Posted on December 18th, 2018


Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe, the Prime Minister and the leader of UNP has expressed at the victory rally held in Galle Face ground that he will form a new political front, which predominantly focus on abolishing the executive presidency with a view to transforming the political system to a parliamentary democracy with a cabinet government. The motive of Mr Wickremasinghe is, in fact, honestly to abolish the executive presidency or to coverup his weaknesses and failures in governing the country during the yahapalana regime aiming at re-electing in the next election, is quite difficult to understand. Politically, Mr Wickremasinghe experience and performance were a massive failure during the yahapalana regime as he was leading to destroy the unity and the economy allowing for massive corruptions done by his friends and colleague and the association with TNA which has prime aim to divide the country. He also ruined the entire rural economy, which is the heart of the country.  In fact, people of Sri Lanka do not want revisiting old political slogans such as abolishing executive presidency, but they want re-establishing the destroyed economy and making justice punishing to corrupt friends of Mr Wickremasinghe who robbed the country. People also want political stability like traditional kings, in the system cantered the authority to a head of state elected by the vote of people.

The executive presidency, which is inaudibly like traditional rule of Kings and Mr JR Jayewardene had clearly explained that why Sri Lanka wanted an executive presidential system to the country (Please read the book, Jayewardene of Sri Lank – A Political Biography by K.M. De Silva and Howard Wiggins).  When presidential system was commenced in 1978, people of the country was annoyed with the so-called democratic cabinet government, which was a ground of jokers. The executive president who is elected by the votes of people reflect the sovereignty and firm decision-making power to the country.

During the time of Mr J.R. Jayewardene, many economic decisions were made for the country and supported to uplift the rural economy empowering poor people as the new economic system gave a price to each product and service of regional Sri Lanka. Mr Premadasa as executive president further made decisions for the empowerment of rural people and Mrs Chandrika Bandaranaike as executive president attempted to change her own political party from traditional socialism to liberal system and withdrew the power of the Prime Minister when he was attempted to tactical strategies that were vicious to the country.  Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa as an executive president like J.R. Jayewardene used the system to eliminate terrorism as well vicious dividing elements of the country and opened the way for economic policy implementation and a balanced growth between rural and urban areas. Mr Rajapaksa never allowed to divide the country.  Mr. Maithripala Sirisena as an Executive President effectively worked to defeat the separatism disguisedly work with UNP and control external conspiracies that were harmful to unity of Sri Lanka.

Executive presidency seems that it is a necessary evil to the country. The parliament in Sri Lanka is the most disgusted place to people and many people in the country state that MPs are like frogs jumping one side to other accepting bribes. They are elected to the parliament from the free votes of people and after the election, they do horse trading or relegate to tendering the status of them for the highest bidders. The quality of MPs is like a frog living in a well, many of them have no good education, skills and experience.  The cabinet of the government also consist of MPs selected from the frogs of the parliament.  In this environment, Mr Wickremasinghe’s alternative strategy is to abolish the executive presidency and releasing frogs to a pool allowing them to play.  These types of policies do not want Sri Lankans and with these policies there is no doubt that Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe will be achieved nothing at the next general election or the presidential election.

The desire of Sri Lankans is not to creating a misguided Orumiththa Nadu, but a strong unitary state, which cannot be divided the country and support the building integrity of the nation. This will be ensured only with an executive presidency but not with a pool of progs.  I don’t think that people of Sri Lanka can be misled second time. Now people are vigilante on what is Wickremasinghe planning to do. No leader in the world attempt go against the wish of the own people.

Mr Ranil Wickramasinghe has already left the Temple Tree to his house.  It means that he has already accepted the defeat at the next general election. However, people of Sri Lanka have no clear understanding of the consequences of a new constitution, which mainly focus to divide the power to provinces with a unification of the North and East.  The system of the devolution of power also confirm that the central government has no authority to put hand on provincial governments affairs. This means the proposed constitution is to divide the country beyond a federal system and it is surely a dividing the country.   When the new situation achieved through new constitution, foreign forces can use Sri Lanka with the support of North and East government to establish their ports and airports and sometimes they can use Sri Lanka for their weapon testing and even nuclear testing purposes. The people of Sri Lanka have no clear understanding about this and Mr Wickramasinghe secretly works out with Western forces.  When there is an executive president, vicious strategy could be securitized by the executive presidential system and that is why Sri Lanka should not be abolished the executive presidential system.

