Posted on March 14th, 2018

Dr. Daya Hewapathirane

Threat to Our National Culture

All ethnic and cultural groups within society are not equal and therefore need not be treated in the same way. All people do not hold the same values. No one can deny the fact that the foundation of our nation, its societal norms and values originates from the Sinhala Buddhist heritage. Whether we choose to live as Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Malay, or Burger, or as Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Christians or atheists, our right to do so is derived from this heritage and associated way of life. Despite attempts by European colonial powers for over four hundred years, to undermine the nation’s indigenous culture, and other challenges faced during the decades of Tamil terrorism in the country, the fundamental elements of our national culture prevailed. That gave our nation its distinct identity and character. In recent years, the Muslim community in our country has posed a threat to our national culture and way of life founded on Buddhist principles. This trend is clear from the attitude and actions of extremist Muslims and their leaders.

Muslim Communalism and Extremism

Although an insignificant minority of about 9% of Sri Lanka’s population, Muslims insist on living an alienated and un-integrated life, agitating for concessions specified by their Islamic religion. Most evidently, misguided by their leaders, they think and work only to further their own narrow self-interests. The interest of the nation, is not their concern. They have shown no interest in joining the national “mainstream” and work towards national unity and well-being. No Muslim gives any other religion a status of equality with Islam. Such an assumption is against the tenets of their creed. The struggle between Muslim communalism and extremism are serious problems in Sri Lanka, much like in most other Southern Asian countries -Thailand, Myanmar, India, Bangladesh.

History of Sri Lanka reveals vividly the fact that the spirit of tolerance and accommodation of others irrespective of their religious or other differences has been a common distinguishing characteristic of Sinhala Buddhists from very early times. Judging from the fanaticism and confrontational attitudes and actions of Muslims in recent decades, it appears that this spirit of tolerance and accommodation on the part of Buddhists, is not appreciated by the Muslims. It is being exploited as a weakness, to pursue their self-interests of promoting their religion and ways of life at the expense of Buddhism, Buddhist culture and Buddhist way of life.

There are attempts by the extremist Muslims to destroy the socio-cultural cohesiveness of Buddhist communities by the introduction of their Arabian norms and lifestyles. This is having a highly divisive effect on our society leading to social disharmony and turmoil. Muslims are trying hard, using cunning and deceitful means to introduce their crude extremist Saudi Arabian Wahabi cultural norms to our country, thereby undermining our traditional Sinhala Buddhist cultural norms. Their disgusting highly violent halal methods of animal slaughter, their unsightly and repulsive ‘gonibilla’ outfits, their nauseating load speaker shouting at odd times of the day disturbing entire neighborhoods and using internet and other means to insult and discredit our Sangha community are some well-known Muslim (Arabian) cultural garbage they are introducing to Sri Lanka. They disregard the fact that they live in a predominantly Buddhist country and what they are doing is incompatible with the way of life and the social value system of this country. Also, in recent decades, Muslims have been encroaching on Buddhist temple lands and destroying Buddhist monuments and archeological remains in the Eastern Province. Their under-hand, deceitful, and illegal actions in Wilpattu National Reserve are well known.


In recent years, despite severe challenges and threats, Buddhists, especially concerned patriotic Buddhist youth, have started to mobilize in large numbers under the bold leadership of several organizations, rallying to the Buddha’s call to “go forth… for the good of many, for the benefit and well-being of many’. Given the rising communalism and extremism of Muslims in contemporary times, it is time that patriots, both lay and ordained, young, and old, rise to the occasion, come to the forefront, and express their solidarity with Buddhist organizations promoting appropriate strategies and measures, in a legitimate manner, to counter this rising anti-national, Muslim menace. It is time for action to subdue the ‘anti-Buddhist’ and “anti-national” attitudes and activities of Muslims. It is time that our Buddhist leaders both the ordained and lay, particularly our contemporary Buddhist political leaders, realize how Muslim leaders of today are deceitfully exploiting the conciliatory andaccommodative nature of the Sinhala people, and pursuing their highly communal, separatist, and extremist hidden agendas which are anti-national and anti-Buddhist and affecting the welfare and good image of the country.

Dr. Daya Hewapathirane



  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Buddhists are by definition expected not to defend or protect their essential interests, and supinely yield to every aggressor all that they have, even their ancestral homelands critical to their very survival as a people subscribing to that pristine faith.

