Sinhala infighting, discrimination faced by the Sinhalese and emergence of the Tamil Eelam
Posted on December 21st, 2018

Chanaka Bandarage

  1. It is Sinhala infighting that will bringforth the country’s downfall and creation of the Eelam
  2. Denying the Sinhalese the right to live in most parts of the north and the east and other acts of discrimination against them in those areas is the biggest problem that Sri Lanka faces today

Sri Lanka is the oldest democracy in Asia where Universal Suffrage was implemented in 1931.  We had successful state council elections in 1931, 1936 and a parliamentary election in 1947. In the 1947 election, Sinhalese overwhelmingly voted for DS Senanayake’s UNP.  He became the Prime Minister.  LSSP having  secured 10% of the total vote became the main opposition party with Dr NM Perera becoming the Leader of the Opposition.  Tamil parties were insignificant then and there were nil Muslim political parties.   Unlike today the Sinhalese then were not divided on party political lines.  They voted en-mass for the major Sinhalese political party – UNP.  With the defection of SWRD Bandaranaike to the opposition in 1951 where he formed his own political party – SLFP, the Sinhalese became a heavily divided community, based on party political lines.  Sinhala infighting commenced with grassroots members of UNP and SLFP clashing against each other during election times and thereafter.  Violence, thuggery, vote rigging, lies and various election malpractices have become a hallmark of the Sri Lankan elections.  The ugly scenes we witnessed in the parliament recently are simply a reflection of this.

In the past 67 years, though the majority Sinhalese have fought out fiercely among each other based  on party political lines, the Tamils and Muslims have always been careful not to follow suit.  Like what the Sinhalese did from 1931 to 1947, having wisdom, they have always stuck to their own ethnic candidate when it came for voting.  Thus, in today’s parliament neither the UNP nor the SLFP (for this essay Pohottuwa is included therein) are struggling to form a majority government.  They are compelled to seek support from minority political parties, who in turn make most unreasonable and unjust demands.  TNA is the best example.

It is very clear that in the future no person/party would be able to come to power in Presidential/Parliamentary elections without the direct support of minority parties who have grown enormously since 1931.  How did they manage to grow this much, it is time for the Sinhalese to take a stock of it.  This is important as the growth of the minority populations will continue to rise in time.  Sinhalese would not be able to state they are comprised of 75% of the population.  Recently a Buddhist monk from Dambulla stated on radio that the Sinhala population now in the country should be in the middle to late sixty percentage mark than the middle of seventy (also taking into account the large number of illegal immigrants in the country).  How much truth is in that statement, the writer is unsure.

It is high time we Sinhalese realise that it is an utter foolish thing to fight among ourselves based on party political lines.  A true patriot will assess actions of political parties and their leaders on a piecemeal basis – how they react when Sinhalese rights are affected or threatened to be affected.  A true patriot will criticise unpatriotic acts committed by political party/leaders, no matter how faithful they are to them.  This is because the true patriot’s foremost loyalty lies with the nation, not with the political party and the leaders that they support.

Unfortunately this is not happening today.  Patriots blinded by party affiliations and cult like political personalities, tend to disregard unpatriotic acts committed by their leader/s to whom they show deep loyalty.  Even when they know that particular acts by their favourite politician/s are damaging to Sinhala interests/causes, they keep quiet or try to play the veracity down.  In actual fact, such persons cannot be categorised as patriots.  A close examination of them shows that they ‘go shopping’ on behalf of their leaders owing to having received or in anticipation of receiving favours/benefits from them.

Already Sinhalese have been denied the right to live in majority of the north and the east of Sri Lanka which consists of 1/3 of the country and nearly ¾ of the coastal area.  This is one of the biggest problems that the country faces today.  But very few speak about this.

The racist, Wigneswaran did not want Sinhalese even to live in the north as free citizens (this is not about Sinhala colonies/settlements) and even placing a Buddha statue for worshiping purposes was strenuously opposed by him.  The hidden agenda of his Elangu Thamil Movement was to create the north as an ethnic enclave exclusively for  Tamils.  And he succeeded in doing that.

Wigneswaran’s administration took measures not to display Sinhala writings in northern billboards, hoardings and public signs.  Train arrivals at the Jaffna railway station were not announced in Sinhalese by the station’s public address system. The writer had earlier reported how a very powerful TNA MP intervened to chase out Sinhalese from farming lands in the Trincomalee district where the land in question was subsequently given to Tamils who were recent arrivals to the area.  The list of discrimination faced by the very few Sinhalese now living in the north and east under the hands of Tamil administrators is endless.

Neither the SLFP nor the UNP have shown an interest to assist the Sinhalese plight in the parliament.  Due to infighting they seldom have time even to investigate the acts of discrimination faced by the Sinhalese in the north and the east.  These parties talk about a ‘Sri Lankan identity’ without acknowledging that Sri Lanka has a Sinhala Buddhist foundation (in Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad established the ‘Bhumiputhra’ identity for the indigenous Malays, thus protected their rights and aspirations).

