India – “Cow is sacred national wealth, no fundamental right to slaughter,” Hyderabad HC 
Posted on June 10th, 2017

Written by: Anusha Ravi Updated: Saturday, June 10, 2017 Courtesy:  OneIndia News

An order passed by the High Court of Judicature at Hyderabad for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana said that ‘cow was a sacred national wealth’. Justice B Siva Sankara Rao in his March 1 order had even held that slaughter of cows for Bakrid was not an essential religious practice under Islam.

An order that was passed in March by the Andhra HC is now gaining media attention. On a petition seeking custody of 63 cows and 2 bulls from a Gaushala, Justice Siva Sankara Rao held, “In this Country-the Bharat, for those in belief who represent a majority of the population, the cow is a substitute for mother, who is a substitute to God. The cow, in particular, acquires a special sanctity and was called “Aghnya” (not to be slain). Thus, the cow is a sacred national wealth and no one merely owned can claim, but for to rear, either to kill or to sell for slaughter.”

The petitioner had approached the court after the police seized his cattle. Police told the petitioner that the cattle was being shifted to a Gaushala since they received information that cows and bulls had been procured to be offered for slaughter during Bakrid. A case under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and Prohibition of Cows Slaughter and Animal Preservation Act II of 1977 was registered against the owner. The petitioner moved the High Court after a lower court held that there was a prima facie case under the 1977 Act. Petitioner contended that sacrifices to God in the religious functions is not an offence. The High Court bench quoted the Veda, Upanishads as well as the Bible and laws passed by Muslim rulers in India to express its views against the killing of animals, especially cows. The court even said that only those who have knowledge of Vedas and those who are spiritually developed understand why one should abstain from all animal killing. The court concluded that there is no fundamental right of Muslims to insist on the slaughter of healthy cows on the occasion of Bakrid.

The petition was dismissed by the court that urged for amendments to the law with stringent penal consequences and better enforcement of Prevention of Cruelty against Animals by amending the Act.

5 Responses to “India – “Cow is sacred national wealth, no fundamental right to slaughter,” Hyderabad HC ”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    Funnily enough India is world’s largest producer of cow beef!

    As with humans, animals also have castes in Hinduism. A higher caste can kill a lower caste in the Indian Hindu society. Similarly bovine cows are considered sacred but not buffalo cows. Even the “karma” concept is bent to accommodate these idiotic beliefs.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:


    I dont know about BEEF consumptoon in India compared to the rest of the world, but I do know that India produces the world’s largest output of cow DUNG and the global-warming METHANE gas as necessary by-products of cattle herding. Cow dung can serve as an organic fertilizer, replace synthetic fertilizer, but the Methane threatens to increase global warming.

    We may reduce global-warming by reducing the use of FOSSIL FUELS, but can we reduce the largest input to global warming: Methane produced by cattle!!!

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oops! Dilrook,

    Shall we say that this is a WHOLLY UNHOLY ASPECT of the HOLY COW?

  4. Leela Says:

    India avoids Gods’ wrath by exporting live cows as pets!

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Animals are NOT the property of humans.


    An elephant in a temple procession had attacked a Buddhist monk and killed him.

    It is NOT the elephant’s fault. Elephants are supposed to live FREELY in the jungle.



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