Chinese Embassy dismisses allegation of former President Chandrika Kumaratunga
Posted on February 6th, 2017


The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka on Monday has dismissed the allegation raised by former President Chandrika Kumaratunga on the Norochcholai coal power plant.

Chandrika Kumaratunga has said the China’s ambassador to Sri Lanka had told her that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa solicited Rs.15 billion as a commission for the Norochcholai project.

A spokesman of the embassy told Ada Derana that the observation of Kumaratunga is baseless since no discussions had been held between her and the China’s ambassador recently.

Kumaratunga made the observation while speaking at an event held in Attanagalla.

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7 Responses to “Chinese Embassy dismisses allegation of former President Chandrika Kumaratunga”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  2. Christie Says:

    Christie Says:
    February 6th, 2017 at 6:20 pm
    බන්ඩත් බන්ඩගෙ දෝනිත් දෙන්නම එකයි.
    සින්හලයන් විනාසකිරීම ඒ අයගේ එකම අරමුනයි.
    There is no difference between Banda and his daughter.
    They are on a mission of wiping out Sinhalese from the Earth as directed by the Indian Empire.

  3. Nimal Says:

    She must have had some experience on this subject when she was the president. How brave for her to point fingers or throw stones while living in a glass house. She may have abused her power too. Bring the colonials back, I say to put us right.We are in a such a gutter ,we seem to believe in our own lies.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Chee ! CBK has gone beyiond the pale in her false statements !
    PTSD continues to plague Mm CBK ?

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dear Nimal,

    “Bring the Colonials back”???

    OMG, what have you been smoking?

    Even the former-Colonial subjects of the USA who threw the British Colonists out in 1776 after the battle of Yorktown, have not done that, and would not dream of doing that today!

    Why should Sri Lanka do that, at a time when the British themselves have thrown the EU-overlords in Brussels out in the BREXIT? The British BUNGLED things for our people in Sri Lanka far worse than any Sinhala King did in their time! They survived by military might and because they could kill without worrying about retribution.

    What is more, the American people have elected Donald Trump to do the same, and will be joined by several European countries soon.

    Bringing the Colonials back would run counter to latest trend of returning to OUSTING foreign overlords, BASS-ACKWARDS shall we politely say?

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Agree with Ananda.

    Poor Sri Lanka is in this present day mess largely due to Colonisation of some 500 yrs.
    None of the colonised countries are flourishing today …. proof enough there.