Thousands of Sinhalese (and Muslims) who were former residents of the north and the east are stranded in the south without a pathway of returning to their former places of residence. Since winning the war in 2009 governments took no concrete action to resettle the displaced Sinhalese in the north.  In 2010 about 150 Sinhalese who were former residents of the north (they all spoke fluent Tamil), parked in the old Jaffna Railway station demanding the return of their northern lands, were provided with CTB buses by the then government to return to the south.  They were promised land in the south should they agree to return to the south.  Thus, majority of them returned; the very few diehard former residents who remained in the north established the Navatkuli Sinhala village (about 6 km to Jaffna).  The writer is a Patron of the village association.  Today, it is a successful Sinhala village in the north – built through sheer hard work of the residents.  But, it lacks a school, thus school children have difficulty in living there.

In Mannar, the Madu Road Sinhala School was closed shop early this year, after the existence of at least 40 years.  The reason given by the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) was the shortage of Sinhala students and teachers.  What would happen to the excellent buildings and the large schoolyard; only the NPC  would know.  The 13th Amendment blocked Land and Police powers to the provincial governments, but due to weak central governments, since its inception the NPC has acted as if it has Land powers.  That is why they are now only demanding Police powers.

The Yahapalana Government’s promise to re-open the Jaffna Sinhala Maha Vidyalaya  never materialized (Prabhakaran bombed and flattened this school in 1985 which boasted the best science laboratory in Jaffna schools).  Prior to 1983 this school had about 3500 students.  It has produced Sinhala luminaries, for example, Maithripala Senanayake and KB Rathnayake.  That land is currently occupied by the Army (located in close proximity to Jaffna General Hospital – parts of it had been gradually taken over by squatters).  It is feared that under the government’s land release scheme, this land may be handed to the NPC or a similar body.

The central government once outlined that insufficient number of Sinhala students in Jaffna is the reason for not re-commencing the school.  There is legitimacy in this argument; yet, the government is bound by its promise made during the election time.  The government can start it as a National School and of course Tamil and Muslim students should be allowed to attend classes.  Until the Sinhala student numbers are increased, the symbolic presence of the ‘Sinhala Maha Vidyalaya’ in Jaffna will be a good way forward for the Yahapalana government’s Reconciliation program.  If TNA opposes, it will be a fine demonstration of their racism.  Many Tamil schools have propped up in the south since the war ended, and no one has complained.

In Silavathura (Kondachchiya), Sinhala children are compelled to study in Tamil language as there is no Sinhala school there.  Many residents have left the village to areas such as Medawachchiya and Anuradhapura in order to provide education to their children.  The same problem exists at Kokilai Sinhala village.  In Kokilai, there is an attempt to remove the Sinhalese people from their existing fishing village to elsewhere.  This will affect their livelihood, and they do not know any other trade than fishing.  The Sinhalese in Kokilai live in ramshackle huts, people in the surrounding areas, having received government assistance, live in much more comfortable houses.

Jayagrahanaya Organisation which the writer is an Executive Member has spent millions of rupees in the past few years to  improve the living standards of the Sinhalese in the north and the east. Bogaswewa, Helambawewa, Madu Road, Kondachchiya,  Dehiwatta/Gomarankadawala have been some of our projects. This organisation under the able Presidency of Dr Anula Wijesundera is doing a yeomen service to the Sinhalese in these areas.  Other notable patriotic members of the Organisation are Dr SD Jayarathne, Sepali Nammuni and Manel Vasanthi.

Since winning the war, thousands of acres of land that the military occupied in the north and the east have been disbanded.  This trend continues.  TNA demands the release of allegedly hardcore terrorists currently held in remand custody.  This shows that TNA does not care about the law and order situation of the country.  They only want their men and women released, regardless of the severity of the criminal acts that these people have allegedly committed.

As stated before, when we must demand governments to act against the discrimination faced by Sinhalese in the north and the east and criticise the racist acts of the Tamil politicians, what we have done has been to quarrel among ourselves.

It is essential to mount a massive campaign that land in the north and the east should be opened up for the Sinhalese to live and do business.  For this, we must confront all politicians – Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim.  Are we ready to undertake this fight?  It is unlikely that we are.

It has been reported that TNA now wants the central government to alienate all crown lands including jungle and forest lands.  Unless the patriots raise a strong voice, the government may succumb to the enormous TNA (and western government) pressure, and release them.

If Tamils can live safely anywhere in Sri Lanka, even in the deep south, why cannot the Sinhalese live in the north and the east?  After all, the north and the east are traditional Sinhala Buddhist areas. Thambapanni (where Vijaya landed), Nagadipa (where Lord Buddha visited), Dambakola Patuna (where Sangamitta Thero landed), Yapa Patuna (ruled by Prince Sapumal), Yodha Wewa (built by King Dhatusena in the fifth century and restored by King Parakramabahu in the twelfth century), Malwathu Oya (the route taken by Sangamitta Thero and fellow nuns from Jaffna to Anuradhapura), Iranamadu Tank (built by King Dhathusena) are all located in the north.  Everyone knows land is extremely scarce in the south and there is plenty of livable land in the north and the east.  Put simply, the south is jam packed and the north and the east are sparse, but, we Sinhalese are forcibly denied the right to live in the Tamil dominated north and the east.  If fair dinkum, TNA should agree to vary/reform laws that may be discriminatory, so that the Sinhalese could buy and sell land in the north/Jaffna on freehold basis. The central government must be proactive in this regard.