    Every predatory external group PREYS on Buddhists and expects them to VOLUNTARILY lie down and become EXTINCT even as the Mantra of Buddhist Nonviolence is preached to them by their non-Buddhist TORMENTORS who know not what it means and do not practice it themselves. It is all an exercise in obfuscation, misleading strategy and shameless hypocrisy!

    That is why that I as a Sinhala Buddhist long ago resolved to be a Sinhala Warrior FIRST and a Buddhist Devotee a long way SECOND.



    We OWE our FULL UNRESERVED COMITTMENT to that goal as did our millions of FOREFATHERS who sacrificed themselves to preserve and hand down to us what is NOW UNDER THREAT from ALL DIRECTIONS.

    It is our BOUNDEN DUTY towards the MORE VULNERABLE and LESS ABLE people of our Community to step forward to DEFEND and PROTECT them today as our valiant ancestors did yesterday.


  2. Nanda Says:

    This whole thing is planned with the full approval form Muslim ministers and MPs. Conspiracy to silence SInhalese Buddhists against Muslims for the benifit of ALL politicians inmcluding JO is now very clear

    If STF attacked worshiping Muslims, why there is no complaint mad to police or Human Rights Commision ?

    If this is a fabricated lie by Ruki Fernando why he is not arrested ? If STF did not do such thing Police shoudl arrest Ruki Fernando for spreading deliberate lies under emergency regulations. This not a joke. If STF attcked worshiping innocent Muslims it is going to come out soon.

    Please read

    1. Alleged Police negligence and complicity HRCSL investigations underway CHR lodges complaint with NPC


    BY Shaahidah Riza

    The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) is presently investigating complaints pertaining to Police complicity and negligence, which had allegedly taken place during the mob violence in the Kandy District last week.

    Chairperson of the HRCSL, Dr. Deepika Udagama also made a request to the public to supply the Commission with specific details concerning the times and locations where the alleged acts of……negligence and complicity had occurred.

    Speaking to Ceylon Today she said, “We are looking into these allegations. However, we need specific information as well. There is video footage of these acts. But the place and the date, for example, are not very clear to us. If any member of the public who has such information and can provide specifics truthfully, we will examine those.” However, she went on to note that if anybody provides false information, they will be dealt with very severely. Elsewhere, the Centre for Human Rights and Research (CHR) has submitted a formal complaint to the National Police Commission (NPC) regarding alleged Police negligence and complicity with regard to the Kandy attacks. However when Ceylon Today contacted the Director of Public Complaints at the NPC, he noted that the Public Complaints Division had not yet received any formal complaints regarding the Kandy incident.

    Elaborating further on the formal complaint submitted to the NPC, Executive Director of the CHR Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon said, “We have made a written submission to the NPC.
    In our submission, we cited our observations indicating that the Department of Police has been negligent. The violence should have been prevented at the very onset. The people had requested for support well in advance. On 4 March, when there were concerns of possible mob violence, we do not understand as to why the Police did not take any action.

    The Police had ample time to take action, but they did not do so. In addition, there were various politicians from the Kandy District who had raised alarm of an impending attack, but they, too, were ignored. We have concrete evidence of Police inaction as having triggered this. The violence could have been averted.”

    As the ultimate authority of the Department of Police, the NPC should take this case seriously and conduct a thorough inquiry.

    Referring to attacks, that were carried out during curfew, he queried; “Why and how did these attacks occur during the curfew hours on 6 March in Ampitiya and other areas? These factors must be thoroughly looked into.”

    The NPC is to make a call on the claims pertaining to Police negligence and complicity in connection to the mob attacks in Kandy at their next meeting, Media Officer of the NPC P.B. Liyanaarachchi said on 12 March.

    “If a complaint has been made, a formal inquiry will take place and will be conducted by the public complaints investigation unit. However, it is up to the Commission to decide whether or not to send a team to Kandy to investigate these accusations. It will be deliberated at their next meeting,” he said.

    2. STF brutality against Muslims in Digana: March 5 Ruki Fernando

    on 03/13/2018

    This story is based on visits to both sites and testimonies of at least 10 survivors and about 5 eyewitnesses present

    As Sinhalese – Buddhist mobs were escalating violence against Muslims around Digana on March 5, the Hijrapura mosque in Digana had just finished afternoon prayers around 4 pm that day.

