Stop Fake ‘Shared Values’ campaign from replacing Buddhist values that illuminated ‘Sinhale’ nation for over two millennia
Posted on February 5th, 2017

Shenali D. Waduge

Buddhism and Buddhist values were the pride of the Sinhale nation for over two millennia. Nothing that this country stood for brought international attention both from near and far than the nation’s commitment to safeguard and foster Buddhism. Buddhist values were the term of reference in national policy making by Sinhalese Kings. Even the Nayakkar (Tamil) Kings of the Kandyan Kingdom respected Buddhist values and never diluted them with ideas alien to Buddhism. Now all what this ancient nation stood for is under grave threat from a Government that is bound by Article 9 of the Constitution to give foremost place to Buddhism and accordingly to protect and foster the Buddha Sasana.

The so – called ‘ Shared Values’ campaign publicized in Newspapers on Independence day (Feb. 4) is nothing but a shameless exercise to bury Buddhist values within a seemingly innocent move to harmonise values that are in-congruent.

There is a world of difference between Buddhist values and values of Abrahamic religions.

For example, the moral universe of Buddhism covers all living beings. Compassion is required of all Buddhists as a matter of faith to be shown to all sentient beings, human and non – human.

No such moral obligation is required of Christians/Catholics and Muslims under their religious codes.

The First Precept is very clear on this ethical conduct required of Buddhists.

The principle ‘ Kill and Eat’ which is at the core of Abrahamic religions is anathema to Buddhist followers, by and large.

Is the ‘ Shared Values’ policy meant to encourage Buddhists to ‘kill and eat’ and accordingly violate the First Precept?

Sinhala Buddhists built this unique civilization that the rest of the world still admires.

‘Mahavansa’ the key historical chronicle was written by a Sinhala Buddhist monk Mahanama in the Anuradhapaura era (5th century AD).

In order to promote a fake and bogus ‘ Multi – culturalism’ an idea that has no roots in our history or with any history, the contributions of the Sinhala Buddhists are being downsized and belittled, and our proud history misrepresented to accommodate others who never figured except perhaps as by standers. 

Ethnic problems created by Western Colonial Governments and Christian Missionaries who descended on ‘Sinhale’ like vultures to forcibly convert our people to their religions, cannot be solved by distorting history to allow these latter day arrivals to regain dominance and hegemony like in the good old days of colonial rule when the minority Christian religion was the state religion enjoying full state patronage of the colonial governments.

The existential fears of the Sinhala Buddhists are legitimate given what has happened to former Buddhist countries such as Maldives, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan and lately South Korea.

The failure of current rulers of Sri Lanka to be sensitive to the existential fears of Sinhala Buddhists will be at their peril, politically speaking.

Buddhist values must prevail over all other values. That is the eternal law of Sri Lanka.

The fundamental duty of any ruler is to place Buddhism first and protect it.

The Dasa Raja Dharma must be the fundamental basis of governance whatever party is democratically elected.

The Maha Sangha, the Buddhist Associations/Organizations and all Sinhalese must rise to prevent our history from being uprooted and replaced.

Shenali D. Waduge

11 Responses to “Stop Fake ‘Shared Values’ campaign from replacing Buddhist values that illuminated ‘Sinhale’ nation for over two millennia”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    A MILITARY TAKEOVER with the support of the MAHA SANGHA is the only solution.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Politicians will NEVER do it because they want MINORITY votes.

  3. Charles Says:

    This is utter crap. He is seeking a means to get the joint opposition and the anti yahapalanaya monks shot…..good advice eh!

  4. Ananda-USA Says:


    You got it! Katussa (Lorenzo) is always trying to create MAXIMUM MAYHEM and destroy the Patriotic Forces of Sri Lanka!

    So, the quibessential “fake democrat” concerned about the MR/UPFA gosl’s “corruption,corruption and more corruption” is now ADVOCATING Military Coup-de-Etats with Sangha support to pit the Sinhala Buddhists against their defenders!

    One hell of a “demo-crat”!

  5. Christie Says:

    Our values go beyond the Buddhist era. Historically what people arte depended on the climate and the environment. What people eat an religion ahs nothing to do with each other.

  6. Christie Says:

    Indian terrorist arms the LTTE and the JVP killed Sinhalese. Indian imperialists are Hindus.