If TNA wants favours such as governments to disband land, release terrorist suspects from remand custody; they should reciprocate in kind.  Rather than placing every possible obstacle, they must allow the Sinhalese (and Muslims) to live in the north and the east.  Freedom of Movement and Freedom to choose Residence is implied in our Constitution.  It is enshrined in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights  (Article 12) which Sri Lanka is a signatory.

If TNA wants favours, it should give a guarantee that it will strive to end discrimination faced by the Sinhalese in the north and the east.

Even during the British colonial rule the north and the east had more military camps than elsewhere in the country; this is because they are the most strategically important areas of the country.  Talaimannar is the main gateway to Sri Lanka; it is less than 30 km away from India.  From time immemorial Valvetithurai has been a centre of invasions/illegal migration from South India.

All political parties (including JVP) are hell-bent on pleasing minorities hoping that they could secure some of their vote.  There is nothing wrong with that provided that they fight against discrimination that the Sinhalese face in the north and the east.  Empirical evidence shows that minorities in the north and the east vote for their own political parties; no matter how much the southern political parties do to develop those areas.

Preserving the sovereignty and territorial integrity is the number one priority of any nation.  Currently this is under threat in our country due to Tamil separatist agendas and Tamil discrimination against the Sinhalese in regards to their rights in the north and the east.  This is the biggest problem that the country faces today.  The Tamil diaspora work day and night to achieve the Eelam.  They have close links in Sri Lanka.  TNA though talks about a unitary Sri Lanka has repeatedly demonstrated by deed that they secretly seek separatism.  They were the LTTE proxy in the parliament.  The examples are many.  The writer has personally confronted them in foreign forums.  When overseas TNA MPs speak in a ‘different language’, which is very hostile to Sri Lanka.

The recent killing of two police constables in the east re reminds us that the separatists have not given up their ambition of creating the Eelam.  Then, the massive Mahaveer Day celebrations held on 26 November 2018 (Prabhakaran’s Birthday).  We Sinhalese are not bothered about same; one prominent minister of the day – a ‘foremost patriot’, stated that we should be happy that such celebrations are happening.  What he did not say is that the separatists are using the occasion to trump out their bogus claim that over 40,000 innocent Tamils were killed by our brave security forces in the final stages of the war.

Again, it is important that we bear  in mind that  SLFP, UNP or JVP do not fight for the rights of the Sinhalese, basically there is no one to wage that fight.  The minorities have specialist political parties to look after their rights.

This is a fight that we Sinhalese patriots must wage.  It is foolish to think that someone else will come and do it for us; there is simply no one else to do it.

Through our own stupidity, complacency and ignorance (they are part of the reasons for our infighting) we are digging our own graves. It is high time that we Sinhalese realise the gravity of the problem that we face and show a desire to unite and fight, just how the minorities successfully do it for themselves.  As stated before, between 1931- 1947 we voted for one party, keeping best interests of the motherland as the paramount consideration.  That is why nationalist songs flourished those days and broadcast over the radio.  This is not happening today.  Lyricists today are scared to write patriotic songs, and they know they will not be broadcast.  A friend asked the writer recently – Have Sinhala and Buddhism become banned words in Sri Lanka?”

Basically it is the Sinhala infighting based on political affiliations that is causing our destruction, it is our own actions that will help create the Eelam, and that could happen much sooner than we all think.

The writer is a Lawyer

13 Responses to “Sinhala infighting, discrimination faced by the Sinhalese and emergence of the Tamil Eelam”

  1. Christie Says:

    Dear Chanaka

    Thanks for a great article.

    Those days N M Perera was the rep for the Indian Colonial Parasites of the country. He was financed by Indian Parasites like Captain.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sinhalese infighting is due to the traitor anti Sinhlaese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka traitor UNPatriotic_rats party’s
    handy work. These traitors divide the Sinhalese and make minorities the king makers. While tamils, mussies and
    catholics have a free reign in Sri Lanka, Sinhalese in their own country have become pariahs. All thanks to these
    traitor anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka traitor thieving bunch of thugs headed by the biggest traitor
    in the history of the country, traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist bay gal karaya chief samanalaya mega
    thief mega thakkadiya walking crime bomb (against Sinhalese Buddhists, Buddhism and Sri Lanka only)
    Batalande wandakaya Pol Pot r@ni_leech wickrama Sinhala killer. Wandakaya always make sure it has enough
    portuguese police, army, navy including judiciary every time it get into the driving seat and destuction goes
    on without a hitch with the support of tamils, mussies, catholics, india, west and of course, some traitor

    Since the traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists, Buddhism and Sri Lanka only) thambi mudiyanselage jr@
    came to power, the UNPatriotic_rats party have been destroying the Sinhalese race, Sri Lanka and Buddhism
    systematically. UNPatriotic_rats have their henchmen porguese nationals in the media to paint a rosy picture to
    fool Sinhala modayas and the destruction goes without a hitch to the delight of tamils, mussies and catholics.

