the southern sea route. Therefore both Hillary Clinton and John Kerry as US Secretaries of State went all out to pacify the Tamils in Sri Lanka and create for them  the means to  develop as a separate entity and divide Sri Lanka to enable USA to set up an American Navel Force in the North.

When the terrorists in Sri Lanka were relentlessly taking toll of innocent lives and government of Sri Lanka decided to find a military solution to end the raging terrorism the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Robert O Blake opposed the military solution. Hillary Clinton as the Secretary of the US State Department refused to accept the existence of terrorism in Sri Lanka, calling LTTE terrorists a liberating force. She accused Sri Lanka armed forces using rape as an arm against terrorism.  After Sri Lanka Armed Forces  eliminated terrorism,  USA State Department accused  Sri Lanka Armed Forces for war crimes.

After that the US State Department along with the UN and the UN High Commissioner for Human rights continued its attack the  Armed Forces of Sri Lanka accusing it for  violation of human rights  and war crimes. Thereafter it set about a regime change to remove  Sri Lanka’s most popular President Mahinda Rajapakse.

In  this move to change regime, there are reasons to believe that the US State Department used its Ambassador in Sri Lanka  Atul Keshup, and its Assistant Secretary of State  Nisha Biswal , and the US Ambassador to UN Samantha Powers to encourage and strengthen the Tamil minority to stand against the Government and  vote for the Presidential Candidate contesting against the sitting  popular President Mahinda Rajapakse,  promising the aid of USA and its allies for them to win their rights to set up a separate Province exclusively for Tamils.

This is to say that the US State Department had hitherto been carrying out action against developing nations to change popular governments to set up US friendly governments and divide the people.

It is now up to the US President elect Donald Trump as the 45th President of USA to stop the US State Department  from interfering into internal affaires of Developing countries, and allow developing countries find their own way of development.

The world is exasperated  by the hitherto followed US foreign policy. It is right that it follows  protective  policies for the development of USA, but its foreign policy should not be to harass the developing nations, change elected governments, interfere into internal affaires, divide communities, and impose development  programmes on countries burdening people with taxes, provide conditional  aid for development, help and arm rebels in developing countries to fight against elected governments.

While congratulating the President elect Donald Trump on his election as the 45th President of USA, we urge him to in the first instance demand the  US State Department  to accept all terrorists whether they  carry out terrorism  in USA, any country of the West, or  terrorists in   developing countries, as terrorists, and not take side with terrorists in developing countries  calling them rebels, and  arm and encourage them to fight  against elected governments.

16 Responses to “Donald Trump should change aggressive US foreign policy for a peaceful coexistence with all nations.”

  1. Kumari Says:

    I am almost confident that Trump will change the US foreign policy. He is the only President who can do that, the Republican party did not foot his Campaign. He paid for it. Where as Hillary’s campaign was 25% sponsored by the Saudis (the terrorist machine to the world). Trumps agenda is more local, he wants to make America Great Again from inside America. He does not need to bow down to the Globalisation agents.

    Trump has to take extra care about his own security. The Limosine Liberals should not be trusted, they are out to get him.

  2. S.Gonsal Says:

    His charater is proven to be not good. So is Hillary. He is of lesser eveil to us Sri lankans.
    But if you expect a man with that charater is a GOD, you too need a degree to be awarded.

  3. S.Gonsal Says:

    Thank you Charles. It is not easy to change USA but we have to be hopeful and Sinhalas in USA should now quickly establish a good relationship with him ASAP. Your effort is appreaciated.
    At the same time we need to clean our house too. This governemen shall be sent home too.

  4. RohanJay Says:

    Yes US has been a very powerful country since 1945. Generally if it targets a country for regime change it is almost every time successful. In Sri Lanka’s case they were finally successful in regime change to a govt they were more happy with than the one previous. With Sri Lanka they took the softly softly approach and through stealth and buying people off. It looks like US under Sec of State Hillary Clinton under Obama were successful in Jan 2015. This is why the election of a new US leader should give hope in far off Sri lanka. As it seems even in far off Sri Lanka from American shores, it is difficult to escape Uncle Sam’s long shadow.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:


    Your INCURABLE JEALOUSY of others who have earned post-graduate degrees with hard work and sacrifice, is now well established and is EVIDENT to ALL!

