Cannot blame people of Myanmar for protecting their country: Buddhist religious leader
Posted on December 17th, 2017

Swati Mathur| TNN | Dec 11, 2017Courtesy: The Times of India

NEW DELHI: Burma cannot be blamed for trying to protect itself from “outsiders”, Lama Lobzang, the outgoing secretary general of the International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) said on Sunday. Speaking to TOI on the sidelines of the third governing council meeting of the IBCLama Lobzang defended the Buddhist community and said the excesses committed against the Rohingyas in Myanmarwere by the Burmese army, not the people of Myanmar. Lama Lobzang said, “Originally Myanmar muslims are very few in number; just about 6% or 8%. The Rohingyas have come from outside, from Bangladesh, or those who are settled on the Indian border. There are more than 10-15 lakh such people. Burmese people think that if you allow them to come and settle there, Myanmar will eventually become a muslim country, so they try to push them out.”

The Buddhist leader, the convenor of IBC, the global Buddhist umbrella organisation that serves as a common platform for Buddhists Worldwide, also said, “Unlike India, which is a big country, and which can accommodate Rohingyas (because we have similar cultures and practices), Burma is a small country and is different.”

Lobzang, however, emphasised that the international community attacking the Buddhists for unleashing excesses on Rohingyas were wrong. “Buddhists are peace loving. It is the army that is doing what it is doing, not the people of Burma, or the Buddhists. But you cannot blame Burma. They have to protect their country,” Lama Lobzang said.

On Sunday, Minister of State for Home, Kiran Rijiju, also addressed the IBC gathering and said the Buddhist community needed to spread the message of peace, tolerance and non-violence to the World at large. Rijiju said, “Even in my own role as minister, we issue the same kinds of briefings everyday, without being able to resolve the problems. I have come to this meeting seeking the way forward. Buddhism should show the way forward for the crises we are facing across the globe — advice that will not only help me, but also the mankind.” Rijiju also said India should take the lead to host the next Buddha Purnima event for the international Buddhist community and said the Indian government would provide all necessary assistance to the community. “In 2015, even PM Narendra Modi told the Buddhist leaders that Bodh Gaya should serve as the spiritual capital of the world,” he said.

4 Responses to “Cannot blame people of Myanmar for protecting their country: Buddhist religious leader”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Myanmar was saved thanks to patriotic leaders there. Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka is ruled today by traitor chief die hard
    catholic token Buddhist Mega Thief Mega Thakkadiya Bay Gal Karaya Batalande Wadakaya Pol Pot r@nil wickrama
    Sinhala killer while spineless traitor rubber stamp vairapala sorry sena looking on helplessly. Any thing to destroy
    Sri Lanka, Sinhalese race and Buddhism gets Batalande Wadakaya’s full blessings. So the FASTEST BREEDING
    RELIGION (ALSO THE RELIGION OF UTTER VIOLENCE) at it like no tomorrow. Mussies have BABY MACHINE
    WIVES (in some cases up to seven) sitting at home churning out mussie juniors all year round. So the whole
    place is awash with mussies in no time. Within a few years all these mussies are votes. Mps, mayors, dep ministers,
    etc. etc. galore. Sinhala modayas can’t believe their eyes and start licking the mussie backs for their votes.
    Then mussies think they are indispensable and expedite the BABY FARMING!

    Mussies used this disgusting, dirty trick of multiply and multiply and outnumber in old Buddhist iran, afganisthan, pakesthan, bangladesh, maldives, malaysia and indonesia. The dirty trick worked in the olden days
    since people didn’t know until the mussie onslaught came to their door. But today’s tv, internet, mobile phone age
    the dirty trick won’t work since people find out in no time how the mussie menace spreading. So without taking
    the country to a bloodbath mussies should stop breeding like …. and be humans for the country’s sake. Take a leaf
    from the Chinese community in Sri Lanka. They’ve been living longer than this crafty, untrustworthy mussies
    and never multiplied, fully integrated and nobody even notices their presence. That’s how you live in other people’s
    countries. You don’t multiply like …. to increase your numbers just because nobody likes you. Be humans, practise
    a true religion. Religions have to pass the science test to be accepted. Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution
    destroyed the creator god myth. Go to any museum in the world and try to find god! if you think he created these
    clever two legged creatures.

    Stop breeding like …. Who is going to provide
    schools, jobs, houses, roads, hospitals, food etc. etc. etc. That traitor deshapalu low lives like bada udin, a sad
    ali(not enough children to be sad?) or your god not going to provide. It is the poor Sri Lankan government who
    will have to provide. So you think your multiplying, putting up eye sore mosques every corner, destroying wildlife
    sanctuaries, ancient Buddhist temples to make room for the mussie juniors, drugging Sinhalese/tamil youths,
    lacing food with sterile agents before giving to Sinhalese/tamils etc. etc. stop wearing goni billa dress (high fashion in hell, black makes it every more horrible, mad, mad, mad) disgusting acts and still hope for people to
    love you? You might think so with your twisted religion’s thinking, not any other two legged creatures with brain
    cels > 0. Be humans for the country’s sake! We didn’t ask you to come. You came on your own accord and if you
    want your way, you should pack and go!

  2. dingiri bandara Says:

    There so many powers with vested interest comment against the Burmese regime and the Buddhists but do not want talk about the behavior of Rohingya Muslims, who, as the Ancient Sinhalaya has mentioned keeps breeding without any control in order to increase their population.
    Why do not the Muslim only countries open their doors to their fellow Muslim Rohingyas where they should be happy.

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    Why do not the Muslim only countries open their doors to their fellow Muslim Rohingyas where they should be happy.- in Muslim countries already enough people do breeding , need new places like Sinhela Lanka not OUR Saiva TE .

  4. Nimal Says:

    Whatever reasons one have to dislike Muslims, it is wrong to kill them, rape them and commit genocide, reason why Burma is scared or reluctant let in the UN investigators. No community is safe anywhere in the world if countries do not adhere to the human rights conventions. Burma should and will be investigated and people responsible should face justice.
    Western countries seem to ignore the human rights violations by the Saudis on Yemen because the Western countries depend heavily on the arms sales to the Saudis and when oil runs out then there will be a day of reckoning.
    We Sri Lankans are also minorities in other countries and we are safeguarded by the conventions that is set out to protect us from the host country. So we must be fair to everyone. There were terrible violations in Burma and we should not condone it.

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