A nation weeps and laments as one of the darkest and tragic  periods of history in this country is been unfolded
Posted on December 16th, 2018

Sudath Gunasekara


It was only  20 days ago on Nov 26, 2018. the patriotic Sinhala Buddhist  masses who love their motherland had some relief when Majhinda Rajapaks was sworn in as Prime Minister on the 26th of November as their Messiah (modern Dutugamunu of the Sinhala nation) and they  were jubilant and overjoyed as they felt that now they have their   leader once again at the steering of the nation. The news of the dessolution of Parliament that followed  further overjoyed the people with new hopes and great expectations that they can total anarchy and treacherous misrule under a rogue government headed by a PM who has no love or any feeling for this country or its people but only for political power openly serving the interests of anti national forces both at Home and abroad completly, ignoring the people of this country who voted them in to power.

But now the Supreme Court  has  declared the desoolution of Parliament is unconstitutional and thrown the baby with the clay water pan, both the baby and the clay pan have perished there is no point in trying to recover both. Instead we have to seriously look for a new baby and a new pan nas well. Alass, with this rather curious verdict, the peopel’s joy was short lived and now completely disappeared from the faces of all the people with whom sovereignty is supposed to rest under the Constitution that is supposed to be sacrocent.Who is culpable of this disaster is a moot question. However it must be made very clear that this SC decision affects only the desolurion of Parliament and it does not impinge on the legality of the appointment of the PM or the Cabinet. This point is made very clear from the following decision of the SC on the pettions  seeking a Quo Warranto  order  on the appointment of the PM and the Cabinet.

“The Supreme Court has granted leave to hear the appeal by Mahinda Rajapaksa against the interim order given by the Court of Appeal at the request of 122 MPP purported to be   saviours of democracy in this country comprising  UNP 102. TNA 14 and JVP 6 and also has rejected  to issue a stay order on the interim order restraining Mahinda Rajapaksa from holding office of Prime Minister and his Cabinet from functioning. It has also unanimously ordered the Appeal Court not to hear the petition against Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Cabinet holding office, until the Supreme Court hearing is over. This clearly says that the Mahinda Rajapaksa Cabinet is still leagal and therefore valid and I have no doubt that this is a good  news at least for one month for all the patriotiic people of this country who  love him “

Under this situation I opine there is no reason for MR to resing leaving the Cabinet dissolved untill the SC court decision on the appeal is given. I think he should have not resinged at least untill the SC ruling is given on this matter as he could have carried on until elections to Parliament are held in case the SC gives a favourable verdict.

However now that he has resigned, there is no point in talking about this postulation or hanging on to it by ordinary mortals like us. Nevertheless, as aperson who knows the crafty and  vicious mind of Ranil and proven ability to  manure and  design underhand treacheries, I am compelled  to think that this decision on MR’s part is yet another irrevercible blunder of fareaching political consequences for thim as well as the ountry and the nation. I would compare this  with his decision to go for Presidential elections in 2014, two years before the due date and also his decition to hand over the Presidency of the Party to MS  in 2015. If I were MR, intead of handing over the leadership I would have sacked MS from the post of Secretary of the party immediately after he  decided to contest as the comon candiate under the UNP and retained the leadership of the JO and  thereby retained the solid political power of the SLFP as well as the JO. Had that been done MS would never have been able to sack the Secretaries of the SLFP as well as the JO, thereby making him a prisoner in the hands of the UNP making him a lame duck and he could have never been able to appoint  Ranil as the PM on Jan 8th 2015. Jn the alternative he would have been compelled to work with a Governemnt headed by Mahinda Rajapaksa as the PM

That would also have avoided the10 billion Feb 2015 Central Bank scam as Ranil would never have been in power to all designings and conspiracies what he did and more over all subsequent ations taken by Ranil’s Government, including the 40 billion second CB scam ib 2016 detrimental to the country would have been avoided. To that extent I hold the view that both MS and MR have to take full responsibility or at least share it equally with Ranil  for all damages done to the country by the so-called yahaplanaya Government during the 4 1/2 years  including the 2 CB robbery 2016 that destroyed the countrie’s economy with spillover effects for generations to come.

Reverting to MR’s decision to resign why did MR take this illconcieved and hasty decision to me is a big puzzel.  I attribute this to three major factors. Firstly it may be  that he is fed up with never ending legal harrassings by this Government. Secondly he may have wanted to show the country that he is not power hungry like Ranil and he regards the country first than temporary political power. Lastly he did not have proper advice on the serious  and  long term political implications of this decision or he did not listned to it, even if it was given, as usual. Nevertheless I apprecite his decision if he ha staken it in consideration of the inconvenience caused to the country and the peole, in keeping with the ageold tradion of our ancient Kings.

