Tirupati Sarana
Posted on March 1st, 2018

Lionel Rajapakse

Former President Mahinda Rajapakse has gone to a Pooja at Tirupati Kovil in India again! Is this good news or bad news? Is it going to have a positive or negative effect in voter’s minds?

Some people might say this is nothing to do with his politics and it is a personal matter. Is it?

This may be good news for a minority of people who have a blind faith in god. How about the majority who thinks openly and rationally? Is this a message for them to indicate Mahinda hasn’t changed? I am sure people who voted for SLPP on Feb 10th believed Mahinda will not repeat his mistakes and they hoped he will correct his weaknesses.

How the young voter’s minds going to react when they see their future leader worshipping an unseen god in a foreign Kovil?

It is hard to understand why such a strong person like Mahinda making regular visits to this Indian Kovil. As he once said, he didn’t want any foreign element to interfere with the issues in Sri Lanka. Then, what he is asking from this god in a foreign Kovil? Even in the January 2015 Presidential election where Mahinda lost his presidency, 5.7 million Sri Lankans trusted and voted for him. In the Feb 10th local government election, Sri Lankans showed they are still there to protect him. So, what is the use of asking any more help from this invisible god?


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  1. Charles Says:

    This is ridiculous. There are lot of Kovils in Sri Lanka if they want to go, but what is Special in going to Tirupati. A Buddhist does not worship Gods. This is utter hypocrisy. There is no harm in respecting the religioun of other faiths , but that does not mean a Buddhist should kneel before any God and ask for his benediction.

    May be it is a political necessity but still going to Tirupati is ignoble.

  2. Christie Says:

    All these so called Sinhala Buddhist leaders go to India to worship these sewer dwellers and some times people have a bit of some shit in their heads.

    But then is he playing a trick on the Indian hegemony that is built up on such beliefs.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    I am 100% with Charles when he states….

    “This is RIDICULOUS! A Buddhist does not worship Gods. This is utter HYPOCRISY. There is no harm in respecting the religions of other faiths , but that does not mean a Buddhist should kneel before any God and ask for his benediction.”

    Indeed … this is ACHCHARU Buddhism ….. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!

    Although I a firm supporter of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, I ABSOLUTELY DETEST seeing our Buddhist Political Leaders who should know better trooping to KOVILS …. Indian or otherwise ….. and GROVELLING before Gods of other religions!

    Mahinda IS NOT ALONE in this for the PARA-GATHI AGA-MATHI Wikunanasinghe and the PANA-NATHI JANA-PATHI Sirisena also belong to the clique of those who have GENUFLECTED in Tirupati!

    Are they dyed-in-the-wool ACOLYTES or these multi-various Gods, or are they just PANDERING to the Tamils for POLITICAL ADVANTAGE? SHAME!

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Thirupati goes before a FALL!

    ALL politicians who worshipped at Thirupati LOST!

    1. MR worshipped there in 2014 and LOST in 2015.
    2. SIRA worshipped there in 2015 and 2017 and LOST VERY BADLY in 2018.
    3. RUN-NIL worshipped there and also in MAKAMBIKA kovil in 2017 and TOTALLY LOST.

    So the prediction for 2019 is simple.

    Too bad MR is going back to his past MISTAKES that defeated him.

    But make no mistake, GR has NOT done these SILLY things!!

  5. Hiranthe Says:

    I agree with Lorenzo.

    Gota is clean. MR is old school and out dated. One of the major reason for his popularity is the work done by GOTA.

    Other reason for the young generation to vote for Pohottuwa is the blatant lies told by JVP and UNP saying “Hora” “Hora” which could not be proven.

  6. Nanda Says:

    How many time these commentators have done what their wives or close relatives badly wanted , even though they themselves do not like it ?
    On the otherhand MahaRaja knows what is best for the country. We don’t know those things. We don’t know politics. He knows.
    He may have gone their to worship on behalf of ‘Mahajanaya’ of Sri Lanka who are suffering badly. If not for democracy , USA and India he may have saved the country by a military coup.

  7. ranjit Says:

    I am also not happy with him for going to enemy territory to worship a different god when he is a staunch buddhist but we cannot stop him because as a human being he has the right to do what ever he choses in his life. When you believe in something you do what ever happens next. So we should not think too much about it and criticize his every move we personally don’t like.
    There are people who go to Vatican to Mecca, to Israel Jerusalem, to kataragama, to Anuradhapura, to somawathi Chaithiya and to many places around the world and within the country to worship to their gods whom they personally believe in so why we are so worried and criticize only Mahinda Rajapaksa. I don’t think by going there he will repeat the same mistakes he did in the past. If he repeates the same mistakes then it will be his end in Sri lankan politics for sure. He cannot do any mistakes and we won’t allow him to do also. We cannot stay idle anymore while these politicians loot the money which belongs to us and breaking our land to pieces to make different sections happy. My country belongs to Sinhalese and the main religion should be Buddhism and it should be one flag,one national anthem and one law covering the entire country. This was a land of peace and harmony living side by side with other races and religions and cultures and it should be like that way for ever. We all must unite under the lion flag and help each other to build this blessed land for all the citizens to live freely and happily. I hope Mahinda Rajapaksa and his new team will usher a prosperous and peaceful country we are all hoping. Let’s support his vision for our country and make him the next leader of our Motherland.

