Sri Lanka’s Troubling Quest for Justice – January 13,2017
Posted on January 16th, 2017

I. de Silva Canada

The Editor, The Diplomat

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Dear Sir:

Reference this article by Taylor Dibbert, I am writing to bring to the attention of your readers the many assumptions, inaccuracies and uncalled for “advice” to the Sri Lankan government and mostly to the Sri Lankan people as to what they have to do at the dictates of the so-called international community who for thirty years had no interest in the suffering of Sri Lankans because of Tamil terrorism. These countries, have got used to meddling in the internal matters of Sri Lanka through their long support of the Tamil terrorists (LTTE).  As Dibbert has been in Sri Lanka from 2006 to 2008, it seems that  the demise of the LTTE leadership has left him only with the alternative to find fault with Sri Lankan policy since the defeat. To do so he has used false and misleading information.

For the benefit of your readers, it is important to note that Tamil terrorism in Sri Lanka was developed in India, funded and politically supported by India and by the Tamil expatriate supporters of LTTE terrorism throughout the world as well as politicians, primarily in the U.K., Canada, the E.U. and the United States. These countries supported the division of Sri Lanka through terrorism, not because of their concern for the country or it’s citizens but merely to get votes in their respective countries. They got votes, ordinary Sri Lankans paid with their lives. The economy suffered drastically, people lived in fear of bombs on trains, buses, homes, places of worship, attacks anywhere in the country, because of these external forces. It was an internal war against terrorism yet, interference by foreign powers was incessant in support of terrorists. This support was most manifest at the last stages of the war. When it became clear that the Sri Lankan forces were going to succeed against the terrorists  the U.S., U.K. France, Norway  to name a few, did their utmost to save the leadership of the LTTE and provide safe passage out of Sri Lanka. The plan was that  the terrorists could leave and return to terrorize the country. It was a repeat performance because previously, when the LTTE faced defeat, India militarily threatened Sri Lanka, evacuated the LTTE,  and again provided them with bases, funding and political support to return and terrorize the country for a further twenty years. In 2009, the Government of Sri Lanka refused to be bullied into what the West wanted, and  is now being harassed because they did not cave into pressure by the supporters of LTTE terrorism. Articles such as this by Dibbert are part of that effort.

The statement that the government is  “still prevaricating on the controversial issue of accountability – punishing perpetrators for  alleged wartime abuses” is duplicitous.  If there is to be punishing of perpetrators for “alleged wartime abuses”, while the Sri Lankan security forces are “alleged” to have committed abuses, it has been established without any doubt, that the LTTE,  committed abuses and war crimes. Their war crimes were used as propaganda by the LTTE to encourage more funding and support for terrorism. For example, Adele Balasinghan was the head of the women’s suicide brigade. There is video footage of her hanging cyanide capsules around the necks of these abducted, brainwashed women  who were ready to detonate themselves to kill hundreds. Of the 388 Tamil terrorist suicide bombers, half were women. This LTTE criminal now lives in comfort in the U.K. on LTTE funds and attends functions with British Members of Parliament who support the LTTE.  Why does the U.K. government not try her for war crimes? They are responsible for supporting LTTE terrorism, leaders of the LTTE responsible for terrorism live in the U.K. still promoting the division of Sri Lanka,  supported by politicians  in the U.K. They were responsible for terrorism. Why are they not held accountable?  Why are they not prosecuted when the evidence is available and overwhelming? Why  are these governments preaching to Sri Lanka regarding internal matters that are none of their business but  not holding accountable the  LTTE leaders in their countries?  Before looking for punishment of Sri Lankans for “alleged” war crimes, why are these supporters of the LTTE not held accountable and punished? If and when they do, Sri Lanka could learn from their processes which should of course include foreign investigators and judges.

Reliable estimates suggest up to 40,000 people died during the war’s final months, although casualties could be considerably higher. The clear majority of those killed were Tamil civilians”. This is another  unsubstantiated statement. G. Weiss,  an employee of the U.N. in Sri Lanka during the final stages of the war made this claim in a book he wrote, The Cage.  However, when he attended meetings in Canada and Australia to promote his book he publicly admitted that there was no substance to that figure. Weiss’ original number in Sri Lanka was 7,000. This was immediately refuted by John Holmes of the U.N. who stated that there was no information to substantiate even 7,000.  Even the propaganda arm of the LTTE, which was given to exaggeration, indicated that the number was around 6,000. Why do these writers who choose to give advice to Sri Lanka knowingly make these false statements?  Is it because they are biased or have an anti-Sri Lanka agenda?

Regarding including foreign judges, lawyers, prosecutors and investigators”, obviously the writer is ignorant of the fact  that it is the Government of Sri Lanka that has the authority to determine who is going to be doing these tasks.  These writers who keep repeating these demands seem to be unaware that it is the constitution of Sri Lanka that prevails, not the impositions of wish lists of foreigners. If Sri Lankans do not want foreigners appointed, it is their right to refuse. The rights of Sri Lankans  supercede the demands of foreign interests. As for now would be an opportune time for the government to acknowledge that it would be willing to accept substantial international assistance in all aspects of its transitional justice process”, if the people of Sri Lanka do not want foreign interference,  again it is their right to reject these overtures which is an infringement on the sovereignty and security of the country.

Regarding Tamils not having confidence without international participation, if the are citizens of Sri Lanka, they have to abide by the laws of Sri Lanka. As for decades of discrimination”, the question has been asked over and over again throughout the past thirty years of the war, that the Tamils list their grievances and so-called discrimination. There has been no response. The fact is that the Tamil minority has the same rights as all the other communities, the right to vote, free education, free medical attention to name a few rights”. Throughout the duration of the terrorist war, it was the government of Sri Lanka that provided food, medical aid, paid for education i.e., provided the same benefits to the Tamils in terrorist held areas as they did to other communities.While the Tamils live anywhere in the island, they refuse to allow other communities to live in what they claim are their areas.  Of the total Tamil population, 55% live outside the area they claim as exclusive to the Tamils. They have driven out the other communities and will not allow them to return to their homes yet claim discrimination. It is they who are discriminating against the other communities.

As for the government consistently explaining to the masses that international participation is imperative, what the writer does not seem to realize is that these explanations will only lead to the masses realizing that it is not only unconstitutional but that it is damaging to the security of the country and will be rejected by the masses. The people of Sri Lanka are well aware of the damage done to the country by “international participation”.

Sri Lankans have suffered because of the interference of external forces for decades, Tamil racist demands for one-third of the country exclusively for the Tamils while over 55% of them live outside of the areas they want and  can only judge the opinions of this writer as a repeat of promoting foreign interference in support of the Tamils goal of dividing Sri Lanka.  As for if the coalition government is going to reconsider its deeply flawed approach, it would need to move quickly and decisively”, I agree, but it should be to tell these countries and individuals that supported LTTE terrorism, that Sri Lanka rejects their advice and will decide on what is best for the country based only on what Sri Lankans want. It is these foreign countries and individuals that supported the LTTE that should “reconsider their position on wartime accountability” and prosecute the LTTE leaders still operating in their midst. In short, they should practice what they preach.

Yours truly

I. de Silva


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