Posted on July 2nd, 2019


A number of prominent personalities who pounce on the Sinhala Buddhists at the drop of a hat, has denounced vehemently Mahanayke thero of Asgiriya regarding his recent statement alleging that he wanted ‘ the Muslims to be stoned . Among, those who reviled was one prominent NGO activist  who wanted legal action be taken against the Mahanyake for his ‘hate speech’!.  Some leading Muslim spokespersons such as Assad Sally too adverted to the allegation that Muslims should be stoned and condemned the Mahanyake thero,

But, a very few had listened properly to Maha Nyake thero’s said speech. He DOES NOT AT ALL mention that the Muslims should be stoned. Instead he refers to the suspected actions of some Muslim shop owners and a doctor in Matale who are involved in questionable practices and said that some women have  said that they should be stoned to death. He immediately continued his speech and said THAT HE DOES NOT AGREE WITH THE PRPOSITION. He also said that if some are involved in such unsavoury practices he thinks that they deserve this punishment. He appealed to the Sinhala Buddhists to get together to protect themselves. He mentioned that if such crimes  were committed against another ethnic group by the Sinhala Buddhists. the offenders will be sliced to death.

Maha Nyake thero NEVER MENTIONED THAT THE MUSLIMS SHOULD BE STONED. But, he said that if some are guilty of criminal acts they have to be punished.

It is unfortunate that the killing of nearly 300 people and injuring over 500 persons by the Islamic terrorists have been pushed into the oblivion and the main focus of the anti Sinhala Buddhist individuals and organizations is continuing to fly off the handle.

Where a sheep is hanged as a lamb , the white sepulchres rule unabated,


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