President Sirisena took three years and three months to realize that Ranil is not fit to do anything?
Posted on March 29th, 2018

Dr Sudath Gunasekara

Anyway the whole country must thank him for taking the Central Bank from Ranil at least after three years and putting it once again under the Finance Ministry. Actually he should have not allowed its transfer from the M/F at the very outset as it is unconventional and suspicious too (although the President has not smelt it) and stopped it as the President of the country who is responsible to people. As such he too cannot be fully exculpated from the sins of the CB scam as he cannot say he is innocent and not responsible for what his PM has done on eight counts.

First it was he who appointed Ranil as the PM violating the Constitution and the accepted Parliamentary procedure of the need to appoint the person who commands the majority in the House as the PM. Second having appointed him illegally as the PM he also allowed Ranil to take over the CB as preplanned. Third allowed him to import a non- citizen who had long links with the LTTE purely on his political and family connection he had with the appointee. Fourth he also kept silent while Ranil, Ravi and Mahendran together manipulated the Bank robbery allowing them to interfere with the Bond Auction mechanism and even going to the extent of telling the major state Banks to fix the bid rates as directed by the PM and the Minister of Finance to enable Arjun Aloysius to get the awards. Fifth he kept silent when the first scam was revealed. Sixth he dissolved the Parliament just before the Cope Report was to be presented to Parliament in August 2015 allowing a General election Seventh he also obstructed Mahinda Rajapaksa getting elected, as the PM using all his powers as the president resorting to very law and even illegal tactics to influence the electorate to vote for Ranil and against MR. This enabled Ranil to get elected, though with 106 seats, still behind the required majority to form a Government. Eighth he appointed Ranil again as the Pm violating the Constitution and the accepted Parliamentary procedures and enabled Ranil to continue as the PM up to date.

In this backdrop he is also culpable and responsible not only for the mega loot his own PM has conspired and committed but also for all the failures of this government up to date. So he cannot wash off his hands now claiming innocence and put the whole blame on Ranil. Even a tiny tot would say there is no point in closing the gates of the stall after the horse has bolted. Anyway it is some relief to the whole country as there is no room for Ranil and his gang now to rob any more from the Banks and mismanage the economy as the some more vital sections and institutions have been removed from him.

However the President has to take extreme care that this decision too will not face the same fate the other decisions he has taken during the past three years especially the one taken over the Vilpattu encroachment by Rishard Badurdeen.

At least now he must stand firm on this decision and prove that he also can take firm decisions at least when he is compelled and forced to do so by circumstances and the public. But here again he should take guard against any interference by Chandrika as she had already declared in style as usual, two days ago that Ranil will remain as the PM until 2020. It is also advisable for him to keep Chandrika completely out of his government as it will be very much better for his health. While thanking her for enabling him to be the President of this country in 2015 Jan, for it would never has happened if not for the conspiracy hatched by her to get Sirisena out of the SLFP and arrange the marriage between the two, at least now for his safety he should get completely divorced from her vicious influence.

Next in order to consolidate his position as the President, at least now, he must demand Ranil to produce his chum Mahendran from where ever he hides, or advised him to hide, as he should definitely know where he is. Because Ranil was the one who got him down having promised him the Governorship long before Jan 2015; he was the one who insisted that Mahendran should be appointed as the Governor when the President objected; he was the one who got him appointed saying that he takes full responsibility for Mhendrans actions as the Governor; he was the one who defended M after the first bond scam; he was the one who requested the President to appoint M for a second term. He was the one who got M appointed as a special advisor to him after he was removed by the President from the Bank and finally he was the one who enabled M to leave the county when the whole robbery was getting exposed and in spite of the fact that even by that time the whole country had identified M as tsecond most important culprit in this robbery.

Until M is produced, I wonder as to why the President can’t order the law enforcing authorities to arrest Ranil in view of the above connivances and furthermore as the man who stood security for Mahendran as it is the normal legal procedure adopted when an accused absconds in hiding. Such action on his part will further relieve the President of his obvious culpability on the CB scam at lest and tolerate him as the President until end of 2019, even if the disgruntled UNP brings an impeachment on him as already some UNPers like Vajira Abewardhana have stated.

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  1. L Perera Says:

    We have a Prez who beyond his depth and will be remembered for nothing and a Premier whose honesty is followed with a big question mark. Who next. …????