    These Sinhala modayas (booruwas) who support the traitor UNPatriotic_rats party still don’t understand why
    the Pol Pot & co burnt Buddhist jaathidhrohee vermins’ party aka jvpers in tyre pyres while die hard catholic
    token Buddhist portuguese national Batalande wandakaya gave half the country to its catholic buddy barrel
    man hitler mala paharan. Pol pot & co kept sacrificing 100,000+ mainly Sinhalese, to the catholic tigers of tamil
    drealam saying the terras were invincible in order to establish a catholic tigers tamil drealam. Then wandakaya
    gave half the country to its catholic buddy on a plate. Drealam project still didn’t work so wandakaya sent all
    millennium city intelligent officers to the catholic tigers tamil drealam bullet to expedite the drealam project.
    Unfortunately for wandakaya MR came and wandakaya and its catholic buddy hitler mala paharan’s drealam
    project was scuppered. But there are still some Sinhala booruwas who says kepuwath kola paatai for a
    packet of rice/a shot of arrack/a bit of money/a lot of money. That’s how treacherous some Sinhalese traitors are.

    Wandakaya came to power promising moon and the earth (usual UNPatriotic_rats election trick, like the traitor
    alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists, Sri Lanka and Buddhism only) thambi mudiyanselage jr@’s ata ata) and
    immediately broke into the CB with its catholic buddy maha horandran. Still some Sinhalese traitors want the
    wandakaya to be the PM (pathala man) to line up their pockets/packet of rice etc.

    Look at some of the raitor UNPatriotic_rats party’s destructive work to destroy the Sinhalese race, Sri Lanka and
    *Bheeshana samaya to destroy the Sinhalese youth with top portuguse police brass – 60,000+; a sinhalese cull!
    *catholic tigers of tamil drealam with its catholic buddy hitler mala paharan – 100,00+ gone, a Sinhalese cull!
    *CB daylight robbery with its catholic buddy maha horandran Rs 5585 gone
    *Creation of ever Mother Lanka hating diasporats by thambi mudiyanselage jr@
    *sending 600 policemen to catholic tigers bullet by traitor alugosuwa (Sinhalese Buddhist only) lk porisada r@
    *13, 13A by thambi mudiyanselage jr@ to break up the country. Today there are thieves dens (pradeshiya sabas)
    in every 50 miles whose only job is to plunder and plunder
    *giving 650,000 upcountry tamils citizenship by thambi mudiyanselage jr@ who were prepared to go to tn under
    Sirima Shastri pact. Upcountry is destroyed for good by the UNPatriotic_rats.
    *Not building an inch of motorway for 70 years, still reaping the benefits of what MR done and calling him hora to
    steal and steal
    *Not doing a single project for the good of the country since thambi mudiyanselage jr@’s time
    These are only SOME of these traitor thieves’ treacheries.

    These anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka thieving, lying, murderous, corrupt thugs are in power thanks
    to tamils, mussies, catholics and some traitor Sinhalese. We have to blame these traitor Sinhalese for the real
    Sinhalese’ plight today in Sri Lanka. While the traitor UNPatriotic_rats destroy a proud race, proud country, only
    true religion in the world tamils, mussies and catholic rejoice seeing it.

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Some of the treacheries of the anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka UNPatriotic_rats party. You won’t see
    these in so called Buddhist Sri Lanka (on paper) where all the media is controlled by its henchmen.

  4. Cerberus Says:

    Thank you Mr. Bandarage for this very important article. The war against a very small group of Tamil terrorists dragged on for so long due to interference by the West. They kept propping the LTTE up because they wanted to divide the country and recolonize as they had done earlier. People like Wigneswaran are very deceitful people. He got his two sons married to Sinhala women (Vasudeva’s daughters) who are now looking after him. Yet he told the Tamils not to marry Sinhalese. He got free education and a top position in the land as a Supreme court judge. He lived most of his life in Cinnamon gardens Colombo 7, yet he goes around saying the Tamils are discriminated against. He is same as Radhika Coomaraswamy who when she was in the UN was trying to get UN to send troops into Sri Lanka under the R2P. She failed to mention that her father Raju was sent as Ambassador of UN by JR. Her brother is now the Governor of the Central Bank. Our niwata Govt has given her Dehshamanya award. But not MR who saved our country. Such is the justice in this Kali Yuga.

    The Tamils of the North are able to walk with dignity and respect because 29,000 Sinhala soldiers sacrificed their lives to liberate Jaffna from the Tamil Pol Pot.” None of the Tamil leaders have acknowledged this fact. They have a remembrance for the LTTE dead not for the poor Sinhala soldiers who were killed by the LTTE.

