Why Ranil must go before MS
Posted on December 9th, 2018

By Shivanthi Ranasinghev Courtesy Ceylon Today

At the time of writing, the legal battle to allow for a general election was before the Supreme Court. Outside, the debate was whether we need a presidential or a parliamentary election. Those calling for a presidential election claim that Maithripala Sirisena is the root cause of the current chaos. He is not the root cause, but he engineered the precipitation of events that have resulted in the current dilemma.

However, the biggest threat comes from the group that he gave leadership to till 26.10.2018. This group came in the guise of good governance, but since then had exposed their evil intentions. The urgency for their removal has arisen because their evil plans are about to bear fruits that will divide our country into nine separate very powerful centres with a very weak Central Government. It is even possible to amalgamate two or three provinces together under one Chief Minister. Had the new Constitution come through as scheduled, then it would be better to contest for a Chief Ministerial post than for the country’s Premiership. The 26/10 simply thwarted that new Constitution that was to be pushed through the backdoor in early November.

MS became the Common Candidate in 2014 to avenge a personal grievance of not being appointed as the Premier. Thus, he joined forces with a group that was centered around Neo-liberalists and separatists. For the first two and half years, his main focus was venting out his bitterness against the Rajapaksa family. It is difficult to say where MS currently stands on this national issue, as he is very good at hiding his true intentions − even from his closest associates.

The Neo-liberalists are headed by Ranil Wickremesinghe and his inner circle, who hardly represent the UNP’s core values. Together they have hijacked the UNP supporters’ loyalty. The true UNP supporter is not with RW, which is the reason that he cannot win an election on his own. MS, who was the SLFP General Secretary before becoming the Common Candidate was able to attract the confidence of the UNP voter base that RW, despite being the UNP leader, could not. Most unfortunately, his dismal performance does not affect his position as the leader of the UNP.

The important point though is the unabated confidence certain external forces have in him.

RW is one politician who does not care about the local media. Sirasa, as one of the biggest electronic media channels in Sri Lanka has not disguised their outright dislike of RW either. Yet, it does not affect RW as he is not a dependent on their support. His support base is the external forces who have a vested interest in Sri Lanka and who sees in him a means to achieve their geopolitical goals.

The separatists are the TNA, the LTTE’s one time political proxy. Despite the eradication of the terrorist group, the TNA remains unabashedly racist and undeterred in their separatist quest. Their confidence is also derived from the very same external forces that keep RW propped up. Their efforts to reverse the 26/10 should pique the curiosity of all. TNA must be the only Opposition that works hard to reinstate an ousted government.

social base

The JVP is also in this group. They no longer represent the true communist or socialist ideologies, but the social base that is angry and frustrated with the society. Therefore, the JVP would not support a government under which the country would prosper as that would affect their core voter base.

Instead, they will always ensure that the government machinery, irrespective of the governing party, never addresses their voters’ grievances, but continues to create issues for the people.

Just like vampires fear the sunlight, the only force that can truly vanquish this Neo-liberal, pro-separatist, opportunistic force is the country’s citizens. Only their sensible vote can save our country and it is the only force against which the powerful external forces are powerless.

This collective group were propelled to power on the platform of good governance”. For this purpose, the then US State Secretary John Kerry is on record as having spent approximately USD 300 million of US taxpayers’ money to spread disinformation against the Rajapaksa administration to change the voters’ opinion against their own government. It is not only the US that has accepted their role of perverting democracy. India too claimed ownership to the regime change”.

In the immediate aftermath of 26/10, RW did not go to his voter, but called upon a select group of foreign envoys and had long discussions with them. Their own agitation was visible. While the German Ambassador Joern Rodhe tweeted that listening to all sides is part of their job, the manner in which they acted at a time where there was a clear division in the country raised eyebrows. RW then summoned the foreign media.

In the immediate aftermath there were only two incidents with one death – quite unlike the current situation in France. Yet, these were blown out of context. Travel warnings were quickly issued, and MS was urged” to stick to the Constitution” or the violence might spill to the streets and that could translate into ethnic violence. In short, a so-called crisis was hyped and blown out of proportion by this select foreign group and their mouthpieces. Only afterwards did RW meet with his voters. Most ironically, during these rallies, the cry to replace him with Sajith Premadasa was heard loud and clear.

The undeniable fact is that the 26/10 plunged the country into chaos. However, it was caused by RW’s actions of refusing to accept his termination citing it as illegal and unconstitutional. He did not take up his case with the Supreme Court. Instead, a No-Confidence Motion was passed by the ex-Yahapalana Government and their Opposition against the PM. This contradiction must be clearly seen through to understand the confusion that is deliberately being created.

The effort is somehow to reverse the 26/10 because they have a contract to fulfill. As explained by a number of legal experts on the Constitution such as President’s Counsel Manohara de Silva, the new Constitution would have been pushed through illegally as was done previously with the Office for the Missing Persons Act and the Enforced Disappearance Bill. While these did not come to public attention, the Speaker took measures to showcase the agitation caused by his carefully calculated steps in handling the two No-Confidence Motions. Again, without getting distracted by the side shows”, it is important to ponder as to why the Speaker did not follow the clear procedural steps of a NCM. Any impartial observer would agree that the Speaker did not behave reasonably or sensibly.