There are tremendous problems with the 19th amendment to the constitution.  According to current experience of the country, although various committees established in terms of the 19th amendment, they are not working well and the system of appointing members to the committees are subject to political preferences and ruling party can influence the committee. The best example is the election committee, which failed to conduct elections on time in the country.  The postponing was UNP tactical strategy and the election commission has supported to vicious elements of UNP.  The audit committee has failed to conduct a forensic audit in relation to Central Bank Bond Scam and there are many failures in the committee system.

When there is an executive president in the country, the president can order the committee to impartially work.

Therefore, executive presidency will bring many benefits to Sri Lanka and it shouldn’t be abolished.


  1. Dilrook Says:

    Executive presidency must be abolished as promised by Chandrika, Mahinda and Sirisena in winning the presidential elections first time. They soon forgot their promise.

    It turns minorities into kingmakers post-war.

    EP in the hands of a traitor or a fool can cause massive harm to the nation.

    JVP must bring an amendment to the Constitution to abolish EP as per the procedure stipulated by the Supreme Court recently. This is the perfect time to do it.

    It is foolish to think a Rajapaksa can easily win the next presidential election. It will be very difficult unless he/she promises nationalist policies. Nationalists demand what is good for the nation and they are willing to risk defeat of any candidate if he/she is unable to uphold the national interest. No candidate who cannot promise to abrogate 13A deserves the votes of patriots and nationlists. Unless such a strong approach is taken, Buddhists will remain doormats of Bathurudeen, Hakeem, Thonda, Summathiran, etc.

  2. Charles Says:

    Yest Executive President is important when the people are denied their democratic rights by those who govern or those who interpet the Constitution.. The decision taken by the President to issue the gazette notification dissolving the Parliament was, besides the question of the Constitutional right, was to allow the people their democratic right to remove the set of Parliamentarians elected, and elect a new set to give them hope for a better living conditions. The decision taken by the President was not unconsittutional.

    The Courts interpret the Constitution. Though there can be several interepretations possible, we have to accept as correct the interpretation of the courts whether that decision is accepted by a majority or not ( what happens to the Democratic issue if those who do not agree with the Judicial decision is a majority).

    Hence in these countries where there is a strict separation of the Executive,Legislature and the Judiciary , with the Judiciary becomes the final authority in the application of the Constitution. The judiciary becomes all powerful creating a Dictator ship of the Judiciary.

    Sri Lanka has a serious political problem and the Government under Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe had proved beyond any doubt that he had not solved any problems of the country during the past three and half years and will not be able to do any better in future. Yet, though the Ariticle 33 had given the President a way out of the political impass to dissolve the Paliament and give the people their democratic right to elect a new set of Parliamentarians, the Courts said no to that democratice right and stuck to Article 70 of the Constituion and said the President cannot dissolve the Parliament for four and a half years.

    Who thinks that that was a correct, a good, fair, and democrartically acceptable judgement ? In this situation an Executive President should have the right to go beyond the Judicial Ruling to dissolve the Parliament and allow a General Election to be called., without allowing the people to continue o suffer under political mismanagement by an inefficient Prime Minister without any poliyical vision to give the people a better standard of life

  3. aloy Says:

    Agree fully with Edward and Charles. So, what are the options available to prez to prevent a situation where UNP and JVP try to divide the country as per the wishes of reactionary forces?. They are now debating the issue of 20A in the parliament. If the correct amount is paid the frogs will jump and will vote for it in the first round. They will sneak in what is required and circumvent a referendum. The prez should not bow down to sentiments and keep quiet until the job is done. After the first vote Pez should prorogue the parliament and go for a referendum asking whether the parliament should be dissolved. That will put an end to this drama.

  4. Hiranthe Says:

    If any resolution detrimental to Mother lanka is passed in the Parliament, the opposition lead by MR should be also accountable.

    They cannot escape simply by blaming the Traitors UNP, JVP and TNA.

    The have to answer the nation too!!

    Only Hon Sarath Weerasekara voted against the 19A.

    We need the Executive Presidency in FULL POWER at least until the LieTTE killers give up their demand voiced through the TNA Parliamentarian hyenas.