It is undoubtedly magnanimous on his part as a true national leader. But this latest  decision will tigger  off another long chain of another reactions and confusions of unimaginable proportion and unpredictable repercussions for the counhtry for the following reasons.

The purported decsion, if it is true,on the part of the Presdient to allow some SLFP MPP to again join hands with Ranil and form a second second mariage in the guise of  a nonnational and anti-national “national Government” will  again takes the country back to square no 1. However having listen to the President’s address to Ranil and the UNP hierarchy at the President’s Office  on the eve of Ranil’s appointment as today I have my doubts as to whether he will allow any SLFP  MP to join the UNP. If they do I suggest he sack them.

Nevertheless one has to bare in mind the following realities as well in the complexities  one has to face in the days to come

1The President will now have to again preside over a more hostile and uncorpeartive Cabinet that takes decisions and try do things even without his knowledge.

2 Ranil W has only 102 seats in his UNF including the UNP, Muslim, Estate Tamils and  highly undependable  peopel like Champika who have their own private agendas and he will  not have the majority  in Praliament to form a stable Government unless he gets the TNA and JVP to support him. Now that the TNA and JVP have already  publicly declared that they will not give their support to Ranil (again not a reliable statement that could change at any time) we shold not forget that   both Tamil an dMuslim politicinas are real shylocks who will never support any Government without  the exact pound of flesh  from the heart.

3The TNA will never give their support unless they get a written promis  from Ranil (which he will of cause give as he will never get TNA support without that). If that happens the TNA will lose the Leader of the Opposition Job. If the UNP acceed to their demands  of merging the North and the East etc the UNP will be committing political suicide. The Speaker will also have to change his UNP stance (that was there in his head for the past 4 years) and will be compelled to accept the SLPP+SLFP as the true opposition in Parliament.

4 If the President again decides to allow few monkeys from the SLFP  to support Ranil once again he will be going back to square no1 by doing which he will be again making the same blunder he did in 2015 by taking 44 JO MPP to support Ranil

I only hope the President will not fall in to the same pit that he voluntarily jumped in 2015.

What ever said and done the Presidents appointment of MR as PM on the 26th has saved the country from the divion of the country in to 9 ethnic divisions with 9 separate Governements   by stopping the enactment of a federal Constitution in addition to many more disatrous betrayal that were designed to  be effected by the RAail Government before next April.

Let the Guardian Gods of this Island nation  give wisdom to stupid politicians to desist from their treacherous moves to destroy this country and the sinhalanation and its 2500 year old pristine civilization.

3 Responses to “A nation weeps and laments as one of the darkest and tragic  periods of history in this country is been unfolded”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ranil Baba of 40-Thieves INFAMY promises to “Restart Development”!

    Pray tell us: With what money?

    OBVIOUSLY, MORE LOANS BORROWED from Western Banks NO DOUBT, which will soon END UP in the UNP’s OWN COFFERS to FUND & PREPARE SAFE HAVENS ABROAD for the 40-Thieves in ANTICIPATION of their RE-OUSTING in the NEAR FUTURE, and will leave Sri Lanka STUCK NECK DEEP in DEBT!

    For the CROOKED leaders of the UNP, it is ESSENTIAL to have SAFE HAVEN in the Foreign Countries they SERVED in the Yamapalana YEARS; their COLLECTIVE NECKS DEPEND on it when the TIDE TURNS AGAINST THEM …. AS IT INEVITABLY WILL … in the NEAR FUTURE.

    So, OODLES of MONEY have to be STOLEN from so-called DEVELOPMENT FUNDS they plan to BORROW!

    It is RUMORED that the former Finance Minister of “Mama Danney Naha” fame, who when questioned by the FCID DISAVOWED knowledge of his own wife and daughters, and how he came to be living in a luxury apartment GIFTED by the CENTRAL BANK BOND SCAMMERs, is AGAIN going to be appointed FINANCE MINISTER in charge of the National TREASURY! God HELP Sri Lanka, there is NO END to this OUTRIGHT THEFT permitted by the SHORT TERM MEMORY of the PUBLIC!

    Think it will not happen?


    Every time Ranil Baba has been APPOINTED PM, MASSIVE SCAMS have been PERPETRATED. Rs 11 Billion within 3 months of his FIRST APPOINTMENT in Jan 2015; Rs 30 Billion within 3 months of his SECOND APPOINTMENT as PM in Aug. 2015, and if HISTORY REPEATS, how many Billions of Rs will be stolen after his THIRD APPOINTMENT as PM in Dec, 2018!

    In the Peoples Republic of China, Top Executives are EXECUTED for MASSIVE THEFTS such as these.