    As usual, devotees were talking to each other outside the mosque, after the prayers. A few had continued to pray inside the mosque. Suddenly, a jeep full of uniformed, heavily armed men had arrived in a jeep and a couple of motorbikes and surrounded the mosque. Thanks to the camouflage uniform, the devotees had identified them as being from the Special Task Force (STF) of the Police. The STF had brutally beaten up the devotees and chased them as they started to run away. Numerous eyewitnesses and survivors described the brutalities unleashed by the STF in vivid detail.

    When I met them on March 9, one man couldn’t walk at all, and several others were limping. At least one was reported to have been in hospital. Many showed me scars and wounds, on their back, arms and legs. Some had been injured through falls, as they were running to escape the assault and were also being chased by STF men.

    The devout Muslims were horrified that the STF had rampaged through the mosque with their weapons and boots. “We can’t describe the filthy and abusive language the STF used,” said one eyewitness.

    Two Moulavis were beaten up, even as they shouted identifying themselves as Moulavis. They were forced to hold a knife and iron pole (They later said they believed it was to implicate them in false charges). They were beaten when they refused. The Buddhist Monk in the nearby Temple had seen the incident on the roadside and had intervened to save the two Moulavis from the STF’s grip.

    In a separate incident around 5pm also on March 5 in nearby Ambagahalanda, A. F. M. Fazil, a member of the Meda Dumbara Pradeshiya Sabawa (Local Council) was at a friend’s house. Suddenly the STF had entered the house and beaten up Fazil and his friend, and also an 18 year old boy who was there. Children, including two who were 2 and 9 years old, had witnessed the assault and had been terrified. Neighbors who had gathered and saw the incident, heard STF men saying “let’s say he tried throw a petrol bomb at us”. The politician’s friend’s hands had been tied behind his back. His feet and that of the 18-year-old boy had been tied together. They were then taken to a Police station, and the 18 year old boy was released, but the politician and his friend were detained overnight. A Deputy Inspector General (DIG) who had been at the Police station had suggested them to be taken to the hospital, but despite head wounds, the Sinhalese doctor on duty at the Teldeniya hospital that night had refused treatment, saying those who are responsible for killing “our people” should be in prison and not hospital[1]. Both men had been produced before a Magistrate on the morning of March 6 and released on bail. Four days after the assault, on March 9, scars on their body were clearly visible. Fazil’s head was till in bandages as of March 11 and he complained of headaches and body pains. He said he had 5 cuts on his head and had suffered injuries to one leg, an arm and his back.

    Since the death of a Sinhalese person on March 3, after being severely beaten by some Muslim men on February 22, Fazil was part of a team of Muslim leaders who had been discussing with senior police officers and Buddhist monks about ensuring justice for the Sinhalese man and his family, and defusing potential tensions. Government Ministers also had been updated. According to Fazil, such discussions were held from February 24, long before the death of the Sinhalese man, and had continued until March 3, the day he had died. Discussions had been held in Digana as well as in the deceased man’s village. Fazil suspects STF may have targeted him for his role in trying (and failing) to prevent violence against Muslims by the Sinhalese – Buddhist mobs.

    In both incidents, based on actions and words of the STF, the survivors believe the STF was attempting to frame them on false charges about possession of weapons, and by extension, shift the blame towards Muslims for some of the violence that happened around Digana last week. The words of the STF had also indicated a deeply anti-Muslim, racist mindset. The attack on the Moulavis and desecration of the Mosque by entering with boots and weapons, reminded me of attacks on churches, mosques and Buddhist temples during the war by Sri Lankan military and the LTTE.

    It was not clear whether the STF personnel allegedly responsible for both incidents were the same. But some of the survivors claimed they were from Kegalle.

    Some of the survivors I spoke to were scared to disclose their identities, have their injuries photographed, make a formal complaint or even seek medical treatment at government hospitals, fearing reprisals. However, many were keen to have the truth exposed and justice for perpetrators in order to prevent such incidents in the future. This note is written at their request, with the hope relevant authorities will take speedy action.

  3. Nanda Says:

    Is this ‘hate speech’ too ?

