The political Wonder land of the World;
Posted on June 15th, 2017

Sudath Gunasekara   15. 06. 2017

In this country you have neither Monarchy, Aristocracy, dictatorship, plutocracy, oligarchy representative democracy,  or any other conceivable form of Government.

Then what shall we call it if not total anarchy?

All of you have heard about the 7 wonders of the ancient world.  But I do not think you have heard anyone talking about this ‘political Wonder in the World.’ Perhaps it could be the only one of its kind in the modern world. You may definitely know where it exists on this planet earth.  I take the liberty to call it ‘the Political Wonder of the World of all times’ as I have not read or heard of such a specimen either in the ancient or the modern world. I am sure you all must have heard about this country at least once in life time.

If you have not I give the details of that country not certainly for the serene joy and emotion of the pious as the Mahawmsa author said at the end of each chapter of the Great Epic but for the deep sorrow and lamentation by a whole nation for their ignorance of what their own government is doing or not doing or for tolerating such a corrupt and appalling political system implanted on their heads by a foreign invaders and their local agents. This country is an Island situated more or less right at the center of the earth and named after that notion by the ancient oriental rishis. It is a little over 25,000 square miles in area and has a population of about 22 million. It was a glorious nation that mesmerized the whole ancient world  and stood in far with  civilizations like roman, Egyptian and Chinese for 2500 years and that was the envy of the then known civilized world.  Its Kings were one with the people and religion and they regarded and treated the subjects like their own children

In the ancient times it was invaded and destroyed frequently by a neighboring giant country and in modern times by the occidental barbarians for four and half centuries. But none could destroy it fully. Nevertheless they were able to leave behind a sad legacy of communal and religious confusion, chaos and disorder as they left the shores of this Island after plundering a major part of its invaluable cultural treasures and planting their own political, administrative and legal system. They also left behind millions of slaves brought by them to work on their industries and a generation of unpatriotic urban native pukka sahibs who were taught and trained to think, eat, dress and behave like their colonial masters. This generation is fully uprooted and alienated from the native customs, ethos and values. Through these tentacles the colonial masters control this Island even today.

This wonderful country has a Parliament of 225 MPP and a Cabinet of nearly 112 Ministers in addition to 45 Ministers at the provincial level.  Thus it is the only country on earth that has 157 Ministers. None of these politicians represent the people. There are electorates but these MPPP don’t represent them They are selected by the party hierarchy in the capital and imposed on the people. Party leader can nominate any one from any part of the country. The people have no option but to elect him or her under the prevailing electoral system. As such representative democracy is a big joke and a mockery in this land. Voters have no choice but to vote the man or woman nominated by the party. He doesn’t live within his electorate. He has no interest there either. Once elected, he lives in the capital enjoying the luxuries of his new life, a dream he never must have dreamt for his qualifications and attainments. For his survival in office he has only to give his vote in support of his party. No educational or any other qualifications are necessary for one to get nominated or elected to this high office.

Once they get elected they never attend to the needs of the people. They only attend to their own affairs and well fare while keeping the party boss happy and safe. These politicians are highly paid. An ordinary MP gets a take home salary of that of a supreme court judge in addition to free official bungalows with servants, free water, electricity and telephone, faxes and computers almost free, five star meals in Parliament, free transport, any number of officials vehicles, duty free and salable vehicle permits of nearly 62,500 US $ every five years and innumerable other fat perks. At the end of 5 years they get a full pension making their wives also pensionable whether they have attained 55 or not. The losses on duty free permits is said to be amounting to over 40 billion rupees a year. This was revealed in the content of the first fiscal policy statement made in Parliament on November 20, 2015 by the Finance Minister.

For purpose of brevity and to make it easy for readers to grasp it at a glance, I give  below the salient features of this unique and wonderful  political system of this country.