    How will Sri Lanka HOLD THESE CROOKS ACCOUNTABLE?? By allowing them to FLEE the country into SAFE RETIREMENTS ABROAD??

  2. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    යහපාලන රජයේ බැඳුම්කර මගඩිය නිසා මේ වනවිට භාණ්‌ඩාගාර බිල්පත් සහ බැඳුම්කර පොලී අනුපාත විශාල ලෙස ඉහළ ගොස්‌ ඇතැයි හිටපු මහ බැංකු අධිපති අජිත් නිවාඩ් කබ්රාල් මහතා zදිවයිනZ ට කීවේය.

    2015 පෙබරවාරි මාසයේදී උද්ධමනය අඩුවෙමින් තිබුණත් මේ බැඳුම්කර මගඩිය නිසා පොලී අනුපාත ඉහළ ගිය බව ද ඔහු කීවේය. මේ අනුව රජයට දේශීය ණය තොගය සඳහා සියයට 3 ත් 4 ත් අතර ප්‍රමාණයක්‌ වැඩියෙන් පොලී ගෙවීමට සිදුව ඇති බව ද ඔහු කියයි.

    මේ අනුව 2014 දෙසැම්බර් 31 දින වන විට පැවැති මාස තුනේ භාණ්‌ඩාගාර බිල්පත් පොලී අනුපාතය 2018.11.30 දින වනවිට සියයට 9.87 දක්‌වාද මැයි මාසේ භාණ්‌ඩාගාර බිල්පත් පොලී අනුපාතය සියයට 5.86 සිට සියයට 10.37 දක්‌වා ද එසේම මාස දොළහේ භාණ්‌ඩාගාර බිල්පත් පොලී අනුපාතය සියයට 6.04 සිට සියයට 11.11 දක්‌වාද ඉහළ ගොස්‌ ඇතැයි ඔහු සඳහන් කරයි.

    එසේම වර්ෂ 2 සිට වර්ෂ 30 දක්‌වා නිකුත් කර ඇති සෑම භාණ්‌ඩාගාර බැඳුම්කර පොලී අනුපාතයක්‌ම 2014.12.31 දින සිට පසුගිය 2018.11.31 දින වන විට සැලකිය යුතු ලෙස ඉහළ ගොස්‌ ඇත.

    මේ අනුව එම කාලයේදී වර්ෂ දෙකේ භාණ්‌ඩාගාර බැඳුම්කර පොලිය සියයට 6.22 සිට සියයට 11.35 දක්‌වාද, වර්ෂ පහේ බැඳුම්කර පොලිය සියයට 7.26 සිට සියයයට 11.75 දක්‌වා ද,

    වර්ෂ හයේ භාණ්‌ඩාගාර බැඳුම්කර පොළිය 7.57 සිට සියයට 11.87 දක්‌වාද වර්ෂ අටේ භාණ්‌ඩාගාර බැඳුම්කර පොලිය සියයට 7.91 සිට සියයට 11.98 දක්‌වාද

    වර්ෂ 10 භාණ්‌ඩාගාර බැඳුම්කර පොලිය සියයට 7.99 සිට සියයට 12.13 දක්‌වාද

    වර්ෂ 15 භාණ්‌ඩාගාර බැඳුම්කර පොලිය සියයට 8.58 සිට සියයට 12. 30 දක්‌වාද

    වර්ෂ 20 භාණ්‌ඩාගාර බැඳුම්කර පොලිය සියයට 9.15 සිට සියයට 12.45 දක්‌වා සහ

    වර්ෂ 30 භාණ්‌ඩාගාර බැඳුම්කර පොලිය සියයට 9.27 සිට සියයට 12.30 දක්‌වාද ඉහළ ගොස්‌ ඇතැයි හිටපු බැංකු අධිපති අජිත් නිවාඩ් කබ්රාල් මහතා තවදුරටත් පවසයි.

    ශ්‍යාම් නුවන් ගනේවත්ත

  3. Nimal Says:

    Nation weeps and lament that we have no honest politicians in the country. Give the country back to the colonials, that is if they bother to take over and the colonial types and their countries are saddled with a sizable amount of people who want to live on welfare not willing to work.So we have to usher our selves good governance and demand it from the politicians and others who are running the country because we the taxpayers and the people at large are suffering.
    We are now going back to the era of 1818 and 1848 where few are fighting for their exclusive privileges and bugger the rest of us the majority.
    All dishonest include RW,MR seem to venerate before the Sanga to hood wink us, instead of visiting to inspect the poor state of our hospitals,schools,road ethics and even the slowcoach of our justice system. All these common problems doesn’t affect the privileged people close to the politicians.

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