Save the country from TNA’s treachery
Posted on December 2nd, 2018


Former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa vanquished the armed wing of the ruthless LTTE terrorists which devastated Sr Lanka for 30 years under 5 former Presidents and Prime Ministers with much damage caused to the country under loquacious Chandrika\s presidency. People all over the country feasted distributing kiribath sweets and holding demonstrations and vehicle parades on 18th May 2009 which is considered as the 2nd Liberation Day of Sri Lanka.

This achievement was a major and intolerable blow to the terrorist proxies TNA who were established as the political wing of the terrorists and proclaimed the terrorist LTTE as the sole representatives of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka.  This proxy outfit TNA in collaboration with western servile UNP facilitated all promotional and protective activated by the terrorists.  It should be reminded that during Ranil Wickremasinghe short lived government in 2001 to 2004 TNA was successful in getting government clearance for getting down modern high-tech communication equipment, several container loads of weapons unchecked from Norway and get an ignominious ceasefire agreement signed between megalomaniac terrorist leader Prabhakaran and Ranil  Wickremasinghe and upon signing of which the piggish faced Anton Balasingham declared that Prabhakaran was the President and Prime Minister of the Tamil Eelam and Ranil Wickremasinghe was the only Prime Minister of the  South.

These Terrorist proxies manipulated Chandrika also to handover Tsunami fund distribution programme (PTOM programme) to LTTE despite there were efficient and diligent   government officials who could have handled it5 as it was done other coastal districts.  Chandrika also under the manipulation terrorist proxy TNA agreed to grant the ISGA proposal of the LTTE which was almost equivalent to granting Eelam. In addition to this terrorist Grandpa Sambandan participated in LTTEs fund raising programmes for purchase of weapons held in Canada. See below for the photo evidence in a special trip to Toronto terrorist grandpa participated in several fundraising events organized by Pro LTTE fund raisers. Specially the one held at Jasmine Banquet Hall, no. 90 Nolan Court, Markham, Ontario, was organized b y the LTTE funding arm TRO.

Sambandan with TRO President in the fundraising event

Reports from the United States said that TRO raised over US $1.6 million in 2006.

The he International Leader of the TRO, Dr. Murugan Vinayagamoorthy and his wife were taken in to custody by the US authorities for master minding LTTE naval strength. US claimed he was involved with developing and the use of sea Submarines in LTTE Sea attacks.

Sambamdan and Vinayagamoorthy

On Nov. 22, 2007; the government of Sri Lanka banned TRO also  in an audit held by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) found the Canadian arm of TRO the Canadian Foundation for Tamil Refugee Rehabilitation (CAFTARR) provided more than CDN$ 700,000 to unknown organizations outside Canada. CRA also claimed both TRA and CAFTARR are part of the Tamil Tiger’s support network.

Despite these facts, TNA leader also participated in a fundraising event with Raj Guna-nathan, President and Coordinator of the Tamils Rehabilitation Organisation in Canada.

Sambandan should have been arrested, imprisoned and deported subsequently when these treacherous activities came to light. After vanquishing of the terrorist arm wing including its megalomaniac leader Prabhakaran terrorist grandpa Sambandan undertook the responsibility of carrying forward the goal of achieving the Eelam objective through cunning and manipulation and the diaspora proxy Sumanthiran joined him in this task.  In the absence of LTTE Sambamdan became a stooge of the hegemonic India and received Indian assistance for his sinister plans. In addition to this Sambandan became a darling of the despicable Western Ambassadors and High Commissioners and he urged them and the visiting western high-ranking fellows to strongly demand and compel the government to introduce soon and adopt the abhorrent federal and secular constitution that he been drafted by the Tamil diaspora proxy Sumanthiran and pro separatist Jayampathy.

In addition to this the Sambandan and Sumanthiran duo also canvassed the local politicians to support them to get the proposed constitution adopted.  In this regard Sambamdamn met the former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa and requested him who is well known for implementing what he says and saying what he will do (kiyana de karana. Karana de kiyana) to extend his support for the constitution plan but he bluntly and emphatically old Sambandan that he will never support that plan but would take all possible measures to quash it.

Sambandan who is notorious for manipulating and blackmailing took the maximum advantage when foreign servile, paragathi agamathi Ranil Wikremasinghe faced a No Confidence Motion in April to compel him to enter into a ten-point agreement which said:

  1. Will provide an expeditors solution to the North East problem;
  2. Will get the proposed constitution approved by a two third majority in the Parliament before the next General Election;
  3. Will return all lands belonging to the people of the North and East now being utilized by the Security Forces;
  4. Will release all political prisoners under a general amnesty;
  5. Will grant justice to the families of all the people who became missing during the war;
  6. Will ensure all the rights of the people of the North and East;
  7. Will provide suitable employment to the youngsters of the North and East;
  8. Will suspend providing employment to the people of the South in the North and East when there are suitable unemployed people in the North and East;
  9. Will appoint Tamil nationals as government agents to the eight districts of the North and East;
  10. Will respect the views and aspirations of the people coming under the provincial councils in the North and East and will provide priority to the projects in the North and East when implementing development projects in the two provinces.