In this wonderland

1There are two heads of Government De jure Executive President and a de facto executive Prime Minister. where the tail wags the dog instead of the dog waging it

2 The President who is supposed to be the Head of the State, the head of the Executive and of the Government and the Commander -in- chief of the Armed Forces has no control of the Government and the Armed Forces but in practice he behaves like a silent shareholder of a company

3 The Prime minister acts, talks and behaves the de-facto Executive of the Government and the President does not take any policy decision without getting permission from the PM

4 The Government violates the Constitution of the country at random with impunity and during the 2 year period in power it has violated the constitution of the country at least 15 times. It started with the appointment of the Prime Minster on Ja 9th 2015, sacking the CJ, appointing the Leader of the Opposition, allowing to sing the National Anthem in two languages, appointing  candidate rejected by the people at elections as Ministers and MPP  and violating their own 19th Amendment that laid down the maximum number of Ministries number at 30, by increasing it to nearly 112.

5 The naming of the Ministries has no scientific or rational basis or relevance to meaningful classification of functions and even after 2 years in office the ministries are not properly assigned their subjects either. Few glaring examples are Higher Education and High ways, Foreign Affairs and Lotteries, Justice and Buddha Sasana

6 There are many types of funny  Ministers viz Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Ministers and State ministers (as if others are not), Special services Ministers and even Ministers without portfolios on the top of that, just to make them Ministers and to keep them happy to guarantee the majority in Parliament.

7 Ministers continue to fight like cock and bulls within the Cabinet and outside; they fight for allocation or not allocation of functions, fight for offices and rooms, varying facilities, vehicles and overlapping and many a flimsy issues that has no relevance to good governance.

8 Ministers also openly fight on party differences; challenging the other’s saying they will form their own government after the next election as a result there is no collective responsibility either in the Cabinet or the Government group

9 The incumbent President who left his party to contest as a Common candidate against his own leader with the support of the main opposition subsequently hijacked Presidency and also half of the MPP of the former bosses Party and a large number of defeated candidates through the magi wand called the National list and some of them were even made Ministers. The President and the PM  are engaged in a marathon race in globetrotting, leaving aside the promised good Governance, one leaving as soon as the other returns more or less by the next plane, to meet (as they say) a world leader or to attend some insignificant meeting and taking photographs with them sometimes only  handshaking ( without gloves), singing bilateral agreements and MOUs without getting the approval  of the people who voted them in to power as if both of them are competing to win a medal

10 For example the Finance Minister of its Government has been awarded the Best Finance minister’s award recently, thou he has been sacked on his return

11 Defeated candidates are appointed as MPP and Ministers, to maintain the majority in Parliament through the National list, thereby making universal franchise a big joke and a mockery.

12 Some Minister are also appointed only to accompany the PM or the President on their foreign sojourns and make statements once in a way to defend the leaders shortfalls.

13 According to the politicians in this country there are many nations where as all other countries in the world having only one nation. But here even if there is only one man from a different community he is regarded as a nation. Both the President and the Prime Minister always refers to many nations in their speeches. Even University professors of history, archaeology and Sinhalese of Universities often talk of many nations in this country. One can imagine the depth to which this notion has got settled down when you hear of a theory of 24 nations present in this country invented by a Television commentator some time back in front of the Temple of the Tooth

14 Both Heads of State continue to woo and pacify the minorities at the expense of the majority community who form the Bhoomiputras of the country for the past 2600 years.

15 Similarly  while all countries in the world have only one law here we have at least 4 laws, each community having one law for it, The strangest thing is the invader and illicit immigrant minorities enjoy their own laws at the discrimination of the Majority native community and the Natives are governed by a foreign Law called Roman Dutch Law thus disabling the only of their native laws and customs.

16 For the past two years the government has not done anything for the benefit of the country and the only thing it has been doing is to harass a national hero who has liberated the country by defeating a 30 year brutal terrorist minority outfit that was regarded as undefeatable by all world powers.

17 The Public and Judicial Services in this country are politicized beyond recovery. The Public Service is only public to the extent that the employees are paid by the public. It has got reduced to a mere domestic service of the political party in power. Public Servant here are also not told to treat the people as their masters. As a result the general public is at the mercy of both the politicians and the public servants.

18 All government institutions and corporations are run at a loss. Some of them running into billions, Air Lanka is the best example. All government institutions are packed with political appointees with no consideration to economic carder requirements. Often these political appointees have no qualifications to do the job. If you make a cost benefit analysis the Parliament is the biggest loss making institution in the country.

