Sri Lanka – Buddhism The State Religion
Posted on December 31st, 2018

Prof. Hudson McLean

As President Donald Trump declared that United States of America may now Celebrate Christmas, as a Christian Nation with Freedom of Worship available to other religious beliefs, Sri Lanka may declare the Island as a Buddhist Nation with similar Democratic & Humane Rights to other religions.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a Muslim Nation and the Guardian of the Most Holy Sites of Islam, and till recent, did not recognize any other religions. However other Nations like the Philippines, a pre-dominantly Catholic country, Indonesia with a majority of Muslims, Thailand with a majority Buddhists, India, where Lord Buddha originate from, now a Hindu Republic, have allowed the Freedom of Worship to other beliefs.

Portuguese, Dutch & British introduced Christianity and converted Sinhala Buddhists to follow the Faith of the Colonial masters, offered education and opportunities to a select few who had converted to Christianity.

As a Christian Catholic, I have the highest respect, regard and honour to the Preachings of Lord Buddha, and have contributed to renovations of a Buddhist Temple near Kelaniya.

I have the highest trust & faith of the Sinhala Buddhist culture of non-violence and respect of life of all creatures, to treat all other Faiths with due compassion.

Whist wishing all the Readers of Lanka Web, 

A Glorious Prosperous Healthy Peaceful New 2019

I Hope & Pray that Sri Lanka will overcome the current political turmoils and starts to Shine as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean!

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