Ranil Wickramasinghe has a problem growing up, trying to remain forever in the safety of childhood ?
Posted on November 7th, 2018

By Charles S.Perera

Every day children are born most of them, unless they are born mentally handicapped, grow to be matured men or women experiencing the simple duality of life –the good and the bad. When we are babies and children we think that all solutions can be solved by crying and yelling at parents and others that pass by making them understand  by gesticulation or crying loud for what we want.

But  that way of satisfying our demands ends as we grow up learning from teachers , books, thinking and reflecting,  how to live , what we expect from life. Then we learn by experiencing through human relationships how to react to what we think is good or what we think is bad. It was easy with our parents we can be peaceful or aggressive with them and their reactions would be mild or manageably harsh .

But later on   our relations with those  outside our homes are unpredictable they may some times be enriching experiences, or dangerous  experiences which  may even cost our lives. Life is a constant learning experience.  It is that which  makes us wise or foolish.

In our selected professions too we have to learn to adopt ourselves  to situations , be it may be as a teacher, as a doctor, as a lawyer, as a labourer or as a politician.  If we do not  adopt ourselves correctly then we may not be successful in our chosen profession.

In Sri Lanka  after 70 years of Independence we have our own politicians, parliamentarians. Have they adopted themselves  as good politicians or parliamentarians ? Most of  the parliamentarians in Sri Lanka are lawyers, doctors, or simply men with experience in dealing with people  to solve their social or economic problems.

If some citizens not satisfied with what is taking place as they are not happening for their personal benefits  take arms to fight against the antagonists and try to wrench from them what they need, they become terrorists and their  antagonists may then  take arms to stop them and eliminate them.

If the politicians and parliamentarians act in like manner  they will also be terrorists and the government may take appropriate action as those taken against the terrorist.

But do we expect Parliamentarians act like terrorists ? No .

Why ?

Because we do not expect such behaviour from them as they are experienced men and know how to act wisely and patiently, with people of different ideas, beliefs and cultures. They are not children who cry and yell  demanding what they want, but act peacefully using common sense and using their experience in their human relations as politicians who stand for the interest of the country and its people with different political views and expectations.

As we grow up we should  learn to see  reality through maturity of  thoughts interacting with men and matters  and stand by those realities  rather than vacillate unable like children to decide what to do or wher to go. See for instance an experienced politicians who was many times the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka  and the leader of the UNP for over 20 years,  a lawyer, who lost 30 elections still  unable to face defeat as a man,  and unable to take a decision on his own.   He cannot accept to be told that he is no more the Prime Minister.

What then is such a  man  who cannot accept eight worldly conditions (asta loka damma) gain and loss (labo-alabo), grace  and disgrace (ayaso-yasoca) insults and praise(ninda –presansa),  enjoyment and suffering (sapanci  – dukkham), if not he is not  a wise man and has still learnt nothing of life.

It is now evident that  Ranil Wickramsinghe has no existence of his own. He  depends on others. As the Prime Minister he depended on Paskaralingams and Charitha Ratwattes, foreign NGOs and lots of yes men who are after their own benefits.  Now holed up in Temple Trees Ranil Wickramasinghe ex Prime Minister  depends  on friend  Karu Jayasuriya-an indecisive vacillator, foreign journalists, embassies, of USA,UK,Germany,France and European Union.  These are his life support of existence as a rebel ex-Prime Minister.  He tells them the possibilities of street fights, he has stressed that  one does not know what arises in a situation like this . A few desperate people he tells them, can start off a blood bath.

Ranil Wickramasinghe  is insinuating  before   the foreign embassadors  a calamitous situation and indirectly requests them to be on guard to defend Sri Lanka and perhaps be ready with  an army contingent. He had already written to these embassies  requesting them to demand  the   UN to be in readiness to send  a UN peace keeping force. (http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2018/10/31/call-for-ranil-to-be-indicted-for-high-treason/)

Doesn’t this show that Ranil Wickramasinghe has not reached mental maturity, but  instead descending  to the childhood level of  having fear  and yelling for security ?  Unfortunately he seems to have suddenly found himself in a kindergarten class with all his political companions, Karu Jayasuriya, Harin Fernando, Ajith Perera, Ravi Karunanayake, Harsha de Silva, Rajitha Senarathana, Mangala Samaraweera, Majuba Rhaman  and even Gomin Dayasiri in the same class.