    Someone has to do a list of all the crimes committed by Ranil W and go after him in a systematic way. See:
    I cannot understand people like Sajith Premadasa saying that if MR confesses his crimes against the people they may forgive him. What crimes? Was rescuing Sri Lanka from the grip of a ruthless terrorist the crime that he committed? The UNP is really pathetic. They depend so much on the West for everything. When the President dissolved the Parliament on Oct 26 Ranil went crying to the foreign diplomats from the West who in turn lectured to the President to restore the Parliament. Ranil has no power with the people only with the Parliament which is mostly bought. The TNA stands by Ranil because they think he is their only hope. The JVP is a peculiar party. They claim to be for the people and to prevent capitalism. Yet they have been with Ranil and never criticized Ranil when Ranil was importing luxury cars tax-free for the MPs at the expense of the people, never criticized Ranil when the bond scam was done. Once in a way, they were getting up in Parliament and speaking against the bond scam but never took any active steps to ensure that the people involved were brought to justice. When the President dissolved the parliament he declared his intention was to have elections. Yet all these champions of democracies in the Western embassies, the JVP, TNA did not want elections because they know that after 31/2 years of corruption and inactivity they had no chance of winning the elections by going in front of the people.

    Most of these UNP group are either gays, or are born again Christians who have no love for Sinhala Buddhists, or the country. All of Ranil’s actions at every turn has been to destroy the country. CBK is the same. Her case one can understand as her father and husband were both killed by Southerners. Both of them are agents of the West. The TNA is using the West to achieve a separate state for themselves which is also what some of the Western powers want to do in Sri Lanka. These powers ignore the majority and keep pandering to the minority group in the hope that if they get a separate state they can then break up the country and recolonize as was done in the past.

    But now the West is collapsing since the Pure Capitalist model is collapsing.
    Sri Lanka fought the terror war and managed to do all the development work with help from mainly the Chinese Govt who give help with no strings attached. Yet while some in the West and India do not like Sri Lanka moving too closely with the East they do not and cannot give us much help at all. As they say in Sinhala “බල්ලා පිදුරු කන්නෙත් නැ කන ගොනාට කන්න දෙන්නෙත් නැ”.
    Instead of Western-style democracy which does not seem to work well even in the USA or the UK, we might, with some alterations, adopt the Chinese model which appears to work well. See:

    Instead of one King, we could have a Governing body made up of at least 10 senior, educated, well known patriotic leaders, with experience and good character and ethics. We can have elections similar to the local government or the provincial elections and then choose a group of such 10 people who are mature, educated and with good character and morality and form a Council to govern the country along with a Cabinet of Ministers. The Governing Council formed by the UNP was a body with the most unsuitable people who have no loyalty to the country and have bad character. Unlike the current multi-party system where all the energy is wasted in hot air blasting each other in the Parliament, the group of 10 could work together to solve the problems of the country. We can see how fast China has come up while most of the Western democracies are floundering. India adopted the multi-party system and today they are also floundering. When the colonized countries freed them colonizers left behind a Trojan horse for each country to experiment which was the multi-party democratic system. You can see the net result. Even the Legal bodies appear to have the Western mindset and cannot think in the local context. Sri Lanka MUST try to work out a system of Government suited to our Culture and situation being surrounded by enemies from all sides. We have the enemies within like the TNA whose allegiance is to Tamil Nadu and the Muslims whose allegiance is to the Middle East and other Muslim countries. They only want to convert all the Kafirs to worship Allah and they will do it by any means. We also have the Christian groups who get funding from West to convert the Heathens. If the Sinhala Buddhists who are threatened try to protect themselves by asking for a rightful place for Buddhism then the West will brand us as not allowing Religious Freedom.

    There is another major danger to Sri Lanka from Climate Change. UN has said that in 10-12 years the effects of Climate Change can accelerate and become irreversible. Sri Lanka is one of the countries which is likely to be most affected when it happens. We can see how the USA is being affected by fires on the West coast and very cold weather on the East coast along with strong hurricanes and tornados. Europe is also being affected in a similar way. Instead of fighting with each other we need to get ready for these dangers that are coming.

    Ranil is an agent of the Multinational Corporations along with his guard dog Anura Kumara. Ranil’s policy is Neoliberalism which means to sell the whole country to Corporations who will then Glyphosate and rape the country to make a profit while our people starve as they did in India during the 1770s under the British. The way Anura Kumara speaks is sickening now as it was in January 2015 when he told blatant lies to our gullible people to bring down MR. He would widen his eyes and with a straight face tell how MR has golden horses and a fleet of Lamborghini’s. So who suffered as a result? Not Anura Kumara and his JVP friends. When the JVP were being slaughtered by the UNP it was MR who went to the UN to plead on behalf of the innocent village youths who were being rounded up and killed by the likes of Ranil and the miserable UNP gang. Yet today the JVP has forgotten the past. They had 3 1/2 years to check on MR and what did they find? Namal had a Ford Mustang one of cheapest in the USA and no golden horses. The police had taken that one car and kept it rotting for two years and finally gave it back to Namal recently. Did Anura Kumara apologize for all his lies? NO. As you say the JVP is running around like a Donkey with the head cut off and feces pouring out. This is mainly due to the likes of Anura Kumara. The way Ranil destroyed the UNP he has destroyed the JVP and two have destroyed the country. Like you I too weep for Sri Lanka.

