GMOA and JVP to hold discussions on SAITM
Posted on February 5th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

February 5, 2017  10:25 am

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What did I tell you in my article below >>>>

I can understand rationale if the GMOA tries to muster other affiliated unions and organizations to support them .

But why JVP and JO ?  During previous regime they allowed Saitem to function All of a sudden JO is opposing? JVP as usual try to get popularity by stirring any public issue .They have done it before and they want to stir it again .If you read the article below ,I have emphasized that in 1984 ,GMOA was hand in glove with JVP.

I read one article by Dr   Ruwan M Jayathunge under caption     සයිටම් විරෝධය where he clearly mentioned that GMOA should try to improve Quality of Saitem rather than fighting against them


සයිටම් විරෝධය මතු කල යුත්තේ සයිටම් අායතනයේ කොලිටිය වැඩි කිරීම සඳහා මිස පුද්ගලික විශ්ව විද්යාල තහනම් කල යුතුයි කියන ස්ථාවරේ සිට නොවේ. සයිටම් අායතනයේ කොලිටිය වැඩි කිරීම සමගම බොහෝ අඩු ලුහුඞුතා තිබෙන දේශීය වෛද් ආයතන වලද කොලිටිය උසස් කර ගැනීමට සටන් කල යුතුය.

සයිටම් අායතනයෙන් පිටවන දොස්තරලා රෝගීන් මරා දමාවිද යන්න ගැන අනාවැකි කීම නම් තවමත් වේලපහ වැඩිය. නමුත් පසුගිය දශක තුන ඇතුලත ලංකාවේ රෝහල් වල නොසැලකිල්ල නිසා රෝගීන් ගනනාවක් මිය ගියා පමණක් නොව වරක් රෝගී තරුණියක දූෂණය කොටද මරා දමන ලදි.


It is high time that the president who is the  ultimate savior ,interferes and tell GMOA to mind their business and treat patients .One day people in some areas may attack hospitals and doctors with vengeance .What will JVP do ? Save them ?

It looks like that the engineers who also do a yeoman service to the nation ( like CEB,Water Board,RDA ,ect etc ) are  more human than doctors .

It is high time that government takes drastic measure and lock up the GMOA leaders so that their wives and children are left in despair .

Four hour doc strike cripples hospitals

I despise strikes by anyone let alone doctors  .There may be various allegations against some ministers for allowing SAITM to commence teaching ,but we all have to understand that some parents have the right to give education to their children in the medical field .If the state  cannot do that they tend to go abroad and get then educated where our hard earned foreign reserves depletes.

JVP instigated terror in 70 s and 80 s and the doctors stayed home  due to fear, That time GMOA was hand in hand with JVP and helped them.My story below show that they were supporting strike action for no apparent reason .

My wife started working in Sri Lanka after returning from Russia.  During the height of JVP terror, all the doctors were asked to stay home by gun trotting  members of the party ,who were sending Chit” to every house hold,I advised my wife not to give in .She was the only doctors who was working and hospital sent an  ambulance daily for her to go to work ,

GMOA top leaders came to know about it and came to my house in Gampaha to instigate her not to work My wife was at work and I was luckily at home .They had the audacity to come in to our house and to force  me to tell her not work .I asked for justification ,but their answer is that members should abide by the Central Committee decision .I told he that my wife is not educated to be a doctor with public money, but in Communist Russia ,and they have  educated her to treat medical profession as  noble one, and the duty of doctors should come first .I also told GMOA that they do not even recognize my wife’s Medical State University and they have no rights what so ever to press her and asked them not very politely asked them  to walk out of my house .

GMOA can fight their battle in a different ways ,but  making  poor patients suffer is not acceptable .

If you  walk into few private hospitals you will see this doctors doing private practice when  strike is on .

We are supposed to be a Buddhist Country and we should have better compassion and kindness to mankind

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

8 Responses to “GMOA and JVP to hold discussions on SAITM”

  1. sena Says:

    “It looks like that the engineers who also do a yeoman service to the nation ( like CEB,Water Board,RDA ,ect etc ) are more human than doctors .” Really? We have had medical and engineering education for more than 50 years. But have nothing to show for anything in healthcare industry and domestic industrial know how or knowledge base. We continue to send poor rural women as domestics to earn dollars. Countries like Bangladesh have more advanced healthcare and biotechnology industry. All our medical graduates think is getting a government appoitment and starting a private practice in their garages after graduation

  2. aloy Says:

    GMOA should not give a weapon to the hand of Batalanda to clear himself of all charges and create another Batalanda.