    සිංහල බෞද්දයන් විතරක් හිර කරලා දඩයමක් කරන බවට තොරතුරු තිබෙනවා..- මාවරලේ භද්දිය හිමි
    March 14, 2018 at 4:40 pm | lanka C news

    මහනුවර කලහකාරී සිදුවීම සම්බන්ධයෙන් අත්අඩංගුවට ගෙන ඇති සිංහල සැකකරුවන් ප‍්‍රමාණයට වඩා බොහෝ අඩු මුස්ලිම් සැකරුවන් පිරිසක් අත්අඩංගුවට ගෙන ඇතැයි මතයක් පැති යන්නේ යයි පූජ්‍ය මාවරලේ භද්දිය හිමියෝ අද පුවත්පතට පවසා ඇත.

    සිදුවීමට සම්බන්ධ සියළු දෙනා ජාතිය ආගම නොබලා අත්අඩංගුවට ගැනීමට කටයුතු කල යුතු බවද උන් වහන්සේ පෙන්වා දෙති.

    ෆේස්බුක් අවභාවිත කරලා බුදුදහමට, රණවරුවනට, ඒකීයභාවයට එරෙහිව ත‍්‍රස්තවාදයට උඩ ගෙඩි දෙන අන්‍ය ජාතිකයන් ඕනෑ තරම් සිටියද ඔවුන් අත්අඩංගුවට ගැනීමක් ගැන වාර්තා නෙවන බවද උන් වහන්සේ සදහන් කරති.

    සිංහල බෞද්දයන් විතරක් හිර කරලා දඩයමක් කරන ස්වභාවක් ඇතැයි තොරතුරු ඇති බවද උන් වහන්සේ වැඩි දුරටත් කියා තිබේ.

  4. Nanda Says:

    Dear Editor , Please publish this video. A very good summary of what has happened and happening.
    Please don’t care about the the person ‘Gnanasara Thero’ but let us review the FACTS.

  5. Nimal Says:

    There was a time during the colonial times Muslims and Tamils sang some of the best Sinhalese Buddhist songs. Our two bit Sinhala politicians messed up the country, kind of divide and rule. Hope the colonial types come back to sort our country.Already in Kenya they are sending people to eliminate the hate preachers as they had enough.
    Few days ago I saw a documentary where 14 year old girl in the Rohighya family in Bagladash was forced to marry a older man and the girl was crying out her heart.She was not prepared to marry or be separated from her family. Supposed to be in-laws openly said that she will work as a domestic looking after the mother and father in law, kind of slavery.
    What was her mother’s parting words to the young daughter? Read the Quran and pray 5 times a day. Is that all that stupid mother could say to her child that is going to be a slave for rest of her life?
    I have never seen so many women clad in black with full burka and two of them told me that they are not happy with that but are forced to wear, one by the parents and the other by the husband. This was in Kandy 2 weeks ago.In 1950s the most fashionable people I saw were the ladies from Pakistan who came to the Kudu festival in Kandy and Elizabeth Taylor who came to Kandy for set in Elephant walk was less fashionable than these Muslim Ladies. Why have they gone back to medieval times? It is because of their preachers and the influences from the gulf states and Our Sinhalese too are taken back in age due to our Hypocritical two faced Amude clad politicians.
    We have to get a grip on this lethal situation and we owe this to our future generations.

  6. Nanda Says:

    Nimal is spreading ‘hate speech’ according to governement. You can’t say a word against Muslims.

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    There was a time during the colonial times Muslims and Tamils sang some of the best Sinhalese Buddhist songs.- Also Please do not forget Sinna Mamiye pukal MS Fenando !!!! Sinhela Lanka’s Golden Time.

  8. Christie Says:

    The problem we have is the Sinhalese are divided.

    If not we are doomed.

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    If not we are doomed.- I go with second one !

  10. Ratanapala Says:

    Asymmetrical victimization of Sinhala Buddhists is going on in a very organized and methodical way. This is the root cause. Muslims are expanding their little fiefdoms from within former Sinhala areas. They are encroaching on land and Sinhalese can only protest and look up to the sky in askance. This is where we are at. All politicians are under obligation for the minority votes and they are manipulating this weakness of our democracy to the hilt.

    Would any Sinhalese living in a Muslim country have the same rights as the Muslims have in Sri Lanka?

  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ratnapala asked “would any Sinhalese living in a Muslim country have the same rights as the Muslims have in Sri Lanka”?

