No confidence motion against Ranil should have first initiated by the UNP long ago and not by the JO?
Posted on March 31st, 2018

Sudath Gunasekara

31. 3. 2018.

Though already it is too late, the country must thank the JO for presenting a no–confidence motion at least now against the clumsiest and one tracked minded Prime Minister. He is a classic example of a true product of Black Whites” planted by the British to destroy the Sinhala Buddhist nation in this country, who never had his feet on this soil, its traditions or never had a place in the hearts of the majority community in this country. None of the votes polled by him at any date was attracted by his personality, charisma, stature or his public appeal. It was the diehard UNP block vote and the floating minority that decides the election results in this country as usual that has voted him.  He has proved over time beyond all reasonable doubts that he is  the number one man , even surpassing Chandrika, utterly unfit to lead this Sinhala Buddhist country, we ever had since Independence. The sooner he is removed the better it is for the country and even more for the UNP before any more irretrievable damage is done to this country.  Had he by any chance got elected as the President in 2005, by this time, we would have completely ceased to be a Sinhala Buddhist country any more by now. His heart and soul are both wedded to power and self-aggrandizement far away from public good that is enshrined in statecraft of this country as the whole mark of governance.

Thanks to the Guardian gods and the blessings of the Triple Gem and the blessings conferred upon this land by Lord Buddha we got Mahinda elected as the President. If he dint, Ranil would have by now completed the job initiated by Don Juan Dharmapala in the 16th century and furiously after 1818 by the British colonial invaders.

As everybody knows he was never a born, a made or a leader on whom leadership was thrust upon. First he was pushed to the path of leadership by this uncle JR in 1977 for obvious reasons JR may have had in his head. His ascendancy to the Premiership, both in 2001 and 2015, were mere accidents. The deaths of people like Gamini and Lallith had provided an irreparable vacuum for UNP leadership, for him to be accepted as it leader not by consensus but by circumstances and subsequent manipulations by himself. Even D.B Wijetunga did not select him as his successor that is why he opted for Gamini. As I see he did not know what democracy is. He first ran away in front of giants like Gamini and Lalith and thereafter wiped out all potential leaders like Senanayakas, Sajith, Jayasekaras and Aluvihares. Look at those who are in his inner circle instead, Ravi karunanayaka, Sagala Ratnayaka, Samarawickrama, Rajita Senaratna, Champika Ranawaka, Kiriella,  Mangala Samaraweera, John Amaratunga and Gamage with economic wizards like Arjuna Mahendran, Paskaralingam, and Charith Ratwatte just to name a few (wait and see all the politicians in this group se will lose even their deposits  at the next elections if they contest).

In the midst of all these only Mairtipala Sirisena selected him as leader and appointed as PM rather illegally and unconstitutionally in 2015, in return to the UNP block vote that won him the elections unexpectedly as President. He took three years and three months to realize that he has done a serious blunder. But I am happy at least now wisdom has dawned upon even him even at last. But I mark a note of caution as I have done several time before, the possibility of the most unexpected for him could happen, as that is the only way for Ranil to be the President of this country.  I only pray that such calamity should never happen.

So far only solitary figures like Maitri Gunaratna have been making some noise against Ranil in the UNP None of the other fools have been able to realize to what abyss Ranil has taken the UNP after the death of Gaminis tragic death. They provide the best example for modern classical golayas of Mahadenmutha the wise. Ranil first ran away from Leadership after the death of Wijetunga making room for a cake walk for Gamini. Then in 1910 he brought Fonseka for the Presidency and Sirisena at the instigation of Chandrika in 2015 as he knew that he can never get elected as the President by public vote. Going by his record I am surprised that he did not conspire to remove Sirisena so that he could be the President automatically under the Constitution. In fact I had made this warning several times to President Sirisena, although he has not heeded it worthwhile. Ranil has lost all elections since 1994 and the total number is reckoned as 29 of which the latest is 2018 Feb 10th. All this has made him the worst leader the UNP ever had since 1948 in its history. When people are dying of hunger he talks of wyfys, braze-lets, Laptops and denims trousers, 1 million jobs and Voxwagon car factories where even a fox is not to be seen after 3 ½ years of his Government. His conspiracy to ruin the Central Bank and how he did it and the irrevocable damage he has done to the country’s economy and the only other national political party, the UNP, which had a deep rooted public appeal and the way he spoke and behaved like a Maradana chandiya  in Parliament with Kiriella a new comer to UNP,  bypassing all old stalwarts and the failure to build up a second generation of leadership in Parliament for the past 3 years alone should have opened the eyes of these UNP fools to ask him to step down immediately without ruining the UNP beyond recovery and bringing disgrace to a giant political organization founded and nursed by giants like DS, JR and Premadasa.

Now all that have failed do these people have any option other than supporting the no-confidence motion brought up by the JO and rescue the UNP from this veritable and incurable cancer that is Rani, if they love the Party and the country and elect a patriotic, dynamic and charismatic leader first who has his both feet on the motherland, so that he could lead the party to come out of its present abysmal depths and restore it on a firm footing as the people of this country badly needs a second political party in any case to act as  watchdog of the peoples rights.

Majority of people in this country as shown at the Feb 10th elections hold this view. So if you don’t fall in line with the direction of the wind, I can assure you all will lose even your deposits in the next general election and the UNP will disappear from Sri Lanka. Therefore think not only twice but many a time before you commit political harikiri by not supporting the No confidence motion in Parliament. Even if the UNP wins the NCM on the 4th the demise of UNP under Ranil no one can stop. Ranil will go down in Sri Lanka’s history as the man who killed and buried the UNP in 2018, the same way as Chandrika and Sirisena who have already entered Mahavamsa as the woman and man who jointly murdered and buried the SLFP by conspiracy.

One Response to “No confidence motion against Ranil should have first initiated by the UNP long ago and not by the JO?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    No confidence motion against RUN-NIL is brought to SAVE THE COUNTRY. Not to save UNP or JO. IF RUN-NIL stays he continues to destroy the country so PRESIDENT MY3 FORCED MR to bring it.

    We should think of the COUNTRY FIRST not how to benefit political parties.

    IF RUN-NIL wins the no confidence motion he will SPEED UP court cases against RAJAPAKSHAS because he knows the game played by the JO against the UNP.

    So it is a KILL OR GET KILLED situation for the JO and JO families and UNP.

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