Law and order – Where are we heading?
Posted on September 25th, 2018


A police force of any sovereign state is empowered to enforce the law, to protect people and property, and to prevent crime and civil disorder. Is it happening in this country?

After working and living in four countries over 25 years, other than my own country (including two developing countries which are poorer than Sri Lanka), it is regrettable to note here that our country’s police force appears to have corrupted persons (with some exceptions, of course) who have no hesitation to twist the law to harass people while engaging themselves in crimes. Stories appearing in the printed and social media these days, pointing fingers from very bottom up to the top brass of the police force are justifying this observation. Those who lived during ‘Bheesana Samaya’ of late 1980s, under Premadasa regime, need not to know any examples.

The main reason for this unfortunate situation, like many other things in our country, is the politicization. Politicization of the government and other institutions is minimal (or not at all), compared to that of ours, in other countries I have seen and lived.

The way the ruling politicians conducting the so-called investigation against the serious allegations against the IGP and his deputy and their attempts to defend the IGP and the course of actions are not surprising at all. We remember how the President Sirisena appointed the Opposition Leader  Ranil Wickramasinghe  as PM and removed the Chief Justice within minutes after he came to power exhibiting the current rulers disrespect for the country’s constitution, rules and regulations.  We too remember how the Ranil Wickramasinghe defended former Central Bank Governor Arjun Mahendran, who is responsible for the Bond Issue Scam, when allegations were made against him in 2015 and how the politicians responsible for the law and order conveniently paved the way for the culprit, Mahendran, to leave the country.  The politicians responsible for bringing the Singaporean and appointing him as Governor are still ruling the country.

The questionable conduct of the current IGP and his close associates in the police force, from top to bottom, looks very similar that of the ruling politicians of the country. Both parties do whatever possible for their survival while pleasing each other.  Thus, one cannot expect any justifiable outcome from the so-called investigations coming under police force lead by the current IGP and the ruling politicians.

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