    The MORE CORRECT QUESTION to ask is whether any non-Muslim, or a even a Muslim not belonging to the Governing Sect, would have the same rights in ANY MUSLIM COUNTRY today?

    For dxample

  12. Nimal Says:

    Can you please translate that video to English.All my life I grew up with the suddas and burghers and my Sinhalese got better after coming to UK but my love for the country of my birth had never diminished because I have the colonial mentality, who did so much for the countries they governed. One only have to examine their work in a sincere manner.
    Please translate this for me.

  13. Christie Says:

    When I say Sinhalese I mean Sinhala Buddhists, Christians and Muslims.

    Our enemy is the Indian Parasites who came under the cover of the British fire power.

    Look what has happened to the hosts of Indian Colonial Parasites in Guyana and Mauritius.

    It is not by chance that Bharat Jugdio of Guyana was the election monitor at the last Presidential Election.

  14. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Nobody outside the Fastest Breeding Religion (also the religion of utter peace) likes the mussies. So how do you
    convince others? You don’t have to! Just clone yourself. Clone, clone and clone and there are so many believers.
    Then? Then expect handover power to the mussies. If it doesn’t happen, then start murdering the natives.

    disgusting trick mussies used to change old Buddhist iran, afganisthan, pakesthan, bangladesh, maldives,
    malaysia and indonesia to mussie countries within a few hundred years of their arrivals in those countries with
    their Baby Machine Wives (mostly sourced locally, further reducing the native population). The dirty, disgusting
    trick worked in the pre-tv, pre-internet, pre-phone olden days since people didn’t know until the menace came
    to their doorsteps. Today tv, internet, phone age it won’t work since people fight back to safeguard their livelihood
    and it becoming another hell hole like afganisthan, pakesthan, syria, yemen, iraq, libya etc. etc. The menace won’t
    admit to that they are creators of hell holes of course. But when hell hole starts to burn menace of course get out.
    To where? To non-mussie countries of course, since other mussie countries don’t want to know since they know
    it is going to be a menace, but will never admit to it. So turn blind eye does the trick. But brotherhood prevails
    until the burning point comes! So what do they do when they get a foothold in those non-mussie countries?
    Start relentless breeding and try to wrestle control of course.

    This comes with their religion of convenience which doesn’t regard killing, stealing, lying, sexual misconduct,
    drug abuse (Buddhism’s five precepts) as sins while all the people (honest only) and all the law courts under
    the Sun do. All the religions in the world were founded pre-science. Some of them by pious people, some by not
    so pious people. Some make sense. Some make sense if only you’re mad. Remember these two legged creatures
    used to worship trees, rocks, mountains etc. etc. in the olden days. So it is not surprising people believed in these
    things those days. But today in this scientific age people still believe in these mythical gods is difficult to
    comprehend. This is largely thanks to built-in fear factor (god punishes baddies then he is going to be the
    baddest of them all and going to lose his job? Make sense/make no sense whatsover?) to the god business.

    One god created while another
    sent messages to these unbelievably clever two legged creatures who can put a man on the moon, make so
    complex machines etc. If they can do all that, surely they are clever enough to say if the guy next to you isn’t
    a konakapala, then murder him. Any man/woman will say it is madness to even contemplate such a thing let
    alone it is being preached by immads although they find it difficult to carry out since the world has passed that barbaric stage. This is how it is in this truth is untruth, untruth is truth money-driven made world.

    Thing to remember is all this god business came only over 2,000 years ago. World is just over 2,000 years old?
    In the olden days indian traders, mainly hindus and Buddhists did a lot of trade with the middle east. So after a
    while a religion came with built in gods (from Hinduism). And then the Fastest Breedling Religion aka religion of
    utter peace came. It can’t have the same thing. So it started a god messeage service since you can’t invent the
    same thing twice. That’s how these two religions came to being. We all know all the religions except Buddhism
    fail the science test. Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution with his book The Tree of Life proved anybody’s
    (honest two legged people only) doubt how we all the creatures came to being. Today, his theory has been
    consolidated by carbon dating of fossils discovered. So no conflict there then? To honest people only.