19 1.2 million poor women are exported as domestic servants to Middle East and other countries and the government boast of their remittance as the biggest foreign exchange component

20 Besides voting at election time the voters have no say in the government. They also have no power to recall their representatives either

21 All elections are postponed for political expediency by the Government in power, with local Government elections postponed for two years

22 The only service all politicians from top to bottom do is only attending functions, meetings, weddings, school sport meets and prize giving’s, funerals, parties etc. They  look after their welfare only; they don’t do any service to the people who voted them; they only talk no work promises are meant to be broken only.

23 From President to VC member all are afraid of the minorities, none think of the majority. They all go after minority vote like the proverbial fox that went after the goat hopping what is dangling behind will fall at any moment and finally perished.

24 Beside accusing the previous President and taking his family members and supporters  to the FCID various Commissions and  courts without any finding up to date of their robbing or any other  corruption etc the only thing the Government of this wonderland did for the 2 years since they were voted in in 2015 is blaming MR and his team and talking only. In short there is no Government in this wonderland at all at present. It is total anarchy each Minister and politician misuse the power in their hand and they are unto themselves. The President has no control over his cabinet or MPP. Robbing is rampant all over Its Central Bank was robbed of billions with the connivance of the Prime Minister by his fries who is not even a citizen of this country. In robbing in this country the only difference is in scale. Bigger the position one holds in this wonderland bigger the misuse of power and misappropriation of public funds. The small sprats get caught but the whales never

25 This is how governance in this ‘Political Wonder Land of the world’ headed by a no-executive Executive President, an Executive Prime Minister without executive power vested in him by the Constitution, 157 Ministers, 9 Governors, a Parliament and 9 Provincial Councils and 9 Provincial Chief Ministers, 12,50,000 public servants and innumerable public institutions called Ministries, Departments, Corporations, Authorities and Boards  maintained at public expense is done.

Today 20,000,000 people of this land counting stars in the high heavens consider political bungling since 1948 as the root cause of this appalling and pathetic situation in this land of the ‘Political Wonder in the World’

Now I call upon you to name this country called ‘The political Wonder land of the World’?

7 Responses to “The political Wonder land of the World;”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:


  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    In a SHORT PERIOD of about 2 years Sri Lanka DESCENDED from the MOST PATRIOTIC and EFFECTIVE government to the MOST UNPATRIOTIC and INCOMPETENT government we have had since INDEPENDENCE!


    I WEEP for my Motherland!

  3. ranjit Says:

    “I weep for my motherland” me too Ananda. Fantastic article Sudath nothing to add as you have said it all. You have written exactly what this horrible evil Yamapalanaya doing to our country. They don’t listen to people’s voice at all. Politicians who said” we are the servants of the people” acts like lord of the jungle after getting power in to their filthy hands. I haven’t seen anything like this before in my whole life. This globetrotting two traitors one day must be brought to justice and put behind bars for their dictatorial actions against the citizens as well as against our Motherland. They haven’t kept a single promise they promised during election time. We should be ashamed for this pathatic situation by voting for these rascals who haven’t any qualifications except stealing public funds and enjoying luxury lifestyle as ministers and M.P’s. We should take the example of France. We should have a new set of young energetic educated politicians under the sinhala buddhist leadership. A leader with a lion heart. Calibre of king Dharmasoka.

  4. Senerath Says:

    Political BLUNDERLAND ! No other place on earth like this. Full of FOOLS in and out. People are suffering and destined for more suffering becuase there is no shame in Sri Lanka to keep on telling absurd lies.

  5. Senerath Says:

    Sumanthiran explains ‘no confidence’ against Wigneswaran

    June 16, 2017 05:00 pm

    By Yusuf Ariff

    The Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi (ITAK) claims that Chief Minister of the Northern Province C.V. Wigneswaran had attempted to ‘dilute’ the findings of guilt against a provincial minister who was his close confidant, by sacking all four ministers of the provincial council.

    ITAK Assistant General Secretary M.A. Sumanthiran, in an exclusive interview with Ada Derana, today revealed the actual reason behind ITAK members of the Northern Provincial Council presenting a no-confidence motion against the Chief Minister to the Governor of the Northern Province.

    The background to this is that there were serious allegations of fraud and corruption against one particular minister and it is the ITAK members who asked the Chief Minister to inquire into that, he said.

