Parliamentary Democracy in Sri Lanka-can it works?
Posted on December 4th, 2018

Nawagamu Deshabandu

I have written about our constitution many years ago on this website calling it outrageous, indicating that it is having circular definitions and contradictory statements.  One part of the constitution violates the other parts of the constitution.  It is only good for politicians and lawyers who are hell bent on making money. It does more injustice than justice for the common man.

The way it is written is not straight forward because it is written according to the Western thought and its culture which is not suitable for our culture in our country.

In our culture, at least Sinhala culture, we believe we belong to the land not that we believe the land belong to us!  This is one of the subtle differences between the Western culture and our culture. Even in the Bible, it says man is made to mange the land and not to own it.

We actually cannot own any land forever,  because we do not live forever and we do not own creatures and vegetation that live on the land.

Therefore,  no one has any right to sell even an inch of the land.

One may say it is only for lease but lease is an agreement to sell for a time period. But no one has right to sell its living

creatures and resources even for one minute. This is universal justice but it is not in our constitution. We need a clear and straight forward definitive statements in our constitution. We need a constitution that guarantees freedom of individuals equally. Freedom should not be related to factors such as gender, race, religion or the area of a person who lives.

Any rule that is in the constitution should be valid in every inch of the country.

The law should not be an Ass. In our history there were situations where the pole -mallgaha- that was used to grind spicesbecame the murderer, and a murderer became an innocent due to the proper Sinhala words used by a victim just because the judge at that time could not understand the Sinhala language which is the language of the majority.

Officially in the constitution, Sinhala language version is supposed to be the one that applies when there is a difference in the meaning of a clause written in English or Tamil, but it is ridiculous that there are some judges who cannot read Sinhala language. Can any person in the Great Britain be a judge without knowing English?

How can a Sinhalease or Tamil expect justice from a judge who cannot read the official language?

It is now a fact that our parliament has full of corrupt politicians who can be auctioned and sold for money. Recently, the president Sirisena has publicly declared this fact. Given this fact, it is clear for anyone with an iota of brain that parliamentary democracy does not work in Sri Lanka.  If a prime minister is elected by a majority of votes that are bought from the members of the parliament, then there is no need for a president to appoint a prime minister. The prime minister in this case has bought the parliament! I am not writing this against Mr. Wickramasinghe. But I am writing this to indicate the possible future blunders of the parliament democracy  in Sri Lanka.

Because the prime minister is only accountable to the parliament that is bought by him, he is free to do any corrupt activity as long as he can muster a little more than one third of the members of the parliament for his corrupted deals such as selling parts of Sri lanka under his or her own terms without approval from the parliament.

The prime minister can stay in tact because a little more than one third of the parliament members are on his side and therefore no confidence motion cannot oust him.

The prime minister is practically and financially above the president!

2 Responses to “Parliamentary Democracy in Sri Lanka-can it works?”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Why can’t we go back to Colvin’s Janaraja constitution in 1972.

    Were there bad provisions for Mother Land in that version?

  2. Nimal Says:

    Parliamentary democracy is the best way to govern a country, not a power grabbing illegal dictatorship not accountable to people and tax payers.

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