Posted on September 21st, 2018


It was great to hear that Dilshan is contemplating full return to internatonal cricket, at least until the next world cup.  He will inject much needed skills to the game, hopefully bring back the glory of the game  to Sri Lanka.

Some may criticise the window of opportunity to be provided to Dilshan as a desperate move.  Naturally these are desperate times for the game, if possible even bring back Roshan Mahanama, Sanath , Kalu and Arjuna, to add value to the game.

It is no secret that during last stages of Dilshan’s career, he did not get the co-operation and respect from some of the players who worked on personal vendetta to destroy Dilshan. Dilshan on his part scummbed to powerful small club” and retired.

Thankfully the small club” is no more in the team, the door is open to greats of yester-years to play freely under the guidance of Hathurusinghe and Gurusinghe.

Sri Lanka Cricket need a new Leader in place of Angelo Mathews.  Dilshan is a flexible and likeable person, it is best if he join as a batsman and a part-time bowler, under the leadership of a fit, energetic and young player as Skipper for all three formats of the game.  We need to develop a leadership succession pathways to a group of aspiring leaders.

We need Sri Lanka to destroy its opponents in a similar fashion to Afgans are delivering at the moment,  a replica of Sanath and Kalu Tonic”.


  1. Randeniyage Says:

    This is crazy.
    He is someone who could not get the bat to touch the ball in his final years, despite hitting occasional 40s 50s.
    I think, if Angelo is completely kicked out, everything will be alright. People cannot perform because of him.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    We should have sent a cricket team to Asia Cup instead of a church choir. So losing both matches is no surprise.
    Not just Dilshan, Mahela and Sangakkara should return to the game and play for a few years. Sangakkara and
    Mahela should make history by scoring more runs and get in their names high in the list of all time run getters.
    They are not bowlers and batsmen can play up to they are until early 40s since they don’t have to run vast distances bowling or fielding, if they want to. They were all world class players, unfortunately with so much talent
    in that era we did not win any thing major.

    I was surprised by the selection of Malinga. Anyone with a bit of brain knows if you want to lose a match you
    use malinga. He was an out and out failure. Still given a place. Never seen we winning a match with malinga in
    it. To make things worse, you have a mussie sports minister. Mussie will always run everything to the ground if
    there is no mussies in it and Sinhala modayas still don’t understand this simple truth.

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