Voting Based on Noise-Is anyone embarrassed?
Posted on November 19th, 2018

Nawagamu Deshabandu

Any educated and developed person would agree that passing any proposal or motion based on the level of noise or sound is the lowest primitive method of applied democracy.  We have inherited this law in the constitution which was written during English colonial rule which at that time gave no room for public opinion of people who were Buddhists. Why do we accept this method?

This method gives no room for debate. Public is barred from hearing facts. The winner in the parliament is not necessary the truth seeker but may be a pawn of powers of another nation of thugs.

The noise of a feeble politician and people of country is completely ignored during a voting based on noise. The noise is encouraged and given credit. Parliament will become mad noise making persons. This is a disgrace to all accepted religions and the Asian civilization.

I hope politicians of Sri Lanka become civilized and permanently erase this ungraceful of voting method based on noise from the constitution of Sri Lanka and save it from global shame.   Are we a nation of undeveloped tribes? Can a politicians with a loud mouth be given the respect?

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  1. Nimal Says:

    There’s a old saying, ‘kammale balata henagahuwath threnne naha’ (a dog in the black smith’s workshop never notice the noise of the thunder outside.After the colonials left us our standards have gone to dogs.

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