‘Bald’ Army Commander looks like Idi Amin: SF
Posted on September 11th, 2018

Courtesy The Daily Mirror

The ‘rift’ between Minister Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka and Army Commander Mahesh Senanayaka escalated again with the Field Marshal drawing similarities between the Army Commander and Idi Amin because of their choice of ‘bald’ hairstyle.

The Army Commander acts with a distorted mind. He should know how to maintain his hair like a respected public officer. He is bald, like Idi Amin,” he told journalists after attending an event in Kelaniya on Monday.

The Field Marshal was responding to Army Chief Lieutenant General Senanayake’s statement on Sunday in which he said that no one could review the Army’s strength after having gone on retirement years ago.

Lieutenant General Senanayake said some retired military officers who have identified themselves as ‘War-Analysts’ had defined the Army’s right-sizing programme as s closure of camps.

Field Marshal Fonseka told journalists that the Army Commander was only a Brigadier when he was leading the war.

If he thinks he knows more than us, he is just sitting on his tail. He was appointed as the Army Commander not because of his talent, but because of other people’s mistakes,” he said.

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