Hold a Referendum
Posted on December 13th, 2018

Dr P.A.Samaraweera

The Supreme Court has ruled that the President’s decision to dissolve Parliament was unconstitutional. The verdict was also that if he wants to dissolve Parliament before four and a half years, there must be a resolution passed by two thirds majority in Parliament.

Now that the Supreme Court has given a decision, it is best that the President goes for a Referendum to hold a general election. Referendums are not new in Sri Lanka. In Dec 22nd 1982 , President JR held a Referendum to extend the life of Parliament by 6 years. The life of the then Parliament was to expire in August ’83. So he went for a Referendum as he feared he would lose the two third majority he had in Parliament. Dr Gunadasa Amarasekara, Convenor of the Federation of National Organisations, as well called on the President to hold a Referendum for a general election, in case the Supreme Court rules against the dissolution of Parliament. 

According to the constitution, the President has the power to call for a Referendum on matters of national importance. Thus public opinion can be tested by a Referendum. Recently, the UK held a Referendum with regard to Brexit. A Referendum would be the best, as President Sirisena and PM Mahinda Rajapakse are in favour of a general election, while the UNP, TNA and the JVP are hesitant and scared of an election. As it is, the general feeling is that the people are for a general election as they are fed up with Ranil and his cohorts. This group is working on a western agenda backed by the TNA and separatists. 

4 Responses to “Hold a Referendum”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    It looks like the only way to stop Run-nil and the West.

    But if it is challenged in the court, SC will give the same decision saying it has violated “LieTTE human rights” similar to yesterday because it will stop the Ealam constitution.

    Therefore it has to be done today (Friday) afternoon, the day the courts are going on holidays and hold the Referendum in the first two week in January.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    Instead hold a presidential election without delay.

    A referendum will show the world how divided Sri Lanka is with minority dominated areas voting differently to the rest. The 1982 referendum map showed the same thing.

    A presidential election map will also show a division but the north and east will overwhelmingly vote for a Sinhalese which shows the trust they have on Sinhala politicians to the world.

    I can’t understand why the Mahinda camp fears a presidential election. They can win it if they support Sirisena as Sirisena supported Mahinda for the PM post. After Sirisena gets a renewed mandate he can get the parliament to fall in line. UNP will be in panic mode after people decisively reject them. If people reject Sirisena, UNP can rule without further hick-ups. Either way there will be political stability.

    A presidential election can split the UNP too which helps ease the situation and win subsequent elections. So far there are 3 possible UNP presidential candidates – Ranil, Sajith and Navin. But the SLFP/SLPP camp is clear on their candidate – Sirisena. Anyone else will split the votes and defeat them.

  3. dhane Says:

    As the Supreme Court has ruled that the President’s decision to dissolve Parliament was unconstitutional. Accepted. President Sirisena now can appoint any other senior person [other than Ranil] like Nimal Siripala or any other person as PM and appoint a new cabinet. Nobody can challenge that. Bring budget proposals ASAP. Let UNP, JVP, & Tamil parties get together and defeat the budget proposal. Then automatically country has to go for General Election. Alternatively go directly for referendum to decide to hold General Election. Either way people will get an opportunity to have newly elected MPs in Parliament. However as the country economic situation is bad let the politicians decide wisely which option is cheaper, more economical and good for the country.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    This ENTIRE FIASCO of Mis-Governance shows only ONE THING: That Sri Lanka’s Constitution, AMENDED many times to suit political convenience of unprincipled leaders is NOW UNABLE TO DEFEND & PROTECT Sri Lanka’s National Interests which go ABOVE & BEYOND “Democracy” considerations! The CURRENT CONSTITUTION is now an EXISTENTIAL THREAT to Sri Lanka’s VERY SURVIVAL as a Sovereign Nation

    The CONSTITUTIONAL SAFEGUARDS for Sri Lanka’s National INTEGRITY and the SECURITY of its People has been TRADED IN for a watered-down Western Style Democracy that the West DICTATES to preserve their interests while the INALIENABLE RIGHTS of Sri Lankans are FLOUTED by their PAID STOOGES in all 3 branches of Government!

    We, the PATRIOTIC CITIZENS of Sri Lanka must TAKE CONTROL of our Motherland before it is LOST FOREVER! We MUST STRENGTTHEN the National Government, and the EXECUTIVE PRESIDENCY FURTHER, while ELIMINATING ALL Sub-National Governments except city, town and village local governments, We must REPEAL both the 19th and 13th Amendments to the Constitution!

    We must ELIMINATE the PM’s post as UNNECESSARY and DUPLICATIVE; the Speaker’s post is sufficient to conduct the LEGISLATIVE BUSINESS of the Parliament. The Parliament MUST NOT HAVE ANY EXECUTIVE ADMINISTRATION ROLE; its business should be SOLELY to LEGISLATE and to Aend as needed ad Approve the BUDGET as presented to it by the EXECUTIVE PRESIDENT in charge of a CABINET of MINISTERS who report SOLELY to him.

    If the CURRENT FIASCOO has SHOWN ANYTHING, it is that it is a FATAL MISTAKE to DIVIDE the powers of the EXECUTIVE PRESIDENT between a WEAKEEED PRESIDENT and an EXECUTIVE Prime Minister! That experiment HAS NOW BEEN demonstrably proved to be UNWORKABLE, FLAWED from the VERY START and a NEAR-FATAL DISASTER!

    We must HALT the ECTA and Singapore Agreements NOW! We must IMMEDIATELY MOVE to take back ALL STRATEGIC National Assets . like our Ports, Airports, Banks, Hospitals, Teaching Institutions, Highways, Refineries, Factories, Petroleum Tank Farms, Construction Companies, Real Estate, etc. As far as possible, we must award our National Development Contracts to Companies that are owned at least 60% by Sri Lankan citizens.

    Sri Lanka’s ENEMIES, both WITHIN and WITHOUT, will be within a STONE’s THROW of achieving their MACHIAVELIAN DESIGNS should Hitapu PARA-GATHI AGA-MATHI Ranil Wikunanasighe, and his SEPARATIST Alies in the TNA and the SLMC cimb back into the SEAT of Power, with the EVER-OPPORTUNISTIC and SUPREMELY UNPATRIOTIC JVP enthusiastically pushing the 20th Amendment to strike the FINAL NAILS into the COFFIN of NOW SUPINE Mother Lanka’s heaving BREAST!

    I havew said it before, and I will say it again: President Sirisea shhould not back down ONE-INCH; he should SUSPEND the Parliament and SHUT IT DOWN under armed forces protection, DECLARE an EMERGENCY and IMPOSE Martia Law; EXPEL Ranil from the Temple Trees, charge him with Trespassing on Government Property and seek DAMAGES both Real and Punitive; and MOST IMPORTANTLY MOVE to HOLD a GEERAL Parliamentary ELECTION to DETERMINE the WILL of the PEOPLE!

    NEVER HAND the Government back to the ACCOMPLISHED CROOKS and TRAITORS of Ranil Baba ad his 40-Thieves without the SUPPPORT of the VOTERS of Sri Lanka!

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