  8. Ratanapala Says:

    Looks like Mahinda Rajapakse is in a hurry to join the looser’s club. His name, his role during the Eelam War has carried him so far. However it is not a done thing to rest on his laurels for ever and a day. People have carried him on their shoulders hoping that he is willing to represent them and not people to represent him!

    This shameless genuflecting in front of foreign idols and exhibition of amulets and other silly ornaments supposedly capable of bringing good luck should stop. We need a strong leader and that is why people are behind him. He should spend more time trying to get the international community – especially China, Russia, the Buddhist Countries behind him in the face of Western Christian onslaught happening now. Even if he comes to power, this onslaught will continue and then he will have genuflect before his wife and through her before the Pope.

    If he forgets that it is the Buddhist Temples that gave him shelter and succour during his days in the ‘wilderness’, then he will become a worse traitor than either Ponna Wickramasinghe or Choura Ragina Kumaranatunga.

    It is time set up an example for the younger generation of up and coming politicians. Going to worship Multiarmed Monkey Gods seeking help is not fit for a revered leader!

  9. charithsls Says:

    What a shame, MR at it again, he has not learnt his lessons. This shows his campaign leaders are too are not able to grasp what happened or MR is forcing his way again. He is ruining Buddhism. Look at none of the other leaders in the camp, be Dinesh,Wimal ,Peiris or so not grovelling down like MR in front of these fake gods. MR brought Pope to Colombo & lost the election immediately. Bring Gota instead, surely.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    GR does NOT go worshiping lingam. Pope is different. GR and wife visited POPE and presented a gold plated cup.


  11. SA Kumar Says:

    charithsls- What a shame MR at it again
    ranjit – I am also not happy with him
    Charles- This is ridiculous.

    Finaly my good friend who knows very well I am Pro Eelamist !
    Ananda-USA- Indeed … this is ACHCHARU Buddhism ….. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!

    My Chignkala Sakotharam, Thirupathi is Bhuddist Tamil builded 3 to 7 BC time , if you take off thirupathi venkatachalapathi cloth than you can see Lord Bhudda !!!!!

    MR is one of the great human like Arjuna in Mahabaratha(m) born to save people when world is in danger !!!! got it !

    but still I am waiting for order from one & only Thesiya Thalavar VP that is different story !!!!

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    *Bhuddist Temple (not Tamil) builded 3 to 7 BC , 10 BC converted to thirupathi venkatachalapathi ( Vaisnava Temple).
    but Bhudda statue not touch .

  13. Charles Says:

    Lorenzo your comments are irrelevant. Really

  14. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Y O Y O Y Mr?
    You too are a token Buddhist like the traitor chief die hard catholic Bay Gal kaaraya Mega Thief Mega Thakkadiya
    Walking Crime Bomb with the timer set for 10-20 years (could be less when you see the papa tharaya’s face now)
    Batalande Wadakaya pol pot r@ nil wickrama Sinhala killer?

    These gods are from religions of conveniences which don’t regard killing, stealing, lying, sexual misconduct,
    drug abuse as sins while all honest people including all the law courts under the Sun do.

    Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution destroyed the gods theories for good. Then his book, The Tree of Life
    explained how all these creatures came to being. These religions of conveniences were founded pre-science.
    Those days people believed in anything without a proof since nobody understood all this life business on earth.
    Thanks to science today we all know (honest only) how it all started from the Big Bang to the 2-legged creatures.
    Just like the Lord Buddha explained. In front of science all the religions became fiction. Just fiction. Buddhism? Buddhism and science are one and same! The only true religion in the world. It’s not a religion of convenience.
    That’s why it didn’t survive in india. There is no place for caste, animal sacrifice etc. in Buddhism. Then is there
    any wonder it disappeared there very very fast?

    Earth is the size of a grain of sand in the vast universe where the distances are measured in light years and
    no scientist know the size of the universe todate. A god created the universe? God’s height is lights years?
    And then he missed all those other big planets and carefully chose ‘the grain of sand’ or only ‘the grain of
    sand’ had life supporting environment?

    MR really should read The Tree of Life and Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution a bit and will a run mile next
    time tri pati mentioned or he should go just 72 miles up the hill to Kandy. Please don’t go near the
    pin bath gilamin Buddhism-destroying devidaththara thibbotte bathgotte by the way when you are there.