    See also the following Youtube videos by Dr. Richard Wolff who talks about Democracy in the workplace as an answer to problems of Capitalism and also Marxism. – Richard Wolff: “Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism” | Talks at Google – Richard Wolff | Masterfully Explains France’s Yellow Vest Movement

  5. Cerberus Says:

    Correction: In the previous entry please read as “ …. for so long due to interference from foreign countries”.
    Add :
    (1) It was India that trained the LTTE in Tamil Nadu. India trained the LTTE out of fear that Lanka was going far west during the cold war times. Never allow this to happen again!
    Suggestions for survival in Sri Lanka :
    (2) To survive in Sri Lanka, remove the 13-A & the 19-A, both sets of Amendments done under duress, and therefore illegal.
    (3) We need to have about 10 time-tested Patriots who are educated and able governing the country. Do away with the Provincial system and have the District as the unit of governance. Bring back the educated and able SLAS to govern these units.
    (4) Language: Sinhala the main language with English as the main connecting language and reasonable use of Tamil.
    (5) Education: a job oriented Education mainly, a must.
    (6) Religion: Buddhism shall be protected by the government. Freedom to follow one’s own religion, without hindrance to others.
    No forced conversions by law.
    (7) Pass a bill to make it illegal to speak of separatism in any form either federal or confederal and to make it illegal to prevent anyone from living in any part of the island they wish to live.
    (8) If we are going to continue with the political party system make it illegal to form a party based on race, religion or language.

  6. Christie Says:

    It is unfortunate for us to see what India and Indian Parasites do here.

    They do the same in other Indian colonies like Fiji, Guyana and Mauritius.

    Please red about these countries and the plight of the locals after the arrival of Indian Colonial Parasites.

    We Sinhalese have to understand what India and Indian Parasites are doing to us.

  7. Chanaka B Says:

    Dear Cerberus and others

    As I stated in my article we have such a political set up, all political parties heavily rely on the minority vote. But empirical evidence shows that northern Tamils will always vote for TNA no matter how much development work the central governments would do there. The situation in the east is similar.

    All three major southern political parties talk about a ‘Sri Lankan State’; I have no problem with that, provided that they acknowledge that our foundation is Sinhala Buddhist – the fact that civilization commenced in this country upon arrival of Vijaya.

    JRJ did an utter foolish thing in the 1987 Indo – Lanka pact proclaiming that the north and the east are traditional Tamil areas (forutunately, this was not emboddied in the 13th Amenment). I have shown in the article that they are not. The east is full of Buddhist archeology. I know of instances where ancient stone pillars (with Sinhala carvings) have been used to construct Hindu temples. One recent happening was in Dehiwatte area (Trincomalee District). In Mannar we found ancient Buddha statutes (Devanampiyatissa era) with severed necks lying in a banana filed run by a Tamil civilian. We complained to the archeology, but the area is still not gazetted (to my knowledge). We shall follow this up.
    What I am stressing is that it is foolish to expect that a certain political party would come forward and rescue us. The history shows that all are the same.

    Whether a politician is SLFP, UNP or JVP is immaterial if they work for the Sinahla Buddhist cause. If we are genuine patriots we should leave our personal hatred against individual politicians aside; we should support/condemn their work on a piecemeal basis.

    Irrespective of party politics, we should appreciate any good work done by a government. Unless we work with a positive mindset, it will be difficult to carry out our struggle to stop the carnage of our Sinhala Buddhist heritage.
    It is time that the patriots come forward and become proactive. Some could write articles, some do lobbying, some commence legal action and others use social media to spread the message etc. Everyone should become ‘the guardian’ of our heritage, culture and values; as no one else is there to protect them (except the Maha Sangha of course).

    The north and east must be opened up for the Sinhalese to live. In this I am not saying establishing Sinhalese colonies in those areas, but allowing individual Sinhalese to buy (and then sell) land in those areas on a freehold basis. Under Wigneswaran, the NPC and the central government instrumentalities (like the Tamil speaking Grama Sevakas) imposed ‘red tape’ upon the Sinhalese from settling in the north. As it was impossible to comply with the stringent (unlawful) rules, the Sinhalese who wanted to settle in the north returned to the south. I know of specific examples.

    I am not opposed to Sanhindiyawa, but it should work both ways. The government must build the Sinahala Maha Vidyalaya in Jaffna. I hope it will!

  8. Dilrook Says:

    That is only the effect not the cause.

    The reason for this is that there is no Sinhala political party. Not even one. So called national political parties are not Sinhala. They are multi ethnic. There is no politician to stand up for the Sinhalese exclusively either. Not one in parliament.