    To alleviate your deep INSECURITIES and to dispel some of that INCURABLE JEALOUSY, we are willing to you award you a freebie degree too: come forward to receive the THIRD DEGREE …. the baseball bat is ready!

  6. S.Gonsal Says:

    OK. If you could give me one which does not destroy my brain, I will accept. Otherwise no thanks.

    P:S: I only know of “cricket” bats.

  7. S.Gonsal Says:

    Ananda Ayya,
    Man of charater similar to Trump will NEVER MAKE A USA a good place. You need to wait.

  8. Charles Says:

    I cannot understand why Gonsul cannot make a normal comment on any point of the article in question giving reason for his disagreement. Or write some thing original and informative from shich we can learn something and correct our wrong views, and wrong understanding of the matter. As it is he just makes meaningless noises tor disparage or insult persons who haven’t the sme opinion on a subject as those of his.

    Please grow up Gonsul

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    More important for us to find SL’S TRUMP.

    Unfortunately some SL people are stuck with death bed politicians who cannot deliver. TRUMP was not a politician until 68 years old. We need someone like that.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:


    Today Donal Trump said,

    1. He will not prosecute Hillary Clinton for her email server security infractions
    2. He will not investigate the Clinton Foundation for accepting illegal contributions
    3. Will maintain an open-mind and not withdraw from Climate Change accord
    4. Is no longer certain torturing terrorism suspects is a good idea.

    In addition,

    5. He refused to disentangle himself from his businesses while President
    6. Sought to distance himself from dar-right groups with RACIST and Anti-Semitic rhetoric.

    While the wisdom of Items 1 and 2 is debatable, for it allows powerful people to flout laws that apply to ordinary folk, I applaud his other decisions.

    Stay tuned, as Donal Trump recalibrates his election platform to get on with the business of governing.

    I fervently hope that he won’t change his mind on stemming the tide of illegal immigration, deporting all illegal immigrants, reversing many aspects of US foreign policy towards just and fair dealing with other countries, and insisting on fair trade deals.

  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    I think it would be a very good idea for Donald Trump to disentangle himself from his worldwide business ventures while he is President.

    He may not need to set up a blind trust.

    He should at least let his family run his business, without any direct involvement of any kind by himself.

    He is simply making himself very vulnerable to his enemies if he does not do so. Believe me, there are MANY who would love to IMPEACH HIM somehow.

  12. S.Gonsal Says:

    I write everything copied as per original ( without spining or cooking ) so that people can read ,learn something and correct wrong views, if any. then you accuse me being a MOLE. Only reason for it is YOU ARE THE MOLE and you think those who criutisie your pay master regularly should be a MOLE too!
    I don’t write cooked up stories praising the unpraiseworthy.

  13. S.Gonsal Says:

    “1. He will not prosecute Hillary Clinton for her email server security infractions”

    Looks like Sirisena and Ranil too should learn from Trump, not only MR.

  14. Ananda-USA Says:

    What, then, are the LEGAL LIMITATIONS on business-related activities of Donald Trump as President?

    A newspaper article today says: Almost nothing!

    “As President, Trump is exempt from conflict-of-interest statutes. He must file an annual disclosure document listing assets and income but is not compelled to release his tax returns. There is no law that would keep Trump from continuing to run his empire while in office.”

    “He does have to reckon with the emoluments clause of the Constitution, which bars public officials from receiving gifts from foreign governments without the consent of Congress.”

    “Primarily, though, it is going to take public pressure to hold Trump accountable.”

  15. Charles Says:

    This is unbelievable Gonsul goes again . He is like a wound up toy parrot.

    Ananda I think it is good that Trump does not want to prosecute Hillary. See what is happening with Yahapalanaya…they have got entangled in the idea of prosecuting all with any connection to former Presdident Mahinda Rajapakse, and see where they have ended up. They are now themselves so entangled in it, they find no means to disentangle themselves.

  16. Ananda-USA Says:


    I agree with you; let the Attorney General and the FBI do the job they are duty bound to do, without pressure from Trump.

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