  15. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    MR maybe under pressure from his wifi not to go Sri Dalada Maligawa or Sri Maha Bodhi. If you want to really
    see how awe inspiring Buddhism, just go to Ruwan Wali Saya and and look up for a few minutes. You will
    experience how much influence you will have in just a few minutes. That’s a real, true religion to you.

    Do your duty to the country and try to get rid of this traitor YAMA PALANA gang of thieves before the deshapalu
    amathi horu and manthree horu destroy Sinhalse race, Sri Lanka and Buddhism for good! By following myths
    it is not going to happen. For a start ban the YAMA PALLA IN CHIEF traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist
    Bay Gal Kaaraya Mega Thief Mega Thakkadiya Walking Crime Bomb with the timer set for 10-20 years?
    Batalande Wadakaya pol pot r@ nil wickrama Sinhala killer coming to the den of thieves. When it comes there
    start chanting hora hora. Do it every time for 1 month! YAMA PALLA IN CHIEF will disappear! These comical acts
    of seeking help from myths is only going to be a myth!

  16. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    SA Kumar got a point.

    Was Tirupati Balaji Temple an old Buddhist temple?

    Dr. K. Jamanadas proved Tirupati Temple as a Buddhist Shrine.

    The book by K. Jamanadas “Tirupati Balaji was a Buddhist Shrine” has potential credibility to create controversies unknown to historical writing and the Hindu common folks who flock to worship Tirupati Balaji as one of the supreme deities. It is also a new challenge to indologist at a time when politically imbued scholars are engaged to wash out their hands by proving and disproving claims of Hindus and the Muslims against each other as they did over the issue of Ayodhya Shrines. The writing of K. Jamanadas, but stand to the test of researchers and it surpasses all controversial writings relating to Hindu Muslim difference.

    The claim put forth by the author on Lord Tirupati Balaji as a Buddhist Shrine is based on sound theory and the evidences approved and accepted by the academicians. The fundamental questions which needs to be correctly answered to prove Tirupati Balaji as a Buddhist Shrine have the following points and which are well taken into account–

    1) Yet why the attributes of Murthi(Statue) are not allowed to be discussed openly and publicly?

    2) Tirupati has no parivar devatas, his family members as gods. why?

    3) And as to why it is the only ek-devata temple in whole of India.?

    4) There was no regular worship of this Tirupati till 966 A. D,

    5) Why was it?Why the various murthis (Statues) are not recognized in this temple by their Agamic names?

    Points of Claim The claim that Lord Venkatesvara was Buddhist shrine is based on the following grounds:

    1) The Murthi(Statue) itself is Buddhist, the weapons are provided at a later date. It does not conform with Vishnu Images, but is similar to Padmapani.

    2) The area was inhabited by Tribal Buddhists.

    3) The Murthi(Statue) was not present in Mamulanar’s time but the Shravana Festivals existed on the hill. The Shravana Festivals are traditionally a Buddhist phenomenon.

    4) Traditionally “Mouni Guru” and “Self manifestation” were the devises used by the Brahmins for usurped Buddhist temples.

    5) The list of earliest Vishnu Temples does not include Tirumalai, though temples a few miles away are included.

    6) Tirumalai was unimportant temple for Hindus.

    7) Mere praying by Alvaras as Vishnu does not make it a Vishnu image.

    8) Tirumalai Tonsures are relics of Buddhist tradition.

    9) The Rathayatra is a relic of Buddhist traditions.

    10) The presence of Shudra’s well inside temple denotes it being deity of lower castes.The deity of lower castes had to be associated with Vishnu in the form of Almel Mangai though quite late.

    12) The temple had to be renovated for making it agreeable to the Agama rules.

    Note: if you want to know Buddhist connection of Balaji Temple, please read Dr. K. Jamanadas’s book “Tirupati Balaji was a Buddhist Shrine”.

  17. Nanda Says:

    There you go ! MR knows everything , we know nothing.

    But so are MS, RW etc etc who too visit this Buddhist shrine and utter loud and clear , without fear,
    Buddham Saranam Gacchaami !
    Dhammam Saranam Gacchaami !
    Sangham Saranam Gacchaami !
    Naththime Saranam Anngam Buddho Me Saranam Waram !

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    MR always has good reasons for whatever he does.

    I guess that Unifying the Country and the Region must get top priority for him ….

  19. SA Kumar Says:

    NeelaMahaYoda – got a point.

    Now You know why OUR sinhela modayas go to Tirupati Balaji Temple !!!

    Also Kataragamam temple in Kataragama, Kataragama deviyo and Hindu War God Kathirkamam ( Velu- Murukan) .

  20. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz

    MR always has good reasons for whatever he does.- correct, but one has to be honest (13 plus = 13+ 0.00001 ) what ever said , if not when the time come people send home .

