Memorabilia and the hysterical mind of Jaffna University (JU) Students.
Posted on May 1st, 2018

Kanthar Balanathan

Quite frequently our Tamil youngsters in the North are critically frantic and hysterical with building memorabilia at odd places. Recently a media commented that the Jaffna University students started building memorabilia inside Jaffna Campus.

Students of the University wanted to remember the people who died during the war, hence started the construction. The Uni administration allowed to construct next to the so-called martyr’s memorabilia. The high Education of the ministry denied and ordered to stop construction of the said memorabilia on the 25th. It is believed that this construction was in anticipation of the upcoming 18th May martyr’s day remembrance celebration.

GOSL approved Universities in various region and one in Jaffna. The concept of a University was forgotten by the impeding Tamil students. For the last so many years the Students Union is engaged in terrorist activities of revolting against GOSL propagating that they run the country and what they say is correct. Some professors were involved with the student’s union. Creating racial tension and fights between the Sinhalese and Tamils are a culture among the Tamil violent students.

Why are they engaged in violent activities?

Are they being driven by some violent terrorist mentality politicians?

Are the students being trained to evolve as another LTTE?

Are they planning to create a new New-LTTE terrorist front to fight GOSL?

Do they understand and realise that the North and Jaffna is being perished by their own politicians?

Instead of engaging themselves in building construction (Memorabilia), why not engage in cleaning the Jaffna city? (voluntary service)-If they are so patriotic with the North of SriLanka.

Why do the students want to keep the memory of terrorist in the minds of Tamils?

Sometimes back the foolish Tamil Diaspora joined with Nedumaran of Tamil Nadu were collecting funds to construct such memorabilia in Tanjore. What a nonsense and foolish act?

Finally, are we to conclude that the University is driving the students NUTS and to be racial psychiatric models of the world?


Professors in Tamil Language and Literature should ensure to teach the students in Tamil literature, and culture, NOT terrorism and racism. It is disgusting and disgrace to the Tamil community all over the world. Let the Professors of JU refine and reform their culture.

3 Responses to “Memorabilia and the hysterical mind of Jaffna University (JU) Students.”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    All the students unions are run by JVP in the rest of the areas. I have a doubt that it is JVP behind these student union actions in the JU. Having the May Day rally in Jaffna can not be an isolated event.

    They have a university of their own, so why not make use of it and study hard and give a service back to the country rather than trying to break it into pieces to suit the cunning politicians needs.

    Have a look at Viggie. He had the best education from South and had one of the best positions for the whole country and now after retiring, he is obstructing the poor students to achieve it.

    Kick the ass of these cunning politicians and do your studies hard folks and serve the nation.

    This country belongs to all of us from Point Pedro to South. So let’s enjoy what’s on offer by Mother Lanka to her caring and patriotic sons and daughters.

  2. ranjit Says:

    We asked the government to arrest and punish these student terrorists from Jaffna university immediately. The poisonous snakes must be get rid of at once before they bite and do harm to innocent people. JVP is a well known murderers outfit. No way you can make them to go in the correct path. They are poisonous and double agents of the Tamil diaspora and the Indian parasites. Peace loving people in this country must help to change this treacherous Yamapalanaya government immediately before another bloodbath happens in our Motherland. Spineless Sira is very weak and the bank robber Ranil is old and haggard. Both are agents of the west and the Indian parasites and willing to break our country for the sake of their survival. They both deserve hangman’s noose for cheating the citizens of this country.

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    These terrastudents know this is the best time to dismember Mother Lanka since traitor anti Buddhist, anti Sinhalese,
    anti Sri Lanka UNPatriotic_rats ruling while puppet the rubber stamp vaira pala nari sena looking on helplessly.
    What’s more Sri Lanka is today ruled by the biggest traitor ever in the history of the country die hard catholic
    token Buddhist mega thief mega thakkadiya bay gal karaya walking crime bomb with the timer set for 10-20
    years Batalande Wandakaya Pol Pot r@ni_leech wickrama Sinhakiller who is more than willing to help its ardent
    supporters who vote the r@ni_leech party 100%.

    So after dismembering they all going to leave the other areas including Colombo or they want the whole cake?
    Then they have to share the cake with their loving brethren fastest breeding religion or Sri Lanka Multiplying
    Community mussies. So all going to be a marriage made in heaven on earth or will start killing each other and going
    to be an eternal blood bath. Before partition pakesthan had milions of hindus. Today? It’s 000000000. That should
    be a good reminder these terrastudents.

    These terrastudents should be banned from the universities. While Sinhalese in their own country aren’t supposed to
    go to these unis, they can write in tamil, marked up by tamils (university through back door, depriving Sinhalese
    students their fair share) and go to any uni of their choice. All FREE of charge of
    course with the option to contribute to kill Sinhalese and dismember Mother Lanka after becoming doctors, engineers,
    lawyers etc. etc. Where else in the world you get these comforts? Still we have a political question, political question
    pigneshwaran etc. etc utter all the time. Political question is their own drealam.

    These days traitor church acolyte sumanthiran (after becoming a lawyer in terribly terribly discriminating Sri Lanka
    most probably free of charge?) leading the charge of course knowing r@ni_leech is at the helm. It is
    no surprise then that traitor church acolyte pxke lapaya has joined the ‘congreagation’. Sinhala modayas who support this jaathidhrohee vermins’ party aka jvp have forgotten r@ni_leech’s UNPatriotic_rats killed 60,000+ without mercy.
    Sinhala modayas are being taken for a ride by pxke lapaya to please the ‘congregation’.

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