Through this agreement the paragethi agamathi (the foreign servilely Prime Minister) has granted the initial step of Eelam without the knowledge of even the UNPers, let alone the people of Sri Lanka.

In a recent interview to Indian media, Sambandan has said that the Tamils have made two gains by supporting the Ranil government: (1) return of private land taken by the military in the North-East to constitute military bases and High Security Zones, and (2) release of Tamil political prisoners.

Pointing out the massive support extended by the people of the North to oust the Rajapaksa government 74.42 percent votes in Jaffna, 78.47 percent for Sirisena and Rajapaksa managed only 19.07 percent. In Vanni, and the major role played by TNA in the formation of the unity government in August 2015 Sambandan has said that in return, the government went to the UNHRC and co-sponsored the resolution on Sri Lanka, which the previous government fought tooth and nail.

This 85-year-old chauvinist is a staunch racist as well.  Addressing a District Coordinating Committee Meeting in Trincomalee he has said that although the official languages of the country should be Sinhala and Tamil, the official language4 of the North and East should only be Tamil.  He has also said that in providing employment it should be done in proportionate to the population percentage of the country in all the districts other than the North and East.

Even issuing a May Day message this racist chauvinist Sambandan desecrated the purity and the solidarity of the day by using it for their political propaganda.  He said that inevitably we need to evolve a Constitution, the supreme law of the country, that treats each one of its citizens equally with dignity and self-respect in order to enjoy lasting peace and economic prosperity. We have missed many opportunities in the past in fulfilling this great need and we cannot afford to lose another opportunity in this regard.

In a latest move of subjugating Sri Lanka’s grand old party, UNP; and making it an appendage of their terrorist, the terrorist grandpa has announced that they would join  the proposed multi-party coalition going to be formed by the UNP and they have already informed the President in writing and a letter signed by all the 15 members of theirs was attached to this intimation.

The subjugation of the UNP by these terrorist proxies was clear when the diaspora proxy Sumanthiran got up from his seat in the parliament and went up to the former Leader of the House MP Lakshman Kiriella and warned him on some remarks he had made.  Kiriella entered parliament in 1989 an SLFP MP and was the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in the People’s Alliance government and subsequently for financial reasons. The humiliation meted out to Kiriella was not only shame to the UNPers for being silent watchers while Sumanthiran was making this threat but also a shame to the people of this country, particularly for the people of the upcountry when they were humiliated in this manner during the 2nd century commemoration of the Uva Wellassa uprising was being commemorated in the country.

Doiya baba doi – Aayith nonegitinnama doi

Meanwhile, the Yuthukama Organization, the patriotic organization represented by Hela Basha scholars has said that the TNA’s pledge of support for the UNP-led UNF was part of a strategy to further its federal agenda. Referring to the TNA’s request to President Maithripala Sirisena in writing that a member of the UNF be appointed Prime Minister, a spokesperson for Yuthukama pointed out that the TNA had campaigned on a federal platform at the last parliamentary polls in August 2015 and he UNP owed the country an explanation as to whether it could accept help from a party bent on dividing the country on ethnic lines,.

The spokesman stated that having recognised the LTTE as the sole representative of Tamil speaking people in t2001, the TNA continued its separatist agenda despite the eradication of terrorism, and recalled the role played by the TNA in 2005, 2010 and 2015 presidential polls with the UNP and the JVP, too, joining in the last two projects .

To  be continued.

2 Responses to “Save the country from TNA’s treachery”

  1. Christie Says:


    LTTE the Indian terrorist arm of Indian Colonial Parasites in Ceylon.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    As I always say, what needs to be discussed in greater detail are the implications of giving into Eelam. The general populace should know these, beginning with a non-enforceable border -( see Eelam borders of 1980 and that of today), unimpeded kallathoni influx, water wars, next phase of Eelam to join up with hill country Tamils to secure Mahaveli waters and endless war for Sri Lank for the foreseeable future and eventual annexation by India and if not a fate similar to Libya, Iraq, South Sudan and Syria!

    The above should be the main discussion and not just simply say no to Eelam! All Sri Lankans and the world must know of this impending treachery! Tamils and Muslims are better off if they leave the belligerent and self destructive path they have outlined for their people and get on amicably with the majority Sinhalese.

    Most importantly, Sinhalese must leave both the UNP and the SLFP and form a government without minority assistance that will no room for the Shylocks asking for their pound of flesh. Samabandans, Hakims and Baithurdeens keep their people impoverished for their personal gain.

    For Sri Lanka to have a stable government the Sinhalese must unite leaving aside old party affiliations.

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