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    So we should all FEAR the FEAR and let the country go waste??? Do you think Brits introduced DEMO-CRAZY because they LOVED us?

    The MILITARY fought and WON against the most RUTHLESS terrorists. They CAN handle “shots”.

    IF any govt. shoots peaceful monks that is the END of it. NO ONE will. Not even BATALANDA RUN-NIL.

    WHO will shoot? Army? NO! Police? NO!

    IF the MILITARY and SANGHA take over the country NO ONE will dare to shoot them!!

  8. SenaD Says:

    “WHO will shoot? Army? NO! Police? NO!”

    Until the “military takes over the the country” the head of state is MS and the PM is RW. MS on his own initiative or more likely through RW’s prompting will call for help from the Big Brother and the Big Brother will be too willing to provide the ‘shooters’. That way there will be no shortage of shooters.

    In fact the Big Brother might even unilaterally intervene and subsequently claim to have been invited by the head of state of Sri Lanka. People seem to have forgotten the Indo-Lanka agrrement of 1987, the 13th A and how the latter came into being.

  9. Lorenzo Says:


    “RW will call for help from the Big Brother and the Big Brother will be too willing to provide the ‘shooters’. That way there will be no shortage of shooters.

    In fact the Big Brother might even unilaterally intervene and subsequently claim to have been invited by the head of state of Sri Lanka”


    Because My3 and RW will be OUT OF POWER IMMEDIATELY IF the military takes over. IF the takeover PROCESS TAKES TOO LONG then there will be time for ENDIA to intervene. NOT if it is SWIFT.

    Once taken over, the MILITARY + SANGHA will be the rulers like it or not. NO COUNTRY can invade. It is a DOMESTIC AFFAIR.

    The MILITARY + SANGHA will request help from CHINA and PAKISTAN IF Endia invades.

    These things have happened VERY RECENTLY in NEPAL, MALDIVES, BURMA, Thailand (lets leave aside Pakistan), etc. NO Endian invasion.

    The WAY OF GOVERNANCE is a domestic matter. DEMO-CRAZY is just ONE form of governance.

    A more likely scenario is IF MR or GR wins the next election, My3 and RW will DEFINITELY call for ENDIAN help to prevent what they will call a blooodbath or a BLOOODY BLOW to RECONCILIATION.

    I’m 95% certain this will happen.

    IF not, Tamils (who will TOTALLY REJECT the MR camp) will APPEAL to ENDIA and My3 to INTERVENE and “SAVE” them from what they call war criminals.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    IF anyone thinks this govt. will ALLOW a democratic transition of power PLEASE open your eyes and ears to REALITY. It will NOT happen! My3 and RW will APPEAL to Endia to INTERVENE and prevent what they will call a bloodbath. They will quote what happened to SF after the 2010 election. Tamils will JOIN them. The OPPOSITION leader will also appeal.

    Already they have POSTPONED provincial elections and other small elections. NO ELECTION for 3 years (2015, 2016 and 2017).


    There will be NO LETTING GO of power democratically. They will IDENTIFY the likely candidates for the next election and REMOVE their CIVIL RIGHTS. It will be GAME OVER for the MR camp even before the election.

    IF it fails, My3 will RUIN MR’s chances again and appoint his men from national list.

    IF that too fails then they will call Endian help.

  11. Nimal Says:

    People who live and presently settled in Western countries must be mindful of their positions where racists in their host countries are trying to prevent multiculturalism. This will be a death blow to the minorities who are not white.Though countries like Australia, America are made out of foreign settlers, they a minority have the audacity to protest against multiculturalism which is frightening. Most of those democracies are for the moment adopt multiculturalism as a official policy may change it tour our disadvantage should we in the third world create a bad precedence by talking against it.Today five Pakistani criminals are to be stripped off their British citizenship which create another precedence, thus creating insecurity for people who have lawfully acquired citizenship. There’s two hands to clap and we must blame the utterly corrupt third world administrations for accepting them back to their countries. These criminals should be severely punished but the host government may have another devious agenda for minorities in future .
    Being a good Christian, a good Buddhist or good whatever must not advocate against multiculturalism. We Sinhalese are very much a mixed bunch and the country is multicultural and we must celebrate it.

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