    “They even passed a resolution in the Northern Provincial Council requesting the Chief Minister to do this,” Sumanthiran said.

    However, he charged, without doing that the Chief Minister constituted an inquiry panel of his own and asked all four ministers to face inquiries, which they did.

    But at the end of the day, the minister with allegations against him was found guilty of fraud and corruption while one other minister was found guilty of administrative irregularities, the TNA MP said.

    “Our position was both those ministers should have been removed and we asked the Chief Minister to take immediate action against them.”

    “After delaying this for a long time, the Chief Minister tried to remove all four by which he tried to minimize or dilute the findings of guilt against that one minister who was his close confidant,” he said.

    It is against that act that the members of the ITAK have acted and given a motion of no-confidence, Sumanthiran said.

    “If the Chief Minister will change his ways and act only against those found guilty, then ITAK members will reconsider their position. If not the Chief Minister will be removed from his office.”

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    Muslim Ministers, and BLIND advocates of Sanhidiyawa and Sahajeevanaya, say there are NO EXTREMIST Muslim groups at work in Sri Lanka.

    Yet, when I am in Sri Lanka, I see Wahhabi Muslim influence everywhere!

    Whether it is in the totally BLACK CLAD Muslim women that we NEVER had in Sri Lanka in the past, entire neighborhoods bought up my Muslims in Colombo and its suburban towns, entire towns declared for Muslims and Muslim businessmen only, aggressive Muslim politicians stealing govt lands and settling Muslims on them, PROLIFERATION of Massive Mosques in areas of special significance to the Buddhist religion, and aggressive enforcement of Sharia Law within the Muslim Community.

    Statistical demographic data in the last census clearly shows that the Muslim population has nearly DOUBLED in the last 30 years and coming close in numbers to the Tamil population.

    Taken as a whole, it amounts to CREEPING ENCROACHMENT and CONVERSION of Sri Lanka into a Muslim country.

    Sri Lanka’s RELIANCE on the remittances by our workers in Middle Eastern countries, makes it IMPOSSIBLE for any Sri Lankan government to take any action against this CREEPING CONVERSION. That alone makes the diversion of the SRi Lankan economy away from this RELIANCE on expatriate worker remittances into an ECONOMY based on INDIGENOUS MANUFACTURING and SERVICES a matter of the HIGHEST PRIORITY if Sri Lanka is to preserve its status as the ONLY REFUGE of its Sinhala Buddhist culture and people!

    Meanwhile, Muslim politicians DISMISS and DENY that ISIS is at work recruiting Sri Lankan Muslims for fighting in the Middle East, and more seriously TRAINING THEM to fight in Sri Lanka upon their return home.

    Here is yet another newspaper report on recruitment by ISIS, although I cannot vouch for the credibility of the source.

    ‘ISIS local chief recruiter targets youths from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka’
    Fri, Jun 16, 2017, 04:50 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    June 16 (Daily Star) A fugitive chief recruiter of the Islamic State in the Indian subcontinent has targeted youths from three countries – India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka – to involve them with the global terror outfit.

    Mohammed Shafi Armar, a tech savvy, has been operating on Facebook and other personal messenger services to contact, brainwash and recruit youths from the three nations, reports NDTV today.

    He has been named a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist” by the US yesterday, becoming the first Indian leader of the terror outfit against whom America has sponsored sanctions.

    The US State Treasury Department, while updating its list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGT), has included in it Armar, a native of Bhatkal in Karnataka, clearing the way for sanctions against him, adds the report.

    An Interpol Red Corner notice is also pending against the 30-year-old Armar, who has many aliases like “Chhote Maula”, “Anjan Bhai” and “Yousuf al-Hindi”.

    “Mohammed Shafi Armar is a leader and head recruiter in India for the Foreign Terrorist Organisation (FTO) and Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) group, ISIS,” the State Department said.

    “He has cultivated a group of dozens of ISIS sympathisers who are involved in terrorist activities across India, such as plotting attacks, procuring weapons, and identifying locations for terrorist training camps,” said the statement.

    Armar was said to have left for Pakistan along with his elder brother after the crackdown on Indian Mujahideen cadres. After a fight with Bhatkal brothers, including Riyaz, the founder of Indian Mujahideen, in Pakistan, Armar is believed to have created Ansar ul Tawhid, which later pledged its allegiance to the ISIS, NDTV reports.