    The day the EP is abolished, you can see Fire crackers and Kiri Bath in the North and East going for days similar to RUN-NIL’s coming back to PM’s seat.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    In ONE WORD: NO!


    Also, the post of PM should be ABOLISHED, and the Parliament RESTRICTED to Legislative Matters and Approving the Budget presented to it by the EXECUTIVE PRESIDENT!

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    FURTHERMORE, the COMPOSITION, FUNCTIOING and POWERS of the Supreme Court should be CLOSELEY EXAMINED and RESTRICTIONS IMPOSED on it to ASSURE that the SC holds the National Interest & SafetyParamount, not just the wording of a ROUTINELY MANIPULATED Constitution!

    In a Supreme Court judges Panel composed of 6 Chritians and 1 Buddhist, the RECENT DECISION AGAINST the President’s dismissal of the Yahapalanaya Govt and Calling for NEW Parliamentary Elections was a FOREGONE CONCLUSION!

    The COMPOSITION of that SC Panel of Judges was HEAVILY WEIGHTED against the Buddhist Majority of Sri Lanka!

    Please Correc me if I am WRONG in saying this!

  7. Nihal Perera Says:

    Agree with Hiranthe..

    If EP is abolished Tamil separatists of the North/East will be the biggest winners. As we have seen already, the Parliamentarians joined by UNP/TNA/Muslim/JVP cannot be trusted to save the country. One of the biggest demand by TNA so far is to abolish EP. Why? Because they know that as long as there is a powerful presidency they cannot achieve their number one goal: separation.

    Therefore EP is absolutely necessary, at least for a foreseeable future…

  8. Nihal Perera Says:

    Fully agree with Ananda-USA too….

  9. Geeth Says:

    I too think executive presidency is the only security we have; it is impediment that can resist the internal and external threats, therefore it should be made even more powerful. The 19th must trash ASAP. But I am not sure if the PM position should be eliminated, if we think we should, then there must be some constitutional mechanism to create effective checks and balances to tackle dictatorships that might create in the presidency, that could go astray, functioning on complete anti-national agenda, such as Ranil.

    Folks, don’t forget, creating absolute power is a double-edged weapon. When we have a patriotic president, it would be great; but if we have a traitor or a mentally sick in office, like Ranil, then it would be a bigger problem.
    Christian community, a large majority of them in SL traditionally trusted UNP, that was their traditional belief. And the catholic action is still alive and running the show behind the curtain. Whatever the profession we are in, still we all will be human with all our strengths and weaknesses, and above all with all our prejudices. Our leniencies always governed by our prejudices, however we try to be objective, still that eternal-truth prevails.
    This reality is valid even for Judges. Yes, correct me too, if I am wrong.

    Therefore, I think the panel of judges must have been diverse and proportionate to the sensitivities of the people. But no one pointed that out. It’s bad. In some other countries people can request to remove some judges if they have no trust on them. I do not know how that works in SL.

    Yes, we need to re think of a new constitution to tackle the dangers to our survival as a unitary state.

  10. Charles Says:

    I agree with Ananda, the present SC that decided on the gazette issue is anti Buddbhist. I saw some where even the Chief Justice has a connection to some Church of Fatima. Judge Abrew the worst of the lot insisted on the four and half year period of imprisoning of the people and deny their use of their democratic rights by the court decision. The President and the Parliamentarians are elected representaive of the people and people can hold them responsible and vote them out, but the Judges of the SC court that decided on the rights of the people to exercise their democrqtic and human right are not elected representative of the people and therefore they exercise a Judicial Dictatorship over the people. We cannot go to a foreign court on the issue as they are against Sri Lanka. I wonder whether the UN or the Security Council could advice on the matter.

  11. Nihal Perera Says:

    I have also heard that the present Chief Justice is a born-again Christian. I am not sure if this is true or not…?

    However, one thing I am aware of that unlike other Christians (Catholic, Anglican, etc…) these born-again Christians are extremists who are under the impression that Buddhism should not be given the prominence in Sri Lanka.

    Case in point: born-again Christian Rosie Senanayake , the present Colombo Mayor and a Ranil devotee, who has openly expressed that the main cause of the ethnic and social unrest in SL is the result of having Buddhism as the prominent religion.

    Even Catholic Arch Bishop Malcom Ranjith condemned her statement, saying that SL is a Buddhist country and Buddhism should always be the prominent religion.