A lollipop for a crying and yelling child is what money does to young growing up politician  give them a bundle of money they immediately  become manageable by the one who provides him with the toy bundle. Manusha Nanayakkara found it was more democratic to join the Government of  Prime Minister Rajapakse sworn in by the President and in the morning he took oath before the President to be a Minister in the Cabinet of the new Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse. And in the evening he comes back to Ranil Wickramasinghe  the ex Prime Minister and says he made a mistake  about understanding democracy and says democracy is besides  Ranil Wickramasinghe.

Sampanthan and other TNA Parliamentarians refuse to grow up and remain eternal children.

Strangely though even the foreign Ambassadors have a problem growing up. The new Ambassador of US Alaina Teplitz, true to their nature of destabilising the governments of developing countries , goes to the former Prime Minister crying over his lost jobn trying to sympathise with his plight and give some hope that he still has Ambassadors coming to tap on his back.

But yet there are wise men even when they are old- Lord Michael Naseby at 82 years  who had once been a Deputy Speaker of the House of Parliament, who  is wise and refuses to be a child.

Lord Michael Naseby  has warned the UK Parliamentarians that it is not their role to interfere in to internal affairs of Sri Lanka and says that he is fully aware that all actions taken so far  by the President of Sri Lanka are Constitutional. He says that Sri Lankans  should be allowed to settle their own problems without foreign intervention and that he has met the President of Sri Lanka several times and that he is a wise man.

2 Responses to “Ranil Wickramasinghe has a problem growing up, trying to remain forever in the safety of childhood ?”

  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:


    Danger is not his childish behaviour, but his understanding of Neoliberalism as the best option for Sri Lanka.

  2. Cerberus Says:

    Ranil has no real understanding of anything. He just follows a script from the West. His economic policies come from either the IMF or the World Bank. He has been protected by the West in spite of his doing atrocious things. He was fired by Chandrika in 2004 for signing a peace treating with LTTE without showing it to either her or the Parliament. He is a mutt with a lisp.

    Ranil was brought up in the lap of luxury. As such he is out of touch with the suffering of the masses. The way he is supposed to have tortured young village youth whose only crime was to ask for jobs is a heinous crime.
    They say you can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Truth has a way of surfacing however long it takes. His whole family will suffer due to Ranil’s perverted actions.
    Ranil should be kept under house arrest until the crimes committed by him are investigated. If he is allowed to go abroad he will go and create immense mischieve against the country by getting together with the Western powers and organizing another regime change like what happened in 2015. The country was doing so well at that time when these powers engineered a regime change and toppled MR. We all know what happened in the last three and a half years. Please do not let it happen again.

    Thank the lord that RW has been finally removed. He has caused immense harm to Sri Lanka over 40 years. See: http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2017/08/09/ranil-wicremasinghes-crimes-against-sri-lanka-and-its-people-for-forty-years/
    In January 2015 when he got My3 to appoint him as the Prime Minister when there was an existing cabinet, parliament and Prime Minister it was a completely illegal act but it was o.k for the West. No one said a word against that illegal action by My3. This is NOT Democracy!
    The first thing RW did when he came in was to take the Ministry of Finance under him and appoint a person of dubious reputation, R. Paskaralingam, as the head. He then appointed a non-citizen of Lanka, Arjun Mahendran, as head of the Central Bank, and the rest is history how this trio played out the Sri Lanka people.
    See: http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2018/10/05/paskaralingam-charith-malik/ and ww.lankaweb.com/news/items/2015/07/28/paskaralingam-rejoicing-with-tamil-tiger-ltte-activists-in-australia-and-new-zealand/

    Immediate action should be taken against the perpetrators of the bond scam. Already the (BBC) has gone into high gear on anti-MR propaganda. Is the West going to do another regime change as they did in 2015? The country will surely fall into chaos and go down further economically so that the vultures can come and plunder the carcass of the dying country.

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