    His links to the ISIS were also the highlight of the interrogation of Yasin Bhatkal, who was arrested near the Nepal border in 2013.

    Armar first came on the radar of investigation agencies when the NIA was probing suspected ISIS cadres in Ratlam of Madhya Pradesh.

    During the interrogation of alleged IS operatives, it emerged that Armar was motivating and radicalising Muslim youths in India. He was said to have been recruiting youths for the Jund ul Khalifa-e-Hind through online radicalisation.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Here is ANOTHER DISASTER Western NGOs in collusion with the Yamapalana KALU SUDDHAS and want to IMPOSE on Sri Lanka: LEGALIZATION of IMMORAL behavior that undemines the very foundation of human survival as a species: PROCREATION!

    I know the answer: they SMELL an opportunity in a Sri Lanka governed by WEAK IMMORAL PUPPETS!

    Why don’t they go after the Muslim Countries of the Middle East led by Saudi Arabia, that SHINING BASTION of Human Rights and defender of Sharia Law, which President Donald Trump recently visited to establish COMMON CAUSE against Iran, a much more democratic and humane Muslim nation than Saudi Arabia will ever be?


    SL urged to repeal laws against lesbians, gays
    Diplomat points out absurdity in continuing with British introduced legislation

    June 15, 2017, 10:27 pm

    By Shamindra Ferdinando

    The European Union has stepped up its controversial campaign to pressure Sri Lanka to do away with Penal Code Sections (365 and 365A) which provide for prosecuting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons.

    The EU sponsored business roundtable on the ‘challenges and benefits of the diversity in the workplace’ at the Taj Samudra yesterday with leading local LGBT organization Equal Ground spearheading the event.

    The British High Commission backed the EU call with its Second Secretary (Political) Philippe Dickinson urging Sri Lanka to repeal the relevant sections without further delay. Dickinson pointed out the absurdity in Sri Lanka continuing with laws introduced by the British because they had already been abolished in the UK.

    The US and the TIDES Foundation threw their weight behind the event.

    On behalf of Equal Ground, Rosanna Flamer-Caldera addressed the gathering while newly appointed President’s Counsel Prasantha Lal de Alwis flayed successive governments for not repealing anti-LGBT laws. The PC called existing legislation ‘stupid laws.’

    Responding to The Island queries, sources said the EU sponsored event was in line with ongoing overall programme to explain the urgent requirement to address concerns of Sri Lanka’s LGBT community.

    They said the EU has discussed the issue with successive governments and was in the process of creating an awareness among the people.

    The Joint Opposition has repeatedly accused the government of planning to legalise LGBT rights. The accusations have been denied by the President’s Office. The JO has alleged that the EU wants Sri Lanka to legalise LGBT rights in return for GSP plus.

    Alleging that he LGBT community has been discriminated against for 134 years, Equal Ground has launched an online petition called 134 Campaign to garner support for their project. In support of the LGBT community, Equal Ground under the theme ‘Colombo Pride’ has organised several events, including, rainbow music and dance festival, bus parade and film festival Abhimani. Organisers have announced that a collection of ‘Queer’ short and feature length films from India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Australia, South Korea, America, Germany and Sri Lanka would be shown at the Goethe-Institut from June 18 to22.

    The event at the Colombo Taj marked the beginning of Colombo Pride, week-long annual programme held with the support of a section of the diplomatic community.

    Dileep Mudadeniya, Vice President of John Keells also addressed the gathering while the round-table was led by Joshua Senn, Acting Public Affairs Officer at the US embassy.

    In response to a query by The Island, the EU Delegation in Colombo said: “The discussion focussed on the responsibility of corporate citizens to act as agents of change particularly with respect to human rights and the elimination of discriminatory practices in the workplace on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

    “The speakers presented the ‘Business Case for Diversity and Inclusivity” with a special focus on the inclusion of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Questioning [‘LGBTIQ’] employees.

    Evidence was provided to establish the existence of discrimination of employees on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, and, the economic costs, such as lower productivity, increased employee absenteeism and employee turnover to underscore the importance of an open and accepting corporate culture.”

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