    There is no doubt that anti Sinhala-Buddhist sentiment is behind many decisions by the Judiciary, and the UNP-controlled Parliament. I think one of the obvious case was jailing of Gnanasara Thera of BBS.

    Unfortunately, majority of Sinhala-Buddhists in SL are either ignorant or in the dark when it comes to these under current forces that influence nation’s higher institutions like Supreme Courts, Parliament, etc..

    We need to be fully aware of the dark forces that could hijack our country to achieve their hidden agendas…


    Minorities like to see executive Presidency is abolished. Parliament election system is already biased, TNA getting 16 seats, with only 500000 votes.

    EP need to be further strengthened.

  13. Dilrook Says:

    TNA’s 14 seats is just 6% of the total parliament of 225 seats. Though it is higher than the percentage they won due to bonus seats and low voters’ turnout, “Sri Lankan” Tamil votes are about 12%.

    At the last presidential election, 10% of the “Sri Lankan” Tamil vote (out of 12%) went to TNA nominated Sirisena.

    This clearly shows how “Sri Lankan” Tamils have a higher clout (4% more) in presidential elections than in parliamentary elections.

    The same is true for Muslims, Upcountry Tamils and Christians. Close to 85% of them rejected Mahinda in 2015. However, they always join the winner of parliamentary elections even Mahinda.

    There is another aspect. UNP can get minority votes without offering much because minorities are generally UNP friendly. However, for a Rajapaksa or another outside the UNP, they must offer more federal (more devolution), Wilpattu, Ministry of Justice, etc. to get even 15% of minority votes at a presidential election. This turns the more “patriotic” candidate into the opposite.

    When there was no EP, our leaders took bold decisions – Citizenship Act, Sinhala Only, Prevention of Social Disabilities Act, Supreme place to Buddhism (1972), nationalization of oil companies, China-Ceylon rubber-rice pact, etc. Since EP was introduced, no such bold decisions were made. In fact, EPs reversed all those previous bold decisions in fear of losing minority votes.

    2019 presidential election will be keenly contested. At least one true Sinhala patriot will contest it with the bold promise to abrogate 13A, ETCA (official or unofficial), Singapore FTA, respectable reconciliation, no war crimes investigations whatsoever, a stop to extremism and Wahabism, etc. This will divide the Sinhala vote. The fault is with the cowards who cannot match these promises yet shamelessly claims to be Sinhala. It is time to put an end to politicians taking Sinhala voters for granted at presidential elections. Appease Sinhala voters or lose the election.

    When BJP started, it was a write off. But gradually it grew by championing majority interests. Ultimately it destroyed western-backed IC. It takes time to build a true and bold patriotic party but it must start somewhere.

  14. Randeniyage Says:

    I cannot find any fault with Dilrook’s arguments. Good if someone else could prove it than simply repeating what is in media.
    There are individuals who have promised exactly what Dilrook, as a “Sinhala patriot”, asked for. Even if they fail by a lot this time , this process has to be started unless we could force “thieves” to be “patriots” with only weapon called “votes”.

  15. Ananda-USA Says:

    I heard on Derana Wada Pitiya that ALL SC Justices were appointed by a Committee set up by the Yamapalanaya, and that the Committee REJECTED ALL of President Sirisena’s Nominee recommendations.

    So, it seems that the SC was stacked with Ranil’s STOOGES. Is it any wonder then that they DELIVER everything that is of BENEFIT to Ranil Baba of 40-Thieves INFAME?

    To them, IT DOES NOT MATTER that a ROBBER BARON has been placed in charge of the Nation and its Treasury as a result of their decision.

    This DEFICIT in PATRIOTISM at the highest level of our JUDICIARY is TOTALLY DESTRUCTIVE to the health and survival of our Motherland. It MUST BE RECTIFIED as soon as possible.

  16. Dilrook Says:

    In a year’s time those who support EP will regret it and blame Sinhala people. That too the real patriots will get blamed for promising to abrogate 13A and other patriotic things. Only country where the master gets blame for servant selection!

    Until EP was introduced minorities came after the majority begging. After EP was introduced the majority goes after the minorities begging. All devolution nonsense (1981, 1985, 1987, 1990, 1995, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2018) started after EP. This is likely to continue as long as EP stays.