  7. Nimal Says:

    Dear Ananda
    life in US must be good for you to have USA tagged to your name.Please bring back the good you experience in US unless you want to capture US. So bring back the good you see in US to our poor SL.
    We are even seeing better life here in UK and we want it back in SL.We must let them in SL have the goodies we enjoy here in UK.
    Either Frank or Aloy had written elsewhere that our women prior to colonial times was it found safe to wear gold on their head.Really? who were rich enough to have gold, unless one is of the privileged few. in a another 100 years one might say people drove Mezaraties at night around Kandy lake.We already have a statue for a fake hero. Haven’t they ever heard what the privileged woman said during the French revolution when people were crying out for bread when one could eat cake?
    Go back in history(unknown) is the past time of the crooked politicians and pseudo patriots in the island.
    Daily I meet different people of different countries and have a meal with them almost every other day, sadly it’s the Sri Lankans who hallucinate about their glorious history and do nothing positive help the country’s development. We saw to our self the way the country was governed by the colonials, the reasons why we are here and we want those lost standards brought back.
    This is the wishes of the African business and other distinguish people whom I have the privilege to meet. They want the same standards that is practised in UK in their own countries. On their first visits to UK they had their own agenda which one could say despicable but the subsequent visits after observing and experiencing the stable and near just life acquired the sense of charity and moral obligations to the lesser privileged wants that back in their countries. Sense of Charity is very much prominent in countries in this part of the world. They have gone past their equally horrible histories in their own countries where the kings,lords,barons ruled the roost regardless, sadly the kingpin of the misery to every one was the hierarchy in the church where every ruler and every citizen was subservient to the church hierarchy until King Henry the 8th put a stop to it and even murdered one of them. This was I believe is the turning point of our history of mankind and the beginning of the governing culture of a land towards secularism. Leaders thereafter gave room for the democratic participation by all people by way of the first parliament.
    Once one have absorbed the new found culture of democracy and accountability would like to spread that to other suffering countries who are still in the medieval times.
    There was a glimmer of home when Britain. Dutch and even the Portuguese came our way as traders and even as missionaries and our privileged leaders who had access to place like Batavia(like Ehalapola whose house in Kandy was built to a Dutch Indonesian designed indulged them selves(that included the King of Kandy).With the new found orderly and even jolly life began to question the authority of the king and wanted some sort of detachment from the palace of Kandy.
    Catalyst to the events that unfolded was the appearance of John Doyle who was living around among the true Sinhalese in the South where he had much connections with Gajaman Nona,who had already absorbed the Portuguese culture with the then modern dress code.Doyle learned Sinhalese with her help and died as a Sihalese wearing a sarong.Doyle came from a privileged and rich family in South of UK and his sense of moral obligation to the suffering made him find his way to Kandy where he was invited by the chieftains to put things right the same way I pity my suffering people want to put things right.I was a fact that when he met the King in a formal manner he had to sail to Tricomalee and come down the only way to Kandy.This is because the Dravidan rule seems to have had no roads to south fearing likes of Dutu Gamunu coming up from the south.Where’s Sudath who had the privilege to see one of the direct descendants who ate and drank like a pig in my house.He drank so much,he spar rice and saliva to our table and we had to drag him to his car as he sence that there was another party going on in another sitting room upstairs with the colonial types.All his family documents going back almost 300 years were in Tamils.I got him down deliberately to show Sudath what were one time heros were like.Glad that I didn’t bring some of the rest of the descendants to the convention to that meeting as there would have been an unruly WW3 in my house in Kandy,fuel by liquor.They would have embarrassed my lifelong colonial types who came to visit me.
    So the Convention was an agreement for better but the chieftains who also from the same lot of the king from India wants to replace the horrible king. I am glad the 1818 and 1848 never succeeded. During the British rule realizing the victims(we Sinhalese hold up in the south) and the vanquish reversed the dominant culture of the country to our privileges where in our own families’ history where we diligently worked for Dutch in areas in Colombo and areas of Baddegama had vey close association of the new rulers, the British. We were encouraged to move over North starting fro Kaluthara,Madapatha,Kotte,Talawa and lastly Anuradhapura.The earased the numerous Devalas in the process and installed the statues in the Devales.One such prominent act was to bring the relics to Maligawa by Governor Manning. Most of the ethically Tamils became Sinhalese Buddhists and even Christians. This process was started by the Portuguese where the people identified with them and became Catholics and even changed the names etc. If it was that bad then why not change the Diaz,Fernando,Silva,Perera in to their original family names?Because it was posh and good for them.Most of our relatives and people moved in thousands moved north and our families owned and dominated properties from Nuggegoda to the raja Maha Vihare in Kandy.The very house that was I was born in Mirihana was built by the British to an exact British Style for our comfort.Right across our lands was the old Mirihana Police station was,where the british ad events in that premises for mainly Buddhists and Christians,not forgetting the big dansala at gansaba handiy,which they personally supervised for quality and service. I can go on on but I am very busy to go any further.Sorry for any errors. So respect people or rules who developed the country and nor tyrants who supressed us.Don’t let this devil raise the head again.
    I fear that the likes of Trump will reverse all this in generations to come as rightfully said by Lord Buddha that everything in this world is cyclic.(up and down).Western world might go back to the old horrible medieval times with dangerous nationalism which may spread.
    Sorry I haven’t got the time to go through and it’s Valantine’s day with many events in our life and the businesses to run,etc

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