Posted on May 5th, 2018


The Supreme Council of Maha Sanga of Sri Lanka has demanded that  Executive Presidency of Sri Lanka should not be abolished  and the proposed 20 Amendment must be withdrawn.  In previous occasions,  on key issues Malwatte Maha NayakeThero disagreed with the rest.  But on this issue of proposed 20th Amendment, the Ven. Malwatte Maha NayakeThibbatuwawe Sri Siddhartha Sumangala Thero  has  given his seal of  approval for the retention of the Executive Presidency and to scrap the proposed 20 Amendment.

The crux of the issue is that Maha Sanga of Sri Lanka has no confidence on the Prime Minister Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe.  If Executive Presidency is abolished,  crooks such as Ranil Wickremasinghe will ruin the country, religion and its cultural heritage.    The actions of the Maha Sanga is therefore a clear vote of no confidence on the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

The Maha Sanga is fully aware that Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe has repeatedly used back-door tactics with Mr Jayampathi Wickremaratne to bring amendments at the sub-committee stages, thus nullifying the main concepts of the Legislation.  This man is not only a clever person to become the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka by back-door tactics, but he is equally clever and smart to twist and turn rules and regulations to achieve his ulterior motives.

We believe that Maha Sanga must summon Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe and his puppy puppet dog Anura Kumara to Dalada Maligawa and reprimand both of them in public.  They must be given a public dressing down in the presence of the Supreme Council of Maha Sanga.

In addition, the Maha Sanga must propose to the President to remove Mano Ganeshan from the portfolio of  Minister of National Co-Existence, Reconciliation and Official Languages. ( Appointing Mr Vasudeva Nanayakkara as Minister of National Languages and Social Integration to the Cabinet of President Mahinda Rajapakse need to be noted with deep regret).


  1. ranjit Says:

    In my view maha sanga should not take sides and issue statements on issues concerns our country. Maha sanga must sit together and decide our future and advise the rulers accordingly. Sri Lanka belongs to all its citizens and we all should be united as one when our democracy and sovereignty is challenged. Our leaders must always should listen to the maha sanga. They were the saviours of our land for centuries. They are wise and intelligent and well respected in our society.
    A sinhala buddhist cannot raise his hand in support of any division in this country. This country belongs to Sinhalese and we have fought several wars for years to keep it in sinhala buddhists hands therefore we cannot allow our enemies within and abroad to break this land of ours. Traitors to this land must be exposed and punished. This country must go forward with buddhist principles and teachings of lord Buddha. Other religious sects and races should learn to live accordingly with the majority Sinhala population in harmony and in peace. Don’t try to cross us and you will pay the price sooner or later. All politicians should listen and obey maha sanga genuinely without bribing them for your own sake and survival.

  2. SA Kumar Says:

    This country belongs to Sinhalese and we have fought several wars for years to keep it in sinhala buddhists hands- Correct We-Tamil also fully agreed to You like We-Saiva Thamil keep our Saiva TE United & make sure Any Bhuddist Sinhalese or even Tamil muslim sould not be settle in Our Saiva TE (Formaly call NPC) !!!

    You Mod……..

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Talks only no bana. We both are church acolytes and not allowed bana. If you want I can bring my other church acolyte
    Tamil Nadu Alliane’s sumanthiran as well. We all working hard to destroy Buddhist temples north, east, west, south.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    ALL PATRIOTS, the Maha Sangha and all Others, must unite under one banner to throw out the removal of the Exec Presidency & the 20-A, as both are designed to weaken and break up Lanka.
    The “Crash & Sell” person, RW, is waiting in the wings ….

  5. Hiranthe Says:

    Fools in the Parliament including SLFP Mahinda Amaraweera are waiting to vote for 20A. How can they be called law makers since they don’t know what they are doing?

    This is a sinister move by LieTTE rump and their supporters backed by RAW and the West. We should defeat it at any cost since it will destroy Mother Lanka with North and East getting separated eventually. These are the land our ancient Hela ancestors lived for over 10,000 years.

    Trincomalee was immensely used by king Rawana and the remains of his palace said to be under the sea, destroyed due to an earth quake or something…

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