    Thonda, Hakeem, Ashroff, Bathurdeen, Devananda, etc. are perpetual ministers thanks to EP. They have rid their districts of Sinhala people as much as they could. All EPs and aspirants are fearful of them.

    While no Sri Lankan PM spoke Tamil Nadu language, at least 3 EPs put a lot of effort to speak in Tamil Nadu language. Shows how cowardly they are. The nation is dragged down by the EP post-war.

    If JVP is unable to get it abolished after 3 EPs promised the JVP to do so (Chandrika, Mahinda and Sirisena), the JVP must contest the next presidential election.

  17. Christie Says:

    Indian Empire introduced Executive President and 9 Administrative districts as 9 States with the kelp of Quarter Indian J R Jayewardene.

    Since then Indian Colonial Parasites’ block vote decide who run the Indian Colony.

  18. Geeth Says:

    I like your ideas, but unfortunately, I have to refute this time.

    Executive Precedency has its pros and cons. Yes, it still has. Those who supported the EP then in 1978, against it now. Those who opposed it throughout, now support it. Can’t you see the reason why this strange change of heart? The reason is nothing but our historical time and the world political culture has changed. It is not only about electorate in Sri Lanka now; it is about global players, money power, regional players, and their money power and influence, geopolitical reasons, corrupt situation of the internal pollical culture. Corrupt parliament, the weakness of Westminster system. Everything.

    Ranil knows that he will never be able to elect as EP through the electorate so he is against it. It’s a personal reason. JVP knows they too cannot, so they too against it. The international community against it because EP limits their ability to manipulate internal politics in SL and biggest impediment for their separatist agenda. The separatists against it, because they too know that the fundamental impediment for their separate state agenda is EP system. And they know if they go back to violence again, they will learn the same lesson if EP is there conducting the war. We and large majority were against it then, when the polity was not so polluted like today, but support it now because it has become a counter force to balance this abject corruption in our political culture. We support it now because there are so many external players playing in the internal politics now. There are so much corruption including bribery that has polluted decision-making process in Sri Lanka today.

    If my memory serves right, JRJ’s sworn-in ceremony was held on Gall-face green in 1978 when he sworn-in as the first executive president. The announcers/commentators addressed him as “Janaadhipathi uthumaanan wahanse,” (ජනාධිපති උතුමාණන් වහන්සේ) a weird term coined by Hudson Samarasinghe I think. When the general-strike in 1980 was successful in the first few days paralyzing the entire country, the “ATHTHA” (ඇත්ත) newspaper came-up with this triumphant headline phrase… “Wahanse Haansiyi.” (වහන්සේ හාන්සියි). But then what happened, ‘Wahanse’ වහන්සේ struck back taking everyone by surprise putting entire leftist movement to be fully Hansiyi හාන්සියි forever. The left never recovered from it again. Then only we realized the real power of EP. That experience made us to be even more antagonistic toward EP in our entire life.

    Our family lost three jobs in that strike in 1980. It was a family tragedy, never to recover for almost twenty years; a bitter experience for us never to say ‘yes’ for the EP ever again. But we approve it now for the selfsame reasons/powers that it had exercised to destroy us. Do you know why? Because that power is the only hope that can resist all the internal and external conspiracies that are hellbent on dividing our country. We put our country first sidelining our personal feelings. That’s why we support it.

    But today in this globalist era where color revolutions are daily occurrence and experiences, and deposing elected presidents, like in Ukraine, and civil war situations largely waged by foreign mercenaries to topple elected leaders like in Syria, we do really want to have fully powered EP to deal with such global conditions. Do you think Rajapaksha would be allowed to win the war if the war effort was depended on Westminster system parliament? Don’t forget Victoria Nuland, former US assistant sec. for European Aff. has admitted that US spent billions of dollars in Ukrainian affairs. Then John Kerry, former Sec. State has admitted that millions or billions has spent in SL affairs. Where did this money go?

    You’ve said…“the real patriots will get blamed for promising to abrogate 13A and other patriotic things.
    I have Questions…

    How can one become patriot by abrogating EP. What is the relevance? How come supporting the idea of selecting the president through corrupt parliament, or completely abrogating EP become patriotic? Suppose JVP and UNP will be successful in their pursuit of abrogating it. Would they become patriots afterward?