    We have been very very unfortunate to have this menace as Mother Lanka’s sons and daughters. Both tamils and
    mussies have been trying to destroy the Sinhalese race and Buddhism ever since they got their population to a
    certain level with the total support from their racist, tribal leaders. While the two foreigner lots are at it, a lot of
    traitor Sinhalese deshapaluwan have encouraged them to promote their agenda for their votes without giving
    any thought about the future Sinhalese generations. Traitor anti Buddhist, anti Sinhalese, anti-Sri Lanka catholic
    run UNPatrioticrats (SBSB party, S-lon Bata Sinhalese Butts, real terra half the country on a plate) has done
    enormous damage by dividing the Sinhalese and promoting these Sinhalese hating tamil and mussie racists.

    Tragedy is still a lot of Sinhalese jaathi dhrohee booruwan support these anti Buddhist, anti Sinhalese, anti
    Sri Lankan murderous thieves thinking it is so fashionable to call them a UNPatrioticrats. These empty headed
    Sinhalese have this attitude SLFP/Pohottuwa/UPFA are for village folk and are ashamed to be associated with
    them. We have to mention the other lot who have contributed/contributing to the Sinhalese and Buddhism grave
    digging business, jaathidhrohee vermins’ party aka jvp. The traitor lot is headed by the traitor chief die hard
    catholic token Buddhist Mega Thakkadiya Mega Thief Batalande Wandakaya Walking Crime Bomb with the
    timer set for 10-20 years Pol Pot r@nileech wickrama Sinhala killer’s catholic buddy pxke lapaya. So the
    jaathidhrohee vermins’ party is in bed with Batalande Wanadakaya in spite of r@nileech and its C brigade police
    and deshapaluwan killed jvpers mercilessly for the simple fact they were being Buddhists. This is how the
    Sinhala modayas are systematically being destroyed by the two racists groups and the anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist,
    anti Sri Lanka UNPatrioticrats. Still Sinhala modayas fast asleep, this is despite it has lost 60,000+ during
    Bheeshana Samaya and 100,000+ (mainly Sinhalese) during catholic tigers of tamil drealam war under the
    UNPatrioticrats. These UNPatrioticrats have pointy faces and long tails, most people can’t notice. Any guesses?

  15. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Systematic destruction of the Sinhalese race, Buddhism and Sri Lanka by the traitor catholic run UNPatrioticrats.
    Bheeshana Samaya 60,000+ gone with its C brigade police and C brigade deshapalwuan. 100,000+, mainly
    Sinhalese, gone by the catholic tigers of tamil drealam headed by the traitor chief die hard catholic token
    Buddhist Mega Thief Mega Thakakadiya Bay Gal karaya Walking Crime Bomb with the timer set for 10-20
    years Batalande Wandakaya Pol Pot r@nileech wickrama Sinhala killer’s catholic buddy barrel man hilter mala
    paharan. Two Sinhalese cull sunder UNPatrioticrats: 160,000+ Sinhalese men, women, children, army, police,
    navy, airmen/
    women including Buddhist monks. UNPatrioticrats trying again to start a Sinhalese cull with traitor Fastest
    Breeding Religion mussies and wants to hang on to power for another 10/20/years so the thieving, murderous
    monsters can die on jobs. With Batalande Wandakaya at the driving seat you can bet it is a real possibilty since
    r@nileech is a crafty traitor fox just like its uncle traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese only) thambi mudiyanselage jr@.

    Please click in the following links to see how the UNPatrioticrats destroy Sinhalese race, Sri Lanka and Buddhism.
    You won’t see these articles in so called Buddhist (on paper) Sri Lanka where all the media are controlled by the
    UNPatrioticrats’ henchmen.

  16. Nanda Says:

    I, for one second, do not approve this man as a Buddhist monk , doing a service to Buddhism. He is not suitable to be a monk. But all that applies to him only as a Buddhist monk, not as a Sinhala man. BBS is going a great service for all races. Therefore I would like to translate that speech and send to editor seperately but it is up to the ediotr to publish or discard. Will take some time.
    What he is saying is all these fights are initiated by Muslims , but the root cause is sucessive governements failure to control Wahabi and Jihadists illegal activities allowing Islamic expansionism and radicalistion.
    They say they have actually prevented similar clases but always exposed Jihadist activities. He says, they will stop this soon as there is no point struggling now as all the blame come to them.

  17. Nimal Says:

    Thanks Nanda,truly appreciate your translation.

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