Posted on December 10th, 2018


Information published in print and electronic media regarding the debate and actions for the constitutional and political crisis in Sri Lanka show that they have gone beyond the limits.  How many people of Sri Lanka are interested in these matters is difficult to estimate? Few people as a percentage of population in Sri Lanka purchase English, Sinhala and Tamil newspapers and read this information. According to my estimate a less than 0.001% of people are used internet.  In this situation it is quite clear that gossips are dominating in the country than true information.

According to news media I feel that the issue has gone beyond the limit and unnecessary issues are emerging to degrade the quality, discipline and knowledge of people in the country.  If there is a problem incurred, it is the responsibility of the relevant authority to resolve the problem without delaying and considering the spreading of the issue, the relevant authorities need to quickly act to resolve the problem and there is no exception to executive, legislative and the judiciary.

Mental condition of a person can be assessed only by a medical expert, who has knowledge, skills and experience in the subject area.  As an ordinary person, I have a doubt whether the judiciary could decide of such matter looking at the face on it rather than deeply investigating the matter. How long it will take to decide? And is it worth to spending so much of resources to it.  Sri Lanka has wasted so much of resources for this matter and the country cannot afford for it.

When I look at the issue from outside the historical experience in UK between King John and his cabinet comes to mind. Is the current crisis in Sri Lanka is like King John issue in the UK?

When we critically looking at the issue it is quite clear that Sri Lanka needs a partial dictatorship to give political leadership to the country.  Singapore became a developed country under the partial dictatorship and many Asian countries had similar leadership.  If the executive authority of the country goes to the parliament, there is doubt that more problems would be arisen.  At this time ordinary people in the country must be careful and make intelligent decisions to save the motherland.

Finally, I have a feeling that Late Dr NM Perera was quite correct because the constitution of the country is good for the layers to argue in the court but not for the ordinary people to depend on it for governance.  Sri Lanka a new constitution after abolishing 19th amendment.

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