    If MR would have been implemented 13 plus (at least 13A ) once war is over May 2009 than Mother Lanka is not govern by Horas now .

  21. Charles Says:

    Fran I agree wirth you, But he has to assert his Buddhistness, by perhaps taking the five Precepts before he enters a Kovil to pray or pretend to pray. We the Buiddhists always transfer merit to higher mentally developed being the Devas. But there is no ritual or ceremonial prayers to demand protection of the pantheon of Hindu Gods.

  22. Fran Diaz Says:


    The ILLEGAL (imposed under Duress by INDIA on the JRJ govt) IS THE CAUSE OF MOST TROUBLES IN LANKA. Most people in Lanka do NOT want the 13-A at all. It is the divisive factor in Lanka, tending toward Tamil Eelam. The 13-A ought to be removed, asp.
    Lanka is too small in area for such divisiveness.


    INDIA is afraid of colonisation coming into the area again, via ultra pro-west govts in Lanka ?
    America, INDIA & Lanka are all earlier colonised countries, still suffering due to that fact …..

  23. Fran Diaz Says:

    Read as “ the ILLEGAL 13-A (imposed under Duress ….) …”.

  24. Lorenzo Says:

    Well done Namal for stating SL IS A SINGHALA BUDDHIST COUNTRY to BBC.


    But I wonder why a news report in LANKACNEWS on this suddenly disappeared? Is it because Tamilians and Muslims are offended?

  25. Lorenzo Says:


    Well said Namal. SL is indeed a SINGHALA BUDDHIST COUNTRY.

  26. Nanda Says:

    Taking five precepts is not an exclusive Buddhist wow. It has been there before Gautama Buddha appeared.

    Buddham Saranam Gacchaami !
    Dhammam Saranam Gacchaami !
    Sangham Saranam Gacchaami !
    Naththime Saranam Angnam Buddho Me Saranam Waram !

    I am sure he resite this silently before entering and pretend to pray. By pretending may be he breaks the 4th precept though.
    What I am worried is these trips made by Ranil, Sira, MR are not for worshipping but to talk to Indian goverment in disguise.

  27. SA Kumar Says:

    to talk to Indian goverment in disguise- 100% correct.

  28. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Lanka is too small in area for such divisiveness.- We like it or not, We both are two communities , size of area is not matter !!!

    We have sorry, you sinhalese only have two choice now.

    1) fully implement 13A & with 16A to United ( Ekka Rachchiya/ Orumitha) Island of Sinhala for ever.
    2) leave as it is now , eg : Indian (RSS ) flag is flying Jaffna with Indian guard. this will lead NPC part of Indian union itself over the period than We all know what would be RSS job to other part of Buddist Island.

  29. Fran Diaz Says:


    When Tamil folk live abroad permanently, they blend into those countries.
    Why not in Sri Lanka ?

    Also, Tamil Nadu (Tamil HOMELAND) is close by with some 15 Million Tamil Dalits trapped in the 3,000 yr old CASTE system there. Any full 13-A will lead to disaster for the rest of Lanka, sooner or later, as those Tamils disenchanted CASTE etc in TN will seek to leave it.

    The 6-A has never been implemented, and likely never will be.

    The ONLY answer is to remove the ILLEGAL 13-A. Almost all Lankans will agree to that.

    We have been through all this discussions before, haven’t we ?

  30. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    When Tamil folk live abroad permanently, they blend into those countries.Why not in Sri Lanka ? Correct , We-Tamil never will as TN is only 15 miles away from Kerala, Kanada, Telugana ,Pandicheri include Sinhela Lanka.

    My personal opinion We-Ilankai Tamilar should blend into Chignkala Theevu, unfortunatly OUR Head of leaders DS to MR include MS never had vision .

    eg: ok fine , We NEP Tamils are very hard Tamils, it very very difficult to convince us.what about Estate Tamil who landed ( over 100 years ago – 1839?) now All third generation are living and very very cheap labours who is big contributes to our economic.
    Why OUR (sorry to say ) Sinhala Government not providing free Sinhala education in all Estate schools from primary since 1948 ???????

    The 6-A has never been implemented, and likely never will be.-why not ? that is the main problem if this ACT implement fully than no one can demand separation if not than life time prison ( like 16A in India – that why Seema, Vaiko never demand separation in TN).

    The ONLY answer is to remove the ILLEGAL 13-A. Almost all Lankans will agree to that- Not all agree, if We have referendum We can find out.

    We have been through all this discussions before, haven’t we ? correct, I have small hope We can live in United Island of Sinhela for ever with out any future Eelam war V .

  31. Fran Diaz Says:

    There are NO perfect Buddhists anywhere.
    According to the Buddhist texts, the Buddha was the One Perfect Buddhist.
    All others are still on the Path …..

    Do Sri Lankan Buddhists expect their PATRIOTIC leaders to be Buddhas ?

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