    Therefore, Sinhalese are without a leader of their own. That is why they are not unified.

    Sri Lanka Tamils, Muslims and Upcountry Tamils have their own exclusive political parties and leaders exclusively taking up their issues.

    First create a Sinhala political party and then see how Sinhalese unite. It is utterly foolish to unite with any of the existing multi ethnic political parties. It is better not to unite at all.

  9. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sinhalese race being destroyed thanks to UNPatriotic_rats party which divides the Sinhalese and make
    minorities king makers. After traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists, Buddhism and Sri Lanka only) thambi
    mudiyanselage jr@ introduced PR system, Sinhalese Buddhists further lost their voice since towns have more
    votes and typically most of which are UNPatriotic_rats party voters and started to send more manthrihoruns.

    There is a shallow feeling among Sinhalese that town folks have to be UNPatriotic_rats party supporters, and
    SLFP is for village folk. Add insult to injury, most of educated class (FREE thanks to CWWK’s Free Education
    Bill which UNPatriotic_rats party vehemently opposed knowing it’s mostly going to benefit Sinhalese Buddhists)
    are also UNPatriotic_rats party supporters. Their shallow mentality is, all well to do people have to be UNPatriotic_
    rats party supporters and SLFP is for poor folk. A lot of Sinhalese have shown time and again, that they don’t
    care about their race or the country and very short-memoried and very very very ungrateful. These same
    people were scared to go to work during the barrel man hitler mala paharan’s catholic tigers drealam
    campaign fearing they would get blown into pieces. MR came and those so called invincible terras were running
    for their lives it was all over in a short time. Sinhalese grateful? No chance of that. For a person who did so much
    for the country, they quickly dumped him and chose biggest traitor ever in the history of the country, great banku
    hora. That’s the Sinhalese for you. Tamils, mussies and catholics rejoice seeing the self destruction of a proud
    race greatly helped by the traitor anti Buddhist, anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lanka UNPatriotic_rats party.

    Parangis gave us a religion of convenience and made a lot of Sinhalese ‘unreal’ Sinhalese. Some of them have
    Sinhalese sounding names (like the traitor chief pol pot r@ni_leech) to fool Sinhalese Buddhist modayas. These
    ‘unreal’ Sinhalese’ allegiance not to Sri Lanka but to their religion of convenience. They will trust more a tamil
    religion of convenience follower than their own Sinhalese Buddhists. We all know enemy within is more dangerous
    than the enemy. Then bandesis came and brought tamils from tn to work in tobacco plantations and today they
    all claim to have 1000s of years’ of history without having an ancient brick older than 500 years to substantiate
    the claim. They all know divided-Sinhalese can’t counter these absurd claims. So the ancient drealam mantra
    keeps going on.

    All ancient civilisations based on one important thing. Water. Water was 200 ft down ground in the north and
    due the harsh climate nobody lived there. But for Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa there were colossal tanks to
    supply water and those kingdoms thrived unlike those mythical tamil kingdoms which exist only in www and
    books. To make matters worse for the Sinhalese and Sri Lanka, british came and brought tamils from tn to
    work in tea estates. Today none of them think they are Sri Lankans, but belonging to tn and aspire for a
    greater drealam. Patriotic Sirima B (unlike her traitor daughter bandit queen) then made a pact with Shastri and 650,000 tamils volunteered to go to tn. Sirima lost elections soon after and traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese
    Buddhists, Sinhalese and Sri Lanka only) thambi mudiyanselage jr@ came and gave citizenship to all for
    their votes.

    Colonials destroyed Sri Lanka by bringing a religion of convenience and bringing tamils who make
    millions today and of which none consider to be Sri Lankan. Now the UNPatriotic_rats party doing the
    rest by destroying the Sinhalese race, Buddhism and Sri Lanka to stay in power with the help of minority votes.
    Who should we blame for the plight of the Sinhalese Buddhists? I put the blame squarely on traitor
    UNPatriotic_rats which divides the Sinhalese and make minorities king makers and Sinhalese voiceless in
    their own country.

  10. Chanaka B Says:

    Dilrook, seems like you endorse what I have stated.

    I did not emphasise on a Sinhala political party (we already have them and they have been failures).

    Sri Lanka being a multiethnic country, we cannot expect a national leader standing up exclusively for the Sinhalese. At least if we have politicians who acknowledge and understand the Sinhala problems, raise them in the parliament and formulate policies to remove discrimination; that is something.

    At the moment everyone seems to be scared about speaking openly about Sinahala rights.

    Have ‘Sinhala’ and ‘Buddhism’ become banned words?

    There is a false ‘political correctness’ that prevails in the country. Due to this, people who hold important positions are scared to talk about our problems in public. This is why stalwarts like Gamini Jayasuirya, Cyril Matthew, Dr Neville Fernando had to prematurely exit the parliament.

    Some think ‘Sanhindiyawa’ means only the Sinhalese always making sacrifices.

