Take immediate action to pay compensations to people victimized by terrorists
Posted on March 8th, 2017


The dollar voracious NGO vulture Jehan Perera well known as the Sinhala tiger terrorist who similar to Mangala Samaraweera suffers from selective and chronic insomnia under which he does not remember or believe in the hardships and agonies undergone by Sinhala, Muslim and other communities sans Tamils in Sri Lanka, who throughout the brutal aggressions, massacres, mayhem, and economic destructions caused by inhuman tiger terrorists remained totally aloof or attempted to justify some of the attacks as only retaliatory or corrective measures taken by Tamil militants (implying not terrorists) for the iniquitous acts of the other communities, particularly the Sinhala community, and who was on a regular pilgrimage to UNHRC sessions in Geneva organising meetings with foreign government delegations and representatives to canvass against Sri Lanka and project the Sri Lankan Tamil community as a community that has been continuously denied its legitimate rights, a community that has several decades of unresolved grievances, a community that has been oppressed and a community that has been ill treated since Sri Lanka became an independent State.

This NGO vulture who writes a weekly article to The Island” mainly to espouse the cause of Tamil separatism, or to disparage the legitimate aspirations of the majority community has taken a new approach to his article this week (7th March) without deviating from his committed goal. In order to present his cause, view points, and justifications he adopts a novel method and says that a Tamil gentleman, who had seen him in the television and had read about him in Tamil media, approached him while he was standing in line in the public library to return the books he had borrowed and urged him to do certain things on behalf of the beleaguered Tamil community. He says that this stranger urged him to ensure that the victim survivors of the war should be compensated by the government without delay and they needed jobs and money to look after their children and the disabled needed to be provided with artificial limbs in addition.  Obviously this is his own views presented under the guise of another person, a non existing person, and these demands have hitherto not even presented by Sambandan or his cohorts in the TNA or even by economic refugees Tamil diaspora..

With this introduction this NGO vulture proceeds to comment about the UNHRC sessions in Geneva and says that the victims of the war have yet to find redress and those whose loved ones have gone missing and those who have had their ancestral lands taken over, languish in poverty without breadwinners and they are all looking to Geneva to find redress that they are not receiving at home.  Here for this dollar vulture only Tamils (the aggressors) have been victimised and implies there is no need to redress or compensate for the Sinhala shop owners, hotel and bakery owners and fishermen languishing for decades in Weligama, Mirissa, Matara, Devinuwara and Kottegoda areas and for Muslims chased out to Puttalam and Kurunegala districts from the North and to several areas in the Colombo district from the East having lost all what they possessed and earned for generations.

It is unfortunate that while the TNA, the NGO vultures, the Indian Origin Tamils, the Economic Refugee Tamil Diaspora and Western Governments speak about these so-called Tamil victims the Southern politicians do not even utter a word about the long suffered real victims even in the Parliament.  It is imperative that the government should work out a compensation scheme for the victimised Sinhala and Muslims of the North and East and for victimised people of villages that were called Boarder villages and for kiths and kins of the victims of major massacres and bomb blasts that were carried by tiger terrorists in the South and should take immediate action to pay this long overdue compensations. They should no be left out due to time lapse or for the unwanted fear of antagonizing the people who directly and indirectly supported the terrorists.

This NGO vulture Jehan Perera referring to the UN Hybrid mechanism which he and his cohorts sternly advocated for in the past now says that accountability and the punishment of those who have committed grave violations of human rights are an integral part of the UN mandated system of transitional justice and the question is how best this can be obtained. As a consolation for sentiments being expressed in the country against the Hybrid courts he says that Hybrid courts are not necessarily the answer and adds that it had failed in Colombia and Cambodia and cunningly avoids a head-on confrontation on the subject.  He uses a new tactic in this regard and says that the illusory man who met him at the public library wanted war victims to be looked after better by the government and that it was more important to sustain the living than to avenge the dead. He says that this does not mean that victims do not want justice, but that they need sustenance now.

This kind of fellows who always act against the country and provides a distorted picture about the country should be vehemently condemned and isolated from the society.

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