  2. ranjit Says:

    Most vicious and evil of them all, and the first place goes to Choura rejina and the second place goes to vel vidane and the third place goes to Sirisena and Ranil both. This foursome came to power through conspiracy hatched in Singapore. This Yamapalanaya is undemocratic from the beginning. They did everything in a hurry and they miserably failed in everything including the economy, development etc. Now the country has become a drug paradise and a heaven to underworld mafia. Police have failed to control murders, drugs, accidents etc and bring the country to normalcy as they were under the influence of the currupt politicians. Every citizen irrespective of colour religion or belief must stand unitedly to change the way of governance of this Yamapalanaya to have a better strong stable government who will listen to the people and work hard on behalf of the people and the country honestly.
    If this prime minister has some little decency he should resign and leave without hanging for power like a leech. He should be like Australian captain Steve Smith and say adiu to politics. If mahendran won’t come back to answer for the crimes he did put this old haggard prime minister behind bars as he was responsible for what has happened in bond scam etc. I hope president will act strongly hereafter and take good decisions on behalf of the people and the country. Mr president keep your sword ready because evil forces within and outside are active and powerful more than any other times. Sinhala buddhist population must stay awake all the time to safeguard our Motherland

  3. Dilrook Says:

    An excellent vision laid out by Gotabaya.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    An excellent vision laid out by Gotabaya.


  5. Nanda Says:

    Batalanada victims need justice. So are the other political and illegitimate killings. JO brought up solid evidence on Batalalnda killings on media before and after 2015 elections. Why not bring him to justice ?

  6. Christie Says:

    Namaste: The 2015 Sri Lankan Presidential election: How it happened? What it means for Sri Lanka (Ceylon)? What it means for the Indian Empire (Indian Union & its colonies)?
    How it happened? Another Indian job. The former President called an early election. The Indian imperialists (Indian Union) were ready to correct its mistake in 2005 when it backed Mahinda Rajapaksa over Ranil Wickramasinge. Then, Indian imperialists advised Indian block vote in the island to abstain from voting. The reason for the preference was Indian imperialists thought it will be easier to negotiate with Mahinda an unknown matter for India. When profiling Mahinda they did not take in to account his brothers, in particular Gotabaya who was in the USA at that time. Unfortunately for India, Mahinda did not follow Indian directions as former Sri Lankan leaders did since 1956. In 2010 India enrolled General Sarath Fonseka as a presidential candidate against Mahinda and failed. So behind the scene as Indian imperialist always do they were planning for years and had got former governor Chandrika Bandaranayake-Kumaranatunge to do the job and succeeded with doing a repeat of what India did with her father Solomon West Ridgeway Dias Bandaranayake in 1951. India did not have to wait for four years this time. India managed to divide the non-Indian vote and got the Indian block vote for Maithripala Sirisena the new Indian governor of Sri Lanka who may be the proxy for the real governor Chandrika.
    What it means for Sri Lanka? Nothing much. It will be the same as what the island nation had from 1956 to 2005 and before from 1792 to 1948. The Indian minority will run the country with the privileges they enjoyed since their arrival under the cover of the British fire power and their own nonviolent aggression and oppression. They will claim they are the victims of Majority Sinhala Chauvinists; the same claim that they make in other colonies from Fiji to Guyana. For example; finance and justice; most important ingredients in the world and heads of these two institutions in the island now are from the victimized minority and one of them has been brought from another colony.
    What it means for the Indian Empire? It means a lot to the Indian Empire. The former partner of the British-Indian Empire from Fiji to Guyana; that is all former tropical colonies of the British-Indian Empire. India lost its control over the island nation since 2005 as the new government of the island nation managed to wipe out the Indian terrorist arm; trained, armed, financed, managed and branded Tamil Tigers by India. Since the election of the new governor Indian cars and food have become cheaper with reduced tax on Indian products. Indian Imperialists have already indicated massive investments and projects in all sectors of the economy. This will not be a hard act as the island nation’s economy has been in their hands for more than two centuries and the business language in the country is an Indian language spoken by more than 75 million of them in India. The wealthiest in the island are Indian though their wealth is not stored in the island but most of it in India. Reclaiming the control over the island nation will supplement its control over the Indian Ocean and Indian Ocean countries. With its unchallenged military power; with ICBMs, Aircraft Carriers, Nuke Subs, Nuke (Peace) bombs and purchase of hundred billion dollars’ worth of military hardware the island nation provides the best step with Mauritius a third State of India to lay a drag line across the Indian Ocean.
    Jai Hind. Contact:

  7. Christie Says:

    Sirisena is the Executive President of the Ialand Nation. Should I say he is the Indian Empires’s Governor.

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