    Again, I did not mean the creation of a Sinhala political party. One thing I stated was that we must shop around which parliamentarian (regardless of the party) is willing to fight for our cause – to eradicate discrimination against the Sinhalese (I have outlined some of the discrimination in my article and in the subsequent comment; the list is long). It does not matter whether they are SLFP, UNP or JVP MPs. Whoever is willing to fight for the Sinhalese (even on a piecemeal basis) we must embrace them in regards to their specific contribution.

    We patriot have a specific duty. In this, I am not saying we should get together and unite ourselves. They are difficult tasks and may be a waste of time. But, we should become more proactive. We can do our tasks individually, for example; even placing a positive comment in a blog about the plight of the Sinhalese can go a long way. Social Media works miraculously well these days, providing unbelievable results.

    We do not need to publicise what we do; given the opportunity, a true patriot would do what is required to be done. Hasalaka Weeraya comes to my mind.



  11. Dilrook Says:


    Sinhala parties were not failures. They ended up becoming multi ethnic parties (e.g. SLFP, MEP that originated as Sinhala Maha Sabha even contested elections that way as part of the UNP coalition in 1947, NFF, JHU and PJHU), or fulfilled just one objective (disrupt 2000 Package, 2005 PTOMS and boosted Mahinda in 2005 by SU/JHU) or collapsed due to supporting major parties. But they achieved great things on their heyday.

    But today there is none.

    Without such a party Sinhalese will not unite and they are right.

    True patriots are working behind the scenes to set up a Sinhala patriotic party to contest the 2019 presidential election on a patriotic agenda against political charlatans. They will be blamed for dividing the Sinhala vote. Of course they will divide it with very good intentions because greedy political cowards and western agents cannot uphold Sinhala interests. Rs. 50,000 is nothing today. It was a huge sum of money in the 1970s when the law was introduced.

    My estimation is the 2019 presidential election will go to second round as no one will be able to obtain more than 50%. This is when small Sinhala parties will have a crucial role to play. Unless we the Sinhalese are at least as demanding as Tamils and Muslims, the entire Sinhala community will be taken for doormats.

  12. Chanaka B Says:

    I have noted your comments Dilrook, thanks.

    The 1947 election was fought between UNP and the Marxist parties led by NM. SWRD was very much in UNP camp. He was a UNP stalwart.

    I agree Sinhala parties may have achieved things in their heyday.

    But, each time a new party is formed, the Sinhalese end up being further divided.

    As you see, my essay is about Sinhala infighting and its effects. It is written on a narrow perspective. I was not thinking about how to capture political power.

    My intention was to draw people’s attention on Sinhala infighting and their effects on our aspects of life. Especially, to generate a discourse as to why we do not fight against the blatant discrimination that is happening in the north and the east. Denying us the right to live in the north and the east should not go unnoticed.

    This should not happen in this modern age – the 21st century.

    People are fed up with party politics. People have lost faith in them. But, they do not see a way out.

    As Sinhalese, each of us could do things to fight against discrimination and safeguard our rights.

    Just see how some minority groups operate in our society so well, without party politics. They flourish and achieve top goals.

    Unlike the minorities we continue to fight on party political lines, hoping that politicians will finally solve our problems.

    Unlike the minorities, we do not help each other on racial lines. We do not have the mindset that we should help the fellow Sinhalese.

    We try to give 101 excuses for our failures. We do not reflect on ourselves as to why we have failed.

    Good luck with forming the Sinhala political party. Whether or not it will further divide the Sinahla community, time will tell.

    Again, my belief is that leaving party politics aside, the Sinhalese should unite to tackle the problems that I have stated. First of all people should accept that what I have stated is correct – that there exists a real, big problem.
    I have provided few examples of discrimination, but the list is long.

    With social media around, people can be mobilised. Everyone has a say these days. Each one of us can do something to fight against the Tamil discrimination that we face in the north and the east. As a civil force, people should get together and protest about these things. Maha Sangha can play a great role; they are our biggest asset.

  13. Christie Says:

    Democracy is about financing.

    We Sinhalese are very poor compared to Indian Colonial Parasites.

    Long before the Universal Suffrage 1931 the Indian Colonial Parasites leapt in to action fearing they will loose their privileges.

    Most celebrated Indian Colonial Parasite of South Africa Mohandas Karamchand visited Ceylon in 1927 at the invitation of Handys and other Indian Colonial Parasites who has taken up Socialism.

    Sinhala Socialists like N M and Phillip were financed by the Indian Colonial Parasite Cabal, in fact N M by Captains and Phillip by Gnanam. Captain family is the richest in the island today and Gnanams are not far behind.

    India and Indian Cabal realized the Socialist recipe is not the right one and a “Nationalist” and a “Freedom” recipe was cooked.

    Most of the discussions with Banda took place at the Gall Face Hotel with Banda smoking his pipe and with his favorite sip.

    Attended by Indian Cabal leaders like Hidramanis, Captains etc.

    All political policies and practices and financing were decided and wrapped in a Vetti (National dress) was launched.

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