    Begging for vote was existing in our political culture even before the EP introduced.

  19. Geeth Says:

    Please don’t forget the reason why I compared your 13th abrogation with EP system abrogation is because it insinuates similarity in these two affairs. If you didn’t mean it please ignore it.

  20. Dilrook Says:

    Mahinda could have easily won the war as PM without EP. 4 EPs failed to win the war. Only 1 managed to win because of his firm beliefs. The war dragged on for so long thanks to EP. Otherwise JR could have ended it. Compare how Sirima as PM and how 2 EPs handled 2 JVP insurrections. Sirima handled it within days with least number of deaths. But After EP, it needed 2 EPs and scores of innocents killed to resolve it.

    Sirima and even Sir John once stood up to far worse international pressure than Mahinda and succeeded. In fact, Mahinda received international support from those cultivated boldly by PM Sirima.

    EP is not the solution to “colour revolutions”. Most ousted leaders by colour revolutions were either EPs or similar single powerful heads. Mahinda was also defeated by western regime change agents with a small amount of money invested in advertising, NGOs and in astrologers. This is a receipe for disaster. Parliamentary governance is stronger and stable.

    Mahinda totally supports abolishing EP.

    Ranil does not support abolishing EP. He wants it continued.

    Don’t forget 13A was born thanks to EP. The EP committed the country to 13A and a lot more with the Indo-Lanka Peace Accord when all in parliament except one rejected it. After it became invalid due to the end of the war, the EP gave 3 assurances to India (May 21), the UN (May 23) and the UNHRC (May 27) for the continuation of 13A and even 13 Plus.

    Sirisena was supported by UNP, TNA and NGOs on Singapore Principles (2013). Please read what they are. That’s how he won the election.

    60% of Sinhalese rejected Sirisena but still he could become the EP. This is a mockery of the majority and democracy. This type of nonsense can never happen in parliamentary governance. The choice of the majority always wins. Minorities join them afterwards begging for ministerial security and ministries.

    Sinhala percentage keeps falling post war as Tamils and Muslims have a massive population growth rate and India floods the island with Tamils and other Indians. It means in the near future even if 65% off Sinhalese reject a candidate, if he/she is supported by minorities, he/she will win.

    Imagine what would happen to India if it had an EP? Nationalist BJP can never win it. Pro-Muslim Congress with always win it and turn India into Pakistan-2.

    Before EP was introduced, begging minorities for support was not there particularly in the blue camp. Winning majority support was sufficient. Minorities joined thereafter anyway. After EP was introduced the two main candidates competes with each other to venerate minority leaders. Look at the ministries and other dowry these people got from Mahinda – trade and investment, justice (yes ministry of justice), Wilpattu, resettlement (billions of dollars involved). Even LTTE leaders KP and KA had to be treated like VVIPs by the EP fearing loss of minority votes. Minorities never had so much power before EP.

  21. Dilrook Says:

    Not sure if this comment is appropriate here. But it is a hot topic today. USA has set up another military facility in Sri Lanka. We already have plenty including Iranawila since 1980s.

    This was set up as per the agreement signed in 2007 which was renewed in 2017. The agreement was never presented to parliament. It was signed not by anyone at the foreign affairs ministry or anyone who can bind the nation officially. It was signed by the Defence Secretary and Robert Blake on March 5, 2007! I don’t now how a ministry secretary can sign such an important agreement. What is even more intriguing is at the time of the signing, both signatories were Americans.

    If we think China and Russia are unaware of this or don’t care, we are utter fools. China and Russia must have blacklisted the parties involved already because whatever USA does, it is against Russia and China. If a party to the agreement tries to become president, Russia and China will have very strong reservations. They are unforgiving given the world situation.

    Mind you this is the best candidate we can have for president. Not worth talking about the rest.

  22. Randeniyage Says:

    It was signed by the Defence Secretary and Robert Blake on March 5, 2007! I don’t now how a ministry secretary can sign such an important agreement.
    Very sad the plight of the country. Is the man who signed Ranil’s someone , like Mahahoradran ?

  23. Geeth Says:

    Please watch this video. If you don’t want to watch it in full, please drag the slider to 19th minute and watch it. You will see that Dr. Jayampathi let the cat out of the bag.