Using money power, the new Constitution too would have come through, which would have reduced the Executive President to a mere puppet of the Parliament. This new Delimitation Commission would be then appointed to change the number of seats from 225 to 233. Experience we had with the Local Government and then Provincial Council elections should tell us whether we can then expect an election in the near future or not.

Without elections in sight, the economic disasters of the  Yahapalana  Government can continue unabated. If one recalls pre-26/10, the Yahapalana economic mess had people at boiling point. Yes, there was the ‘gamperaliya’ and ‘Enterprise SL’. Yet, what’s the use of these programmes when cost of production is high and markets lose to imports.

These would have only pushed people into debt. Without economic independence, there can never be political independence and that was the  Yahapalana Government’s objective.

This general election is not really about sending people like Prasanna Ranaweera or Palitha Thewarruperuma home. It is to send into political exile the truly evil masterminds, who for the past three and half years were manipulating the Constitution, the economy and people’s aspirations to legitimize the era of the LTTE in our country.


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  1. Cerberus Says:

    Thank you Shivanthi for drawing everyone’s attention this maniacs antics. He is a law unto himself. He has signed so many major international and other agreements by himself without consultation with either the parliament or the President. That is why he was sacked by Chandrika in 2004. He recently tried to pass a bill to sell state land to foreigners by himself and it was only the intervention of the President that saved the country.

    If Ranil says that appointment of MR was illegal then his own appointment in Jan 2015 was illegal. After the Presidential election, he exerted pressure on Maithri through the international agencies and made Maithri appoint Ranil as the Prime Minister. He then immediately sacked the existing Cabinet and appointed his own. He brought the Ministry of Finance under himself and appointed Paskaralingam as head of Treasury and imported Arjun Mahendran as the head of Central Bank. All these actions were illegal and yet the JO and the other Parliamentarians remained silent. When Maithri appointed TNA as the opposition and relegated the group with the largest majority to the boondocks Sri Lanka’s fate was sealed. At the time UNP was broke and were in debt to the tune of Rs 3 billion. The bond scam was done to extract money from the EPF and other savings to fund the UNP activities.

    The question now is not the legal niceties of the constitution but to consider what is at stake if we appoint Ranil back as the PM. He will run amok with his UNP thugs and will pass the bills he likes such as selling state lands to foreigners, selling the Trinco port, selling all the profitable Govt run businesses to foreign business interests. From his performance to date we can see what he has done. MR in spite of the war got the infrastructure going, got the Hambantota port built, the Mattala Airport built, the work on the Colombo Port City was started. MR had recovered some of the factories Ranil had sold off earlier such the sugar factories, paper mills, and the Co-op centers, etc. when he came into power. As soon as Ranil came in he stopped all the work MR had done and laughed at the Port City. In 2014 the Rs was at 130 to the dollar. Today it is at nearly 170. The debt had been brought down by MR in 2014 to 75% from 95% at the time MR inherited from CBK. Today it has shot up again.

    I like to know what the UNP did with all the monies they borrowed during the last three years. They did nothing other than import luxury vehicles for MPs tax-free which they sold and made a lot of money. Ranil went on global tours with his entourage of Mangala, Ravi, Arjun etc including Davos which is one of the most expensive cities to visit since one night in a hotel costs about $2000. It is rumored that about 40 people went to Davos. This was the meeting of the worlds richest people. What did he hope to get out it? What did Sri Lanka get out of it? Ranil has been a disaster for the country for 40 years. The Batalanda Commission recommended that his civic rights be removed. If so how did this man become the Prime Minister? Today he is waging a war against the President trying to show that he has a majority in the Parliament. He can show a majority because the JVP ironically who were killed by Ranil in 1980 are on Ranil’s side now and so is TNA who have no love for the country. I am sure a lot of the bond scam money has changed hands. Ranil is desperate to not have an election because he knows that even if he buys the whole parliament he cannot buy the entire country.

    As far I can see the two sides are very clear. One side you have Maithri, MR, Dinesh, Wimal, Gammanpila plus the JO while on the other side you have Ranil, Mangala, Karu, plus UNP, TNA and JVP. You can see clearly who loves the country and who are there to get what they can get out of the whole issue. After doing nothing for 31/2 years after the UNP lost the local government elections they suddenly panicked and started doing what MR had done in 2005 which they had stopped such as Gamperaliya etc. It is one huge bluff to fool the people. In 2015 the foreign Govts brought false accusations against our war heroes and put MR and our Govt off balance and it is only now that a lot of facts have come out about what happened in the war against the terrorists. Now the same countries who were so vociferous have fallen silent. As I have always said eventually the truth comes out and the people always win in the end.

  2. Geeth Says:

    To my mind, RW must be in jail for treachery and corruption. I do not know why he is still out there. This soulless person is hell bent on making Sri Lanka a banana republic. He doesn’t belong to the country or the culture of Sri Lanka. The bugger quoted a suthra to respond to the allegations leveled by Mithreepala Sirisena just for the consumption of the foolish UNP supporters. But we won’t buy it. He knows it. But in reality, he knows that he was destroying the country by purpose.