  3. Nanda Says:

    සයිටම් විරෝධී සටනට මහින්දත් අනුර කුමාර සමඟ සාකච්ඡාවක්‌ අද

    හිටපු ජනාධිපති මහින්ද රාජපක්‍ෂ මහතා ඇතුළු ඒකාබද්ධ විපක්‍ෂය ද සයිටම් විරෝධී සටනට එක්‌වීමට එකඟ වූ බව රජයේ වෛද්‍ය නිලධාරීන්ගේ සංගමයේ ලේකම් වෛද්‍ය නවීන් ද සොයිසා මහතා ඊයේ (05 දා) ‘දිවයින’ ට ප්‍රකාශ කළේය.

  4. Christie Says:

    Indian imperialists know how to handle the Sinhalese and get them to fight among themselves. The SAITM saga is a good example.

    GMOA is another Socialist ideology based Union and not an affiliation of Doctors and I don’t know whether they have taken an oath to be a Doctor or an Indian brainwashed Socialist.

    If this business was Indian Colonial Parasites one no problem.

  5. Dilrook Says:

    What insanity is this!

    Private medical colleges are essential for Sri Lanka. GMOA, JVP and others better get used to it. People are entitled to more doctors and must not be held hostage by the highly inefficient medical practice.

    I also hear the Indian ambulance service is super efficient compared to local ambulances. Whatever the implications are, people will support these.

    I agree with Sena. CEB employees are paid very well but it is one of the most inefficient bodies. These people having studied at the expense of housemaids are not giving anything commensurate in return. At least with private medical collages, part of the education burden will be privately funded relieving taxpayers.

    Our housemaids, taxpayers and the public must be more demanding than they are. They have much more power than they realise.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:


    I agree that private medical schools, are essential for Sri Lanka, provided that high standards with national oversight is maintained and they are owned and operated by Sri Lankan citizens.

    I disagree that the Indian Ambulance Service is good for Sri Lanka for several reasons. India presents a PERSISTENT & ENDURING THREAT to Sri Lanka’s security. An ambulance service that enables priviledged transportatoon nationwide with little inspection and security controls and is owned and operated by nationalsl of a nation that has proven to be severe threat to Sri Lanka must not be allowed.

    Finally, operation of an Ambulance Service is not rocket science. It is something that can be done efficiently by Sri Lankan nationals, and that industry segment should be reserved for our citizens. Allowing Indian nationals to provide that service does not introduce a new technology to Sri Lanka, but creates a new security threat and contributes to the gradual invasion of the Sri Lankan SERVICE SECTOR by Indians.

    This gradual invasion of Sri Lanka SERVICES SECTOR will be exacerbated by the ETCA agreement with India, gradually displacing Sri Lankan citizens, worsening oir bslan e of payments with India, enabling more Indians to reside permanently in Sri Lanka, and gradually converting our citizens into mere CONSUMERS with nothing to do, and denied access to the benefits of the knowledge driven economy.

    With regard to balance if payments with India, we already import 5 times more goods and services from India than we export to India.

    We have to be SMARTER than that, and keep control of our economy, our jobs, and our security.

  7. Dilrook Says:


    I fully agree Indian ambulance, etc. services are bad for Sri Lanka. Anything that can be done in Sri Lanka must be done locally by locals.

    However, try telling that to the people! They simply want an efficient ambulance service. For them it is a life and death situation. They have had enough of excuses and grand plans that never materialised.

    From what I hear, they have been getting it now. This is the danger. When locals are inefficient, it leaves room for outsiders to exploit the opportunity. If they provide it, then people get used to it and cannot live without it. This is how our politicians of all colours ruin it for locals. They could have put the foot down and got the service to be efficient. Then the Indians would look inefficient and lousy and locals would reject them.

    I fully agree we have to keep our economy and our jobs locally and never allow outsiders to get into critical industries. But for that to happen, we have to be comparatively more or at least equally efficient.

  8. Dilrook Says:

    Mahinda understood this in relation to the Colombo Port. He allowed Chinese companies to run the South terminal. It is extremely efficient. We are losing billions by this deal but if not for it, we would lose even more. Very large shipping lines are not prepared to hear excuses on delay and safety. We ensure timeliness and safety and they will come. If we don’t and they will not come. There is no middle ground.

    I fear this is what will happen at private and even government hospitals. They would rather have doctors who have not resorted to rowdy protests, violence, etc. at university level (and at professional level). If GMOA doctors resort to stop work at every turn, people will demand from the government to bring doctors from anywhere. They are not prepared to put up with this nonsense.

    I see this in corporate sector in Sri Lanka. They look with scepticism at local university graduates given the rowdy acts going on at local universities and they prefer locals with overseas qualifications.

    If CEB’s unit cost of production of 1 Kw/h is too high and the supply is erratic, large buyers will not put up with it. They will demand the government buys electricity from wherever it is. They will not buy excuses, drought, plant breakdown, sabotage, previous government’s fault, etc. They want a steady supply at the lowest cost to them and the country.

    Our society’s indiscipline is costing us dearly. We have to put the house in order, soon. Otherwise we are losing all.

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