  24. Geeth Says:

    It is not the systems at fault here. It’s the people who hold positions at fault. When a person who is caring about his/her country and people, they do a better job and when we have soulless stooges in those positions, they do a bad job. Simple as such. All presidents we had were either Colombians or under Colombians except Mahinda Rajapaksa’s first tenure in the office. After the war, he also got entrapped in the Colombian ruse/trap and paid dearly. MS was under Colombian diktat until very lately, but trying to get out of it at the very end now.

    However, most important thing is, after reading your 2 comments I kind of getting this strange feeling which indulges me to conclude that you are pushing the UNP political theories very shrewdly in the disguise of extreme nationalism. Correct me if I am wrong. It is very fishy Dilrook. Please pardon me if I have got it wrong completely.

    Your comment deserves a full article worth of response Dilrook.

  25. Geeth Says:

    Please read this edited version of the comment.
    It is not the systems at fault here. It’s the people who hold positions at fault. When a person who is caring about his/her country and people holding these positions, they do a better job and when we have soulless stooges in those positions, they do a bad job. Simple as such. All presidents we had were either Colombians or under Colombians except Mahinda Rajapaksa’s first tenure in the office. After the war, he also got entrapped in the Colombian ruse/trap and paid dearly. MS was under Colombian diktat until very lately, but trying to get out of it at the very end now.

    However, most important thing is, after reading your 2 comments I kind of getting this strange feeling which indulges me to conclude that you are pushing the UNP political theories very shrewdly in the disguise of extreme nationalism. Correct me if I am wrong. It is very fishy Dilrook. Please pardon me if I have got it wrong completely.

    Your comment deserves a full article worth of response Dilrook.

  26. Dilrook Says:

    I do push for the nationalist agenda. I don’t care about the UNP, SLFP or SLPP or any other. I want 13A out, Sri Lanka to become a true unitary nation again, Sinhala and Buddhism must have the pride of place they deserve and minorities must be scaled back down to where they belong.

    It is not an extreme nationalist agenda. It is a reasonable nationalist agenda essential for this nation to survive.

    Any party can win in the short term but in the long term we need a nationalist party that upholds those values to rule this nation. It must start from somewhere. We cannot give up saying that will help the UNP, SLFP or SLPP in the short term. That is petty politics. The nation is above that.

    In 1999, Venerable Soma demanded that Buddhists boycott the presidential election unless either of the main candidates shed their extreme Tamil appeasement tactics. Some politicians called him a UNP supporter! He was planning to build a long term movement to protect the nation and was willing to suffer in the short term.

    I will actively push for a nationalist agenda at the 2019 presidential election to end the plight of Sinhalese who have become doormats. Patriots are not to be taken for granted. If a politician wants to win enough patriotic voters, become a patriot. Otherwise, lose.

  27. Geeth Says:

    Thank you Dilrook for your honest answer. Sorry, I was carried away by certain things you had written. I apologize.

  28. Dilrook Says:


    You don’t have to apologize. You are entitled to your opinion.

    My only concern is the economic, political and other survival of the Sinhala community. If we let ourselves to be taken for doormats, we betray our heritage, our children, our language, our culture, our unique religion, our values, etc. These are not expendables in a battle between politicians. These are far more valuable than those dirt.

    As to political matters. I was made to understand that Mahinda is in very bad health and he may become unable to function as he wishes. He is already well above the average life expectancy of a man of his generation. He must hand over the baton to someone capable. Certainly not to anyone in his family as they are no leaders. They are only followers. If he fails to do so, SLPP will collapse.

  29. Geeth Says:

    Okay, let me withdraw my apology. Ha, ha! I am just messing with you.

    Well, Mr. Dilrook, please write an article and let us see your comprehensive argument about the reason why you think EP is not an option. And tell us why you think that parliamentary democracy can resist all the internal and external threats creating a pretty dangerous ‘existential threat’ to the very existence of unitary state, despite the fact that existing order of the parliament is so corrupt, and the members are there to be sold out for the highest bidders.
    So, then others also can bring their counter arguments.

  30. Christie Says:

    We have two groups of people in our country.

    Indian Colonial Parasites who arrived with the British like in other British-Indian Colonies. eg. Mauritius, Hiji, Africa etc.

    People who were here before the arrival of Indian Colonial Parasites stated above.

    Indian Colonial Parasites are a block vote. They vote as directed by Indian imperialists.

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