    However, Mithripala cannot get away from the crime he committed when he dissolved the parliament when D.E.W Gunesekara’s commission report about Central Bank bond scam was about to come into light.
    I can pardon him for betraying the nation when he agreed to contest as the common candidate. But I cannot pardon him for the coverup of the biggest crime, the bond scam, of the history of Sri Lanka.

    In a way, Mithripal was the one who responsible for all the agony what we are going through now. What I really want is to see him going against the constitutional barriers to save the country from these parasites in the UNP leadership. I can only pardon him after doing it to prove his allegiance to the nation. Until that day, I think he is another culprit who is only concern about his political survival.

  3. nilwala Says:

    Indeed, an important decision as to what election should come first…so thank you Shivanthi for addressing this issue, and the need for a General Election to precede a Presidential election. Also, thanks to Cerberus for listing out again the history of Ranil’s UNP leadership that has taken this country on the wrong road yet receives full UNP party leadership like never before..

  4. Christie Says:

    We are an Indian Colony.

    Indian Empire and Indian colonists decide our fate.

    Sirisena, Ranil all puppets of Indian and Indians.

  5. Charles Says:

    Great Shivanthi excellent article with logical arguments and mature perception of thé situation.

    “Only their sensible vote can save our country and it is the only force against which the powerful external forces are powerless.”

    Can wé really expect a sensible vote from our people, wé are suffering för their folly of thé 8 January,2015 ?

  6. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Traitor chief Batalande wandakaya is a shameless, lying, thieving, treacherous, murderous thug. All its life only
    things it has done is treachery, treachery, robbery, robbery, lies, lies, murder, murder, murder. Every time
    wandakaya got away with murder since all the leaders responsible for punishinng wandakaya turned a blind eye
    to this pathalaya’s crimes. With the support of christian west, tamils, mussies, catholic and a lot of traitor
    Sinhalese, wandakaya managed to murder, thieving, lying, treachery all this time. But, finally, finally, it is
    coming to an end. Even Batalande wandakaya escape this crisis, its days are numbered. It doesn’t have C
    brigade police or army to murder Sinhalese any more. It has only few thugs who are puffing and huffing since
    the looters lost the chance to loot more and more.

    What these traitor UNPatriotic_rats party traitors scared of facing an election. What the traitors going to
    promise. Since the traitor thieves were in power and can’t blame the opposition and give false promises.
    Can’t say million jobs, Volksvagen factories, 10,000 Rs wage increase, free wifi,cheap cars etc. etc. since the
    thieving thugs were in the government. Even wandakaya hijack the job, this is the end of it. Withing a few
    months MS can throw the thieving, lying, corrupt, traitor thugs by dissolving the parliament.

    Every time anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka traitor UNPatriotic_rats murderous thieves get into
    power they carry on for so many years by murdering Sinhalese and creating mayhem. Sinhalese are easiest
    prey since nobody gives a hoot. No NGO kakkans, no human rights monkeys, no AI, no nobody utters a word.
    Not even Sinhalese themselves open their mouths. I don’t know if these UNPatriotic_rats party supporting
    Sinhalese booruwan remember how traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists only) thambi mudiyanselage jr@,
    then traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists only) lk porisada, then traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists
    only) Batalande Wandakaya killed Sinhalese youth brutally and put on tyre pyres etc. Even the jaathidhrohee
    vermins’ party aka JVP are supporters of the murderous Batalande Wandakaya. That’s ungrateful Sinhalese
    traitors to you!

    Look at who are clamouring for wandakaya’s return? Tamil Nadu Alliance aka TNA, Sri Lanka Multiplying
    Community aka SLMC who after their drealam and mussiesthan. Wandakaya will deliver those on a plate to
    tamils and mussies. While traitor anti Buddhist, anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lanka destroying the Sinhalese race,
    Sri Lanka and Buddhism, tamils and mussies delight seeing the destruction of a proud race. We have to thank
    Sinhalese traitor low lives who are supporting the UNPatriotic_rats for packet of rice/1000 Rs/mega bucks.
    Traitors you are digging the graves for future generations. At least open your eyes and wipe these UNPatriotic_
    rats out for good from Sri Lanka!

    Traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist bay gal karaya mega thief mega thakkadiya walking crime bomb
    (against Sinhalese Buddhists, Sri Lanka and Buddhism only) Batalande wandakaya pol pot r@ni_leech wickrama
    Sinhala killer should be tried and hanged for the crimes it has committed during past 40 years!

  7. Nihal Perera Says:

    He is a Cancer that need to be eliminated ASAP….

    Longer he stays worse the country will be politically, socially and economically. The last three years he has been PM, the country has seeing the worst corruptions, and the betrayal since independence.

    This man is cunning, dangerous, and toxic. He has no love for the country or its people. He will go to bed with devil to achieve his agenda. The ONLY thing he wants is power, by crook or hook (mostly by crook..), and to please his White Puppet Masters in the West.

    Those UNP members who are trying to resurrect him as PM and their leader, don’t seem to realise that they are digging the grave of the UNP….

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