Have the Appeal Court Judges of Sri Lanka  dropped from another planet ?
Posted on December 7th, 2018

By Charles S.Perera

The absurdity of the Appeal Court interim ruling to  prevent the Prime Minister and his cabinet of Ministers from carrying out their functions is seen only in reading the  reasons given  by the two judges for their absurd, unjust, anti Mahinda Rajapakse judgement.

The duo had certainly acted not according to the rule of the law, but some prejudice based on their own  personal views favourable to those of 122  movers of the No Confidence Motion in a parliament consisting of 225 parliamentarians. The appeal court judges had not observed the absence of the 103 parliamentarians at the time of the taking of the digital vote on the NCM.

Apart from the illegality of the NCM passed in an unconstitutionally constituted parliamentary session represented  only with the 122 members of the opposition with no parliamentarians of the Government occupying their seats, the NCM was prepared and presented unconstitutionally without giving sufficient time to those opposing the NCM to present their case against  the NCM:

The black coat and tie judges belong to a different class from the majority of the ordinary people represented by the Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse and the Ministers of his Cabinet, which is a class nearer to the coat and tie capitalist class Ranil and his UNP hierarchy. So even sitting on the hot seats of law and justice  they could not still forget the class to which they belong.

That is why they say in their judgement why they cannot entrust the function of a Prime Minister and Cabinet of Ministers to a group  that had been sworn in by the President of Sri Lanka.

In the Judgement the duo of the Appeal Court say:

This Court is mindful that wide powers of governance of the Country are vested with the Prime Minister, Cabinet of Ministers and the other Ministers by virtue of various provisions of the Constitution as well as other laws. Thus, whoever holding such office is required to make important decisions which will affect the whole country at large both locally and internationally. Most of such decisions may not be reversible. This Court is also mindful of the damage that would be caused if this Court having granted interim relief to restrain the Respondents from functioning in their public offices and then proceed to subsequently dismiss this application refusing to issue the remedies prayed for by the Petitioners.”

The court which claims to be mindful of the wide powers of governance, cannot however be considered a Court consisting of two reasonable  men  who had lived through the terrorism in  Sri Lanka and seen how efficiently and successfully the then President Mahinda Rajapakse carried out the function of the President and brought  peace and security to the people and how much the people appreciated him and how much of love, trust and confidence they placed on him. It was only a  mere four lacks of the population which  decided against voting for him in January,2015.

The Court mindful of all absurdities seem not to have been mindful that it is this same President Mahinda Rajapakse who has been sworn in today as the Prime Minister, by the President of Sri Lanka. The duo of the Appeal Court if they moved out of the cloud of justice to perceive who is this  Prime Minister  of Sri Lanka today  against whom  the coat and tie wearing Ranil Wickramasinghe and his UNP and its allied  parliamentarians had voted a NCM,  they would have seen that it  is the same President of Sri Lanka who eliminated terrorism, who even in defeat won the  trust of the people  at the local Government elections of the 10 February,2018.

How could have these stupid coat and tie legal duo of the Appeal Court  unless they had a different motive beside the legal arguments , deprived the Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse from functioning in his office for the welfare of the people and the country that had been economically ransacked by the Ranil and his UNP and JVP for three and a half years putting the people into an  economic suffering not second to the suffering they underwent  with a ruthless  terrorism.

During the three years of Yahapalanaya the foreign enemies of Sri Lanka have been activated within the country which now abound with CA, MI5,RAW,EU agents, besides the Christian and Evangelical Churches which carry out a subtle  effort in changing the minds of the judiciary, the right wing politicians, including those of the JVP.

We see already in TV Debates ( Derana Aluth Paralimenthuva of  5th December,2018),  and certain public utterances of our legal fraternity,  which way our legal profession is going.

In this respect there is a very informative, well researched article by Shenali Waduge on Foreign Funding of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka.

( https://www.onlanka.com/news/investigate-foreign-funding-of-bar-association-of-sri-lanka-is-national-security-compromised.html)

Sri Lanka is awaiting a SC judgment on the dissolution of Parliament by the President. In that too the interim judgment putting off a court hearing was made without taking into consideration prevailing political situation with an ex Prime Minister refusing to  stand down illegally occupying the official residence of the Prime Minister, with a government sworn in by the President under protest by the opposition.

This interim judgment of the SC has already caused considerable damage to the political climate of the country, and thereby the people have been put into untold economic suffering, with the situation deteriorating every day without a solution other  than a dissolution of the parliament and call for general elections.

Even for that a decision  of the Supreme Court is being awaited  without much confidence which way the judgment of the SC would go. Under such circumstances to whom could the people appeal.

With this reality in view one wonders what decision the SC would make. If they accept the right of the President to dissolve the parliament under Article 33 the present political crisis may end and people may continue with the Present Government of the Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse, for their great joy and satisfaction.

However,  if  the SC decides that the President’s decision was wrong and that he has to wait until the end of the four years for the dissolution of the Parliament, it would be a judicial repetition of stupidities not for the welfare of the  people and the country, but to please  some unknown entity which rules the country behind scene, helping its puppet regime to survive with more theatrical performances in the House of  the Parliament.

The SC seems to be taking its own time deciding  which article of the Constitution to accept  and which to reject, quite unconcerned about the people suffering with political uncertainties affecting their existence. The country is slipping into an unredeemable  depth of an economic hellhole dug by the UNP, TNA , JVP and the rest.


3 Responses to “Have the Appeal Court Judges of Sri Lanka  dropped from another planet ?”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    The Black Cloaked fraternity of Sri Lanka seems to come to Sri Lanka from another planet not to realize the urgency of the matter in hand. In the first place they, in their wisdom decided that the hearings will be taken on 4th, 5th and 6th of December more than 10 days after the petitions were handed over. They don’t seem to be in any hurry very well knowing that the country is at a standstill and the people held hostage by a set of rogue and discredited parliamentarians.

    Certainly, these constitutional deliberations cannot be ‘rocket science’ and that complicated for them to give a verdict one way or the other soon enough! Then too they could have allowed the newly appointed government to continue for the benefit of the nation, barring any politically motivated activities or failing that stop the parliamentary sessions altogether till a solution was found.

  2. Charles Says:

    Ratnapala I have no trust in this black coated fraternity; The Chief Justice is a Catholic, and some others are in Evangelical Church.They do not think of the ordinary people but of the high society of Colombo, and the white Western masters.

  3. Hiranthe Says:

    @Ratnapala & Charles,

    If they can not clearly interpret this document and give a verdict, you can imagine their intellectual standard.

    If they were given to understand something like “AbhiDharmaya” preached by Lord Buddha, I don’t know what they will do?

    They are meant to worship a document written by equally “Baala – (unwise)” people with vested interests.

    Being educated alone will not made someone wise.

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